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dont just ask BEG FATHER for His Gift of Wisdom.

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  • dont just ask BEG FATHER for His Gift of Wisdom.

    Wisdom is THE TREE OF LIFE.
    BEG for this tree to be in your life.
    asking is good BUT BEGGING IS BETTER, to make it our strongest learn how to eat from the DIVINE female TREE.
    Father - male
    Wisdom- Female

    we have LOST OUR 'FEMALE'.[she has to be saved]

    So!!! that is why i write to say this BEG Father please FOR HER RETURN in your life.....
    that is our way out.
    cuz when we receive WISDOM, IT STARTS A CHAIN OF GIFTS as added blessings/events to be beshowed.
    ''When God told Solomon to ask Him for whatever he wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom and God gave it to him.............''
    (1 Kings 3:3–15).

    “Now God gave Solomon wisdom and very great discernment and breadth of mind, like the sand that is on the seashore.
    Solomon’s wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all the sons of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt”
    (1 Kings 4:29,30).
    cuz to get wisdom, - the tree of life... we also GET other LIFE REWARDS....
    well we also receive knowledge,
    and discernments, then
    discretion, which leads us into diligence.
    endurance and righteousness... see (Proverbs 8:1–14).

    wisdom[FEMALE] + spirit [MALE] = brings forth divine children.

    It is the male and female rejoined correctly as it should have been in the reproduce perfection IN reproduction.
    can u believe that!!!!!
    Surely....that has to be THE HIGHEST BEST THING.


    cuz to gain this Wisdom takes our mind from here and places it INTO HEAVENLY PLACES/ADVICES/INSTRUCTIONS....our original home....where we put on the heavenly mind which Messiah found....a mind that is divine and filled up with all ''the answers''.
    This is how our vanity situations is overcome.
    “Prize her, and she will exalt you;
    She will honor you if you embrace her.
    She will place on your head a garland of grace;
    She will present you with a crown of beauty” (Proverbs 4:8,9).
    to win THE PRIZE....
    DO U WANT this crown of beauty?
    well beg for it to show u mean business..... let us humble ourselves before HIM to win the prize .=
    Wisdom says, “For he who finds me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 8:35).
    shall we follow Our Saviour's walk too -
    It is so wonderfull to notice that wisdom was something our Lord Jesus acquired as He humanly grew up (Luke 2:52).
    Can we acquire His Wisdom = YES PLEASE.

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    ''The Science of Psychoendoneuroimmunology,"

    it is the greatest wisdom to PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST....


    our new mind changes our body into His health and wholeness, for it is thru ''The Science of Psychoendoneuroimmunology," - it has been found that Our thoughts,
    our feelings,
    our beliefs, and hopes
    are nothing more than chemical and electrical activity in the nerve cells of our brain.
    It is literally true~~~~~~~~~
    by our right form of thinking we are changed = we cannot help it as our mind and body respond to a new form of biology.

    when we hear music, there are tones upon tones, different melodies that flow in tune to make an altogether sweet sound....Father showed is the same with the Mind of Christ... His thinking IN us produces THE MELODY FOR LIFE.
    did u know that our brain [ if cut in 1/2] is designed to look like a flower...
    I saw a pic of it and it is so amazing to see this....


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      The Tree of LIFE is Wisdom....

      therefore can we eat of this Fruit called LIFE's tree?

      IS LIFE, good to eat?
      IS LIFE, ediable?

      yes~! eat LIFE, WE BECOME LIFE -THIS is WISDOM's fruit-tree, and shall supply -Life-giving nutrients and sustenance for us so we grow and mature into A LIFE OF WISDOM.
      how good is that?
      1 John 2 v 27
      '' But the anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you,[Thank you Saviour] and ye need not that any man teach you:
      as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him''

      how He taught is DIVINE WISDOM returned to us and our escape route.
      How HE walked in knowing, is now available for our knowing.
      WE NEED TO KNOW, that Our Saviour can bring all things into our life INC. HIS OWN LIFE FORCE. amen.
      Jn.6 v.33
      For the bread of God is He which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world.
      Jhn 1 v 4-9
      I am the Lord, the Light and the life ''wisdom is the tree of Life''.
      perhaps i can write this sentence.

