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The Beloved Physician?

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  • The Beloved Physician?

    Hi Everyone,

    Physicians are mentioned in a number of places in the Scriptures. There are two or perhaps three mentions of physicians that come immediately to my mind. I will place them in this order:
    • The account of Asa:
      2 Chronicles 16:12
      12 And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to YAHWEH, but to the physicians.
      13 And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign.
    • The woman with an issue of blood:
      Mark 5:25-26
      25 And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,
      26 And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse,
      Here is the parallel account in Luke who himself was a physician:
      Luke 8:43
      43 And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,
    • And of course Luke whom Paul refers to as the Beloved Physician:
      Colossians 4:14
      14 Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas, greet you. (Literally: the physician, the one worthy of love. Was Luke the only physician worthy of love?)
    • Question: Why do you think that Paul referred to Luke as the Beloved Physician?
    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!

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    why do I think it?

    for this reason Spying...

    to begin....
    the Book of Acts is not yet finished being written,
    one day ye shall be known as

    My son, the beloved Concreter

    and i shall be known as

    My Beloved daughter of Flowers.


    we are ''in'' the BELOVED, and are ENCOMPASSED around BY the Beloved

    My daughter, would be one of the most beautifull women in this world,
    everyone looks at her as she is so beautifull and sparkling....not only that she is my ''beloved''.

    My nick- name for her is ''Holy heart''.
    I call her small daughter ''Holyheart2''

    ''relationship and knowing'' makes one a BELOVED as inside that relationship we see their beauty and their heart.

    beloved - to ''BE'' LOVE

    ''BE'' LOVE
    to come to Love
    to become love

    CAN lucy BECOME LOVE too?

    i am hoping with the greatest expectation of ''be'' coming LOVE. in the Beloved.

    the description was not ''praising the profession'' but ''praising the man'' so to speak...
    for his inner character and heart was revealed to that writer of Colossians 4:14

    notice also~~~~~~

    that the other physicians you mentioned by verses, were not BELOVED PHYSICIAN...but rather a ''curse'' or a substitute that failed the healing tests.

    babylon is a false image and inside babylon is confusion and death.
    even ''the Physician cannot heal thyself,'' cuz where death is king, his subjects suffer death too.

    WE can view this from another angle...
    a physician - a healer - an expert on health...
    so we could say LUKE THE PHYSICIAN OF LOVE AND HEALTH = meaning a changed man and man who knew now how to LOVE CORRECTLY AND MINISTER out health OF THE cutting away the power of the flesh

    it is all how we view ''the saying''

    1]with our carnal mind that says ALL physicians are ''beloved''
    or with
    2]our spiritual mind that refuses carnal information.


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      cont. An interesting tib-bit of information

      i once received about.

      THE BODY...our body...6 billion bodies on earth today~~~~~~
      clones of each other.

      the body is our lord, and contains death, when we seek to preserve it and the self life it contains.

      When we come into a divine understanding of corruption, we will see that our body RULES OVER US COMPLETELY 24/7

      Now think
      there is absolutely nothing made, created or used in some way, that does not affect our body of the 5 senses.

      these carnal elements in us all are groomed and pampered and fondled over...the body speaks, so we jump to accommodate it with all its lusts and fevers and wantS and ''must haves' and needs'.

      look around to see how our eye ---wants.....
      how our ear listens, and what does it listen too
      how our smell has to be perfect to hide our corruptions, all those dead things in us that smell...
      we smell.
      our taste-bud is pampered too...
      the body of death carrying within the smell of death...dead and stinketh.
      the body is the grave
      the body is to be self satisfied and groomed to self satisfaction.
      self is complete in a body that is self possessed by the carnal nature.


      tell the body to fast for 40days... to see if death lives within?


      go without pills, and be silent and see the Salvation of the Lord arrive?
      to see if death has been removed


      turn off the TV
      dont read babylonian rubbish,
      no movies that are x rated and perverse and voilent.
      no porn, no sex, what of celibaticy...say as Paul and Christ?

      ummm the hard yards

      we can be changed so that the BODY CEASES to be pleased and a new body comes as a LIVING SACRIFICE... the self-life is laid upon the altar and burned up by HOLINESS AND PURITY of a changed mind where our life is given up and a NEW LIFE appears in us...mimus the smell of our death.

      we begin to ''smell like rose''.
      when self preservation ceases and LIFE IN RESURRECTION POWER begins to form like a rose bud inside us.

      self is corrupt
      We put off our Corruption.
      to put on INCORRUPTION.

      We are NOT TO BE OF THIS WORLD... let us leave this world to ''them'' and move out into our new living conditions where MESSIAH'S LIFE WILL APPEAR in us forever.

      In our new living conditions we have to get used
      to new habits,
      new thinking,
      new acts,
      new ways,
      new paths...

      we have LIVE FOREVER.



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        there is NO such a person as a ''christian doctor''

        oh, i can hear the gasps and the groans...saying ''NOT so,
        Lucy your'e mad''...

        yes I am mad = madly in love with a MAN WHO DIED TO SET ME FREE, from everything that is abnormal, vile and destroying.
        THAT IS WHY I SAY THIS positively...

        unless we are APPREHENDED BY CHRIST, on our road to Damascus we have not received true SALVATION.

        to be apprehended means....
        to come out from this abnormal world and into another world with a NEW KING, that deserves our obedience
        HE DIED
        TO SET
        US FREE.

        6 WORDS that have toIMPACT OUR LIVES SO MUCH WE ARE CHANGED OVER, from all death into ALL life.

        To be a christian doctor is to be MESSIAH, for He HAS BeCOME OUR HEALTH, BY GIVING US THE same HEALTH as He possesses.
        It is very hard to switch thinking i know it.. don't tell me... i suffered over this for a good while [been there did that]... but I got changed over to have HIM AS MY HEALER.... and He does Heal.
        We stand aside and HEAR HIS VOICE and then HE OVERCOMES FOR US...

        nothing is easy
        nothing is sure and cut and dried as our mind will go into an earthquake but then He will show us all about King Asa...

        and then

        the woman with the issue of blood for 12yrs.

        notice here 12 is the no. for the Government of God....
        12 yrs this woman FAILED TO HAVE THIS NEW GOVERNMENT WITHIN HER, she sort all other methods that failed...
        all Drs fail, they treat the symptom not the causes.... sin is the cause... stopping sinning stop death.
        Sin kills.
        how simply is that.. yet... so hard to put into action.

        He shows us how to have His health.
        Drs. are no longer necesary as a NEW MAN IS NOW INCHARGE of us.

        now, I CAN HEAR ALL ''THE WHAT IF'S''... and the what if's do come, i experience these what if's but, i am learning simply to stand UPON HIS WORD, and the POWER IN THIS DIVINE WORD, will remove all what if's.

        I have this testimony.

        i used to go to Drs like all people, till one day I heard differently... i heard how to walk before Him in faith [ not as a wacky $ orientated faith religious healer does NO way, i despise them too] but BY THE FAITH, that will come by hearing.

        hearing is essential, we cannot do anything till we hear and then ACT IN OBEDIENCE to that hearing.

        it is like a fine line...hearing + acting
        not just acting on presumption that is how faith healers work....
        to presume...
        yet... even in this is a fine line too that is why the Holy Spirit has to be heard.

        now the LOVER, shall never allow the BRIDE more than she can endure.
        THE LOVER is ever hovering, over His beloved...whispering edification to her as she passes her tests of faith to be proven faithfull.

        now ofcourse the ''what ifs'' and ''i gots'' come into play too...
        that is why, we HEAR... so we can then touch THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT TO BE HEALED BY HIS FAITH.

        now this is a very touchy subject, sickness touches the body and the body screams for attention and quick fixes...

        if u mean TRUE BUSINESS WITH FATHER, he will made sure IT'S HIS BUSINESS TO FIX YOU

        LET us never pretend we have ''got it all together'' cuz if we did, we would be MESSIAH'S...

        so the good thing to understand is A LEARNER LEARNS and a LEARNER ALSO LEARNS from their own mistakes.

        learn from all the abnormal sining mistakes of the past, stop sining, overcome and live in divine health forever.

        I dont have all the answers but i do know IF we allow HIM in us, to increase and to expand it is only then, all things become possible and we loose our needs for earthy solutions.

        let us leave the money makers craft of doctors and pills to the lost and dead men walking...let us move forewards into a new life of normal things like health and strength found IN our Beloved.
        the dr. and pills writter is NOT god, only to the lost and too themselves.


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          Righteous Occupations?

          Hi Lucy,

          I am following your thinking, and I am listening. I really like this saying:
          to begin....
          the Book of Acts is not yet finished being written,
          one day ye shall be known as

          My son, the beloved Concreter

          and i shall be known as

          My Beloved daughter of Flowers.
          Has it not just been written by Lucy? Ab, the sealer of concrete, fully worthy of being loved! Lucy, the arranger of flowers, fully worthy of being loved. To this Paul writes: Luke, the physician, fully worthy of being loved.

          I am still a sealer of concrete, and you are still an arranger of flowers. Can Luke, if he also remains, can Luke still be a physician?

          I have sought several times in my life to change my occupation hoping to improve my financial situation and also because I imagined that I was getting too old to do concrete flatwork. I finally realized after a number of hard knocks that perhaps I should follow Paul's fatherly advice:
          1 Corinthians 7:20
          20 Let every man abide (remain) in the same calling wherein he was called.
          And remain a worker of concrete!

          Obviously, Paul was not advising that the thief should remain a thief, or that the prostitute should remain a prostitute. Paul is above referring to honorable occupations.

          Therefore, is being a physician or a nurse, are these honorable occupations?

          Should Adonai Messiah Yahushua grant me this blessing and graciously call and save my children, shall I instruct my two oldest daughters to give up nursing?

          Sincerely, Ab
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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            only Our Father can tell others what to do

            i cannot.
            no man should tell another what to do.....

            Now ofcourse
            they can point to the door, even open it a little, but no one can walk thru it, in another's shoes.
            do u know this Ab?

            we are all wrong in our thinking,

            WE ARE subjects of this world and its needs, none of us ever eVen considers the alternative, cuz mostly we are blinded to it.

            whoever would think, Christ is my healer now, Cuz HE is my Lord.?
            He said this
            ''by My strips ye are healed''.

            healed...all bits left out.....

            no-one would....
            thats stupid, that's insane and weird, cultish even.

            unless they had been apprehended.

            once a person is apprehended, they are no longer of this world as they become HIS WORKMANSHIP, and as i have written before....all things become as dung to them, little by little....they move out from here, and into the world of LOVE.

            HOW CAN I EXPLAIN THIS...

            it all sounds postively stupid.

            i am stupid

            take no notice.

            people only ever want a jesus made in the image of themselves.

            i dont...
            i found a better life, and as i share this life as a testimony, i let others decide if i walk in the truth.
            I am finding out, The truth works for me...but...perhaps not for all

            also i have noticed that we can make the bible mean anything we wish it too.
            one verse says one thing yet another can contradict it so to me it is like fitting wrong parts of jigsaw together to form a picture that fails to look just right..... kinda out sinc but almost ok.

            we have to be guided into all Truth
            like a ''tour guide'' that will show us the scenic views we have not seen before.

            so each person is accountable for the light they walk in.

            u asked me this Ab
            1 Corinthians 7:20
            20 Let every man abide (remain) in the same calling wherein he was called.

            And remain a worker of concrete!

            Obviously, Paul was not advising that the thief should remain a thief, or that the prostitute should remain a prostitute. Paul is above referring to honorable occupations.

            Therefore, is being a physician or a nurse, are these honorable occupations?

            are these honorable occupations?
            according to the 2 verses u quoted they failed to heal.
            they ''advertised'' they could to Asa and to the woman, even took her money

            1] Asa
            2] The Woman with an issue

            their workplace ethic failed to bear the fruit required by Asa, and The woman.
            if you did a bad job of laying concrete, what would happen?
            if u took money for a bad work, what would happen?
            but not only did u do it once [as some mistake] but u laid that concrete badly more times than not...
            what would happen?

            so TO ME...... it is a definate ''no''....

            to others...a positive... ''yes''.
            people love their DRS and their nurses..
            they say
            ''MY DOCTOR said''...
            they have given themselves over to another...
            and when we allow our body to dictate to us, we are still in death.

            Jesus was never ill

            why are we?


            i say ''MY SAVIOUR said''
            but i am foolish please take no notice of a fool.


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              A Time For Sickness!

              Hi Lucy,

              You have heard me say over and over: This physical world in which we live is a picture, or image, or shadow of the spiritual world. The physical world or Matrix appears to be real, but it is only real in that it is a real image. All occupations in the physical world are therefore by themselves vain, and all are therefore part of a larger vanity. Solomon was indeed right: All is vanity!

              Concrete flatwork is vanity (the futility of all earthly work is why I have so aggressively sought after ELOHIM). Making floral arrangements is vanity. Being a physician is vanity. Being a nurse is vanity. Being a politician is vanity. Being a priest is vanity. Being a preacher is vanity. Being a father, being a mother, being a son, being a daughter, it is all vanity.

              All of these earthly positions and responsibilities exist to teach us concerning our enduring relationship throughout eternity. They exist to help program or imprint the spiritual mind of the renewed or restored YAHWEH ELOHIM with all wisdom and knowledge and understanding learned the hard way, that is, through experience. This great ELOHIM is ADONAI Messiah Yahushua, and in the spiritual, HE is father and mother to us. HE is brother and sister. HE is king and servant. He is husband and wife. He is the fullness which fills all and is in all, and we are the Beloved, HIS Fullness! And you are very right, there is absolutely nothing that HE will withhold or will not give to HIS Beloved!

              What I hear you saying on this thread, Lucy, is simply this: If you should have need of a physician, you will seek out the physician who has the power to heal you, will you not? How long did it take you to learn this lesson? Indeed, it is a very valuable lesson actually priceless, but you had to endure a number of pills and a number of doctors before you were ready to recognize that lesson, didn't you? Without experiencing the vanity of the medical profession, you might have continued to assume that the power to heal was in their hands.

              Lucy, the power to heal is in the hands of the Beloved as I am sure you will agree. If we had to endure ailments and sickness to learn this lesson, why do you say that Messiah was never ill?:
              Jesus was never ill
              Remember, the Matrix is a training ground of suffering and sorrow as Barnabas says, Man is suffering ground.

              Sincerely, Ab
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                YES u r correct Ab as always

                i did seek Drs and pills like all men earth bound... i was the same... i was blinded by vanity and all social living standards of this world.
                they are a trap as this hole world lis in deception.
                For years and years i had pills for migrane headaches, that felled me down so bad i could have knocked my head off just to get away from the pain.

                i used to pray for healing and it never came, so, I am not insensitive to others plight at all.

                but, one day i was not like this any more.

                it was on my 50th birthday...
                50 is the bible no. for jubilee....the release.

                i had a new villa to live in, i had a headache so bad i took a temper tantrum so bad i think i was insane with pain.
                I slammed the door of my bedroom, i crashed it against the wall and i did this 3 times so that the whole place shook and trembled at my temper passion.
                i said ''NO MORE PILLS NO MORE DRS..
                only ABBA, HE MADE ME, SO LET HIM HEAL ME...''

                that is my testimony.
                was i healed
                yes i was
                did i feel the benefit of healing
                no , not, for another 3 odd yrs i suffered so bad, but i never took anything....

                they went. after 48 yrs, they vanished.
                i had them from when i as 5 ys old.

                have i needed Drs since?..
                yes i have very badly....many times.
                did i use them?
                NO... i got healed By Messiah...

                I heard Him tell me all about '' His Stripes'' and how it all was for Him [and i was ASHAMED, to fall into the hands of another when He told me about the stripes and the nails] in very clear understandings.

                it broke my heart Ab...i fell to bits

                i lay in bed as one dead for 3days, i felt all my life seep out from my skin, like seeping juices from rotten fruit.

                i lay there without any type of life in me as mine was drifting away someplace. All i did was breathe
                i recovered, i got up and i resumed my work and life....but i was a changed person with a belief, THAT WILL NOT BE SHAKEN.

                i have to live out my life, without shame....not in my strength but in His power and might.
                i have always been programmed to be this way from a small child.
                programmed, by my parents. Perhaps it was because they were shamed of themelves? who knows.

                well now another trains me to be shame-less too....
                i have a hard time....trying to do my own thing here...


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                  cont.................trinity, THE Trinity

                  in the 1st movie only of the Matrix.
                  She has come out from the Matrix, she makes it her duty to call others out, and she partly uses the computer....called THE NET.

                  What does she do, that is so right, IS======= she casts out into the NET for Neo?
                  [the new man]
                  She casts it out ''on the right side of the ship to catch the 153 big fish, so big, yet the net did not break''
                  John 21 .

                  Trinity could only do this because she had been there, done that, prior to her release.
                  In the Movie, Trinity manages to do all kind of ''impossible feats'' that amaze her audience.
                  Her actions are a picture Parable, of how a saint learns how to do impossible things under the divine direction of the Holy Spirit.
                  Trinty has been perfected in her walk, she can release others as she has been released first in herself.
                  This is what the Holy Spirit is doing in some people's lives today.
                  Trinity is a picture [so hard to explain or see] what is happening inside some people who are learning how not to perish and be destroyed.

                  Trinity has few friends, infact most people cannot see her.
                  unbeknowns to most, our pal, Trinity is a refined super hero.
                  That is one movie the Holy Spirit shall speak thru to His ''intraining people''.

                  yes Ab
                  your'e right, i never underestimate your wisdom and power of the Holy Writ!
                  your'e skilled as a skilled workman in the natural that u are.

                  I am becoming skilled too, perhaps in a different way, but nonetheless skilled in the art of SUBMISSION to the Word alone.

                  The new age people have ''mantras'' to speak out, sentences that will ''do'' stuff that helps them, so they think.
                  The saint, has THE WORD....
                  now i know i shall find this hard to explain.

                  here goes...

                  THE WORD IS EVEN ABOVE HIS NAME.
                  The word spoken out, contains divine energy that heals.
                  It is NOT a magic formular like a ''mantra'' nor a spell nor anything evil of a way

                  ''BY HIS STRIPES YE ARE HEALED''......


                  the stripes would have killed any mortal human man dead
                  ..stone dead....
                  but as Messiah was unable to die as an ordinary man FROM such voilent woundings, [as HE IS the LIFE,] the stripes were taken into His body as a witness to His Word, and so all the LIFE IN MESSIAH, covered over the death of these 39+ 1 STRIPES.

                  We are healed not cuz we say the words, but we are healed from the TRUTH OF HIS LIFE OVER AND ABOVE the death in HIS WOUNDS.
                  i cannot make it any clearer than this.

                  the Matrix holds onto it's own methods.
                  THE KINGDOM HAS ITS OWN METHODS too.

                  perhaps we all should consider this old saying

                  ''You may know who you are, but you may not know, who you can be''


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                    The Beloved Son!

                    Hi Lucy,

                    This I know, and this you should believe : I know a whole lot, but I should strive to be like Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heros and accept the fact that I know nothing.

                    Whenever I begin to think that I know something, then I become hasty. You should see all my mistakes. They rarely make it to the forums because I have a Protector, ADONAI Messiah Yahushua, who will allow me push a wrong button and the post is lost. I don't know how many times this has happened to me. I still get upset when it happens, but I accept the fact that those posts should not see the light of day because of the error contained in them. Thank you, ADONAI!
                    THE KINGDOM HAS ITS OWN METHODS too.

                    Imagine being a physician watching Messiah heal all those who came to HIM. How curious would you be? How does this Yahushua so effortlessly accomplish what I cannot, the wise physician would ask? This Yahushua can actually heal while I myself just make stabs in the dark!

                    I am fairly convinced, Lucy, that those who truly heal must first learn how they themselves were first healed. This is what you are learning, Lucy, and I am learning also, but you are ahead of me, or so it seems. It may be also that we are each learning important aspects of the healing process which collectively we do need to put the puzzle or method together.

                    Luke was the Beloved Physician. Messiah was the Beloved Son. We know that Messiah knew how to heal. I suspect that Luke was the Doctor, the one worthy of being loved, because Luke, as opposed to Matix physicians, also learned how to heal.

                    The Beloved know the secrets of the Kingdom. They have a PROTECTOR who teaches them to push the right buttons !

                    Is there anything withheld from the Beloved Son? Yes? No? What then would be withheld from the Beloved Physician?

                    Sincerely, Ab
                    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                      the true picture, u have nailed it Spying

                      where u said
                      Imagine being a physician watching Messiah heal all those who came to HIM.
                      How curious would you be?
                      How does this Yahushua so effortlessly accomplish what I cannot, the wise physician would ask?
                      that is outstanding wisdom Spying.
                      and that is why i love being your friend,

                      that is the whole essence of the whole thing summed up.
                      that is the comparsion we needed to understand the true difference between the 2 systems.

                      the system of the world
                      the system of THE KINGDOM.


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                        last night my little HolyHeart2 came to visit her nanny-frangipanni [me] and she rushed down the hall and fell over and hurt her little cheek on the side of the walll... I rushed to her saying ''the Blood of Yeshua covers this child'' I allowed His word to work in my little darling of life.
                        I picked her up, still repeating the life words and i was kissing her little face and loving her so much that she stopped crying and said '' i am ok Nannyfrangipanni,'' but i was still kissing her .

                        I thought to does Messiah feel when we are hurting so bad, does HE PICK us up and kiss us better too?

                        when does love stop kissing?
                        it never does
                        When we are IN the beloved....that kissing never stops.


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                          Spying, you 'spy' out the land + know how to 'enter in'

                          therefore i ask a question.

                          were Neo and Trinity AFRAID of the Matrix?


                          do u think they had been programmed to overrule the Matrix and it's deception...

                          another question Plx...

                          if a person is drowning, it is reported that their whole life flashes before them as a record for their memories....

                          if this is true... ''time'' really is not real... is it?

                          time is only an illusion of our carnal mind.
                          there is wisdom in that sentence, i never saw before.

                          here is the punch line

                          if we loose our carnal mind, we loose ''time''.


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                            the witch brews


                            fight for your health....

                            what about...

                            TRUSTING in our Creator for our wholesomeness.

                            to be healed from the inside to the outside.


                            the middle verse of the whole bible is Ps 118 v 8


                            • #15
                              the truth about the sun...

                              shall not smite us, by day, nor shall the moon by night...Ps 121 v.6.

                              that is the truth and outside of the carnal mind of vanity..yet people get ''sunspots'' and panic....their end is nigh.
                              ofcourse they don't wish to be ''hurried along'' to be with their lord.

                              did u know for a little cream and 8 mins of some light at the quacks palace.... the spots will come off @ a cost of $6oo a pop....
                              that's not bad money for approx 8 and a bit mins. work...
                              did u also know that a private chemist invented a cream for spots about 20yrs ago and sold it over the counter for $40 a tube that would last a while... the people all went and purchased this new rememdy that worked... but the ''powers that be'' asked the Gov. to withdraw this cream as their surgeries were emptying out.

                              so much for ''honour''???????????????????????

                              the witches brews....