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O That Which I see but I Do Not See

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  • O That Which I see but I Do Not See

    God first

    O That Which I See but I Do Not See


    O how I sat with in my head its going round and with dreams and visions of things that I hear and see but not with my eyes or ears but with my inner heart I see and hear things.

    Of the great love of God that is like the light of truth so clear and pure as the snow that covers the winter night when its time for its beauty to show itself in the cold of night for you my friend so dear.

    Of Adam my hearts does dwell on as it looks up into the open spaces of truth so true, of all Adam had and lost with the first fatal sin.

    So most sorrow that night when the heart no longer saw the beauty of the love and truth that came from on high, even that Adam known it had not changed but he had die the spiritual death of which God told him would happen if he ate of that tree.

    For he only saw now like the animals he so lovingly took care has he growth in size like the plants that gave him food.

    He moved like the water that gave him drink from place to place searching for that which he could no longer touch with his heart that seem to only beat like the beast of the field.

    But then after crying eyes had dried up God came down in a form he could hear but not see that which looked like it was not there but of a truth he knew it was there and no other than the father he so longed to see again.

    God told he was there so help and that he would send the great one his very son to heal the spirit that die that very day but he would have to wait until the chosen time before he Adam could come home to live forever more with his Father of high.

    But in the mean while God would direct his path has to how to live and what to teach his children that should come from his flesh so weak.

    As I think of the many man that came after the great father of mankind I most think of Noah who in his time saw evil but still focus his eyes on that which he could not see, that which truth was past down to him from the great Adam.

    Because Noah loved that which he could not hear, God came down to save him and seven other so he could rebuild that world with truth and love of that which is heard by the pure in heart, the voice of God so true and loving.

    After Noah I seem to think of that great dreamer of dreams so real full of truth and love so gentle Joseph the man that saw that which came in dreams the light of the night shining bright.

    What of the dreams that Joseph saw that were not ever wrote down because God told him only think of some things within his heart because it was not time for these truths to be revealed to the foolish men of his time and what of the ones that were revealed.

    We may never know of all the glory Joseph saw at night when most were lusting of what they want in their dreams Joseph was seeing that which would shortly come to past.

    Then there was Saul a king God gave unto the people to teach them no earthly king could rule them as God could because the rewards of rulership would only destroy the most loving child.

    But after the people saw that a king needed help to kept true and sound God gave them David of who’s seed the son of God would come from.

    Of a women name Mary of the household of King David came Jesus the child that was begat without a earthly father as all the other children of mankind were.

    He Jesus would soon be called the Christ because he was killed by the people who foolish ran after lies from below, but he did not stray dead for he got up because death had no hold on him.

    For his father was not one that could be seen like all other children, for he came from God the father that we only hear within our heart if we listen to that which can not be seen by fleshly eyes.

    Because of this Christ the seed that was planted in us when our fathers begot us was replanted as if the seed return to our father and the image of God was added then replanted in us.

    That part which was past from mankind to mankind dead because Adam could not heal that which he killed by reaching for foolishness the fleshly fruit when he had greater fruit of a spiritual kind which was healed by the love of Christ.

    Some call this rebirth but it was more than a rebirth it was more like being planted again but this time like Adam was in the beginning.

    That which we were to be in the beginning we are now by the gift of Christ if we let Christ enter as a seed of truth and grow in our heart like Christ was and is.

    Like I said of the things I see within my heart go round and round until I must put them to paper so you can see what I see in my heart right or wrong.

    There are not there, I see this and many other things as I feel the love of God pure and true which makes me reach away from sin but I am still part flesh and bone.

    Until that day when I put off this fleshly body and put on a new body that is pure spirit becoming pure light and truth has I am known.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.