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making ''death our friend'' the accepted mindset

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  • LucySmith
    blinded/The Door/ escaping the corrupted 3rd dimension

    when a person has been brainwashed into a religion, [even church religions] they have not passed out from death into life, thru THE DOOR.
    They have only remained inside their religious selves and have not died to this dimension.
    I find this is a very very sad condition..... and a very very sad trick that has been played on blinded people.

    Yeshu gave some men their sight, He even demands Laodicea to buy their eye salve from Him..... to see THE DOOR of Escape from the 3rd dimensional laws of sin and death.

    the Whole World awaited for His save make the way of escaping now possible for all men who will BELIEVE HIM. John 11 v 25

    HOW MANY PEOPLE died in 4,000yrs?
    HOW MANY PEOPLE, could not escape in 4,000yrs......but....THE DOOR came to take us OUT from the law of sin and death and escape into LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS.

    why, CANNOT people find this door, and escape the horror laws of sin and death?
    where is their blockages?
    why are they still TRICKED AND CONNED BY their OWN PERSONAL deceived soul, that was unable to be subdued by their own Spirit?

    Why weren't they HOLY WARRIORS that overcame all things?
    why weren't they MORE THAN CONQUERORS.

    what happened to them? when they were so sincere and devoted to their cause?

    : to gain or acquire by force of arms
    : to overcome by force of arms
    : to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition,: to overcome by mental or moral power
    : to be victorious
    synonyms CONQUER, VANQUISH, DEFEAT, SUBDUE, REDUCE, OVERCOME, OVERTHROW mean to get the better of by force or strategy.

    The Saviour SAVES.
    The Saviour SAVES.....IT IS THE DEVIL who kills.

    It is HERE, some attain to the heights of glorification..... not in the tomb.
    ''Endless Life'' is not found lying in a tomb.

    there is religion
    there is A SAVED LIVING LIFE, called ''a gift of eternal life''.

    People perish because they believe in the church religion of the Masses and fail to live under the divine advice of ''FOLLOW ME''. How can dead men teach on LIFE?

    What really makes me so it was all so UN-necessary.

    Un-necessary heart-aches and suffering.....when IF WE JUST obeyed His advice, we would OVERCOME.

    While people look good on the outside, and try very hard to be ''churched'' and have a great knowledge of the bible, they still have the laws of sin and death sowing '' the seed of perishing'' within....satan is still in control and all forms of death have not been defeated FROM within their lives.

    the laws of sin and death is A REALM..... the 3rd dimension.

    THE DOOR, opens, to some people = the open heaven where some are invited to ''come up hither'' and into the divine realm of His Kingdom.

    4000yrs of waiting for this DOOR TO OPEN, has proved fruitless TO A DEAD IN SIN divisional church......nothing changed for them as their soul was unable to submit as a helpmeet to the divine Spirit..
    John 10 verse 8-9: "All they that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door: By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture."

    some do escape the mindset of
    by finding the DOOR INTO THE PASTURE.

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  • LucySmith
    replied not a HAPPY WORD.


    there is an come into that PLACE/REALM/DIMENSION where Messiah ABOLISHED DEATH.

    death REIGNS..............till CHRIST RULES.

    The saddest thing is to believe ''one is right'' and give our life into its own righteousness never thinking it was false righteousness.

    WHEN CHRIST RULES..............death is abolished.
    YESHU says '' come out from babylon''.....
    stop having death's mindset.....

    death REIGNS..............till CHRIST RULES.
    death REIGNS..............till CHRIST RULES.
    death REIGNS..............till CHRIST RULES

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  • LucySmith
    seeking words.... and we can discover hidden things

    that are never seen on the surface.

    I wish to DISCOVER.... the word REAL re-al

    i want to understand the hidden meaning of this word REAL.

    ''RE'' - to turn back
    ''AL'' is a symbol for Alunimum.

