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  • FOOTSTEPS in the sand

    while i was on my mini holiday at the beach i noticed a funny thing as i walked on the sand..

    at the top of the beach where the sand is dry the footsteps from people are heavy and very clearly seen.
    then i progressed further down into sand that was partly wet i noticed that the footsteps were fainter.
    so then i went to where the waves and the sand were all fully wet and when i walked there, and only the faintest of footsteps could be seen, infact hardly any at all.... the water had washed the footsteps away.

    ''when we walk by yourselves in this vanity world our steps are hard....
    when we are born again from above Father begins to wash our feet in His water of living life.
    as we get closer to the waves of living water, our feet leave no mark as they now walk on the waves with MESSIAH.'' amen

    the waves are waters of life...Peter walked upon them too, but then he turned back to vanity and sank.

    Messiah is taking away our vanity if we allow Him too... we are not robots... we are each unique and awesomely made....a work of divine art that needs to be fed upon divine food at His table he shares with His friends.

    sharing a table with friends...

    did u ever notice that
    Jn. 13:28 refers to those who were "at the table" ,and one who LEANED upon JESUS, in v.23

    The Holy Spirit teaches us to learn to LEAN....SO we can walk in and on the living waters of life.

    weaning from all vanity by leaning upon the divine power of Our Saviour.

    we can learn alot from observation.
    LET US learn to look. TO UNDERSTAND....

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    oh!!! how we miss such a WORD AS ..LEAN.

    learning to lean....makes a ''mean machine'',

    are u learning to lean corrctly.

    I am.

    I DIGRESS for a bit as i have just noticed this fact.
    did u ever see.... 2 words.... I AM.....
    we say IT hundreds of times a day ''I AM''..
    is this not the very name Abba gave to Moses to tell evil Pharaoh,
    ' I AM'.

    if u think about it, we all have FATHER'S NAME, upon us... not one person escapes His name of 'I AM'.
    i am happy
    i am alive
    i am rich in all blessings
    i am healthy
    i am strong
    i am holy
    i am faithfull and true
    i am in harmony with my Saviour.
    i am.........................................anything i wish to be.....
    i can create by how i think... i am....

    however,...the fallen nature makes ''i am'' a fallen god to die as mere men.

    ''i am'' needs to be rehabilitated he has to learn how to lean.

    to be a ''WHO IS THIS''....
    who is this that has been weaned from vanity and taught to LEAN only upon the GREATEST ''I AM''.

    ''who is this? fair as the moon [ the moon controls the waves] and
    mighty and as terrible as an army with banners.''
    s of s 6 v 10

    NO 6 - MAN

    an 'army of man' who have been changed, then charged to speak forth with responsibility the WORD OF THE LORD.
    the terrible army of THE TRUTH.

    THAT IS TERRIBLE!!!~~~~ FOR THE ARMY OF MEN, who are religious....all men are religious none escapes such a fate.

    by learning to LEAN, we are removed from the religious and the counterfeit upsurper, so that our witness becomes divinely effective. amen


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      the word...... terrible....

      a terrible army...with banners.
      song of songs 6 v 10

      the fruit of our training up to LEAN is....found in the word TERRIBLE
      ter·ri·ble (tĕr'ə-bəl)
      Causing great fear or alarm; dreadful: a terrible bolt of lightning; a terrible curse.
      Extremely formidable: terrible responsibilities.
      Extreme in extent or degree; intense: “the life for which he had paid so terrible a price” (Leslie Fiedler).

      Unpleasant; disagreeable: had a terrible time at the party; terrible food.
      Very bad: a terrible actor.
      [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin terribilis, from terrēre, to frighten.]
      the moon is decribed as a FAITHFULL WITNESS.... believers learn to ''lean'' to be THIS FAITHFULL WITNESS....
      could it be THIS?
      to be found this faithfull is to be made in the exact same image as Messiah.???
      i think so!


      BELIEVER is to reflect their Saviour...

      do u think a reflection is the WHOLE reflection of simply ''bits'' of it?
      To me, as a believer
      i wish to relfect all of my Saviour, OTHERWISE i doubt if i have been saved...
      think this over Plx.

      one never saves a drowing person, by swimming out to them, carrying them almost to the shore then leaving them in the sea to re-drown again.
      they are to be in a ''saved condition'' or not ''saved condition''...

      no inbetweens.!!!!!! regarding SALVATION and OUR FREEDOM.
      no 1/2 measures.

      when we lean, we become this army ''as terrible'' to all vanity.
      this HAS TO BE SO ....
      because anything less than a terrible army is not filled with divine power so it belongs to the ''perishing realm''.

      to belong in the perishing realm means we are still subjects of the laws of sin and death....
      NOT so this ARMY WITH BANNERS.[REV 12 V.11]

      i received AN email from a person known as Jesse.
      here is a section of what Jesse is learning about.....Praise Abba HE DOES HAVE HIS WITNESSES..OUT THERE... hidden in caves.. amen'
      Our ministry as well teaches that Christ must swallow up death which is are fallen adamic soul and replace it with His while still living on this earth.
      Lucy~~~~ with a joyfilled heart.


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        the wave and the sand = together

        they go together and there is no footprint where we walked as the waves wash the sand.
        our footsteps become invisible
        our weight is no longer recorded....

        there is a divine lesson there.
        the lesson of change from corruption [the burden of vanity] into incorruption [ saved and fully redeemed]

        the grain of sand.
        sand is used in concrete....and concrete has small rocks in it {simon peter - small pebble, DISCIPLE into an APOSTLE ] and the sand and the mixture and the pebbles and water cling together in a ''mix'' so that is becomes hard and unbreakable.
        these elements cleave cells joining.

        I was learning about concrete, and i found it so eye opening when it was explained to me.

        simon peter
        feet washing
        walking on water
        The Rock

        all have something in common.

        the part i loved was where my footstep had become invisible.
        AS i studied this, i was knocked over at the enormity of something so simple and natural, HAPPENING EVERYDAY.... yet deeply spiritual it was overlooked.

        to become invisible, is to be able to change realms, enter into and exit back
        to become immortal so that the glorious body is in place.
        that is redemption.... a new creature life available to all men now who will simply BELIEVE.

        WE HAVE ''TRIED'' the churchian way....
        I AM TRYING..... SIMPLY ''believe Me''.
        I find this A MOST EXCELLENT WAY.

        FRANKLY it is proving to be beyond all expectations,