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Oscar - the divine spearman

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  • Oscar - the divine spearman

    A divine spearman.= the meaning of the name Oscar.


    ‘Departed’ seize Oscars

    do u understand what this is saying?

    it is all there....the mystery .....

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    a pic called the king's prophecy.

    the departed...

    the escapee....

    few find eternal life....


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      tut, tut, tut - what a coincidence

      the winners
      the oscars
      the departed
      the plot thickens.....
      The Queen/Prince/Windsor pattern continuing as expected... The Oscars' Leading Actress and Actor winners: 'The Queen' (of England) and the 'King of Scotland' - signifying the union/battle of the German (Hanoverian/Windsor) and Scottish/Jacobite/Stuart royal bloodlines... foreshadowing a smoldering 'Grail' saga set to unfold in this 'Mayan' period. (The Jesus family tomb/DNA announcement today, right after the Oscars, has the effect of amplifying the 'Grail signal'... and alludes to the nature of one of the bloodlines in question.)


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        those earthy hidden agendas are being exposed

        but what of ''departure''?

        the REAL DEPARTURE THAT IS....


        Enoch knew how to realm change Father taught him as Enoch walked with HIM.

        Enoch's name means -Experienced, or consecrated.
        Gen 5 v 24...
        bible numerics says No 5 - grace and No. 24 is the elect/the priesthood.

        do u think BY grace, the ELECT PRIESTHOOD walks with God and is a ''was not''?

        you had better think it...
        cuz in the NT we have the goodnews found there in Heb 7 v.11-17... all about this new order coming to power titled the ORDER OF ENDLESS LIFE. [v 16]

        the order of endless life... is to depart out from the world of Adam and into the World of the living.


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          the headlines said


          Mirrin - name means.
          A cloud.

          so what do we have in this ''natural setting'' to wonder at?

          the queen
          the king
          the cloud

          ''The King, takes His Queen, [His Spearhead] and DEPARTS in the CLOUDS.''

          ''The Queen {His Spearhead] comes to Her King, and their departure is in the cloud.''



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            OSCAR... the award given to THE STARS....

            oscar - meaning spearhead.

            a ''spearhead of stars''.

            Spearhead (a wedge-formation of soldiers)

            the most simple of accepted natural things suddenly becomes ''interesting''.

            the Queen...
            IS CROWNED
            the KING
            the Oscar
            the Stars
            the Departure
            the cloud

            the spearhead - an arrow, a formation of soldiers.

            the QUEEN is crowned...?
            ''who is she'' ?
            that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear AS THE son/sun and terrible as an army with banners.''

            the departure.
            Enoch walked with God and ''was not''.... - the departure.
            Enoch - a spearhead, who was ''consecrated'' and who was the 1st to pierce the darkness as he WALKED in the Holy Presence.

            the stars
            for the time is at hand, [ Rev 1] the 7 stars are Messengers [spearheads of an army and VICTORS for truth]

            the Award of Oscar is
            The army of spearheards - all like Enoch.
            ''terrible as an army with banners '' - s of songs 6 v 8
            This ''spearheard army'' company, has the victory to prevail over all the power of their enemy.

            how ''they are terrible in HOLINESS''
            this army was trained up by THE HOLY SPIRIT...''HOLY'' IS HIS NAME DESCRIPTION...His trained up army is TERRIBLE to all unholy darkness... a lesser power.

            the FULL WORK of the cross, has been accomplished within this army.
            ''looketh forth as the morning'' is a daybreak. [ 2 v 17]
            -where all darkness of this adamic world and satanic control has fled away.
            there is NO remaining darkness within.
            The Queen has come into THE full LIFE,
            [crowed with the ''crown of LIFE.... ie just as Mirren the actress is ''crowned for life'' in her acting career] where there is nothing inbetween hindering her relationship with her King.

