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  • Why I post when I been called *.* wrote for another board

    God first

    Why I post when I been called every name in the book - wrote for another board but wanted to share

    wrote 03-29-2007

    Here I sat at my computer has I write unto you the person who may read my words. Now let me begin with God loves us all my dear friends.

    Some may ask why God first on this note and all others because God is the focus of my life. It does not matter whether my subject is cars, theory, love, or whatever, you will find God within my words.

    Now My words are not to tell you how to live but to share with you my heart at any given time. Today I might talk about the names I been called and why I try not to to get mad about it and the next day I might talk about what a joy it is to write what on my heart.

    I write because I hear things in my heart and I love to share my heart with the people who want to hear. Do all people want to hear what I might write? No! But I do not want to hear what some write about.

    Why I do not get mad is because if they are attacking me they are leaving some other person alone. Its better to yell at me than a family member that the pain could push two apart.

    For I believe everybody needs to say things to get them out of their system. When I was first cast out of the Way Ministry like a old shoe I talked about the Way Ministry like I hated the Way Ministry.

    But after time I have learn that I do not hate them but I dislike their worship of money as if its their God but I soon learn that their not the only group with the shortcoming.

    I had some boards talk about public stoning me but I told to come here and gave them my address but I told them I had lead stones to throw back but I guess they did not understand what lead stones are.

    Sure it has hurt my heart from time to time when some play their foolish games but by not letting that stop me I was able to learn more about how God loves us.

    I enjoy reading a good tread some one wrote and I read one today with a question like " What is the danger and being a non Christian?" which is a good question.

    I said the answer is "none" but the danger comes when the heart is not to live love but is to live hate because I believe God looks at the heart not the Label.

    Today it seems to be more about Labels in many groups than about love or what the group is about. Like in some churches when they say if your not part of this church whatever name they call themself you are going to hell their words not mine.

    Have some churches forget the words of Jesus Christ He that is not against me is with me and that we are to live love my even loving the ones who hate us.

    Then there people that work at one place like fire station for example that dislike all fire person’s of others stations but have they forgot their common goal to put out fires. I want to note I am just using Fire Station and Fire Persons for examples only.

    Why did I write this because I have join a new board who say they are about written things. I wrote this to share on their board so some will get to know my heart and become my friends and others do as they see best.

    I am not going to have any long nights because some people needs to call me names but what I am going to do is love them and not worry about it.

    Because it does not matter what some say but it matters that I do that which is in my heart to do. I may talk about dreams, I may talk about my dream car, and I may talk about things under the sun and things above the sun or things not even in this heaven and earth.

    I guess the main reason I post is because I like to share my heart with others. But why do you post and why do you reply?

    I will end here because I like other people have run out of words to write for now. Thank you, with love and a holy spiritual kiss blowing your way Roy.