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Thank you Spying, for this little oasis.

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  • Thank you Spying, for this little oasis.

    called LO AMMI.
    Lo-Ammi is an oasis of palm trees and living waters, in the midst of a religious hell of perishing people.
    publically i wish to say ''thank you'' for making a little haven for Our Saviour's Word to florish, to grow in us and to mature us into HIS TYPE OF life PEOPLE.

    He protects this place Ab, from all violators, all because of you.
    those pentecostal witches, the religious Jezebels and zealots, cannot get a foothold in this little sacred place... all because of you.

    the false titled
    the wanna be ''greats for god'',
    the tares,

    don't come here to this place all because of YOU

    You have made your Messiah YOUR KING AND
    it may well not appear so to all men, but it does to me.
    He has respected your stance for HIM, by allowing this place to be a sacred place, a hidden place and place where people can come seeking the truth and find LIFE.

    why am i saying this to you, is because i have just realised it, for the 1st time.....thank you!!

    everytime you write or talk to me... i find comfort.
    you speak in all wisdom to me and i can understand exactly what u say [well most times]
    I do believe others find this too in you...
    a person wrote to me today, over the post on divine love....
    that person said.
    I love you, you talk like our Saviour in so many ways.....DIVINE LOVE is my favorite subject.
    It is the MOST POWREFUL FORCE there is....
    well Ab,
    that's what fellowship and brethren are all about... the love they have for each other is a forgotten left just as His LIFE message LEFT too and evil AND his angels counterfeited another LIFE people believe in.

    but, thru you Spying, OUR Father,is allowing HIS LIFE TO APPEAR, so others can choose LIFE OR DEATH for themselves unhinded.

    i know we are only ''scratching the surface'', in many ways, as we are still learning, but even in this, there is ENOUGH LIFE, to alter us into His new creature.

    How glorious shall we be Ab when we are ''finished''... and received the prize.???
    OMG u will blind me...i shall have to have new eyes made just to look at you...
    now how good is that.

    well i could say more... but i won't
    as i dont want to allow ''flattery'' to be an issue here... as i mean business Godly business that is.

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    all the brethren shall be the same. at showing love...they cannot help it

    John 4:10 - "Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water."

    John 7:38 - "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."
    who ever heard of LIVING WATER?
    a water to drink that makes a person live.... with eternity and infinity.

    alive living person.

    the Jews have a ritual called Mikvah.

    Mikvah is ritual immersion in fresh, "living" water for physical and spiritual purification. Pure/holiness

    A mikvah mayim is a "gathering of waters," --for our consideration a Biblical baptistery.

    Judaism has long recognized the 'transformative' powers of the mikvah waters.

    Coming out of the living waters of the baptistery (mikvah mayim) represents a birth - being born through the waters of Eden. By the physical we picture the spiritual - being born through the Spirit of Messiah.

    They had to do this ritual, purification, before they entered the temple.

    After three millenniums, God established a Tabernacle, followed by a Temple. This was God’s appointed place (moed - Exodus 27:21) for man to meet with Him at His appointed times (moedim - Leviticus 23:2).
    It was to be like a miniature Garden of Eden, devoted totally to the service of God, where everything pertaining to man's fallen state would be excluded. Purity was a qualification for entering the Tabernacle or Temple (Numbers 19:20).

    John the baptizer was particularly involved with the baptism of repentance in the highest level of a mikvah - in a (portion of) the Jordan River called "living water," The "living water" of the Jordan was at a place where another river converged with the Jordan, and there was therefore some turbulence there, hence "living water."

    John's baptism of water could equate to the birth of Christ in us. (even Jesus took it from John).

    Christ's living water baptism could equate to the birth of God in us.

    The right of entry into Eden (Paradise) (Kingdom of God) is by grace through faith. A pure heart is the requirement. Baptism is a physical picture (symbol) of a spiritual reality.

    The pure in heart shall see God.

    So Christ purifies us before we see God.
    He is our living water and purifies us. He is our purifier. He 'then' can take us to the Father.