            Her life has become ''the womb of the Morning'' and her life shines now, with the brightness of daybreaks.{Prov 4 v.18}

            ''terrible as an army of banners'' -
            THE QUEEN
            won the AWARD,
            THE OSCAR
            THE PRIZE
            now, because of her ''award''
            in relation to all her enemies, she is victorious, and abundantly triumphant [John 10 v10]


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              contending for the Truth

              the Truth is A PERSON... THE PERSON = THE MESSIAH.

              contending for MESSIAH.... against all error.

              = a terrible army with banners.

              is contending for the TRUTH against error.
              This contending ''army with banners'' is His temple that now contains HIS sentinels ~!~!~!

              a comment....
              ''Banners serve the purposes of discipline.
              Hence an army with banners had one banner as a central standard, and then each regiment or battalion displayed its own particular flag.
              [written by C. H. SPURGEON


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                the army of the Lord.

                the army.
                All throughout the bible we will find numerous references to the "Army of God" going out in battle array.
                149th Psalm it speaks about the execution of judgement that will come forth.

                149:1 Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song, And His praise in the congregation of the godly ones.
                2 Let Israel be glad in his Maker; Let the sons of Zion rejoice in their King.
                3 Let them praise His name with dancing; Let them sing praises to Him with timbrel and lyre.
                4 For the LORD takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.
                5 Let the godly ones exult in glory; Let them sing for joy on their beds.
                6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand,
                7 To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishment on the peoples;
                8 To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron;
                9 To execute on them the judgment written; This is an honor for all His godly ones. Praise the Lord
                i guess that is why ''the word terrible '' is used.


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                  well, well well, what have we here....

                  it gets more interesting in hearing the new news....

                  It has been reported that the Queen has invited Dame Helen Mirren to tea at Buckingham Palace.

                  consider this..

                  its the meeting of the 2 QUEENS/queens.

                  one the real one
                  the other is the play-actor.

                  the real
                  the counterfeit

                  the true one
                  the man made up look-alike.

                  first in the natural and then in the spiritual.


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                    would you like to win AN OSCAR?

                    to be ''a star of success'' with unlimited earning potential?

                    'an oscar'
                    making of an anagram from these 2 words =
                    'As acorn.'
                    An Oscar = as acorn....
                    now brings this proverb to mind.

                    ''from an acorn a mighty tree shall grow''

                    infact when i was learning about an oak-tree i see it is America's national tree.

                    how good is that!!!!!


                    well, these ''stars'' who win an Oscar would be considered by the movie society as ''an oak tree'' i guess.

                    the last comment from that site says

                    ''Oaks make us feel good; studies have shown that stately oaks contribute to positive emotional effects on the human psyche.''

                    well.....ofcourse they would cuz we can UNVEIL a little of THEIR HIDDENESS.

                    the Oscar
                    the oak tree
                    ~~~~~ have one thing in common =THEY ARE '''''MIGHTY''''

                    THE MIGHTY OSCAR
                    THE MIGHTY OAK TREE.
                    WE COULD add.
                    THE MIGHTY NATION OF AMERICA...

                    from an acorn a mighty tree will grow.
                    goes together hey?

                    oscar means spearhead, spearhead is wedged shaped, an army of spearheads as terrible as an army with banners.

                    is not the USA in the natural ''as terrible as an army with banners'' to the rest of this world and all its national powers?

                    ofcourse i am speaking ''naturally'' here
                    but could we now imagine a nation OF spiritual power~~~~~~
                    oh yes~~~~~~

                    ordinary people converted into a holy nation of spiritual power. these people are ''terrible'' because of their holiness.

                    here is a comment i found, written by James Begg,
                    When holiness of character and faithfulness to Truth mark the people of God then the church is "terrible as an army with banners"
                    holiness and faithfullness.
                    ''are terrible'' to all darkness.

                    the MARK of the HIGH CALLING - holiness and faithfullness.
                    that is a persons mark.
                    ''Who is she who looks forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, awesome as an army with banners? ''
                    Song of Solomon 6:10
                    banners are flags.
                    could the spiritual ''flags'' of this terrible army be ''holiness and faithfullness''?
                    i think so.
                    i think it would be very hard to beat that combination- the terrible twins.?

