God first

They all say their way is the only way


Here I sat thinking within my heart of the love God has for us all and the great gift of his very life of the flesh that Jesus Christ gave up so we all may live.

Then comes to mind how I heard so many man made churches claim there way was the only true way but how can there be any other way than Jesus Christ.

They have turned the family of God into a business subject the laws of the land just to get over on taxes.

They sale the word of God and call it a gift but they have added strings to their gifts. I say if you have to give a gift to receive a gift neither are gifts but we just have a new kind of money changers.

What will we see next out of these man made churches 1-900 numbers pray lines for $2.99 a minute.

They all say their way is the only way but we know better than that because Jesus Christ is the only way.

This is nothing new to God because there was the church of the Thessalonians and the church of the Israelites both churches of old.

While its not wrong to name your church, its wrong to think other churches of God are less than your church.

The only key is the love of God and love has nothing to do with money but having a heart to help one another in this old world without wanting anything in return.

Lets not judge our churches to hard but lets teach them my helping the poor and ones in need one on one and if the church has to close their doors we can met in our homes but I do not see that happening.

I will stop here because I am lost for words, thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.