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please~~~ let me tell you a secret....

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  • please~~~ let me tell you a secret....

    to be


    will make us........................................... ABLE to AGREE with ANYTHING HE TELLS US.

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    His Disciples said to the Messiah ''increase our faith''...
    to increase means - to add to.... so they asked ''Plz add to our faith''


    the secret is....................................... faith is not by degrees.
    messiah tells us that even the smallest grain shall produce a miracle.

    so..... To have Faith, is like being pregnant.
    the begining,
    the middle,
    the end.

    Hearing by faith - our patience that perfects - obtaining our miracle.

    FAITH IS A POWER.------------------------ the ''power'' to remove vanity that surrounds our situation.

    We have to remember that vanity is also a POWER, but a lesser one when compared to FAITH.
    we live in vanity, but BY FAITH vanity can be removed from us, as it was for Messiah.

    when we live under the rulership of vanity and see this power ACTIVELY AT WORK around us SO faith is very difficult to have...but...Messiah had can we....
    to have His faith can be our prayer and when we have received our answer, we know HIS FAITH ABIDES IN US.
    AS LONG as we allow HIM to work thru us and not hinder Him FAITH COMES AND PRODUCES OUR NEEDS PERFECTLY.

    FAITH IS... a progress.

    ''Here He comes....[ as we abide and walk IN Him]
    At the trumpet call [ hearing by faith]
    Shining like the sun [ we allow HIM to actively free us from our situations by His removal of our vanity]
    In the year of Jubilee [ walking into our freedom]
    Our salvation comes'' [ free at last]

    how i love it....being fixed on HIM.


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      'the Righteous''

      THE RIGHTEOUS = the right standing with the Lord.
      the secret is.
      The Righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. (Proverbs 10:30)
      proverbs = the advice of the power of WISDOM.
      listen to what she tells us.
      ''The Righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.'' (Proverbs 10:30)
      bible numerics no 10 - the fullness and responsibility of the Word of God.
      bible numerics no 30 - spiritual maturity.

      i can write this sentence.

      ''the saint who is spiritually mature and responsible for the Word of God, is called ''the righteous'' and this person shall never be REMOVED from this world''

      again we witness this verse.
      Prov 2 v .21-22.
      "For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it.
      v.22 But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it."
      the perfect.....

      ''the race of the unwavering perfect man''
      i saw that sentence about 2 days ago, in the Apoc. of John where Messiah was telling John [the beloved disciple] things He never told the others.... this sentence was one thing that caught my attention.

      the secret of our perfection [ i.e. errectness, uprightness, right-standing] is to break free from all vanity surrounding us.

      as Example.
      Daniel in the Lion's den - broke free from that vanity situation
      His friends, in the firey Furnace in Dan 3 - broke free from their vanity situation.

      IN BREAKING FREE... they became ''THE PERFECT'' = spiritually mature.

      The voice of the Saviour will call us into His perfect perfection...HE BRINGS TO US into HIS WISDOM so we understand....''how to remain'' that the gates of hell shall not prevail.

      to glimpse the ''life realm'' and then turn back to see the vanity realm is a miracle.
      Messiah teaches us what vanity is,
      why it is there in place
      and how to overcome it...
      so we understand now how to rent the veil of the lie of vanity all around us.
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        the manna from Heaven John 6 v 47-51

        I AM, the BREAD of Life
        that man may eat thereof and not die~!~!~!

        the BREAD of everlasting life
        the BREAD of incorruptable life.
        the LIVING BREAD.

        THE SECRET is
        IF i eat this bread .... i shall not die
        it contains everlasting life
        it contains incorruptable life
        it is a living bread.

        Daily I eat HIS BREAD... i do not ever eat yesterdays bread for it contains worms.... i no longer need yesterday bread....TODAY i am satisfied. with my living meal.

        what did i learn today?

        well i learnt a wonderfull thing today,

        i learnt that the rent veil is a small opening [ that is why it is called a ''rent''] that will allow a saint to pass thru head first, into the divine realm where vanity does not exist.
        SO while a saint has their head in that rent looking into the wonderous divine~~~ their hind parts are back in vanity...
        vanity becomes obsolete to them....cuz one does not think with their hind parts.

        THRU THE RENT....
        RINGING IN THEIR EARS...and because this sound of life is so drawing like a magnet, a saint forgets the hind parts of their life and eats from the holy table of divine bread......
        Once seeing thru the rent, namely, seeing the Promises and the ''sitting in heavenly places now exposed'' a saint becomes dead to the former earthy things.

        They are so stuck in this rent, and eating the manna of life daily, they now have the holy understanding how death is overcome..even their physical death... and they learn how to eat LIFE CORRECTLY... and how to JUDGE IN WISDOM.

