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  • 03-05-2007

    God first

    wrote 03-05-2007

    Here I sat talking to Christ about the three parts of man and what the meaning of three parts are and the understanding of each part in part but first God loves us all my friends.

    In the beginning God form, made, and created man so he could be born into a man of that could one day grow into God’s children.

    The part that was form was the body which was formed of three kinds of dust. Dust that was and is dry like sand, dust that was and is hard like a rock, and dust that was and is wet like water.

    The part that was made was the soul which was and is breath life which was first created in animal life then re-made for mankind this kind is in the blood. This soul life or breath life is of three parts the air that comes in to renew itself, the air the flows through the body to give life to all its many parts, and the air that leaves the body as waste.

    The part that was created was the image which is known as the spirit the part that was created in the image of God-kind the part that looked like God himself. The spirit was created of three kinds the spirit that is visible to God only the part that words can not picture the spiritual body the part that grows, the part that shines truth like a great light the part that gives spiritual life to the spiritual body the spiritual soul or breath life, and there is the kind that one day knows as he is known that will be only known when Christ comes back for to help us see our new image at his return.

    But there is more to this great three part of the body, soul, and spirit. The are the three ways each part grows.

    The body life grows in three ways like a plant as it take in dust in many forms it grows in size, it grows in age, and it grows in decay.

    The soul life or breath life grows in three ways like a animal its grows in strength, its grows in fleshly wisdom, and it grows closer to its death.

    The spirit life grows in three ways in three ways like God himself in true awareness, in true wisdom, and to without a end.

    Now because I can only receive in part of these truths I share with you what I hear and see but I look for what Christ will tell you so we can get a bigger picture of the truth about the many three parts.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.