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  • God, Science, and Religion

    God first

    God, Science, and Religion

    wrote 04-10-2007

    Here I year2027 sat at my computer looking up into the spiritual heaven for truths to come down from above and give me the words to write down for you to read. But first let me say with spiritual love that God loves you as he loves me.

    While God never changes science has changed their views over and over but religion has said they love God but used tricks of science to get worldly riches.

    God is a group of people more like a family as God being the head of the family which can be called a church, while religion can be called a church its run more like a business than a family with the focus on the movement of its label than the movement of God’s love. But science can be a group of people who are into a family basic as God being the head, or the movement of a religion group either church base or science base.

    God has never changed on its teaching about the earth in some books in the bible little is known but in Godly books outside the bible a lot is known, while science once said the earth was flat but now know its round, but religion teaches that which builds their label at the time.

    Science have there theories like the Evolution theory that mankind evolved from apes which may or may not be taught today by science. Religion groups seem to lose their cool when debating Evolution.

    But children of God not in a religion group but who believe they are in the family of God’s church that love all people whether they have a label or not see Evolution has a part truth.

    Where science say mankind evolved from ape kind, we children of God kind say mankind evolved within mankind making differ breeds of mankind because of weather, sun, hardship to stay alive, and many unknown factors.

    But no matter what breed a person is they are link together has one kind as are the many dog breeds they are all puppies of the first two dogs as we are all children of Adam and Eve.

    Today mankind is still evolving but weather is not a factor anymore that may changed the color of the skin to deal with straying alive, but the lack of dealing with the weather and things around us is making us weak.

    While Religion is looking for ways to control their people into robots that give without questioning how its used, God is all ways doing the same looking for ways to teach his children to love one another, and science is trying to understand that which God has explain to all mankind.

    But let me stop here and wait to see what you have to say about God, Science, and Religion? Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.