        ''SHINING LIKE THE SUN''.... IS THE REVELATION ON HOW TO daily EAT this bread of life and live.
        His FULLNESS, appears to us, as we desire to be like HIM.
        We hear His music, = His cord of Living sound,
        We hear HIM speak TODAYS news to us...
        as we pass that point of no return.....

        who are these saints?
        the people of John 17 v.22
        the glory people....eating the glory be glorious IN Him. amen.


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          the secret of love.

          Love is a power.
          and the secret of Love is the key to understand how to overcome our deaths.

          We have to LOVE Messiah MORE THAN we love ourselves.
          This LOVE, makes us a living sacrifice.
          We give up our life so another may liVe thru it.
          we live yet sacrifice our life for Love.

          When we have this LOVE, there is NO selfish-good in us.
          nothing of ourselves remains.

          When nothing remains of us, the vacuum has to be filled with the fullness of Christ.

          that fullness is pure love.
          such love is never known here, for it belongs to the realm of the divine.

          such love then becomes ours....and where this love abides so does full liberty.

          many people shall give up their lives for love. It happens every day.

          as a living sacrifice our life has to be 'burnt away' so our flesh is no more and this is when we obtain '' the redemption of our body'.
          by His Appearing each day to us, thru obedience to His word, our lives are sacrificed for we no longer DO our will BUT His.

          it is only in His will~~~I AM FREE AS HE IS FREE.
          I AM FREE IN HIS WILL.....

          our lives need to be FILLED with true love again....

          real love that exists in the real world says this

          not what u can do for me.... but what I can do for you''


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            the secret of pagans....
            we all tend to think pagans worship idols and live in jungles....but....that is not true for pagans are all around us.
            we work with them.
            they can be our relatives.
            they lead countries.
            they run churches.
            we can be married to one.

            pagan - strange and uncivilised,
            a worshipper of latin it means = "country dweller" or '' a rural hick''.
            a pagan finds divinity in many things.
            what are idols?
            Blind or excessive devotion to something that cannot bring forth real life

            idols rule over us and make us their slave.

            fear is an idol
            lust is an idol
            money is an idol
            worry is an idol
            people are idols.
            wrong motives are idols.
            idols are bad things we can even take for a good.
            to be free from paganism and idol worship, Abba asks "Do you want to inquire of Me and receive a true word?'' ...

            a true word...stops idol worshipping and paganism.

            LIFE....IS A TRUE WORD.
            BELIEVE ....IS A TRUE WORD


            IT IS WRITTEN in 1 john 5 v.11-12

            that God has given us eternal life, and this life is IN His Son.
            He that hath the Son HATH LIFE.....He who does not have the Son does not have life.

            what is eternal life?
            the same type of power life Messiah walks in.
            the same style of life He offered to all men who shall believe HIM,

            when we understand HIS LIFE, WE are no longer pagan nor an idol worshipper as HIS LIFE, SWALLOWS UP our death.


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              the secret of ''seeking'' ~is to be like a detective

              to notice clues that lead to conclusions.
              to seek for clues, that open up 'the case' and to find the truth or the error others believe in.

              Let us re-consider pagans again who are all around us.... like IN the Matrix.... they are contented in their paganism and are inlove with their error....

              The case of the Pope.... the clue of his identity.
              The pope is a pagan, must people know this his church is pagan, their pew sitters are pagan and they practice pagan rites...under the quise of ''christian''.
              When the pope speaks the media en masse reports this from a ''christian perspective.''....
              however there staring at anyone who is a seeker of truth, is the pope's standard.
              as this pagan priest walks to his window to wave to his adoring masses....above this window of hisappartment is the 8 pointed star of
              Ishtar in the decorative work above the windows.
              The pagan priest with his god.

              we can find many other such signs from all man made creeds... if we are willing to seek...the gold mine of Truth.


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                Holy Spirit!

                Hi Lucy et all,

                Recently, I informed my daughter that I believed in a form of reincarnation. This belief is way out there, but it is the result of looking at the fulfillment of Scriptures seeking answers for the purpose of LIFE NOW!

                Physical death is the result of sin. All of us, unless we are given the gift of LIFE NOW, will die a physical death as a direct result or payment for our sin. Death (the separation of our spirit from our physical bodies) is our wage or paycheck for the sins that we have committed in our physical lives.

                Some of us, having been given the gift of LIFE NOW, will yet die a physical death through martyrdom through no fault of our own. We like Messiah are blessed to die because of the sin of others. People in the Matrix do not like to be told that their faith is worthless. They hate the messenger.