    What the Jews did outwardly (symbolically) He does inwardly (spiritually).

    A friend put it this way; the outward symbol of the Jews' ritual washing represents and prepared humanity for the inward and spiritual event of the "baptism" (awakening to spirit as our own Self and Being) taught by Jesus.

    a work of living waters....

    Jeremiah 2:13
    " My people have committed two sins:
    They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns that cannot hold water."
    We have to be continually drinking from that font of living waters hey?
    We cannot live upon the manna [yesterdays bread] of revelation.. if we are to grow into the rulership of His Kingdom as joint heirs...under His lordship.

    The MARK of this high calling, is ever stretching us forewards and if we notice a runner in the natural will only drink at certain points so they can keep going.

    When you burst forth Spying with the Wisdom from above... it is like drinking life IN at a certain point we have all stopped at~~~~~
    .... cuz....
    it the natural race, the drinks are in one spot.
    The runner stops for a drink at a certain ordained drinking stations... see this?

    what u wrote about ''the Drs''. yesterday was what ''certain runners'' needed to understand and then decide the action over their own lives.

    see this?

    Imagine being a physician watching Messiah heal all those who came to HIM.
    How curious would you be?
    How does this Yahushua so effortlessly accomplish what I cannot, the wise physician would ask?

    praise Abba for this divine knowledge expressed out for our learning

    that is outstanding wisdom Spying.
    and that is why i love being your friend,

    that is the whole essence of the whole thing summed up.
    that is the comparsion we needed to understand the true difference between the 2 systems.

    the system of the world
    the system of THE KINGDOM.
    now Spying... look again plx..

    In John 4:13 says
    "Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water, welling up to eternal life."

    that water that was given to you thru Abba and written out BY YOU, if drunk BY ANOTHER [ understood], would have led a person INTO ETERNAL LIFE.

    see this?
    how beautifull is that Ab....
    now u know why i so happy to be counted as your friend..


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      thank you for your beautifull wisdom Ab

      ''an expert workman is always worthy of holy praises''

      who said that?
      i did... so thats all that matters..
      but ''who are u''


      but to cont...

      I find 'living water' TO have a depth of meaning.
      Not just 'water' BUT Living Water... means... a Pure self-maintained Life!

      just the same power of maintenance AS HIS OWN LIFE HAS.

      did u see this?
      did u see it?

      CAN U BELIEVE THIS...????????????????????????????????????????????

      a pure self-maintained life... becomes OURS IN MESSIAH.

      LOVE, TAKES US BACK to our roots. =
      'The pure in heart shall see God''.

      i am fainting....
      look at this statement
      Herman Bavinck commented:
      "Men of science are by no means in agreement about the causes and nature of death.
      Over against those that see in death a natural and necessary end of life there are many who find death an even greater riddle than life, and who roundly declare that there is not a single reason why living beings should from some inner necessity have to die."
      [Our Reasonable Faith, translated by Henry Zylstra, Grand Rapids, Baker, 1956, p. 2581.]

      we can go deeper here..
      Thus when a man dies, he really dies because something kills him.
      He is, in fact, put to death.look at that plx....put to death....
      It may be by some disease, or it may be by a defect, or injury, or accident.
      The cause of death is foreign to the phenomenon of life.
      Death is strictly not "natural" to man so far as the medical evidence goes.


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        did u see this Spying....the living waters pouring out in revelation

        the phenomenon of life.

        how low and miserable have all our expectations become when we are here


        what is a phenomenon...
        describe IT's meaning to me....i am fainting and cannot respond...


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          a perfected ''man'' is being established

          a phenomenon is described as

          a rare or significant fact
          an exceptional thing
          an unusual thing
          abnormal thing
          or occurrence.


          but 1st things.... i wish u a happy sunday, Spying
          i know already your'e having a '' PHENOMENON OF LIFE.''
          when i saw these words yesterday, it just blew my head off


          because each person born is having this expereince and most don't recognise it for what it really is.

          a PHENOMENON... [FEW NO MEN ON] the whole word split up, even suggests men don't understand LIFE.

          so we could reverse this and say it is a phenomenon men fail to recognise life.

          they have failed TO BE a PHENOMENON.
          they have failed TO BE a PHENOMENON.

