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God's Three pointer

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  • God's Three pointer

    for an amazing Quinten Miller.
    copied at


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    hidden from view.

    Father does hide.
    hiding is called mysteries,
    only a spiritual detective can understand as he seeks Truth for clues.

    when a man meets a woman he finds ''attractive'' he seeks her out to find if they have a future together. If they like the same things, if they ''get on''.
    only then can the relationship move forewards.
    It is the same with the relationship between,the person called, THE WORD and His DISCIPLE.
    do they get ON...

    is what THE MASTER SAYS, good enough for the Disciple to work thru.


    Well the object of the Master is to teach the Disciple how to BE FREE, as He is free
    we all have to decide how badly we wish to be free.

    That man in the parable DESIRED IT SO MUCH, he sold all he had.
    I desire my freedom too.....i hate being a slave to any form of destroying power. It is not a normal hate...but an utter loathing of hugmongious proportions.
    I loathe the unfairness and the cruelity and the pain.
    Messiah came to stop this law from working in us....therefore i am compatable to His desires.