    ''turn back to aluminum??????????? makes no sense till............

    we look at this word.
    a bluish silver-white malleable ductile light trivalent metallic element that has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity, and resistance to oxidation and is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust where it always occurs in combination -- see ELEMENT table
    a blueish - colour symbol of the Holy Spirit
    silver - colour symbol for redemption
    white - the righteousness and purity of His saints.

    a LIGHT metal, good electrical conductivity, high reflectivity = SHINING....and most abundant metal

    What a wonderfull lot of information we can find if we know how to seek and search

    so now let me make this sentence so we all understand REAL~~~~~
    '' ''I am now real
    becuase the Holy Spirit has taught me how to be pure and shining and full of His redeeming powers, that now energize me into a NEW AND DIVINE LIFE.''
    energize means.
    : to make energetic , vigorous, or activate
    : to impart energy to
    : to apply voltage to
    intransitive verb : to put forth energy : ACT
    - en·er·gi·za·tion
    - en·er·giz·er
    are ye REAL?
    are ye filled with THE DIVINE ENERGIZER?

    where is your death now?
    has it been overcome, or, are ye still deluded as this poor religious woman is..she is so sincere... and so trapped.?

    REAL - THE ANOINTED IMPLANTING OF DIVINE ENERGY, that brings us into a SHINING LIFE.[our real Life of super divine energy = Math 17]

    there is a special name for dis-secting words, [i have forgotten the name of this art] and what it is called, but not many understand how to do this....

    The word on top is only a ''hint/clue'' to the real english word underneath as ENGLISH IS THE ONLY ''LIVING'' LANGUAGE we have... all others are not living.

    when we read REAL... we only read the surface meaning.... yet.... as i have shown, there is so much more to this word than at first glance.

    If we look at the prefex ''RE'' meaning to ''turn back too'' there are so many pages of things we need to TURN BACK TOO..................
    In webster's alone there are some 13 odd pages divided into 3 columns....approx so this will tell us how many ''re'' words - to turn back too'' there are.


    so many things we need to understand why? WE NEED TO TURN BACK TOO, from our fallen state.

    did u ever hear the story about the man who ''discovered' Aluminum?
    I only vaguely remember this tale....
    but it went like this....
    A christian man loved mining for rocks and minerals and on one trip into the mountains, he was praying and suddenly he saw some 'interesting rocks'' staring at him.
    So he took them home and began to experiement on them but nothing happened for quiet a while, till one day, he did something else to these rocks and discovered ALUMINUM

    ....this is rather like us.....

    we begin with our divisional religion/creed, but somehow to fails to work according to the bible of ''how it all happens when''... till one day the Holy Spirit opens our eyes SO WE CAN BEGIN TO REALLY BELIEVE....[John 11 v 25-26] and then.... it is all mountaineering from there on...or.... our ascending into the highest levels of DIVINE LIFE.


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  • LucySmith
    I have come to the realization that

    We are well able to MANIFEST our present/future by our mindset.
    Our mind [that carnal mind that is] has to be RE-programmed....notice this prefix here ''re'' - which means to Turn BACK...............

    our mind has to be turned back to its REAL PROGRAMME

    We have to be ''re'' claimed back by our re-al Father, so we can be ''re'' newed into His ways of thinking.
    So in layman's terms we all really have to ADOPT a ''winner's mindset''.... or.... the same type of mind-thoughts, that were found in Messiah.
    To do this we are to be DISCIPLINED~~~~~and WEANED~~~~~from carnal milk and destroying patterns of ''satanicmindcontrolled'' behaviours.

    This DISCIPLINE makes us ''re'' turn, back to full HARMONY with our Creator and brings ''dis-harmony'' to the devil's energy supply.

    We learn to VIBRATE now, with our divine and Goldy energy - into destroying the deathmindset all around us.
    We are disciplined by the Holy Spirit by overcoming our last enemy.

    { an example of a ''mind-game''
    I once read in a Christian Science Sentinal about a woman who was in her 20's and was jilted at the altar. She went home and stayed in her room [never coming out] for over 50yrs, and still wearing the same dress. When she died she still looked in her 20's and not in her 70's as her mind had stopped thinking [by her trauma] on her wedding day .}

    we are TOLD.... in no unceartain terms
    ''Those who are 'spiritually-minded' are born of God, ''

    It is time to learn HOW TO BE.....................spiritually minded........ and stop with the carnality this mindsetkillsus.