          THEY should have recognised it, but never did,

          they took a phenomenon for granted.
          they took a phenomenon for granted.


          they lack knowledge.

          why am i going on about this?

          well because prior to our birthing we all WERE NOT HAVING

          suddenly we are~~~~~ but~~~~~~ we dont know it.

          our eyes have to be opened to this fact...that we are all walking inside something rare and exceptional.

          HOWEVER.. not only this...but added to this knowledge is the LIVING WATERS...

          i could write.
          I am HAVING A PHENOMENON OF LIFE, by drinking the living waters.

          what is these living waters?


          not only are all men having a phenomenon of life they MUST find the VITAL LIFE FORCE too.

          this rare occurance happened, so that a man may find [by being wooed into] the vital life link that will allow him to become a JOINT HEIR and THRONE sitter.
          without this knowledge man is never equipped to be free from vanity.


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            the mystery of why we are all here???????

            we have all is why we are told TO SEEK.

            to seek, is a spiritual being seeking to reason out why, they are having a human experience...they are now experiencing HAVING A PHENOMENON OF LIFE.

            if we are wise, we shall seek and find THE OPENED DOOR.
            into a newer realm....

            stages of growth.

            1] a spiritual being prior to birth
            2] born into a human experience with lost of memory
            3] told to seek to find life.
            4] by seeking, we find the opened door
            5] into another higher life form than previously known.
            6] to come face to face with the King, the creator of all life, and to share This King's throne under His lordship with Him personally forever. into all infinity.

            now THAT IS THE PHENOMENON.... a rare occurrance.

            now u all know why ''i fainted'' [almost.]


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              cont. = now THAT IS THE PHENOMENON.... a rare occurrance

              a rare occurrance...the finding of our destiny IN Christ...the final solution

              When LIFE NOW, was revealed to us Spying, we were bonded together by THE TRUTH... to be friends/brethren...everything u tell me is by edification and everything i do for you perhaps [i hope] is for edification...
              IT SEEMS...
              to me as if this REVELATION found in John 11 v 25 is the pivotal point of our whole existance and if a person does not receive this revelation, they remain immersed in the laws of sin and death, even blanketed and blinded by the power of death even their personal physical death.

              DEATH is opposite to life

              2 extremes where there is no middle ground..
              no fence sitting...
              its black or its white.

              WHEN MESSIAH, TOLD This amazing fact to Martha in v 25, He was saying to her ''I AM FULL LIFE''
              [1 Jn 5 v.11-12,
              Jhn 1 v 4,]

              the amazing feature of our friendship is the bonding, even from 1/2 round the world the Spirit is still able to bond saints together for His purposes, so
              I have come to this conclusion = this bonding of His disciples was to be an amazing thing, and a part a PHENOMENONAL occurrance that attracted the attention of others.

              Jhn 13:35 By this shall all [men] know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another.

              This got me into thinking about the virtues..found in 2 Peter.1 v 4-7
              on the list of virues this 'love of the brethren' holds 2nd place, the 1st place goes to LOVE.
              Then i went to look for a CHURCH OF BROTHERLY LOVE... and ofcourse i found
              Philadelphia = the church of brotherly love cuz that is the meaning of this name ''philadelphia''.

              now i was getting rather overly excited here cuz this church had a special feature the Lord was telling me to notice...THE OPEN DOOR.
              I NEEDED to see
              1] brotherly love
              2] the open door
              3] new jerusalem.

              3 clues... TO BEING THIS [RARE] PHENOMENON OF LIFE.

              "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things
              saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of
              David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man
              openeth;" Rev 3:7

              an open or a shut door entirely depends on the ''love of the brethren''.
              u have NO love - you get the shut door and have just ceased to be a phenomenon and rare.
              a human lacking all knowledge and having been dumbed down by the laws of sin and death = + ''satanic controlling''.

