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  • the ''smallest thing'' i is this

    religious people will always write God.... IN THEIR posts...
    God this
    God that
    God said
    God is love
    God told me
    God, God, God.... churchies use ''God'' alot... sometimes even a small ''g'' is used i.e.


    not a ''god'' BUT A FULL ON R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P. with our real Father.

    this 'god' THESE PEOPLE write about is NOT ABBA with a oneness of John 17 = that relationship with His child, but, a religious 'god' who is a counterfeit, filled with doctrines and divisions and creeds....or.....described by Yeshua as a huge tree where the fowls of the air breed and fly.

    BTW .... In this parable
    the Mustard tree is a small herb bush.... [never a huge deformed tree, that is out of shape and out of control as per organised religion with its 33,000 + divisions]
    The flowers have 4 petals that form the shape of the cross. A potent herb, that is likened to His Church = remain as a little flock....namely
    modest, select, intense.
    Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.
    notice this as a confirmation to what i ''see''...YOUR FATHER'S good pleasure...FATHER FATHER FATHER we cry... NOT God god God.

    this word God/god could slip under our radar very easily...but...once awakened to its deformity we shall never write 'god/God' again.
    We are awakened to the smallest slip, that will reveal the ambush of the enemy.
    one such a 'slip'' is to present the god/God of love WITHOUT HIS FATHERHOOD being present.
    let me repeat this again

    one such a 'slip-up'' is to present the god/God of love ~~~ WITHOUT HIS FATHERHOOD being present.
    one such a 'slip-up'' is to present the god/God of love ~~~ WITHOUT HIS FATHERHOOD being present.
    one such a 'slip-up'' is to present the god/God of love~~~ WITHOUT HIS FATHERHOOD being present.

    A true son always has respect for his Father.
    A true son calls His Father, Father.

    when u see a religious writer, from the big business Corp....note well THE name and spelling of their 'god' cuz THAT god sure aint THE REAL FATHER.
    Now! i have to confess i only ''saw'' this today.

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    Beware Their Leaven!

    Hi Everyone,

    Recently, Lucy and I completed a rather lengthy stay at CARM Forum where we proposed and defended LIFE NOW!

    We encountered many objections to the possibility of LIFE NOW, and we graciously gave answers as they were given to us by our Heavenly FATHER to give. These answers did not meet with acceptance in the hearts of those who heard them.

    One thing that I noticed, a small thing indeed, through our experience at CARM, was that both the Sadducees and Pharisees are alive and well and very active today in pseudo Christianity.

    Messiah Yahushua said this concerning the Pharisees:
    Matthew 23:15
    15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.
    All who write on the forums with an agenda or purpose have a little scribe and Pharisee within themselves.

    Messiah Yahushua also said this concerning the Pharisees:
    Matthew 16:6
    6 Then Yahushua said unto them, Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.
    Lucy and I are scribes, and everywhere we go, we write and teach about LIFE NOW! LIFE NOW is our leaven!

    The Pharisees today would have everyone beware of our leaven as if LIFE NOW will make the hearer a twofold child of the Gehenna!

    Now, this indeed is a small thing, but what is the distinctive belief and teaching of a Pharisee? You all know what it is, but it has never clicked in your mind as being something wrong or something that all should be cautious of. What is this leaven that seems so right but yet is so wrong?

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      hey there Spying

      I could write many angry words on this problem, as i hate it so much.

      their problem - Hypocrites.
      playacting counterfeits
      I feel that THIS WORD really is only the tip of the iceberg.

      the bottom line is...........THESE religious people deny true LIFE.
      They can be likened to a Judas.
      Judas was a part of a team, who betrayed THE LIFE.
      Judas ''kiss'', had ''THE LIFE''' KILLED .
      These RELIGIOUS leaders kill the LIFE, and do not believe His Words on Life.
      what is so vile is their own self righteousnes, in their wrongness.

