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    God first

    *.* Was, *.* Is, and *.* Will Be

    wrote 04-04-05-2007

    Here I year2027 sat at my computer looking up into open spaces for the very words to write this very day. But first let me say out of my heart that I believe God loves us all as does his beloved son Jesus the Christ.

    Lets begin with what or who was God as I see it within my heart. God was the first Self Begotten being the only being without father or mother that was alive, that is alive, and that will all ways be alive.

    God has not changed over time nor will he changed ever, God is the same yesterday, tomorrow, and forever. God is all knowing because God was the first knowledge, God is the only true knowledge, and will all ways be the only true knowledge.

    God is seen by his creations, God was not seen by any one until he showed his works, and God will be seen as he is face to face. While no man has fleshly seen God all men have seen the works of God even it they do not believe it.

    To me God is like a good parent to a loving child, like the child stands behind the parent for safely I stand behind God for safely and love. Like the good parent comforts the child God comforts all that reach out to him.

    Some may not see God has I do, but all I can do is share my heart on how I see God because God gave all men free will to open their eyes to God or close their heart never seeing the glory I see in my heart.

    Its up to each men to walk as they see best but the question is the same “Did God really say with love or the endless remarks.” So that I say the best way I can who God was, who God is, and what God will become.

    Now lets talk about the son of God Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ the coming savior, Jesus Christ was the living Savior, and Jesus Christ was the second Self Begotten the one who changed to be like God because what he gave.

    Jesus Christ was made a seed in Mary which he grew with growth life only until birth, then Jesus Christ was in flesh form after he took his first breath the day he was born, and this flesh body was the shell were his spiritual body grew until its birth.

    Jesus Christ and Adam were triple men or triple power which is a man that grows in three ways the first way a man can grow is growth life which is like a plant this kind begins in the womb, the second way a man can grow is breath life or soul life and this kind begins at the fleshly birth, and the third kind is the image of God life kind or spirit life kind which grows in the heart of the flesh the flesh being its egg that it breaks out at the last trump.

    Jesus Christ was a baby, boy, and a man of flesh with the seed of God image growing within him which this image broke out of him at his fleshly death changing him from a flesh kind with the seed of God to a kind like the most high God.

    Today Jesus Christ is on the right hand of God and because God is everywhere than Jesus Christ is everywhere that is a blessing while all evil is held back by God’s left hand.

    Jesus Christ is in the hearts of all of us that welcome him with open arms its Christ in us as a seed of Christ the hope of glory, the glory being for us to join him being born into his kind by our believing becoming a sure thing which is faith.

    In the beginning God plan as he begin taking action to creative the heaven and the earth and when it was finish it was done by faith that God had. When Jesus Christ was born fleshly he believe he could all ways do God’s will so when he die all ways doing God’s will that was faith so by faith Jesus Christ all ways did God’s will.

    The believing is the action we do to receive something faith in God comes by hearing the words that were spoke by God but these words are not by faith until we trust them to be the words of God talking to us one on one.

    Written words of God are words God spoke to another not to us personally but by reading these words we begin believing God speaks to his children but until they hear God speak back by answer prayer they do not have faith that he will and this answer prayer can come in many ways.

    Faith is not the believing action but the pasted tensed of the believing action the completed thing that was reached for. The man building a house takes action to build the house but until the house is done his action is not completed but when done he has his house which by faith.

    By believing Abel build more excellent sacrifice than Cain unto God and once it was done it was by faith. Enoch by believing to pleased God was rewarded by God by being translated that he should not see death because of his believing to pleased God had pleased God making it faith .

    Faith is the finish work of believing, when I read God’s words of old and I read I can talk to God I first build within myself the knowledge of what can be done but the second I take that truth and say “Hi” to God that inner believing of what I read has become faith a sure thing.

    But back to Jesus Christ that which Jesus Christ and God are now will never changed. Once Jesus Christ changed to be like God was the end of him changing and the beginning of everything around him changing to be like him and his father God.

    It was by believing that God made the promise of his coming son and when his son came it was by the faith of God and it was by believing that Jesus Christ made the promise he would come back and it will be by faith of Jesus Christ when he does.

    Its by believing in Jesus Christ that he comes into our lives as a seed of greater life and the second this seed is planet it is my our faith the knowledge we received of God and Christ has become a truth in our hearts making it faith.

    This believing that began faith makes us self begotten joining us into the spiritual beings sating on the right side of Christ who is on God’s right hand but the place were we sat depends on our walk whether we are ten seats back or more seats back.

    What we are now is flesh and bone with the seed of Christ planted within our hearts if that believing has turn to a sure thing which is faith but if not we are just believing. What we will become depends on what we been talking believing action for.

    I hope you all are talking believing action in Christ to build faith that will plant a seed of spirit within your hearts that becomes faith then you will become a spiritual being after fleshly life is over.

    So we are can be join heirs together and one day we can walk together as spiritual being walk without fear of death.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.