God first

Many subjects in One

A Board war


Here I sat looking out at my beloved God it might be up, down, right, left, or within but the main thing is I am looking. My God loves us all no matter what some may say or even think.

This has been a long beautiful week were blessing came my the dozens but with all up of life there are all ways a few downs things that happen that we wish would of not happen.

This week on a board called “The Way of Yahoo” things was a mini war like thing happen but like all wars things happen within a war that you wish would of not happen.

Its does not matter how a war begins but what matters is that peace was made and I believe it was to a degree, because peace can only be made with the ones who want peace.

I bring this up not to tell you a sad story but so we can recall how life works within a group of people. People get hurt and people get healed but life goes on no matter what words are spoken.

It all part of the circle of life that we travel up and down in and maybe some other directions. What if I asked you why do you come to this board or that board what would you say.

Will the answers would be endless and they should be because life has a endless amount of paths we can take as on “The Way of Yahoo” or any board there are endless kinds of people.

Some people move on in life but others never do but what if I said I see no wrong in either its just a matter of choice like the way I pick to write you.
The many pauses in life

Have you ever took time to listen to a pause in a speech, statement, or many things you could hear. But not to take anything away from life have you took pauses in life?

Have you gave a time out to a child or were you the child getting the time out. Does God give us time outs when we say we are listing but we do not stop asking.

Have you ever tried to get a word in when some ones when talk for hours? Guess what I am one that can talk for hours about almost any subject.

But I like to set back and just listen too because I have found by listen I learn more. I like just to have God talk and see what he has to say or any one I might see in my life.

I heard it said that some people after receiving the gift of a child into their life take a pause to think of how they want to raised the child.

Did God need a pause after mankind ran from his image of love to the image of sin and all that comes with that image to think how God would get mankind back on the right path? I do not know, do you?

So what can we teach each other about the many pauses of life we all must deal with everyday.

We believe in that which we can not see

We talk about God has one we can not see but we spend hour after hour trying to prove to the world there is a God. Why?

We can not prove something there they can not see but we can give them love another thing that can not be proved. How does love leave one person and enter another person?

Ask you leading Science of today what love looks like in the lab but they can not answer because it one of those things we know is there but we have not seen.

Does love have one eye or four, is it made of cells, or does like blow in the wind as its been directed? Question with more questions that is how we prove there must be a God because we all believe in love then we all believe in things that can not be seem.

Some will say you know their there by the after math feeling but I say I know God is here my the after math feeling I get.

Reason and unreason

That which is reasonable to some is unreasonable to others but God tells us to trust that which is against reason but to go against reason is nothing new to us.

When I was in the womb of my mother I fought to leave a place were all my needs were took care of every second and we call that birth.

When I was a child I fought against my parents to live my life as I saw best but my loving parents took care of my every need.

It is reasonable to learn from ones older than our self but we think we know it all only to walk out and fall on our face in the dirt.

God tells us to leave that which is fleshly reason and turn to what is not fleshly reason to this which is real reason spiritual reason which is truth.

Circle or square

What is a square but a circle with sharp turns and what is a circle but endless turns round and a round or up, left, right, down, and then back up or the other direction.

Both are traveling a path and both are straight lines back to were you begin. While one is only one big line and the other is four lines connected both take us back to the beginning.

Does not life begin has as dream one of desires or one has fear of what could happen both end and begin as we travel everyday life.

Life is a circle or a square from seed to growth life, to birth to breath, to image which is Christ’s seed to growth spiritual life, to death of flesh to birth and breath of spiritual life.

We all travel circles or squares in everyday life my dear friends.

The End

How must I close a statement, love note, tread, E-mail, or words of my heart. Does it really matter the words I choice to use or is it more than words.

Each person close is up to the person as far as I see from my little understanding of truth. If I close one way and you another its not a big deal unless a person makes it.

I pick the way I close because I want my good-bye to tell the person I love them like a child loves them the best kind child like love.

So I end this with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy