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  • 01-28-2007

    God first


    A new year has begin and I am here greeting you with the love of the Father my the way of hearing the voice of Christ tell me what to write unto all that will ear with spiritual ears.

    For we know as a truth that God the Father loves us because of all that we see He made just so we could make up our own minds as to whether to love him back or not but as for me I have choice to love God back as I love you my friends.

    Do I have any special powers No more than you have for the gift of power was, has, and is given to all who are willing to open it up or welcome it in or whatever words to use to talk about the power of the holy spirit the Christ in you, the son of God in you.

    Some asked what will happen this year and want to know the future but I say boldly its not what going to happen or not happen but its how you plan to live each day of your fleshly life.

    What you did in the past is too late but what you can do in the days to come is up to you and still can be changed but the past has done been wrote in the actions of what you did but the future as not been wrote in your actions of your heart yet.

    So I say think on what is right, what is just, what is best for the movement of love to grow in your heart so you become more like Jesus the Christ was when he was in the form of flesh because today you are flesh.

    The death of flesh can come in a hour that you are not ready for. So I say build up your heart with love by watering the gift of holy spirit with the pure water of love, the love of God.

    For there is no other way to travel the road to become like Christ but the road of love, for even the road of joy could only be self joy with is fleshly joy but true joy only comes by living the love of God.

    I do not have all the answers to spiritual truth because I today only see in part has I only hear in part because the complete truth is more than my fleshly mind can put to words.

    That which is simple to the spirit is more than the flesh will ever be able to understand. For the spirit talks to us in baby talk but when Christ come for us and we are changed we will know as we are known.

    Otherwise we will put off baby talk and begin to talk and understand has men and woman that are no longer flesh and blood but we will be light and truth.

    That day we will see how simple creation was and has we look back we will laugh at the childish things we did trying to understand the creation.

    But its not for us to understand it all but for us to reach up for God as a baby reaching up to be pick up and carry around the room.

    I will end now my friends, thank you, with the love of God and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.