      When i had the revelation of Life now [John 11 v 25-26] all my preconceived ideas of creed religion collapsed in an instant, as I had been shown a NEW WAY of LIFE, that i never saw before.
      The old realm of thinking collapsed and now i was being REFOCUSED upon LIFE... His Life... He was willing to share with me.
      That moment i was transformed, out from the darkness of religion and into HIS LIFE!!! Why? Yeshu had taken the time and trouble to speak to a little nobody florist, about how His life was NOW possible to have on earth and it was the real Gospel's amazing message the OT heros had longed for.
      He opened the book into my mind and i was so astonished and changed I said '' no one shall ever believe that''? was all so special and wonderfull even to think about.
      I was lifted out of the darkness of my religion and into HIS LIFE.
      from this position of LIFE, it is hard to think, that once i did not have this life.
      and from this position of LIVING LIFE, the counterfeit becomes clearly is like looking at a dead body.

      Now I cannot boast here and say ''i did it'' for i did not ....repeat I did nothing, but read John 11 one day, and HIS NEW WORLD became mine.

      I cannot play the hyrocrite, anymore, i have to be transparent, His Word seems to make us clean when we obey....the more we obey...the cleaner we become, as that ''oily swarmy coiling stink'' from the snake skin is being removed from us.

      The real facts are we have ''pagans standing in the pulpit'' or, hirelings with pagan pews, that are like a Frankenstein monster by offering another belief other than Messiah has.

      a Frankenstein monster ..... THE churchianity bordello.
      By Grace alone we have come away from this vain monster. This product of vanity.
      We have been spared her death, by GAINING HIS LIFE... that is why we can cry ''FATHER FATHER'',
      We are Most Blessed Ab.
      your personal graciousness, [IS ONLY one of the facts] that proves to me YOU TOO HAVE '''LIFE Now"".

      IS AN ACT of a king.

      : pleasing, acceptable
      : marked by kindness and courtesy
      : graceful
      : marked by tact and delicacy
      : characterized by charm, good taste, generosity of spirit, and the tasteful leisure of wealth and good breeding
      : merciful, compassionate —used conventionally of royalty and high nobility


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        of all writers John showed up the most vitriol

        between Messiah and the vain-hypocrite Pharisees.
        vitriolic - caustic speach,
        His, caustic remarks about the Pharisees, are many,
        Proverbs 16:24
        Our Saviour could cut up and confound the Pharisees when He needed, but His disciples knew Him always for HIS gracious and healthful speech
        (Ps 45:2; Is 50:4). ...
        Churchianity, [that man made vile counterfeit] to me, mostly gives the portraite of THE SAVIOUR, as some weak POWDER-PUFF of a man.
        Some Thin, weak, tired and weeping tiny slip of frail manhood.
        I think they preach from the real reflection of themselves.... namely powderpuffs of fem·i·nin·i·ty as their soul Eve controls them and their lives of vain-glory.

        U know, i have never seen a clergyman who is a total SPUNK.... of maleness.
        I CAN SINCERELY say I have never seen a pew-man WHO IS A FULL ON TOTAL SPUNK either.
        There are more manly-looking male men in this world, than is ever found in the unhallow, unsavioury, halls of churchdom.

        That whole whore-religious -system sucks out that MANHOOD trait from men and gathers them into a feminine HEN PARTY of gossips, status, and deception.
        They produce CARNAGE..
        THEY ARE UNABLE TO be AWAKEN to their male Spiritual side so they remain encased and shrouded in the femininity [soul] of Eve.

        I haven't even begun to tell you about their lack of manly attractions FOR fear of being too bold........................
        if i was allowed to be flowing like a fountain of LIFE namely ''in full bore'' Spying would have to censure me. i feel so strongly over this issue.

        When these female-men preach, they cannot produce LIFE, as their male spirit is still sleeping and Eve their soulish deceiver is still in control... if this was NOT THE REAL TRUTH, why dont we ''see'' them reproducing THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, as Messiah did in His men?
        with much hype and ex·trav·a·gant gusto
        they reproduce spiritual cripples the same as themselves.
        that is why the '' Church'' is a Hospice for all those who wish to ''die in sins''.
        They have NOT been taught BY THE SPIRIT of Christ, but have clung too their denominational doctrines, and what is MORE unless they ''toe'' the ''party line'' they are unable to work as a hireling.
        All we see is their empire building with titles and names and acreditations, and gowns and candles and add nauseum.... and NO LIFE IN SIGHT.
        THEY ARE DUDS!!!!!!
        Last edited by LucySmith; 08-06-2007, 06:02 AM.


