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  • What been running in my heart

    God first

    What been running in my heart

    wrote 09-27-2007

    Here I year2027 sat thinking about what Jesus Christ will lead me to write down here and now for you to read, but first God loves us all as does his beloved son.

    I begin talking about ego stages of growth or SCTi stages of Ego Development which you can read about on the Internet after a simple search.

    Yes this does not sound like it would be from God but understanding growth stages can help us see were we need to changed and growth up spiritually which is just growing to walk bigger in the love of God.

    How far mentally have you evolved in your life are you acting like a child or have you grown into a higher lever of love of God.

    Otherwise are you like a baby who has learned to cry out to get their wants and needs filled like I want changed, food, or just hold me so I can see.

    I do not want to make people mad here but most church people are in the stage just a little above new born baby. Have you not heard we got the truth and others need to come to us for help but that just child like crying.

    A older person in the love of God would not worry about the church label but how they can received a new friend who loves God too. Now that all at this moment I want to talk about ego at this point of time.

    Right now I want to wait and see if you take this part anywhere while I begin to focus on views of how we look out or in from our inner heart of self.

    The first view we all see is I the big I want or I need were we just focus on self . But later in life we begin to see our self as part of a family.

    While our life focus around a close family me plus mom and dad, then this family grows as we meet more of our kin.

    Later we might see as our school, our church, our town, our city, our state, our country, our world, and maybe our all and all. The bigger we can view things the greater love we can walk in as a child of God can.

    Are you limiting your love of God to a group or do you really love all people no matter where they are within the heavens.

    Whether they did good in their life or bad, whether they are alive or dead, or whether they are human or animal.

    Its like saying are you a me person, a limited us, or a all us that can be put in this group of us. Yes what is your focus?

    Now we might look into reading a book called “The Integral Vision” which can help us see how we have to focus our views and showers we sent out to others.

    When others see us do they see love in our heart or something that they may not like, like self judgement like them by their beliefs.

    But let me say lets walk in love and not worry about which doctrines we agree with each other but lets agree to love each other as Jesus Christ taught.

    I know I been talking about subjects that may promote the works of others but that not what I talking about but what I getting at is use what ever means we can use to help us grow in the love of God.

    Its like loving our enemy the very person that wants to hurt us we are told by Jesus Christ to love as if our enemy are our brother.

    Looking at doctrines of men that could help us understand God’s word can not hurt as long as we kept a open heart to talking to God about what we read praying for Christ to guide our understanding.

    Otherwise some outside books can help others may not but the key is to look into our heart to see if it could help us grow more like Christ praying all alone for spiritual understanding.

    Its like reading to understand our bodies so we can better pray for healing for a sick person by being more clear and more focus on the need.

    This is were I will end thank you for reading, with love and holy kiss blowing your way Roy