                Some of us, having been given the gift of LIFE NOW, some of us will continue to live and not die. Why?

                Those who have been given the gift of LIFE NOW must continually overcome all things not only for our own sake but also for the sake of others. They live not just for themselves, but they live for others. They learn to present their bodies as a living sacrifice. Why?

                All spirit belongs to Messiah.

                At the creation of Adam and Eve, ELOHIM emptied or potentially divided all their spirit in and amongst all the offspring of Adam and Eve. At death, this spirit returns to the ELOHIM. What does ELOHIM do with this returned spirit?

                I am not sure what happened to this spirit before the work of Messiah, but Messiah gathered all this spirit in HIS Death, Burial, and Resurrection. Now Messiah has the authority to redistribute this spirit to whomever HE desires.

                Those who receive this gift of additional spirit (the spirit gives life; more spirit means more life: Hence LIFE NOW for the ELECT!) share their own spirit with this additional spirit. They share their successes as well as their failures. They become one with the additional spirit.

                This additional spirit comes from those who have already died a physical death. Initially, this additional spirit comes from departed Saints. However, as we progress in overcoming, I have grown to believe that this extra spirit comes from those who failed to overcome in their lifetimes. In this manner, we all share in one spirit. We all share in overcoming! Why? So that all spirit may be saved!

                So that all spirit may be cleansed from uncleanness. When this cleansing is complete, the Resurrection is automatic. The Resurrection of our bodies is an outward manifestation that all spirit has been cleansed. The Resurrection proves that purification from death has been completed.

                Please forgive my inadequate explanation of this wonderful secret.

                Sincerely, Ab
                The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                  Hello Ab

                  i was thinking over your post and as a summary
                  i ''got it''...
                  ''in part''
                  [ i think, so from thousands of miles away rather than face to face conversation, which makes such a difference] i think i understand your line of thought here;
                  I pray so anyways.

                  could this verse describe your revelation....
                  Col 1 v 24.
                  ''who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and to fill-up that which is behind of the afflications of Christ in my flesh for His body's sake which is the church''

                  "All I want is to know Christ and to experience the power of His resurrection; to share in His sufferings and become like Him in his death ..."
                  - Jesus overcame.... by suffering Like Christ = so can we.
                  let us notice
                  that CHOICE OF WORDS by the Holy Spirit .. ''to fill up that which is behind of the afflications of Christ''..... seems to confirm what your'e suggesting?

                  the overcomer ''suffers for others'' who cannot overcome, or are weak at overcoming?
                  suffer not for the cross, oh NO~~~~ but for the sake of His Church.
                  see this
                  "In my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions" (Col. 1:24, rsv).
                  What lacking?
                  Isn’t it finished, the price fully paid, redemption complete?

         is finished.....completely Messiah did His job.... but now... it is our turn,....we have to OVERCOME too..
                  The elect [ no bible numerics] do this ''overcoming suffering'' for the rest of the body.

                  it is to COMPLETE, THE TRUTH AND THE CHURCH.
                  SEE Roms 8 v 18

                  when the overcomer, overcomes = THE SPIRIT WAXES strong for the rest of the body.... so MORE SPIRIT is available to work not only in the original overcomer but for the rest of His church [ i.e. even babes and teenagers in the Spirit ] who are weaker in faith.
                  This elect OVERCOMER IN VICTORY..releases more Spirit that Jesus is now 'in charge of'....called THE DOUBLE PORTION.

                  IS THIS summary what u had in mind Spying?
                  if not
                  Plz try again so we do ''get it''.....cuz nothing u write is inconsquential....cuz i know u have thought and thought this thru and are satisfied it is a secret to be revealed.

                  we each have to ask this personal question of ourself, to Our Saviour....

                  ~~~~~~~DID I LIVE MY LIFE FOR YOU~~~~~~ THE partnership in His suffering comes in HERE =

                  holy holy holy...let our answer be a resounding YES.


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                    stars. =

                    their secrets.

                    The Stars

                    ''And they that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn the many to righteousness''
                    Dan 12 v 3
                    '' and He had the 7 stars IN His Right hand''
                    Rev. 1 v 16
                    The Sand.....
                    quote ''as sand of the sea''
                    ask this question = what is the nature of sand?
                    When sand is put thru the fire, it changes its form and becomes glass....transparent glass, and very usefull.

                    THE FIRE AND ALIVE.
                    Dan 3 v 26 ''....... and they came out from the midst of the fire''

                    my life....
                    the star, the sand, the fire, and alive.