      ''I am The Saviour, the Revelator, who will reveal to you, The Wisdom of Life, so you can Share your life with ME.''

      BY eating from the tree of Life, we gain divine Life....the same Life Messiah has, and gives to His friends.
      He gives us His freedom from death, so we may gain His eternal life IN us.

      Now!~~~that is so simple to understand!!! that is because Wisdom is doing the teaching thru the Anointing.

      It is other men's opinions taken in [woe] then believed, that have ruined the real LIFE'S WITNESSING POWER of the Goodnews.
      AGAIN, wisdom has been denied in all but the few, who DO find this ellusive ETERNAL LIFE and then begin to LIVE LIFE...REAL LIFE that Life in the Spirit is real life for us.

      Wisdom teaches all about
      Titus 3:5-our regeneration, and renewing.
      ''Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost''
      ''re'' = to turn back too
      ''re'' NEWED GENERATION.
      A new generation of PEOPLE WHO are filled with divine WISDOM.


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        The Tree of LIFE is is NOT out there but within.

        the tree of life grows up within.
        It is not outside from ourselves....
        but TO describe wisdom it is the female element of the divine that has been ''stolen'' away from each of us for a purpose, i.e.- to be lowered into vanity, not willingly....therefore vanity had a purpose and wisdom is to be returned to us and then used to escape from our vanity situation.
        Jesus, THE Man, knew this and achieved He developed a different mind set than all other men. He became a quickened Spirit.

        this mysterious tree is our mind....wisdom comes into our mind and flows out from our minds.... if we don't have His wisdom, carnal./.human insanity flows in and out, as seen in everyday living.

        We are told few times even by Our Saviour ''we are gods'' [Ps 82 v 6-7] but die as mere men.
        Note Jesus would never have died as a mere man IF He did not given up His life in the 1st place.
        He would have continued to live for this famous tree was growing and living IN Him.
        He is THE LIFE.
        SO THE wisdom TREE AND THE divine LIFE GO TOGETHER
        THE LIFE AND THE TREE... joined in a marriage.
        the ideal is
        the man, matured in Spirit, and wisdom be together.

        This is our ''come up higher''
        This is our ''full statue of Christ'' accomplished.
        to succeed we have to understand how to PUT ON this new way of thinking... thinking wisdom first and then act rather than dwell in carnal thinking of death.

        i have to repeat .......................
        as we cease from our carnal mentality, our inner man is made whole and in turn, the other man perishes why? cuz now our outer man is the image of Christ, remembering Christ is the anointed Spirit.. so... we see math 17 v 2 in our own lives as we become TRANSFIGURED AND TRANSFORMED...into the same class of being.
        To be married to THE GROOM, one has to be THE SAME CLASS OF BEING.
        OTHERWISE this marriage shall never work.

        ''And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them, and be their God.

        that is man, fully restored and finally free, filled with the Spirit of there are 12 blessings that come from having this tree called Wisdom.
        1] it gets rid of carnal reasoning....cuts thru insanity
        2] does not allow a person to be discouraged.
        3] gives knowledge to know how to receive our inheritance.
        4] enables man to make a profit.
        5] it is a defence against evil
        6] gives life
        7] is better than strength.
        8] it proves all things
        9] gives joy and boldness
        10] delivers in war
        11] better than weapons of war
        12] used to direct our paths.

        true wisdom.
        true wisdom is accompanied by meekness and gentleness
        it is saying true females in reality are soft and gentle..... yet strong~~~~ cuz meekness is never weakness.

        how we think affect the energy in our body.
        how we think can make us or break us, so to speak.
        Satan has taught us [thru vanity] to think in the worst scenario mostly in our everyday life... YET... in Christ we do find His joy is our strength.
        Wisdom USED TO BE... the Principle thing - Prov 4 v.7

        we have to GET IT... get it back... that divine female side of Elohim, was stolen away and another female rapist [a whore] put in Wisdom's place.

        a whore female who sold herself to a different form of thinking... to gain power in a disruptive way.

        this substitute... if we think on it has to be a ''female'' OR that counterfeit, using its own form OF thinking and bypassing the TRUE FORM of female Elohim thinking.....

        a whore or an uspurper of babylon [confusion], came along and disrupted with its own thinking programme .... and we have all been birthed into a disrupted and disfunctional thinking programme for a purpose but not willingly.

        imagine that!~!~!

        that is why WE HAVE TO GET OUR REAL MIND save us from carnality... to save us from whore thinking patterns... to outsmart all vanity AND WIN THE PRIZE, and, WE CAN DO IT... only in Mesisah. amen


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          wisdom - to outsmart the enemy

          Our Saviour always outsmarted His foes.
          11 times it is recorded in the NT, ''the religious they'' tried to kill Him.
          The whore of babylon was unable too....till it was time for the purpose of His manifestion.

          the church is likened to a ''she''

          she can be a virgin
          she can be a whore.

          she can be a wife
          she can sell herself for profit.

          a prostitute sells herself for gain.
          a virgin remains pure.

          if the serpent is female she is the whore church,[ all things confused] filled with rebellion and as i was thinking this over, i remembered SHE would not do as her husband asked, so he got rid of her and found the virgin Esther.

          see Esther 1 v 11.
          this no 11 in bible numerics - disorder.
          therefore THIS Vashi is a wife of DISORDER.

          THE KING, had a wife of disorder.
          The KING, had a wife of disorder.

          she was in disorder by disobedience to her husband.
          disobedience and disorder go hand in hand.

          Eve [our soul] was not in disorder AT THE BEGINNING....but.... was raped by a trick a deception that led into disobedience and disorder.
          thinking out aloud....only.
          If the serpent is a tool
          If the serpent is female

          conclusion - a female tool??????????????????????
          IS being used, to divide the whores from the virgins?

          If our soul is continually being tricked and is because WISDOM, the true wife is not present.

          that is why there is continual dysfunctional disorder.= wisdom has left the building.

          the idea that the serpent is male seems a traditional belief.
          the serpent - the male tool in the hand of God.

          but, to reconsider the serpent as female is strange to say the least.
          Revelation 20:2
          And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound '''him''' a thousand years,
          the dragon
          that old serpent
          the devil
          and satan
          4 a progression, of changing form...beginning with the dragon, merging into the serpent, growing into the devil and fully manifesting as satan??????????????????
          the babe to the adult....growing up by being fed the food by the slavery of mankind.

          so a male serpent or a female serpent????? does it matter?
          i am trying to understand this question ! perhaps it is a paradox.
          as there is no male nor female in spirits????
          ummmm----the mother of harlots.

          the serpent used ''her'' brand of wisdom to defraud mankind of their earthly kingdom of heavenly manifestation.

          so now we have to consider why?
          what happened to virgin wisdom and her withdrawal from earth.

          MESSIAH RETURNED WE CAN GAIN....the knowledge of the divine amen, thru HIM.

          So, Messiah has to have a church full of Wisdom... meaning the male and the female side of Elohim functioning correctly.


          then we see
          "be ye therefore wise as serpents "
          Matt 10:16
          in bible numerics no 10 - is to be responsible for the Word of God
          in bible numerics no 16 - is love
          lovingly responsible for the Word of God.
          serpents never unduly expose themselves to be attacked.
          serpents are wise with cunning and trickery
          'to be wise as a serpent' must mean, dont expose yourself unduly to be attacked.
          that is using wisdom.
          The only power that Satan has is what God allows Him to have....Satan is the adversary of God.
          that is interesting....only....but we still need virgin wisdom to sort us out.

          let us consider this Please.... and using Wisdom.

          1] Our ideal is to have a wonderfull family, filled with good things.
          OUR FATHER, desires his family to be wonderfull and full of blessings

          2]We want our children to be righteous and obedience.
          Our Father wants His children to be righteous and obedient


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            phony attitiudes and closed minds.

            when we ask for Wisdom, these phony attitudes attached to closed minds begin to vanish.
            Vanity keeps us locked into the system of ''the phony''.