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          what is IN a word.

          what is ''IN'' the word


          SOMETIMES when we ''look'' into a word, we can ''see'' the intent of that word that is not shown from a surface look.
          Not all words are like this ofcourse by ''seminaries'' is one.

          Seminaries [letters re-arranged] makes for the truth, that cannot be seen on the surface.
          = insane mires =

          word description for insane
          : mentally disordered
          : exhibiting insanity
          : used by, typical of, or intended for insane persons
          : absurd
          : extreme
          word description of Mires
          : wet spongy earth (as of a bog or marsh)
          : heavy often deep mud or slush
          : a troublesome or intractable situation

          so I could write this sentence.

          ''the product of seminaries, is a wet spongy earthy man, exhibiting insanity, yet, still being used by an insane scheme for making money.''


          wet and spongy a bog or marsh.....are words that really describe the fallen nature of 'earthy' Adam.
          what we see in Truth are

          ''schools'' that display the fallen nature of Adam, yet, call themselves 'christian'.


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            History shall

            show up these people as very poor EMPLOYEES.
            They come talking but not walking and frankly NO signs follow them as per a prerequisite of the power anointing.
            they come TAKING but not giving....
            : something that is necessary to an end
            to the carrying out of a function.
            His judgement at these fakers shall be a most fearsome thing.
            They are worthless servants.
            ''I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear. ''
            do they think they are worthless.?
            ofcourse not that is why they are under a delusion and are insane.

            Like!!!! wouldnt you think, that a decent man, would think ''why haven't I the same Ministry as Yeshu and the Apostles. Why am i lacking their same fruit?''

            but no..... no no no no no
            they are unable to ''see'' their shamefull nakedness............their total failure to honour FATHER,
            so!!! they blaze away, mouthing off as stunted failures causing all who sit with them to fail too.
            They die in sin and failure.
            The local RC church here, has a lot of land and a pagan church in the middle of it but the first sign you see driving past this pagan empire is their advertising sign advising of their FUNERAL SERVICES.

            hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! click click,.

            The real truth is
            When we teach and when we PREACH, correctly FATHER WILL ALWAYS honour His servants ~~~Ps 104 v 4 tells us this. His men are Ministers of Fire.............nothing can stand in their way,
            They have His absolute authority and power over the works of the devil
            Math 18 v 18.
            Mark 16 v 17-18.
            Luke 10 v 19 etc. as they represent THE DIVINE POWER among men.


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              Preaching and teaching

              are 2 different things....
              PREACH - TO HERALD
              teach - to give instruction.

              PREACH THE WORD....MEANS.......exult the WORD.
              what word exactly?
              WE ARE TO PREACH [herald] THE Goodnews.
              what good news.?
              2 tim 1 v 10
              "[Christ] abolished death, and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel
              If I preach I HAVE TO HERALD it in EXULTATION~!
              I have to REVEL in this Goodnews.

              word description of Exultation
              : filled with or expressing great joy or triumph
              : JUBILANT
              what is our TRIUMPH - death in the grave?
              life in the Spirit?

              what is our TRIUMPH?
              WE die under the laws of sin and death
              we overcome the last enemy and now LIVE UNDER.......THE PRINCE OF LIFE?

              IF WE ARE being processed into His Immortality by putting off our corruption [nakedness] why aren't we ZEALOUS, TRIUMPHANT AND JOYfull.?

              now, most people if they are honest find 'church' boring.
              they go from habit.
              a random survey of pew people's comments.
              not too much triumph there.

              notice this comment.
              When Jesus went into the synagogue at Capernaum in Mark chapter one- things were anything but boring.
              = Yeshu taught WITH AUTHORITY.

              can a hireling have AUTHORITY?
              what is a HIRELING?