    Romans 8:5:
    "Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires."
    let us just stop here for 1 min. Plx. examine these words.

    ''those who live according to the sinful nature receive the wages of sin = death''
    a sinfilled nature results in our death.

    let us NOT PRETEND otherwise [with a satanic fantasy mind control program of the devil,] that this divisional church religion and their form of salvation changes us. It does NOT as
    THE MARK IS CLEAR... death is for the sining nature.
    We are to receive a NEW ATTITUDE, for our NEW LIFE
    Our real Father asks us to receive LIFE and not death.....but NO!!!!!....ofcourse not why would people actually DO as father says so most people receive death as they really are at enemity with their real Father, even if they think otherwise, and that is deception especially religious deception

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  • LucySmith
    it is TIME....................

    for the REVOLUTION~!~!~!~!~!
    re-volt against destruction.

    now let's play here with some words, and!!!! discover some secrets.

    revolt = to Revolt against
    : to renounce allegiance or subjection (as to a government)
    : REBEL
    : to experience disgust or shock
    : to turn away with disgust
    : to cause to turn away or shrink with disgust or abhorrence

    let us consider this verse to find our ''killer'' and then let us REVOLT against this monster.

    are ye prepared for the revolution?

    It must be pointed
    out that it is the devil that kills men as it
    is written about Christ:

    "that He might destroy, him that has the power of death, even the devil'' (Heb.2:14)
    again let us discover a new thought Plx.

    ''RE'' ..... is a prefex meaning to TURN BACK TOO.....
    volt...... is an ENERGY term

    we must repent and return to be re-volted, back to our real energy source

    The true facts are

    People die because they cannot contain a continual supply of ''life energy'' to remain alive forever.
    Each day, they unknowingly
    give away their ''life energy'' to an imposter who thrives off their slavery and eats their life energy as his food.

    Yeshu did not do this
    HE said to this ENERGY THIEF [satan] '' you have no hold upon Me''.

    Neo found out he was a BATTERY, in a vast Matrix of evil... one small battery that was fuel for an evil empire.

    Neo broke away [repented from] this unholy use and became a New man called ''the one''.

    are you a part of this REVOLUTION?


    ARE you daily sucked dry of your LIFE's energy, SO THAT, satan's drinks in your very life and depends upon you, for his manna.

    What ''hold'' does he have upon you, that shall cause your death?
    Why not seek to be untied from this death vice and live.

    Let us all have the anointing to say WITH OUR SAVIOUR

    Please I beg......come out from the religious mindset of ''acceptable deaths''
    let us NO longer be partakers of ''ASSES heads and DOVES dung''.

    "And there was a great famine in Samaria: and, behold, they besieged it, until an ass's head was sold for fourscore pieces of silver, and the fourth part of a cab of dove's dung for five pieces of silver (2 Ki 6:25)."
    asses heads..... is Man's wisdom
    dove's dung..... symbolizes all that remains after the Holy Spirit has taken it’s flight.

    Please, do not live under famine conditions

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic making ''death our friend'' the accepted mindset

    making ''death our friend'' the accepted mindset

    As I lay on my death bed,
    strength ebbing from my bones,
    I felt the greatest sense of joy
    that I'd soon be going Home.

    No more could Satan hamper me,
    he'd hold no sway on me,
    I've been sealed with the Spirit
    now throughout eternity.

    I knew my time had finally come,
    but felt no fear at all,
    for when the Savior spoke to me,
    I responded to His call.

    I'd spent my later years on earth
    doing all I could for Him,
    and soon would cast before His feet
    my golden diadems.

    I've made my peace with all my foes,
    and righted all my wrongs;
    can't wait to see Him face to face
    and raise my voice in song.

    And spend forever serving Him,
    having passed the test,
    and passing to the "other side",
    finally get true rest.


    With love to my Bridegroom and His Father forever!

    Peggy McIlveene
    June 6, 2007 (completed July 27, 2007)
    where is
    where is the anointing so that the ''gates of hell/grave shall not prevail''?

    WHY?~~~~~~~~~~~ see JOY in an UN-NECESSARY destruction.

    i think it is TIME for the REVOLUTION~!~!~!~!~!
    re-volt against destruction.