                    shall we go a little deeper here Plx.

                    army = war

                    war is a clash of kingdoms
                    USA ''clashes'' with other kingdoms unlike her own.
                    Can we read its hidden message?
                    this is all happening in the natural....can we consider this from a spiritual aspect too?

                    as nations have always been a war, is there any difference now?

                    well yes... this ''war'' is a ''war on terror'' so whoever heard of such a title before.?
                    as i say this is a natural happening going on and we read about this every day for the past 5 odd years... but... what of the spiritual ''war on terrror''? ummmm.
                    is this happening too?

                    you had better believe it.
                    death is loosing its power base.
                    evil is being defeat and erradicated out from some people's lives and REAL LIVING LIFE IS POURING IN.... JUST AS OUR SAVIOUR, filled up the 6 water jugs, with the new wine, the best wine He had kept till last at the wedding at Cana [John 2]

                    If our eyes have been UNVEILED by the Holy Spirit, we get to understand how to read natural signs happening all around us, in plain sight yet.. contain the truth of what is happening in the invisble.

                    from Glory to Glory we grow.. and then we to discern the times we are Esther...the WIFE who made herself ready.[rev 19 v 7]

                    NOTICE HOW ''POSSESSIVE ''HE'' IS....
                    HIS WIFE
                    HIS WIFE
                    HIS WIFE

                    where was He standing, and where was He looking as HIS WIFE made herself

                    in the natural a man finds great joy in watching his wife make herself ready.
                    He looks at her and watches her in intimacy.
                    He looks at her bathing and her how she brushes her hair and how her body looks as she dresses...intimacy.

                    everything about her...IS SO DIFFERENT FROM HIM.
                    he is fasinated with her.
                    he is not female, yet he delights in this other form of life called female...a different creation that has been joined to him.
                    he finds it a ''wonderfull work''.

                    there is a great mystery there, the mystery of love and of desire and drawn too.

                    i like understanding these things...


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                      it is all there in '''the name'''

                      THE PRESENT royal house of England has taken the name WINDSOR, and apparently can trace its roots back to King David. It is all there to see, with facts presented in the Royal Museum.
                      so if we look at this name we can see 2 words.
                      WINDS - OR
                      or is french for GOLD...

                      we can have this name say WINDS OF GOLD.

                      winds of Gold in the natural but what of the SPIRITUAL RAMIFICATIONS?

                      a royal spiritual house = winds of Gold?

                      see 1 Peter 2 v 9
                      a royal house of Priests
                      a holy nation
                      a peculiar people
                      choosen generation
                      from darkness to light.

                      ARE WINDS OF GOLD.

                      first in the natural/then in the spiritual


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                        cont, winds of Gold

                        one of these ''winds'' of Gold will be '' the wind of JUSTICE''.

                        THE UNJUST things that happen.

                        I LOVE JUSTICE and i HATE INJUSTICE.

                        i wish to be ''the just'' and never ''the unjust''.

                        i need His wisdom to be JUST... not.... the devil's knowing how to be unjust in accessing all information.

                        yes... these winds of gold shall be JUST... and filled with all manner of Just things over all unjustices done. amen


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                          cont, THE WINDS of Gold

                          spiritual winds.
                          spiritual winds of Gold

                          The Holy Spirit is often referred to as THE WIND... a mighty rushing wind.
                          we know already...
                          mighty rushing winds of Gold.
                          = ''a terrible ARMY with banners.''= a GOLDEN ARMY FILLED with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

                          a golden army.
                          how did they become gold?
                          WELL in the Laodicean age , MESSIAH come to tell some HOW TO BUY GOLD FROM HIM.
                          rev 3 v 18...
                          ''I counsel thee to buy gold''

                          gold is faith = faith is =
                          the absolute dependance upon Our Father for every need, full reliance only upon His Word , yieldedness, and obediences to all known truth, to give ourself fully over to a new way of life, To depend and rely and trust IN Him... etc
                          ok... well SOME must have heard the Divine Advice coming out from Laodicea and BOUGHT THIS GOLD.

                          why would they do this?

                          because Laodicea [ACCORDING TO OUR SAVIOUR] is a wretch, naked and pukey church PLUS miserable...but... some hear the calling and they come out to buy gold, cover their nakedness with white raiment, get eye salve.

                          there are 2 ways to write ''here''

                          there is HEAR and HERE.

                          so inside Laodicea some were here.
                          inside Laodicea some hear.

                          see the difference.
                          too ways.... from one word.

                          now if some heard this divine advice.
                          why did they obey divine directives.?

                          well in v. 21 we see that ONLY IN LAODICEA church age do we get the divine rewards of RULING AND REIGNING given out

                          ''to he that overcometh''' that Laodicean age/church....shall be rewarded with rulership and throne sitting.
                          no other church receives such a reward even though their rewards are so mighty too.

                          no 21 in bible numerics is ~~~the exceedingly sinfullness of sin.
                          therefore this Laodicean church age has this quality about it....and that is exactly what makes Messiah He sees the sin of nakedness, wretchedness, and blindness working out in lives that claim '' i am In christ''.

                          it is the wrong christ and the wrong system.


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                            the golden army....cont

                            in the natural isn't OSCAR gold?


                            could i dare write this?

                            ''the academy of GOLDEN SPEARHEADS.
                            the stars He holds in His right hand.
                            These spearheads, filled with winds of Gold.''

                            who is she?
                            s of songs 6 v 10

                            LOOK plx.
                            ''she'' is an ARMY...
                            an ARMY OF ''SHE's''.

                            isnt that interesting?

                            ummm.. she is a female..... a created female Gen 1 v 26
                            spiritual female ~~~~~she's is an ARMY, terrible with banners.

                            a GIRL'S ARMY
                            NO I CANNOT JEST.

                            the army of she's.
                            a terrible golden army of she's.
                            Who is she that looketh forth as the morning?
                            the female ''she's'' would have to be ''HIS CHURCH OF THE REDEEMED souls.'' that death cannot prevail against.

                            a generation who “made herself ready” (Rev. 19:7).

                            did u ever wonder about Deut 7.[the laws of conquest..and what of v 15]
                            ''and the Lord shall take away from thee all sickness and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, but will lay them upon all who hate thee.''

                            if conditions are met.
                            there are 7.
                            1] keep His sayings
                            2] not show pity upon our enemy, they must be destroyed
                            3] do not serve the gods of our enemy
                            4] do not be afraid of the nations around u
                            5] burn out graven images
                            6] no abomination within our house
                            7] do not desire Egyptian silver or gold.

                            this was for the nation, that old covenant ofcourse...but... if we do a study we find that each one of these 7 commands will relate to the worldly and satanic thinking/lives that try to rule over us daily,
                            no abomination within our house = nothing that defiles our body as we are His temple ..death defiles.

                            death is an enemy and needs to be destroyed/overcome as HE OVERCAME.

                            another is ''keep His sayings '' = see John 14 v 21-24.

                            THEY relate to the saving of our inner man... the awakening of our spirit into a quickened life.

                            ofcourse we have the opposite of
                            Isaiah 63:1. “Who is he that cometh from Edom,
                            THEHE....ALL THE SHE'S and THE HE.



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                              trial by jury

                              it has been revealed that the ''death of Diana'' is to be a trial by jury.
                              the former judge has been over ruled.
                              The house of Windsor shall be called infront of the jury, especially the 2 Princes.

                              the 'house'' is to be judged in the natural....judged about death.
                              in the natural.
                              Royal witnesses

                              He called for senior members of the Royal Family, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, to take to the witness box.

                              2 princes named.

                              Philip - name meaning
                              A lover of horses.
                              One of the new testament apostles.

                              Charles - name meaning
                              Manly, full grown.

                              the natural picture is forming...
                              now what of the spiritual formation.... the judgement of Princes over death?