              : a person who serves for hire especially for purely mercenary motives
              WHAT is mercenary motives? = one that serves merely for wages;
              Researchers say that on average, pastors stay at churches for only 3.5 years. Too many pastors are eager to “move up” to bigger churches with bigger sanctuaries, bigger salaries, more staff, and more ministries.

              so we can ask
              hireling or servant.?
              but let us be so swift to notice.... NEVER A FRIEND.

              when we become HIS FRIENDS, not only is our life transformed but others are affected too.....the transformation energy will flow to where the Spirit wills.


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                Believing In The Resurrection!

                Hi Lucy,

                The Pharisees believed in the resurrection according to the commentary of Luke:
                Acts 23:8
                8 For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, neither angel, nor spirit: but the Pharisees confess both.
                Eventhough there is no direct, unveiled or open evidence for the resurrection to be found in the OT Scriptures, I have often wondered why the Sadducees would deny the resurrection? What motivated the Sadducees? What was the hope of a Sadducee?

                Many Christians like the Pharisees are motivated by the resurrection. On the other hand, many of them are also motivated by dying and going to Heaven to be with Messiah. Is there anything at all wrong with believing in the resurrection or believing that one must die to be at home with Yahushua?

                Messiah Yahushua has granted me the ability to prove for myself HIS Resurrection according to the Scriptures. If Messiah is indeed alive, why does anyone need to die in order to be home with HIM? Indeed, if Messiah is alive, and we have died with HIM, why do Christians not believe in the possibility of a spiritual resurrection that occurs for us in our present lives? How else does light arise from darkness?

                (To All: please take note here that I am not denying the resurrection or saying that the resurrection is already past by questioning whether or not Messiah must of necessity arise in all those who belong to HIM in their present lives!!!)

                Christians deny the possibility of LIFE NOW through their own individual deaths. If they cannot live in Messiah presently, why should they like the Pharisees believe in the resurrection after they prove the opposite by growing old, getting sick, and dying?

                Sincerely, Ab
                The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                  hello Spying

                  i do hope your well and thriving and contented.

                  sometimes there does seem more questions than answers.
                  nothing seems black and white.
                  we listen to what other people drum into us....sadly believing them first and
                  not finding out for ourselves.
                  there was a bakery next door to my shop and each evening the local churches would come to collect the unsold bread and divide it up between their church pew people who were so poor.
                  The people who run this shop were not ''christian nor churchian''....yet they supplied the churches with bread.
                  One evening, as i watched this scene i wondered all about this and The Father said into my ear
                  ''it is all back to front''

                  here they are taking bread from the lost, when, infact they should be supplying it.
                  everything IS BACK TO FRONT AND UPSIDE DOWN... and UNLESS we look into this whole mystery and have MESSIAH show us these mysteries personally we too shall remain back to front and insane.

                  why didn't the Pharisee LOVE and worship their Messiah?
                  why do people still die?
                  where is heaven?
                  Why do religious people ''get it so wrong'' but are sincere.?
                  Yeshu brought LIFE to earth and was rejected.... we preach LIFE TOO and people reject it.
                  The same ancient spirit still roaming and devouring the unsaved.

                  these are MYSTERIES.............

                  Do you know, in all of my seeking i have never found a person who is a fully developed overcomer that I can talk to.

                  why not?
                  why are there not ''schools for overcomers''?
                  why isn't there great sentinal APOSTLES to teach ''how to overcome all things'' as CHRIST OVERCAME ALL THINGS?
                  WE are taught personally HOW TO OVERCOME.
                  RELIGION is for the masses
                  RELATIONSHIP is personal and intimate
                  EACH OVERCOMER has personal issues only A SAVIOUR can fix.
                  I have personal issues that are great giants to me, yet another person would have no problems with my woe at all..... woes are personal and they are there to be personally overcome WALKING with THE SAVIOUR so that ''our wages'' are never received as LIFE and perfection is now ours and sin and death are faded foes.

                  ===== it is all about lovers and intimacy=====

                  WHY DO we listen to hirelings?
                  These Paid men with a hidden agenda telling us how to think? and what is more.... why are we in a ''creed or sect'' when the originator of them is dead and turned to dust?

                  who ''invented'' the
                  Baptist creed? or the RC sect, the Lutherian, the Methodist, the Pentecostal, the 7th day Adventist, the Mormons and JW's the Christian Scientists religion and the 33,000 etc etc's alphabet religious names churches?
                  Put a name to each sect-founder and we will find them in their tombs.
                  notice plx
                  EACH '' INVENTOR'' who taught and gathered a crowd around them is NOW DEAD...why?
                  their wages paid out in full, but notice ''they served their god''?

                  what of GLORY, HONOUR, ETERNAL LIFE AND IMMORTAL LIFE.. being bestowed upon honourable servants who established His Kingdom?

                  Did you know that the most readable book taken out from any library by readers is ''a good Mystery''
                  THE GREATEST of all Mysteries still remains a mystery to most earthy bound people.

                  I hate that~~~~~~~~~~~
                  I hate dead religion~~~~~~~~~
                  I hate that rejection of LIFE...
                  i hate many things that destroy people in such cruel ways.

                  People who will stand infront of me, their hearts breaking with sorrow as they tell me about the WREATH they want for their loved one.
                  Some Mothers cry so bad, it is a river gushing out from their eyes?
                  The hundreds of wreaths we make for the war dead . Men who shall never come home.

                  broken hearts,

                  are all words that relate to fallen man
                  That mind of satan [the carnal mind] is the cause......

                  turn away and let us find the Holy way by putting on the Mind of Christ and LIVE... not upon the words of other men but UPON HIS WORDS.

                  I do.
                  sometimes i fail but i am learning HOW TO BE HIS OVERCOMER and laying aside my own will and allowing His will to be active IN my life.
                  I am telling u now
                  FEW DO THIS.
                  He is CALLING OUT His kings and priest from this age ...MEN AND WOMEN who have learnt only to DO HIS WILL and go on into His perfection.

                  These people are HIS CHURCH and the gates of hell/grave shall not prevail against them.

                  not very many..... of all the fish in the sea only 153 big fish were gathered into the net.

                  These people are trained up to ''BE ABOUT THEIR FATHER'S BUSINESS'' without needing continual correction.
                  They have been proved to be faithfull [even in the smallest thing] and a true witness [ against great odds of rejection] and NOTHING now can overcome them as they have passed their tests and trials and finished their race and won their prize.

                  not many win the prize!!!!
                  people give up too easily.
                  BUT NOT a person who is HIS WORKMANSHIP.....[now that is goodnews]


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                    Life Now!

                    Ah, my Lady,

                    For me, you are like a cool breeze on a hot summer day! You are a bubbling spring of living water! Slowly, but surely, I am being converted to your thinking that it is a love story of universal proportions, the quest of Messiah Yahushua for HIS Beloved! Messiah is pursuing HIS BELOVED and preparing HER and changing HER into a mirror image of HIMSELF! We are HIS Choice, and there is no other Chosen.

                    I formerly am Lutheran, Worldwide Church of God, Tzaddikim (A Church of God). Basically, the Tzaddikim are Sadducees. The word, Sadducee, comes from the Hebrew word, Tzaddik, or Righteous One, and this Forum, Lo Ammi (Not My People), was established by the Tzaddikim and then was divorced by the Tzaddikim. I became a Sadducee in 1977 after Messiah led me to begin searching into the spiritual fulfillment of the Torah. While I was a Lutheran and while I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God, I was nothing but a Pharisee. I believed in the resurrection, that is, I hoped for life after death. I never once thought in terms of living while being a Pharisee. My hope was always in the resurrection.

                    It was after this Forum was established that I began looking into the possibility of Living and not Dying. This became my personal quest of seeking the Holy Grail so to speak. I sacrificed everything in this quest. DeAnna and a few others were very helpful in this quest.