            Vanity keeps us locked in with the 'closed minded group'.
            Our Saviour never was a phony nor did He ever have a closed mind, but WAXED STRONG IN THE SPIRIT.

            Wisdom teaches us how TO WAX STRONG IN THE SPIRIT - TO GAIN the power of His might.
            ''OH~~~~~~ to be wise , to be wise, to be wise''

            to be wise enough to take our medicine CALLED LIFE, to heal us from our sickness called death.


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              the book of life?

              is mentioned 8 times.....
              was Messiah THE book of life?
              well His life is The Book, demonstrating all everyone= HIS LIFE.
              NOW -
              He said, I am the life (Jn 14:6).
              we have to understand He used Wisdom to LIVE this LIFE that is His history.
              He spoke out this Wisdom and we are ''to hear it''.... then obey when we do these things we receive everlasting life.

              Consider this.
              We are to hear - here on earth
              We are to obey -here on earth.
              therefore we receive everlasting life here on earth.
              everlasting life is given cuz we are obedient to His wisdom and become well pleasing just as He was well pleasing to His father too.


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                getting the gist of Wisdom.

                the Holy Spirit will take His Pupil thru their paces, unveiling the in's and out's of Wisdom...the Tree of Life.
                so a person [the living stone] can grow from immaturity into immortality.
                here and now....
                remembering immortal means death is never found there.
                explain Plz.

                LIFE IS LIKE A CIRCLE
                1] a Spiritual Being lowered down into vanity for a purpose
                2] having a human experience/ receiving their personal salvation, escaping vanity.
                3] BY overcoming all things IN Christ
                what is next?
                4] To move into the Order of Melchedezic called the order of Endless life.
                5] to be the first fruits
                what for?
                6] to rule and reign in the Royal House of kings and priests....the creation of a new Kingdom for a new creature.

                the object is to GET THE REAL EXPERIENCES HERE...
                THRU an seemingly endless walk of tests and sufferings -
                cuz it is the path that leads to FULL ON OBEDIENCES.....
                and why is this?
                cuz, we get a whole big gut full of evil wrong choices and so we repent and turn back to our original Father and His Belief and Concepts.

                this turns us away from the weight of vanity.
                so to cont,
                We have to realise that our 'human life' is only a tempory tent, that disolves with immortality is put on.
                Mark twain said once....
                ''No one, has any respect for a naked man''.
                neither does OUR TRUE FATHER.

                WE ARE TO LEARN, [here and now,] how to be dressed in our wedding garment, which is the robe of eternal life. After all THE Groom is IN His wedding shall His bride as she makes herself ready.

                as His bride makes herself ready,
                where is This Groom who is desiring her and is totally inlove ....where is HE?
                Is he somewhere else eyeballing the other dames AND THOSE LOOSE WHORES....[ALAS, like human men].. or IS HE HER CONSTANT UNSEEN ESCORT?

                Our object is to finish the race, by growing up into His own eternal life....
                now that IS THE FRUIT FROM THE TREE OF LIFE.


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                  Wisdom is the begetting OF REAL LIFE...

                  that has been veiled and unseen by the shoud of vanity.
                  This 'death shoud' like a cloak has to be removed and the MANTLE OF LIFE put on.

                  we have to become ''spiritual Olympicans. - the winners of THE RACE...
                  to race against time and come thru that divine rent in the veil into NOW.

                  HOW we run is proof of who we become?


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                    The getting of this Wisdom, takes away carnal thinking

                    and allows the person to personally experience the ingathering of their whole being into the ONENESS of our Father. see John 17.v 11.
                    This is walking in His Presence and allowing His Wisdom [first hand] to dominate over our lives.....rather than our old man continuing to make bad choices for us.
                    We have to realise we cannot ever be ''our own man'' why?
                    [like wow~!~! i am a person in my own right.
                    I am me and i am free.]
                    we are like a CONTROLLED EXPERIEMENT...AND not our own but a child of a being bigger than us.

