God first

You, Me, and I are not Always Understood


Here I sat very peaceful tonight as I reach up and out while inward at the same time to hear the words to write for you to read this very night.

But as always I must begin with how my God and his son loves you with grace and truth and how you are their beloved family.

There are days I see things in my heart or in the word of God that I can not put in words that all understand what I am trying to say with my poor written skills.

As you write things that I do not completely understand because of your skill of written is not poor like mine.

There are many skills levers to put things in words and that is why we all need to write because together we can learn things we may of never learn without you or me.

Together we are a team fighting to uncover truth no matter what the subject might be but alone we can only go so far.

That while in the word of God the church is a group of people working together for the same goal and not just a building of wood and stone.

So many times in my life I had believe I knew all there is about a given story, parable, verses, chapter, or mystery of the word of God only to find the truth is deeper and simpler than I ever dream.

There are things I believe I see that some might call me names for and I am sure there are things you hold back because of what others might think.

Then there are things I see at levels above you so far that you will never understand but I am sure you could come out with things so far above me I would never understand.

But this is just life because you are strong in one area years above me and I am strong in another years above you there are still areas were we can teach one another.

Now no matter what we must not judge evil of each other because we do not understand each other all the time but what we look for is the love we both have for truth.

But if some one does not have a love for truth they are just not on our team at this time but maybe later they might join but we can still learn for their worldly life ups and downs.

Now we want to learn mostly from each other’s spiritual ups and downs that which I think I understand and that which changes as I learn more truth over time.

Because at most we all only have a small part of the truth because we still sat here n this fleshly earth but when we move to the place God has prepared for us we will see the whole picture knowing as the truth is.

Some will say what if some one all ways writes over my head and I understand very little of that which is wrote, I say read it anyway because by trying to understand your mind will try to reach to that lever.

Were one day you might reach that lever and understand I recall when I read some parts of the word of God and it all sounded Greek to me but after time I saw more and more truth.

The how to phase things is hard for me at times because I post on so many boards and I do not want to challenged a person whole believe in one day nor do I want to fight about small things.

But what are small things anything that does not changed a person love for God and Christ and big things would be trying to destroy their love.

Love is love and doctrine believes are just that doctrine believes while love is never wrong doctrines can be misunderstood.

Today I can say I used to believe that or this because there are so many understandings of doctrines out there but the key is always being willing to look and see new things to check against what is written in your heart.

Some things have more than one truth about them like God is love and God is light while some people might only focus on one part of that there are many views to it.

So just because we think another persons doctrine is wrong does not mean nothing both doctrines can be right as two parts of a greater picture.

That is why I believe all faiths need to come together so we the people searching for truth can compare parts which may or may not be parts of a greater picture.

If we all work together in love no one is against the other which leaves no need to fight anymore or does it.

I bet it would work but I know few will try even today when we have easier ways to work together so many people are self center of what they think.

But I say its not just what I think and hear but its what you think and hear alone with the guy across the sea.

I must stop here because its time to sleep, thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.