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  • Why this and Why that?

    God first

    Why this and Why that?

    wrote 06-17-2007

    Here I sat asking my inner self "Why this and Why that" as I reach out to share my heart with all that will give me a listen

    Where do I get this words I love to write and share that seem to come from nowhere they come from my inner heart

    What kind of writer am I some say my words are like poet others say they are like the word of God but all that matters is that they are shared

    Why do I share this words that I long to write time and time again because without sharing words they drop to the dirt dead and sharing them gives them life

    Some say they can not understand me others seem to see things that I do not truths within them that I do not even see why others only see words out of order

    Why do I share my love because my heart wants to reach out and share like the mother of a new born child wants to reach out and hold the child

    Then there is why give holy kisses because my faith says do it and who am I to fight against my faith

    When I learn to give into my faith no matter how odd of things it asked of me I was able to walk away from many years of fleshly pain the receive spiritual comfort

    Why does this not flow like you want it to flow because I am me not you a new creation with my personal life habits to overcome

    Why am I written this I may never know why one day in time I feel the need to share but I just do like a singers as the need to sing

    When will I end this desire to write in my odd style I guess it will be the day my heart grows into a better style for me

    I must end now and here with thank you for given me a hear with the style of with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy