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  • 02-02-2007

    God first


    Here I sat Roy William Perry III know to many as year2027 written unto with love in my heart and joy in my eyes.

    May you be blessed with the grace, peace, loving kindness of God and his son Jesus the Christ the gift of holy spirit in you.

    Now I could tell you what will happen, I could say in 2012 AD a great earth quake under the ocean floor will open up a hole were one third of the ocean water will go, but what good will that do you.

    Because if this was true would you get closer to God and Christ or wait to see if I am right or wrong and believe me then and only then.

    But how do you know you will be alive in 2012 AD, for death can over take you in a second of a moment of time when you are not ready.

    Now I could tell you in 2015 war will break out world war III and this war will last until man destroys their self, but this would not help you either because you may think there still time to get to know God.

    Now I could tell you in 2018 AD the rain forest will be caught on fire and burn up to the point there no rain forest left and I could say in 2020 AD the a nuke will be set off, but you might think there is still time.

    If all of these things happen would you listen to me or would laugh at my words and mock God and his son the Christ.

    What will get you to see God loves you? Tell me because if it was in my power I would give it to you but its not in my power.

    For even if you told me and I got it you would want another sign but no sign will be given unto us that has not been given years ago.

    For I am thankful for the many who stand with me in love and truth but for the ones who stand alone I can only reach out to you.

    For it is God that love you enough to give you free will but its mankind that wants to take away that free will.

    For if you die the second death that will be on you because there are many voices crying out to show you the way.

    Why do we do this because we want you to be part of our new family that we will be part of with God the Father, and Jesus Christ our brother.

    Can I say any more, I think not. But I am here reaching hoping you join me my friends.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.