                    ''i am a speck of sand, put thru the fire, and come out transformed, transparent and alive.''

                    when we become ALIVE,
                    and passing thru the fire as sand,
                    to make His transformed Stars...meaning...those who are the wise who shall turn may to righteousness.
                    we can sing

                    ''behold HE COMES
                    RIDING ON THE CLOUDS
                    SHINING LIKE THE SUN
                    AT THE TRUMPET CALL
                    LIFT YOUR VOICE
                    TO THE YEAR OF JUBILEE
                    AND OUT FROM ZION'S HILL,
                    Our salvation comes.''

                    it cannot get any better than this

                    however notice saviours is plural and a small 's'.....
                    yet...saviours teach salvation - meaning - full freedom from the laws of sin and death....
                    which is opposite to the agenda of satan, who possesses ''the church with the broken wing''.

                    Obadiah 21
                    ''And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the Lord's.''
                    notice it says ... and the kingdom shall be the Lord's.
                    ''saviours'' are the wise of His Kingdom, who will lead many to righteousness.

                    here is a painting.... called
                    Behind the veil.

                    to me it was very expressive in describing a vision of how once we pass out from vanity we only have eyes for THE LAMB'S KINGDOM.
                    i hope u enjoy the revelation on how to passover thru the fire and become alive in love, to the author and finisher of your faith amen.

                    i liked this painting [for the USA readers....the foundations of your country.
                    you can zoom in and read the words.]
                    the cup of Dreams.

                    have u got ''a cup of dreams''......dreams that will surpass all forms of vanity?


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                      harmony of the ''''they''' say?????

                      when infact there is disharmony in a few stories...
                      We cannot understand how one book will say one thing, yet another will present other facts that are very different.
                      and we go DUH~~~~~as we find clear discrepancies and infact there are real glaring contradictions.


                      because Father riddles and in parable.

                      we are asked to seek the Truth...
                      seeking is not always straight foreward and seen all at once....
                      seeking goes in and out searching for THE TRUTH.- like a dectective on a case.

                      We are a dectective of TRUTH.

                      Yesterday i was writting how Apostle John left his sandals behind....[according to the Apoc. of John book]...and i remembered i had read about ''taking sandals and not taking sandals'' in the NT.
                      So i went looking for these ''sandal'' verses, and why it was pointed out to us that Apostle John would leave them behind.

                      When Messiah was teaching His Disciples, [John being one of them ofcourse] In Math 10 v 10.- He said ''dont take sandals''.
                      but then in
                      Mk 6 v 8-9 He tells them ''to be shod with sandals''.

                      there is no mistake ...The Holy Spirit does not make mistakes, so
                      our seeking is to discern the difference and the truth it presents.

                      taking sandals
                      leaving sandals.

                      ''sandals'' are symbolic of our walk....
                      our walk out from and then into.

                      i saw a book title [ i dont know the author nor what the book was about i just saw the interesting title] that seems to sum up ''sandals''
                      The book was called
                      Living Between How It Is & How It Ought to Be.''

                      with sandals on - we live 'how it is'
                      with sandals off - we live 'how it ought to be'.

                      salvation is a walk.
                      we begin with sandals on and end with our sandals off.
                      we begin in the realm of ''how it is'' and end in the realm ''of how it ought to be'.


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                        Resowing Brings Profit!

                        Hi Lucy,

                        You have answered very well for me contributing your thoughts concerning the lack in the sufferings of Messiah. I was specifically thinking of how the mysteries and secrets of Messiah have been transferred to us. Messiah has not personally spoken with me; oh, maybe, a single spoken word now and then that is clearly apprehended by my mind, but no extended identifiable conversation. So, how then do you and I and others know any of HIS Secrets and Mysteries?

                        The Secrets and Mysteries inhabit the mind of Messiah, and the mind of Messiah encompasses all human experience through the union of all Spirit in HIS suffering and death and resurrection. This mind of Messiah contains the Spirit of all the Fathers and Mothers, Sons and Daughters. It is our spirit that really knows and is aware of what we are, and, at death, our spirit carries what we are back to Messiah (ELOHIM). It is like a DVD of everything that we have said and experienced and done.

                        I am able to understand many of the things of Paul (Paul is completely misunderstood and misused by Christianity) because a speck of Paul's spirit has again graciously been sown in my flesh to unite with my spirit. This additional spirit sown in my flesh is a gift. Paul knew that this resowing of his spirit would occur, and it is the reason why he stated that there is gain or profit in death. What did Paul gain? Paul gained access to my spirit, and in that union of spirit there is opportunity for a branch to sprout and grow from my ground which is my body of flesh. This branch is different from Paul's branch, but, we who have the spirit of Messiah, we all have the same root and tree.

