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The many self’s of the image of fleshly mind -v-

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  • The many self’s of the image of fleshly mind -v-

    God first

    The many self’s of the image of fleshly mind -v-
    the image of love mind the Christ like image of God


    Here I Roy William Perry III know as year2027 reach up, down, above, within, without, inside space itself to which words to write here and now.

    My God, your God, our God, and the only God loves you my dear friends as does our Lord the man Jesus the giver of re-birth the Christ.

    Lets begin with a fleshly self the controlling fleshly self the who controls who has which part of the book of your fleshly life.

    The me think my way is best the fleshly image head of all fleshly self’s the part we need to overcome so we can follower the love self the seed of Christ that which was given to us to lead us with gentle love.

    The controlling self gives many chapters of our life book to the hiding self only to keep us in fear of our controlling self but the open self of Christ in us tells us hiding it only keeps us in pain.

    Because that which is hiding can destroy any true love we can have and yes we all hide things but the key is to take things from the hiding self of flesh to the open self of spirit, so the pain has been dealt with once and for all time.

    Now how fast and how must is up to us as of how must pain we want to remove at any given time in our book of life my written it into the open self then into the recovery self.

    There are many self’s of the flesh that are control by the me think fleshly directions which can be over come by me follower spiritual directions.

    We can learn more how to follower our heart of love self by asking our many self’s. Is this love or am I trying to control how I feel, think, act, by my fleshly wants?

    Now I do not have all the answers in life but I do know our inner self of love of the image of Christ which is of God is more rewarding them being control by worldly images of what we see, hear, smell, tasted, and touch.

    Its not what we see but how we see things its whether we see things out of a controlling lustful eye or a loving given, helping eye.

    I see things in the light of love when I can set Christ image of self as head in my book of my life but I am still part flesh so I do not all ways do as I should.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy