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The Creature called Black Hole or White Hole

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  • The Creature called Black Hole or White Hole

    God first

    The Creature Called the Black Hole or White Hole

    wrote 03-15-2007

    Here I sat asking my God about what is a Black Hole and a White Hole are? But first let me say God and his son Jesus Christ love you.

    Science known very little about black holes because the hole itself can not be seem but what is seem is what the black hole pulls into itself. But they all so talk about White Holes too and they say White Holes cast out things.

    But the truth of the matter is a Black Hole and White Hole are one of the same being of life kind. Like our noses take in air and cast out air Black Holes and White Holes are part of a being that take in space and cast out space.

    To understand what space is made of one must understand what Oxygen is made of. Oxygen is made of matter and antimatter which has more antimatter than matter making it harder to see.

    While dust is made of more matter than antimatter making it easier to see by the human eye. One might say its weight and mass make the differ but mass of what matter or antimatter?

    To understand matter and antimatter one might think about smoke it’s a gas like oxygen but its heavier because of the matter of what the fire is burning.

    Some people say the Devil’s Triangle and the Dragon’s Tail are said to be Black Holes or White Holes which they say are connected by a Wormhole.

    I say this two are just the nose of the earth has the earth takes in matter and antimatter and casting off that which it does not need.

    The earth is mostly made of matter so it would take in matter and cast off antimatter but in outer space its mostly antimatter so it would cast off matter.

    But some will say why are planes and ships lost at Devil’s Triangle and the Dragon’s Tail? It like we take in air but if there dust in the air we take it in too.

    Just been thinking out loud. Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.