                    1] we are controlled by satan and his will
                    2] we are UNDER THE FULL LORDSHIP of our Messiah...

                    there does comes a time when we are balanced enough to be free in His self sustaining life. That is the real Goodnews He brought from The Father.

                    here is the place i wish to post on.

                    SELF SUSTAINING life = meaning = is well able to walk in the PROVIDED Lifepower, that our Messiah walked IN + won on the cross for us all who believe.... called walking in His RESURRECTION power of life...AND advancing into His uprighteousness today IF we hear His voice.

                    for this experience we need lots of 1st hand Holy Spirit revelation, backed up with conformations.. amen.... that ''THIS IS THE PATH SO WALK YE IN IT'' [kinda stuff.]

                    To get to this place we shall find our rest and our confidence and hope coming to pass within us.

                    THE REST OF PEACE - is walking with Our Saviour and our daily joy, not cuz of self denial and self debasments so much, but as IN RELATIONSHIP... A love relationship that is as it will seem Our Messiah is all 'HANDS ON' for His desired one.
                    see Song of Songs 2 v 14.
                    ''o My Dove, thou art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let Me see thy counterance, let Me hear thy voice, for sweet is thy voice and thy counterance is comely''.

                    the cleft of the rock relates to - Exod.33 v. 22
                    [the promise of light/revelation]
                    Roms.6 v 5.
                    see this Please.............................................
                    the likeness of death = into the likeness of LIFE...= that is the ROCK of Revelation He builds His church upon...[ see Math. 16 v 17-18]
                    so that is why these gates of hell/grave don't prevail.

                    How good is that = Godly wisdom to grow out from into maturity.
                    here is the wisdom to understand HOW TO ABIDE INSIDE THE VEIL.

                    The main object of our lives is to LIVE AND ABIDE IN HIS OWN LIFE, here and now, outside of time and space and walk with Him in His presence where time has ceased to be... eternity ''IS'' ever NOW~!~!~!~!~
                    ETERNITY SIMPLY '''IS'''''
                    The wisdom to understand our position with Christ
                    meaning now
                    we are delivered from death or His life out from our death.- this is the Holy Spirit at work IN us.
                    Roms 7 v 6... see a change occurred,
                    that change occurred for a divine purpose
                    to be as I AM


                    to grow into divine maturity, so that Father can TRUST us to carry out HIS BUSINESS in His Perfections.


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                      the expression ------It was a GRAVE decission

                      ''it was a GRAVE decission.''
                      some common expressions tell the TRUTH, yet, we dont see it.

                      ''it was a grave decission'' is one,


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                        getting the gist of Wisdom....TO BE ''THE FEW'' who find eternal life

                        few find eternal life.....
                        now that is scarey so what do the rest find?????
                        i have asked this question before.

                        Today while we are alive and well and having a life filled with mostly nice things around us all...death is there...lurking....
                        death is
                        no more listening to politicians
                        no more TV,
                        no more hairdo's and hair cuts,
                        no more walking the dog and swimming,
                        no more movies and eating chocolates,
                        no more kisses and loving,
                        no more car trips to the tip and
                        no more jet planes to watch....
                        no more...etc etc etc.
                        just no more stuff we are used too... and we thought at the time

                        '' its ok i am in the few'?

                        but how would we know exactly?

                        what separates the few from the many?

                        now to me, these few are few and far between and the many will say everything is OK. The many are liars.

                        we are a thinking person, and value our lives over and above our decission on what new movie we shall see next... we think on these things in a dire manner and then SEEK THE TRUTH....for the TRUTH does not find us unless we seek it out and it is this TRUTH,that sets us free.

                        FREE FROM WHAT...
                        the only answer is

                        the laws of sin and death... thats what....

                        now consider are u free?
                        am I free and if not why not?
                        we are told this over and over .... TO BE FREE.
                        now prove to yourself ye be free from sin and from death...
                        now its all manner of death, not picky and choosy deaths...ok?


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                          let us Be wise, and learn from THE BEES.

                          the Lords TRUE BODY Ministry!