              TO SHARE this love, [His love with others] is to be as our Messiah forecasted. in Jhn 13 v 35.

              now, the ''team'' of brotherly love is given the ''keys of david''.
              the key holders.
              keys = authority.
              the holders of authority are the disciples of brotherly love....the phenomenon.
              These are a team, that shall stand together, against the odds in brotherly love, and it is this LOVE, [1st. place of all gifts] that allows them to receive the keys of divine authority, so they can be about their Father's business without continual correction
              the no. of the verse is Rev.3 v 7 . that can mean 37, the royal number of THE King...37~~~~~

              this place is a place of trust, that place where Abba can trust His friends to carry out His business in a CO-opperative venture.
              the KEY OF DAVID... can also mean THE KEY OF THE CITY.... the new Jerusalem.

              the hero's welcome with THE key to THE CITY....



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                the final solution

                hello Everyone. [ i digress here a little]

                there is a song i love,
                i adore and sing it with great feeling [when i am alone that is] and the Holy Spirit dances with me ...we love it together.

                have u ever heard it and it's thumping music?...
                it is the greatest.

                Days Of Elijah
                These are the days of Elijah,
                Declaring the word of the Lord:
                And these are the days of Your servant Moses,
                Righteousness being restored.
                And though these are days of great trial,
                Of famine and darkness and sword,
                Still, we are the voice in the desert crying
                'Prepare ye the way of the Lord!'

                Behold He comes riding on the clouds,
                Shining like the sun at the trumpet call;
                Lift your voice, it's the year of jubilee,
                And out of Zion's hill salvation comes.

                These are the days of Ezekiel,
                The dry bones becoming as flesh;
                And these are the days of Your servant David,
                Rebuilding a temple of praise.
                These are the days of the harvest,
                The fields are as white in Your world,
                And we are the labourers in Your vineyard,
                Declaring the word of the Lord!

                There's no God like Jehovah.
                There's no God like Jehovah!

                Copyright © 1997 Daybreak Music Ltd.
                it is the best of the best this song.
                it kinda enters into your blood stream and moves you into the fields, to DECLARE THE NAME OF THE LORD.

                when singing this song, it makes one feel they actually SHINE LIKE THE SUN is so powerfull.

                the year of JUBILEE...
                Spying and I are in ''our year of Jubilee''
                we are living inside of that year even now.
                we have been released from the wound of death and converted into LIFE, because we believed His revelation. Jhn 11 v 25

                To believe is not just accent with a head understanding but a life-walk understanding too.

                hearing- then action
                believing- is action of hearing.


                an inner healing takes place inside of us when WE BELIEVE THE WORD OF THE LORD, we begin to become whole.... and all those wounds from the past, that are lodged like a death-nell inside, begin to be healed, they become sown up, by HIS THREAD OF LOVE.

                His LOVE spreads like a healing balm over all our sores as our dried up bones of death become alive and knitted together.

                the ALIVE BRETHREN, who have been released into ABUNDANT LIFE, are like those dried up bones that have come to life in the flesh.
                cuz it is OUT FROM ZION'S HILL, salvation comes.

                do you know about ZION?

                Zion's grandmother used to live in this little town here in Oz.
                isn't it strange how even a name of Glory, can be found in a family line.
                IF only we have eyes to see, i do believe we would find out the strangest things that are never a co-incidence about ourselves.

                pepare ye the way of the Lord

                how good is that

                On another forum Spying and i speak on Life now,
                we get boo-ed and hiss-ed at...[the natives get restless]

                Spying always defends me like a white knight and brings out that sword of truth to slay all the ungodly dragons.

                YET, while he does this for me, he also is spreading the healing balms of life to others.
                it is a great Mix.

                this is what the word - BRETHREN- really means, in the truest sense.
                a people made willing to fight for their faith shoulder to shoulder under the power of the Holy Spirit.
                THOSE Brethren , who are becoming THE ZION OF THE LORD.