                        If the slaughter and roasting with fire of the Passover Lamb was sufficient with no lack whatsoever, why then does the Law require that the remainder of the Passover be burned with fire?:
                        Exodus 12:10
                        10 And ye shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire.
                        The Apostles understood that nothing must remain (Take, eat; this is my body.); yet, we know and believe that there is a remainder. This remainder has not been twiddling their thumbs. They have been filling up what is lacking in the sufferings of Messiah, and so must we!

                        Does John remain?

                        Sincerely, Ab
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          Burning With Fire!

                          Hi Lucy,

                          There are only 3 people in the world that I presently know with whom I would assemble and wash feet and eat unleavened bread and drink wine on the night that Yahushua was betrayed. You are one of them, Lucy! The members of this Assembly are all Livers of LIFE NOW!

                          Recently, Hyssop and I had a discussion about this exclusiveness. He is concerned about the damage that is being done to the Faith should we be wrong. Hyssop is convinced that we are wrong about LIFE NOW because he feels that burning with fire means that the 1st Temple or Apostolic Assembly suffered martyrdom as commanded by the Torah in Exodus 12:10! Does burning with fire include suffering unto death? Sure it does! Can there be a burning with fire that is not unto death? Are there any examples in Scripture of such a burning?

                          I am immediately drawn to the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I am also thinking of the Burning Bush!

                          Solomon said:
                          Proverbs 17:3
                          3 The refining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but YAHWEH trieth the hearts.
                          And how does YAHWEH try our hearts?:
                          Isaiah 48:10
                          10 Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.
                          Paul speaks of suffering loss through burning with fire, and Paul speaks of abiding or remaining though burning with fire:
                          1Corinthians 3:14-15
                          14 If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.
                          15 If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.
                          Hyssop is part of my work in Messiah, and I fully expect that he himself will survive his furnace of affliction, or at least that is my earnest expectation for him.

                          The trying of hearts through affliction can involve enduring unto martyrdom, but as we have already seen above, death for the Believer in LIFE NOW is profit or gain. Faced with the burning of affliction some do not endure unto death. These turn from the Faith to escape affliction, and those who have worked with them therefore suffer loss.

                          It is inescapable that Believers are saved through burning with fire as long as they remain in the Faith! We are all the work of Messiah. Does Messiah suffer loss? Is it possible for only 3 or 4 to survive the fiery furnace?

                          Does John and Company abide? What is the secret of their remaining?

                          Sincerely, Ab
                          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                            Messiah In The Flesh!

                            Hi Everyone,

                            The secret is this:
                            John 21:22
                            22 Yahushua saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.
                            Does Messiah have the power to extend life in the flesh for anyone that HE wills? It is the spirit of the Anti-Messiah which denies that Yahushua can live in our flesh. They do not believe it possible that Messiah Yahushua can be manifested through our living in the flesh.

                            They stand up; they sit down; they preach sermons; they pray; they tithe; they keep the Sabbath and the Feast Days; they do all these things so that they can die and be secure in their dying.

                            Others stand up; others sit down; others preach sermons; others pray, others tithe; others keep Sunday; others keep Easter and Christmas; others do all these things so that they can die and be secure in their dying.

                            Please share with me the difference between they and the others! Any difference between the two is indeed a mystery and a secret.

                            Sincerely, Ab
                            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                              Hello Ab

                              recently i have been involved with ''escaping from vanity''.
                              Perhaps it is a ''stage'' i am going thru, but i am here now at this point and just beginning to understand how to be released from all the weights of vain thinking.
                              I was brought into this 'stage' [for want of a better word] by that verse that says ''take no thought''...and while i have received the revelation on 'take no thought'' before i did not stay there long enough to learn what it exactly means... but now i understand.. about this ''take no thought''.
                              the thoughts we have are human minded and carnal even when digesting the bible under creeds and other men's carnal opinions and teaching.

                              carnal mindedness is a huge weight like gravity.. it is pressing us is heavy and burdensome, it is the Matrix.
                              we are to TAKE NO THOUGHT from the Matrix and introduce it back into the Kingdom of His dear Son.
                              When we take notice of our thought/s we become a slave to them.
                              When we obey the divine advice by taking in these bible based 'christ' thoughts we become eternal as His Word endures forever.

                              The thoughts of our carnal mind even to religious thinking are inferior THINKING., WHEN compared to thinking with the mind of Messiah...that anointed mind Jesus worked out from

                              We are appointed to copy HIS thinking = Messiah always thought in the power of divine Wisdom, so, shall His church....-....."the glorious liberty of the sons of God," thinkers.

                              i always loved free thinkers... now i know why~~~~~