                    Slowly, Messiah allowed me to see the possibility of LIFE NOW! You are very correct. Eyes have to be opened to see LIFE NOW! All the scriptures which prove LIFE NOW, are in plain sight and are within the grasp of the dying, but they do not reach out and grasp and then eat because Messiah has not chosen them. Everything depends on the choosing of Messiah.

                    And then, my Lady, you appeared here at Lo Ammi, and you confessed LIFE NOW, and I knew that your eyes had been opened, and I accepted you 100% as my equal. Indeed, I felt that you were further advanced than myself in overcoming; therefore, you were actually greater than me. I still feel that you are further advanced in overcoming. All need to sit at your feet and listen.

                    Where am I myself right now? Well, I suppose I am right where Messiah desires that I be. I am still Tzaddikim, that is, I am still seeking the fulfillment of the Word in the very ground that I inhabit, and I exist in the hope that Messiah will continue to bring about a change within me whereby I will bear the good fruits of HIS spirit so that my ground need not be cursed (Malachi 4: Gradually, this world must learn that salvation consists in bearing fruit for one another). Those that know me know how great a transfiguration must occur within me for LIFE to spring from death and darkness, but thanks be to ELOHIM, this very thing, Messiah does for each of HIS BELOVED!

                    May YOU have a very good day, Lucy, and may Messiah Yahushua bless YOU and YOUR Family in YOUR new adventure!

                    Sincerely, Ab
                    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                      thank you Spying~! for your gracious words to me

                      we do not overcome anything.... least we boast... It is the anointing that breaks the yoke of slavish things in us. All we do is STAND ASIDE and believe ''THE HOLY FIX-IT'' will do His workmanship within our lives.

                      I do believe the overcoming man, has a very hard time and he is a target for the enemy.

                      Men, are our heros, our strong towers, our pillars and guardians, suffer greatly, YET, when they walk in the ANOINTING, THEY become more mighty than Nigara Falls.
                      Men have to give up their ego and wills and become like a Eunuch, a virgin, in more ways than one.
                      Yes, i understand these things.
                      The overcoming woman has an easier time i feel, Father is more ''gentle'' perhaps, or softer.
                      She does suffer badly but not as the man.

                      The finest thing to do is to look within ourselves, open the doors and seek out the enemy power over us and bring it out into the light, confess it/repent of these things and then hand these burdens by naming them to OUR SAVIOUR...Math 11 v 28-30.
                      He wants these horrible burdens we carry HE WILL FIX IT~!~! that is what HE ASKS for.

                      Discouragement comes, as we remember it is ''patience that perfects''
                      we believe even if we do not see.
                      Seeing is NOT important it is the BELIEVING that shall carry us to the Throne.
                      What is happening to us is.......... we are putting off our mortals......and this is we do not see our immortality appearing to give us any great confidence..... but..... it is there....growing away and getting stronger with each passing day, till it seems we come to a ''point of no return'' and then we leap in great bounds to our finishing line.

                      The transition time is the hardest as we make ourselves ready.
                      IN the Transition into transfiguration, we are most is when a butterfly comes out from his cocoon, all wet, his wings plastered to his side and he cannot fly. He has to sit in the sun to dry out....this our our position now Ab, our mortals are dying and drying up....we are no longer mortal but not quiet ready to be manifesting our immortality.... we are in the putting off and putting on stages,....however.... we do BECOME COMPLETED... just in the nick of time.

                      We sit in the sun too..... as we sit at His feet LEARNING HOW TO FLY.

                      I take flowers to the nursery school, it is very nice with many little children there playing and they are well cared for....however.... some stand at the fence, waiting for their mothers to arrive and take them home. They are not happy, but wait there behind the bars like a prisoner waiting to be set free and go home.
                      When i see them, it breaks my heart, thinking ''Father made babies and mothers to look after each other.... not babies and carers''.
                      This is our new world society, people accept this as the norm yet the children suffer.
                      but my point is this Ab
                      We are these little children, we are waiting at the fence, waiting to SEE OUR FATHER, AND BE SET FREE at last and appear with HIM and IN Him.
                      We are trapped inside the circumstances that crept up on us.

                      but, we have HOPE~!
                      our hope lies in the fact of His REVELATION of LIFE TO US.... His life made available to those butterflies He foreknew.

                      When Yeshu prayed He asked from Father this request.
                      John 17
                      Jesus' Prayer of Intercession - For Himself
                      When Jesus had thus spoken, He lifted His face toward heaven and said, "Father, the time has come.
                      Glorify Your Son, so that the Son may glorify You.
                      For You gave Him authority over all mankind; yes, You gave Him everything so that He may give them everlasting life.
                      And this is eternal life - to know You, the only true God, and Jesus the Christ whom You have sent.
                      I have given You glory here on earth; I have done the work You sent Me to do. And now, Father, glorify Me with Yourself. Give Me the glory I had with You before the world was.

                      that is what THIS WHOLE PLAN IS ABOUT.
                      THE glory~!~! manifesting here on earth, in earthen vessels
                      So nothing like this has ever happened since Messiah's advent... it is all NEW and full of a divine adventure and a divine romance.
                      When i write about ''a divine romance'' that is what it is.
                      As we put off our mortals HIS LOVE manifests thru us and wraps us up and woos us with a divine energy. We have never seen DIVINE LOVE working correctly between male and female.
                      yes, there are so many new things to discover, We are on a NewDiscovery.~~~~~


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                        consuming passion

                        consuming passion

                        the church paints their god/God as a love god/god.
                        ''Love this, Love that, dont judge me love me''.

                        This love has no accountability attached to it therefore when we come out from the Harlot and into LIFE, we are shocked by Father's judgement upon us.
                        We are never prepared by the counterfeit church to handle His consuming passion.
                        We are not prepared, for His Hatred of our sin, and whilst we are forgiven, we ARE TO CEASE from it.

                        The overcomer stands there shocked at events around them and are totally unprepared for FATHER'S BAPTISM OF FIRE.
                        Somehow the church leaves us with an impression
                        '' oh! we are not too bad, after all, we are forgiven, we escaped hell, all is well, god loves us'' .

                        THE real FATHER, will allow NOTHING that is outside of HIS CHARACTER, roaming around in us unchecked and unbalanced.
                        HE MEASURES US [His temple] and what HE DOES NOT LIKE, He burns out by the holiness of His presence.
                        He goes straight to the core of our sin and begins the blow torch upon us and we squirm and cry, till that spot of vanity is erradicated.

                        We go down , we decrease, as our deceived soul begins to wither up.
                        Death is being removed from us by the ''judgemental attitudes'' upon us of our Real Father.
                        All former behaviour under the LAW OF SIN AND DEATH is judged and we get spared as the cleansing fire does it's work.

                        now for an example.
                        Generally He comes in on 2 fronts.
                        Fear for the ladies
                        Lusts for the men.
                        and while these twins of destruction are alive and well IN us.....the fire will continue till there is NO FEAR NO LUST, remaining.

                        HE IS OUR DESTINY
                        not the 'apostle of fear' nor 'the apostle of lust' and their controlling powers.

                        Do you think Yeshu was fearfilled?
                        Do you think Yeshu was lusty male, filled with lusty thinking?
                        why then
                        do ye think we can be? ummmmm.

                        are we ''exempt'' because ''he loves us''?

                        Our steps are ordered and our situations tailor made, JUST FOR US and allowed so WE BECOME CLEAN, GROOMED, AND DRESSED correctly. We do not live in ''happenstance'' but controlled and allowed situations that will bring us INTO HIS PERFECTION.
                        We are trapped and the only way out is BY HIS VICTORY OVER US
                        put another way

                        the VICTORY WALK, is no longer the VICTIM walk.

                        The overcoming stardards of Father is COMPLETE VICTORY!
                        His Son holds our hand as we walk the walk.
                        that is HIS MEASURMENTS, and while this may sound severe, would u allow a small child to continually run across the road dodging cars without correction?