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                  the year of Jubilee

                  i do think, some people can live in ''a year of jubilee''.....they become released from all former complaints/conditions/sins/situations... to be free, or... are able to gain their freedom,
                  why? cuz they are having a changed mind.

                  Their freedom comes as they begin to think differently.
                  It is not that the ''problems'' grow less, it is the fact that, the problems become unimportant, kinda fade away into nothingness and when this happens a joy is involved.

                  that's hard to explain i reckon....

                  Say u were a pauper and you somehow had ''came into money''... so your pauper days were a thing of the past, and no longer mattered anymore....they had gone.
                  Well, that seems to be the same effect as this ''jubilee releasing''... what!!! once mattered very much, no longer seems that important.

                  healing is gaining ground within.

                  We are growing up into spiritual adults.

                  We are loosing our baby teeth, becoming weaned and now able to eat meat.
                  The divine meat, at His table as HE sups with us.

                  ''the covenant of salt.''

                  when one sits at the table with a friend.

                  Today i was sitting at the beach and there was a group of young people playing cricket in the park nearby....i saw one male player throw the cricket ball at a bird and kill it....the other players were shocked and the game stopped.

                  to kill something is a loss.
                  something precious is lost to death.

                  people were upset, over a bird's death - it affected them....they stopped their game.

                  what is lost?

                  LIFE IS LOST....
                  something that is phenomenonal is lost, even in a was lost.

                  what sort of a person would kill a bird? The same sort of person who would kill love.
                  vanity is loss.
                  vanity is death.

                  Don't u think we all really need to cast off the ''death mind'' and be released from loss.

                  the ''year of Jubilee'' releases us from LOST freedom.
                  THAT is why, it is very special to see ''the open door'' cuz once you see it, you can enter thru it = into freedom.

                  what is this open door? = John 11 v 25

                  Joshua and Caleb, knew how to BELIEVE, then enter in....
                  yes... they saw the giants
                  and yes
                  they were like grasshoppers....but...they saw freedom too.

                  they knew when they entered in ''loss'' for them would be no more.


                  they were able to overcome the giants.

                  death is a giant
                  death is loss

                  death is LOSS of the phenomenon of life.
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                    Apostle Paul shares his secret about that

                    "Peace that passes all understanding" ...
                    Paul's trouble did not go... but his attitude to his trouble was changed.

                    because we are made IN the image of Our Creator, we too can create.
                    We are a child of creation......a child of the Creator....
                    so therefore We all inherit our creative ability from our Image maker.... not an elephant in the zoo.
                    We create with our minds....
                    1] we create our lifestyle with our mind....
                    2]we create our relationships with our mind.....

                    we create period.

                    how we do it is deformed.
                    did u see Adam's name
                    ADAM.... letters rearranged = MAD
                    ADAM gave us all a legacy of MADNESS.
                    We have created our 'buildings' that lean....they are wonky.
                    That is because our carnal mind and all vanity are CO Workers.

                    but on that pivotal point....JOHN 11 V 25...
                    WE LEAN a different way....
                    WE Lean not on our own understanding.
                    When we lean upon our 5 senses, our deformed soul of will, mind and emotions for our understanding we lean only upon the laws of death.

                    When, the love of the brethren walk togther, true compassion flows.
                    That is because they once walked that way too but are now free [or being freed].

                    When the love of the brethren walk together [in the ideal, that some are learning all about] this world no longer has the power
                    to distract from the ''principle of love'' = the believers ability to overcome death...the loss of LOVE.

                    love makes us seek the kingdom of heaven first.....when we do this 'all else' shall be added unto us...

                    '' all else'' is all inclusive nothing is left out nor found wanting IF we seek.
                    seek - to find HEAVEN.
                    but '''heaven'''' is within, we are told.
                    We are to look inwards by developing a changed mind.....believing HIM, changes our perspectives.

                    we begin to lick our inner sores, or, those wounds that shall never heal within us, are those attitudes that cause us to die.

                    let each of us look at our sores....
                    [those spots of corruption that stay there day after day] and begin the divine healing process upon them, with the balm of Gilead. Jer 8 v 22.
                    the balm is the salve, the divine treatment that shall bring about our health.

