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    God first

    What is Preaching?

    Wrote 03-11-2007

    Here I Roy William Perry III known as year2027 liked by many and hated by some reach out to you the world wide web to understand what preaching is with the help of Christ within my heart.

    While I love to say God loves you and some say God bless you that could be called preaching from the understanding I feel deep down in my heart to be so now.

    When I was in the Way Ministry I believed preaching was proving what the Way taught was right to others but I no longer believe the lies of the Way Ministry.

    I have come to see that all the Way Ministry and others cults like the Jehovah's Witnesses cult and the Mormon cult were doing is pushing their cult for worldly power and worldly riches.

    Then their the so call TV Preacher’s I watch on TV were I witness more begging for money than anything other but who am I to judge.

    I believe if there be a God and I believe there is we should be reaching to receive heavenly power and heavenly riches.

    Now with today’s internet it does not cost to share God’s word a lot of money there are many free boards and free spaces to use for sharing the word of God or anything you want to share with others.

    But if you want worldly glory that cost money but that not for me because I no longer worried about whether what I write is read or not I just share because it blesses me to share.

    So what is preaching to me today its just about sharing my heart my any given subject but with me because my life is focus on God’s love then God will be in my words because he is in my heart.

    But what about these people who say I must give a reason for my faith? Yes I give a reason for my faith but that does not mean I have to prove anything to anyone.

    The reason for me loving God is all ways the same I feel God loving me so I love him back in the best way I can.

    Now when some asked were I got a ideal I will try to show them if they really want to know but if they just want to play games I have no time for that.

    So back to preaching its sharing a person heart about a subject without having to prove anything but willing to give a reason to why the subject is dear to their heart.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.