                        Well, bit by bit our coruption is put off.
                        We learn to make GOOD CHOICES, as CHRIST IS FORMED IN US.
                        We learn that we get burnt from bad choices and it is too painfull to go thru again as the fire shall not cease till that spot has gone.
                        WE LEARN the hard way. Soul Eve, is a hard taskmaster.
                        WE DO LEARN, as we are HIS WORKMANSHIP, till the finishing line is crossed.

                        ''The victory'' is not a word nor really an attitude or a belief


                        Our victory is a realm that has been WOVEN INTO OUR LIVES, like fine linen cloth.
                        NONE can take away such victory, as it us BURNT into our lives.


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                          We have to remember this

                          the church of the LIVING SAVIOUR, is not found in denominations..
                          These are man made up traditions people belong to and never to the KINGDOM OF HIS DEAR SON. alas.

                          here is this KINGDOM in practice.
                          JOHN 10:4-5.
                          And when He putteth forth His own sheep, He goeth forth
                          before them, and the sheep follow Him: for they know His voice.
                          And a
                          stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the
                          voice of strangers.


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                            Pleasing To HIM!

                            Hi Lucy,

                            Thank you for your excellent posts!

                            Here is what the Voice directs and advises:
                            Deuteronomy 30:19-20
                            19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:
                            20 That thou mayest love YAHWEH thy ELOHIM, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which YAHWEH swore unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.
                            Messiah Yahushua is this Land.

                            The pseudo Christians (all the spiritual Pharisees) reject this advice. They do not believe that they can overcome all the Giants that dwell in and around them so they automatically opt for death eventhough there is also life in Messiah who is YAHWEH. They all speak with a forked tongue, and not one of them can overcome death and live.

                            Please, Father, create in us clean hearts and renew YOUR righteous spirit within us that we may be pleasing to THEE and comfort THEE as a wife comforts HER HUSBAND! Purify our minds and take captive all our thoughts to do THY will.

                            Sincerely, Ab
                            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                              We have been trained up in a certain way

                              Hello Spying,
                              Father, has already given you a pure heart it stares at me each time you post.
                              If u didn't have this heart already in place you would not love His resurrection message of LIFE NOW.
                              Now, ofcourse i know perhaps ''u dont feel it'' BUT THAT IS quiet beside the point,
                              As a pure heart is not a DEFORMED HEART for containing unbelief.

                              Yesterday i was eating lunch in a restaurant and the tables were rather close together. Next to our table was an elderly couple drinking red wine. The man said in a voice that i overheard ''I love wine, after all at my age what else is there to do but drink it''

                              I wished i would have had the guts to say

                              'but what of the NEW WINE, HAVE you tasted it yet''?

                              I was far to ''polite'' to ''butt in'' with an unwanted comment.
                              i had been trained up to ''mind my own business''.
                              what If that older man said ''tell me about this NEW WINE'' when i asked?

                              I dont like being trained up just for ''politeness'' sake, like some seal in a Zoo, that claps it's flippers for a fish.

                              Was I 'polite'' for not introducing this man to THE NEW WINE?
                              Was I 'polite" for saying nothing and pretending i never heard his statement?

                              why was this older man placed next to my table?
                              did I miss the opportunity to bring him the LIFE message?

                              was I a man-pleaser rather than A FATHER PLEASER?
                              WAS i in ignorance?
                              WAS i afraid, as polite people dont butt in?

                              so thinking upon this ............
                              we all have been ''trained up'' in a certain way, that REJECTS LIFE.
                              WHEN this indoctrination is from our birth , i now ask

                              ''why would people choose life"".?

                              generation after generation of people are as trained seals in a zoo. and to my own shame i am one of them........trying to escape from my great corruption.

                              I WISH TO BE SAVED, saved to the uttermost
                              DRINKING THE NEW WINE IN THE REAL KINGDOM OF MY TRUE FATHER and NOT shacked up with some mad evil beast, [this false father of lies and his whorish bag of tricks] that is trying to destroy me.

                              All of us have been TRICKED into believing death is a friend
                              things all ''happen'' after we die
                              with this mindset people deny the GLORIOUSNESS of the DIVINE LIFE, Yeshu introduced.

                              TRICKED TRICKED AND AGAIN TRICKED.