                    ''is there NO Physician there''?

                    yes there is.... the brethren of love, is the expression of divine authority.
                    see Acts 3 v 1-11

                    the brethren working together correctly = the true physicians


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                      LucySmith, you mentioned a song about the days of Elijah. I had not heard it before but a christian brethren actually sent this song to me today. Pretty good one.

                      Btw, I'm new here. This is my first serious check here. Just wanting to say hi to you all. So.. hi.


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                        Praise Is Such A Wonderful Experience!

                        Hi Lucy,

                        You are so very kind to me with your words. This forum is a place of refuge for us, and even though I am away fighting death right now, I return for the wonderful scent of you, the resurrection life that manifests in you through ADONAI Messiah Yahushua.

                        We are seeking to imitate Messiah through bearing each other's burdens, and we encourage each other by giving of our life to promote life for each other.

                        We are given behind the scenes help to pay for and maintain this forum. Hyssop and ImAHebrew and others have provided that help and continue to provide. Hyssop also supplies the technical expertise. He has stopped automatic registration for our security. It is funny how patterns emerge.

                        Thank you, Lucy, for being here and for your praise (imitation) of Messiah Yahushua.

                        Sincerely, Ab
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          Hello Ab, and ThomasDan

                          ThomasDan hello.
                          that song is super.... it puts meat on ya bones that is for sure.
                          i know my songs and this one is out there... on the top of the list.. as far as annointed songs go.

                          hello Spying
                          I knew you were doing a marvellous work with the ''deathfighters..:'') and as for being kind.. NO way... I am telling all who will listen...the truth, in love
                          about how u are like a white knight to all underdogs.
                          So i shall inc. your friends too with my thanks...
                          thank you friends of Spying.
                          are they BELIEVERS SPYING?

                          If not, get them by the scruff of their necks and immerse their heads into John 11. drown them in it... till they go...OMG... I SEE IT... i was once so blind but now i see.

                          they shall be RELEASED.... and can join us, in our year of Jubilee.
                          AT the TRUMPET CALL...
                          i feel LIKE BLASTING OFF AGAIN... hang on...

                          ''Shining like the sun at the trumpet call;
                          Lift your voice, it's the year of jubilee,
                          And out of Zion's hill salvation comes''
                          don't let them go till they can shine like the sun too Ab...
                          LIFT YOUR VOICE, tell them it's the year of Jubilee
                          and out of the city of God, shall salvation/freedom come.

                          fill your homes with this song... i tell u, nothing shall stand in your way as u lift your voices up to the highest in praises.

                          that song is a trumpet.
                          the call is
                          OUT FROM ZION'S HILL [ the people of Father] shall salvation come.

                          the open door
                          the key
                          the city

                          to cont
                          the 3 in 1 package deal.


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                            the word Doubt, = our inheritance, willed over to us~~

                            we did not doubt when we were born we had 'doubt' as a gift, an heritance, in the ''will'' of Adam.

                            can i ask politely...please
                            are u CONTESTING THIS WILL?

                            how badly !!!

                            shall we now look at OUR LEGACY, our rights we have to this will made back in very ancient times.
                            here it is continued up the line of the generations
                            it goes like this [ author not known]

                            ''Though many of us avoid contemplating it, we must all face the last enemy, death.
                            Moreover, we do not know when our lives will end:
                            We may be in excellent health yet be caught in a fatal accident.
                            It is good to be prepared for such an eventuality.
                            Scripture suggests that putting our affairs in order before we die is a responsible and proper activity--in fact, it is an act of love toward those who survive us.''
                            the general belief of all generations
                            it sounds so nice, kindly even... the purr the soft carnal purr of a lying 'sens'ible devil [ a sense god] responds back with... ''what a good idea''

                            on the other hand
                            we have a BORN AGAIN person from HIS incorruptable seed that says '' the bride makes herself ready''
                            to be blamless in spirit soul and body at His appearing....
                            HE IS NEVER COMING BACK for some old disinterested whore who is any man's seed container, her insides are so corrupted with false seeds., she is a dirty old prostitute, gawdy and corrupt.