                          Each saint has a holy-gift that will edify the whole!
                          Just as bees go from flower to flower to collect THE HONEY for the good of the hive, so too does the saints join into beautifull one accord fellowship to collect '' the HONEY'' to give out, to teach and to edify beautifully the people of the Lord. amen!
                          The Lord is making His BODY and this BODY has to learn how to minister out to each other correctly and in divine union and wisdom.

                          Help us here Father Almighty Abba to the Glory of Jesus Christ and His name be uplifted and honoured always by HIS BODY MINISTRY amen


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                            let us attain HIS WISDOM

                            In the realm of real Life, there is a GOVERNMENT, and in this divine Government is AN ARMY,
                            A DIVINE ARMY that is... the S.A.S. of real life...not of this shadowland.

                            ''who dares wins'' is the people here in this place....
                            that great motto of a sword with 2 wings.... 2 wings~!~!
                            [amazing co-incidence]

                            Our shadowland is like copy of the REAL... but made into vanity/vapour.
                            We are to ENTER INTO THE REAL... by leaving our shadowland behind.

                            so here is some wisdom~!
                            our old man is always WARRING against our REAL MAN, the Spirit.
                            IF we can get this locked into our understanding, it makes it so easy to divorce our old man and throw him out?

                            Whatsoever ye think that is not from the REAL FATHER...divorce it immediately.
                            DONT allow this old adam style of thinking to stop us growing INTO real LIFE.

                            look at that Monster within and say NO MORE.... no matter what....say NO till the wretched THING leaves..resist and it will go AS THE WILL OF OUR REAL FATHER TAKES HOLD....this is vital to do this as this is what yeshua did to ovecome for us,, that is why we are to say NO, then allow THE OVERCOMER to take control of us and our problem.

                            this is hard ofcourse as we are used to ''doing it MY way''...therefore this battle rages between our ears..... but.... after a time when we get more practiced SUDDENLY PERFECT PEACE COMES... and we step outside ourselves as HE APPEARS IN US and the monster lightening.

                            THIS IS ONLY A SKIRMISH....the real battle comes more towards the end of our maturing.....
                            see Abraham,
                            See Yeshua,
                            See Daniel
                            See Joseph...etc
                            SO ALL OUR SKIRMISHES PREPARE US for our GOLIATHS... remembering David would not wear Saul's armour, but took the LORD'S ARMOUR of 5 smooth stones and chopped off the head of this enemy who had bailed up 40,000 great war horses of men.....ummmmm.
                            ''WHO DARES WINS''.

                            LET US LEARN, as we will won't be tempted more that we can bear

                            what u have just read i too have to practice.
                            this is how the whole process can be summed up.
                            As we submit we lose our soul and gain, but when we hold onto our soul we lose.


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                              2 deaths

                              there is more than one death.

                              There are actually TWO Deaths revealed in the Word,

                              1] the First Death was our 'Death IN Sin' in Adam,


                              2] the second death is our 'Death TO Sin' in Christ.
                              the wages of sin is death.
                              to die a physical death it is the wages of sin being paid out.... is this so?
                              the alternative is

                              death to sin In Christ
                              ''christ'' is the title for the power of the anointing.

                              in the power of the anointing we can DIE TO SIN.
                              if we die to sin... we cannot recieve sins wages can we?
                              cuz DEATH HAS BEEN SWALLOWED UP into His Life.
                              so then
                              we are to find His Life... to escape.... our death.
                              His life is described in John 11 v 25-27.

                              our responsibility is TO BELIEVE....
                              now devils belief too..................
                              therefore we have to understand ''BELIEVE'' Him.

                              v 26 ''BELIEVETH THOU THIS''...............

                              Outline of Biblical Usage
                              1) to think to be true, to be persuaded of, to credit, place confidence in

                              a) of the thing believed

                              1) to credit, have confidence

                              b) in a moral or religious reference

                              1) used in the NT of the conviction and trust to which a man is impelled by a certain inner and higher prerogative and law of soul

                              2) to trust in Jesus or God as able to aid either in obtaining or in doing something: saving faith

                              3) mere acknowledgment of some fact or event: intellectual faith

                              2) to entrust a thing to one, i.e. his fidelity

                              a) to be intrusted with a thing