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I have been visiting a few 'churchian' forums

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  • I have been visiting a few 'churchian' forums

    and the most outstanding thing i see is how ''churchians'' are so self satisfied in their own ugly relfection.

    do you know it is a case of ''miror mirror on the wall''.

    YET, they are so ugly.
    What ''god'' looked at himself in the pond and saw ''he was so beautifull''?
    so he loved himself.. ummm.
    that's right ....let me think what is it called.

    the god of self love= narcissism
    religious narcissism....
    the god of self satisfaction religious creed satisfaction.
    their creed is right and it saves them as they are right.

    to live beside this next door religious neighbour, would be hell.

    I was looking at a self satisfied churchian forum yesterday, and suddenly i had this notion that this ugly self satisfied leader person would die soon.

    his ugly self heart would kill him.
    He was inlove with his creed which was universal salvation = believing dead people are saved after their death somehow, a little like revamped purgatory but tarted up for the modern churchian to accept.

    here is an excellent expounding on ''eternal Judgement''

    This guy [whose name was Robert,] was so sure of his own '' creed purity'' and ''creed rightness''... yet.... i could see him dropping dead very soon.

    Why did i ''see'' this?

    well i saw that no matter who came along to explain the Truth to him, he would never believe it, for sin had such a hold of his life that sin was like a hinderance to his learning.
    Sin is a terrible thing, yet, if i told him he would deny this over and over.

    he had ''others'' who egged him on in their little cage of self creed worship.

    It was like ''bowing down to the statue of Mother Mary'' like the Rc's do, but these guys were bowing down to a man made creed absolutely filled with corruption and satanic mixture.
    then I remember Messiah and that Lacodian churchian outfit... and how it was wretched, naked and blind and how it made Messiah PUKE...


    his self love his, + the self creed of unrighteousness had buried him and he never knew he was already dead.

    that is why i saw him as a dropping dead man, OR A GROUP OF UGLY SELF LOVED MEN as corpses and lifeless drones who could sing alongside cranky Franky '' i did it my way''

    when we get changed over from death into LIFE.... none think ''i am right'' why? cuz bit by bit The Holy Spirit replaces traditions of men with HIS TRUTH AND HOW HE WANTS US TO BELIEVE.... THE SAME WAY AS MESSIAH....
    EACH day will bring an altered perspective as vanity begins to wane from our minds.
    vanity has to cease to be
    deliverance from all vanity is a deliverance from religious babylon....all of babylon too.
    everything that is a lie is removed. amen

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    CONT. after i had finished posting this

    i was thinking how ''ugly'' this man was.. and these men. wishes to be ugly do they?
    no-one ever comments on ugliness... somehow it is associated with imperfection.
    so then as i was thinking of imperfections i thought of that terrible picture i once saw [so i almost fainted ] of babies born deformed from D.U. in Iraq.

    these little babies were so deformed and ugly they all died from such gross deformities of face and body that....Abba showed me....this is divisional church and the people inside this monster.
    this is how they look...described as MISERABLE AND WRETCHED.
    rev 3 v 17
    they are likened to deformed and dying babies....babies created from a war.... and the weapons used that made wars has utterly deformed them.


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      cont..when we belong to a ''creed''

      we can only go as far as that ''creed'' allows us too.
      AS FAR AS A CREED BELIEVE IS THE LIMIT pew people all can go

      The creed makes people die, cuz they believe in their creed, rather than the Word, for IF only they believed in THE WORD [John 11 v 25] THEY WOULD BELIEVE IN l.i.f.e.

      That is such an important revelation to receive....= believe your creed and die, believe MESSIAH'S WORDS AND rule and reign with Him forever.

      Ephesians 1:17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him: 18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints...

      we are talking here of HIS INHERITANCE...IN....His saints.
      ''in'' means an alive in.... not a dead in....
      dead people are dead.... they have NO ''ins''.
      their ''in'' has gone.

      here on earth IN HIS SAINTS
      we need wisdom
      hope of calling
      riches of glory

      IF we believe in THIS DIVINE CREED = WE RECEIVE ''IN'' THE HERE AND NOW, all of the above why? cuz ''HEAVEN '' [which is within a person] can now manifest here on earth.
      having divine wisdom - manifests this inheritance
      having revelation - manifests this inheritance
      having knowledge - manifests this inheritance
      having been enlightened - manifests this inheritance
      having the hope of this calling - manifests this inheritance
      having the riches of His Glory - manifests this inheritance

      here and now... ''today IF you HEAR My voice''

      That is why a creed person looks so ugly.
      They are a corpse.


      THAT IS WHY MESSIAH CALLS OUT HIS PEOPLE from man made corrupted creeds that kill.... that ''murder people' thru ignorance and corruption.

      we are quickened together with Christ and raised us up to sit IN Heavenly places in Christ.
      We have already been raised up into a heavenly sphere where God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.
      is this for ''dead in the grave yard people?''

      they have had their time.
      they failed to receive eternal life...
      they failed to gain their inheritance.
      ''My people perish from lack of knowledge'' we are told
      yet here we have all the equipment now made available for a believer.

      THEREFORE those who do perish have never received live.

      now.... do u see how creeds kill?
      you can only go as far as your pastor/rev/pope/priest will let u.

      he is your blight.....your death...cuz u sit under him as he has become your school master, and NOT THE HOLY SPIRIT, who would have called you out... to sit under HIM with not a creed in sight.

      Father is making known to us the mystery of His will.
      But special attention should be given to the word ''mystery''.

      people who are bound very heavily into sin, hate LIFE....creeds hate life too.

      i often wonder just what sin would be so bad that a strong delusion is sent upon them
      all from Abba.

      do u think it would be blaspheming the Holy Spirit... by saying they ''have HIM'' and then denying His power of LIFE?


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        i dedicate my poem to

        all the ugly churchian reflections, with their death spirit intact, who have DENIED THE GIFT of living ''LIFE'
        My Saviour, who brought this new type of lifethis world, so a new race of people can appear as His Image and the hope of Glory

        to all ugly fake and false churchians in great apostacy = the sick and dying people can have these verses as their ''swan song'' and sing a lullabye to their idol and their 'friend'...death.

        i dedicate my poem to all the '' offenders ' 'to His living life
        John 11 v 25....''believe Me'' is His cry to sinfilled escape root outa here...a life raft into another world of love.

        ''Touch me Death in your sweet embrace
        hold me close to your ugly face
        breath only upon me with your foul breathe
        and keep me please in your own depth.

        Hold me close, so i shall i feel your hate
        i dont mind, i shall not be late
        for your call i long to hear
        so hold me close, your'e such a dear.''

        phony plastic sinfilled people...