                            Let us now
                            look at PROSTITUTE ''DOUBTING''.
                            See this harlot as she is in every person...UNLESS~~~~~~~

                            we CONTEST THE will of adam.

                            there is ANOTHER WILL WRITTEN...
                            THE WILL OF THE FATHER...
                            MESSIAH KNEW IT

                            DO YOU?

                            THIS WILL CONTAINS THE WORD BELIEVE.

                            IT REALLY MEANS TO ''BE'' as the image of Christ = TO LIVE.

                            In this WILL, when we open it, it will show us how to overcome the will [ as quoted above ] of Adam and his pal the devil.

                            THE WORD DOUBT.... IS STRICKENED... from our inheritance....

                            do u see this word STRICKEN...
                            i love this word.... it is so violently beautifull....

                            TO STRICKEN means - TO VIOLENTLY remove a massive force that is holding us back.

                   an evil legacy - holds us all back

                            BELIEVE.. ..... is a divine revelation.


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                              TO STRICKEN means - TO VIOLENTLY remove a massive force that is holding us back.

                              to stricken is such a powerfull action.
                              only Messiah can give us such power as TO STRICKEN VIOLENTLY and remove a massive force that is holding us back.

                              have u got this within your life....this power to change?
                              have u got this within your life....this power to remove HINDERANCES?.

                              do you contain a divine PREVENTIVE MANTAINANCE system?

                              When Messiah leads us to His open door... all things become possible now for us.

                              Spying and I were talking yesterday about how we have changed,[changing] from our former nature to how we are now,
                              we are in the process of a divine make over.
                              You see all former natures contained the ''madness of adam''
                              look at the name ADAM - it contains the word ''mad''.
                              mad - insane- unable to reason correctly....
                              He willed to us a legacy of madness.
                              The inmates of an asylum do not know they are crazy do they?
                              Humans beings don't know it either and it is only when they become His new creature can they look back on their former ways, and understand the POWER
                              we need to be changed from this former gross perspective.

                              To be stricken from the power of crazy human-ness into a divine likeness.
                              now!!! that is good.
                              He makes us shed our old nature like a snake shall shed its skin.
                              The people we become IN Christ are GLORIOUS people with no taint of snake is found within... longer a reptillian mind to direct us any more.


                              we have become ''a habit of godly nature'' by practicing His will over our persona.

                              now... for a revelation.

                              WHEN a person is loosing their reptillian nature, they become different than other people, they become INTHEBELOVED and it is only IN this place LOVE WILL ARISE AND BEAR, the fruit of love.
                              the fruit of love is the highest virtue called brotherly love.[ 2 Pet 4-7]
                              that brotherly love is the building stones in the city of Zion an it's keys to success.

                              this city does not contain the adam-madness of Draconians
                              all those people who are lost in madness [adam] and who present themselves as the ''''church''' alongside ,the heathen and all man made up other religions.

                              Only those who hear the call to come out from all babylonish ways, shall enter into that city.

                              no snakes
                              no snake -like natures
                              no dragons
                              no dead

                              shall enter in.

                              it is a city of ''THE WELL PLEASING''.

                              well ABBA firstly
                              ''WELL PLEASING'' TO EACH OTHER.

                              Spying and I are moving into the area of the ''well pleasing''.... and i know others are too.

                              when doves mate and build a nest, [i have read,] they will always have 2 eggs
                              1] male
                              1] female
                              these chicks grow up and stay together and when it is time, they do what all generations of doves have done before them.

                              the dove is a sign of the Holy Spirit ...the Holy Spirit makes males and females compatiable [See Gen 1 v 27]....the dragon makes them mostly incompatiable. [ see Gen 3 v 12]

                              ALL OUR ''former things'' are always incompatiable with THE REAL THING.