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    God first

    No Building manmade Church


    Here I sat talking with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who directs my path by the will of God the Father the one who was there before the beginning as we know it.

    For it is a sure thing in my heart that God and his son love us and only want the best for us as we walk in the flesh.

    While God because of Christ’s gift of love to us as set up a spiritual place for us to enter in due time if we just live love.

    You may asked why another manmade church because that is what Christ has told me to begin because of the evil in so many other manmade churches that the world has to pick from to learn about truth and love.

    So I Roy William Perry III begin a new kind of church, one that has no building, nor any headquarters to rule from.

    The is only one doctrine to this church and that is live love the best you can in your personal life, nor is there any membership list.

    The way this church works is you and your friends met to fellowship together with each other in your homes, schools, work places, restaurants, other manmade churches, or wherever you choice to meet.

    Each meeting is self governing by the people that go to the meeting and no money is took from anyone but each person gives to the places they believe will best help the movement of God’s love.

    No can be cast out of this church but if some one hurts another and their action is against the law they will be turn in to the law but if not put in jail they will be watch by all that go to the meeting and never given any changed to hurt another.

    If its found out that they were lie about and they had never hurt anyone watching them will not hurt because it must be done with love and the person who lied will be watch to make sure they do not lie again.

    It makes me sad that this must be done but we must look over our weak no matter who they may be or what weakness they may have.

    Whether this looking over it to make sure no one is hurt or to help some one over come a bad habit in their life.

    How this is done will is up is each personal small group, but if they need more help as what to do they may E-mail me or another group of this church.

    Now there will be some people who will try to use our name to miss lead others because this group is self governing and all we will be able to do is point them out to the law if their reason is to break a law.

    Otherwise each group is mostly on their own but there will be teaching from me on the net to find but for the most part each group sets their own things to study.

    Whether it be the bible, science, books of any other group, or whatever as long as their goal is to build true love of all things and sex is not love.

    Now I did not want to begin this church but its about time we have a manmade church that does not ask for money, nor rules by fear of being cast out.

    Now will this church work and build groups? It was not matter but what needs to grow is that our money is not to get a few rich but to help the few we can in need.

    Nor are we to be slaves to man made rules of any manmade church but we are to be slaves to living love the best way we can.

    A dog that is made to sat and take orders is a dog doing things out of fear but a dog doing things because the dogs wants our blessing is a dog doing things out of love.

    We go to churches to be love and to learn how to live love and not to be set under rules that we will not be able to follower.

    So think on my words and if we need a church like this begin your personal group even if your group meets on the inter net because it not the meeting place but the love in the group.

    Ok I will end here, thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy