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prophecy 01-12-2007

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  • prophecy 01-12-2007

    God first

    wrote 01-12-2007

    Here, Here I Roy William Perry III know as year2027 to many sat looking up into the space between space the spiritual space were spiritual things live and grow.

    For spiritual things like God the great Giver, Jesus Christ the son, and holy spirit the gift within us the ones that have welcome Christ in our lifes.

    As I watch with my spiritual eyes I see movement of the flesh called spiritual movement but flesh is in the space of flesh and spirit is in the space of spirit and the two can not live in the same space.

    While within flesh space spiritual space is planted because the one lights up the other but within spiritual space flesh can not be planted.

    Darkness can not overtake light but light overtakes darkness, light lights up space but darkness can not darken space that is lighted by light of any kind.

    The light must be turn out before there can be darkness and that what happen to Adam when he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    Adam created a dead space within the space of flesh by putting out his image of God and taking on the image of the devil with is flesh.

    For years God over shower these two spaces one of flesh the other of death with his shower of love but God had a plan to heal this dead space.

    Jesus Christ the son of God came to rise this space from death by re-creating it by his act of love for all mankind.

    By the act of eating that which kills the spirit Adam brought death and by the act of Jesus Christ giving up his life freely out of love that brought life.

    Death came by a action that could be seen but new life comes by a action that can not be seen fleshly but is a spiritual fruit.

    When we received this gift of healing we begin to grow a new creature within the space within the fleshly space there which once was dead and now is a gift of spiritual child our inner self.

    The one who puts on a new body at our last trump the last sound we make within the fleshly space and this new body is like the body of God but in the form of a child like God where God is in the form of a father.

    Now I tell you a mystery not all that are healed will stray heal because if there was a act of flesh once that could kill the spiritual seed that is in your spiritual space there is still a act of the flesh that can kill a seed of Christ within you.

    In the bible its called “blaspheme against the Holy Ghost” and its not changed over the years but the put it in simple words it’s a outward action of the heart of hate towards all things of spiritual space.

    Now as long as the flesh is alive the heart can changed but once fleshly life is over time is over but as long as there life there is hope.

    Because you do not know the hour you will die so set your heart on love receiving and giving it out and you light will shine forever more as you grow your inner self.

    As for the ones who are born dead fleshly their fleshly seeds are loved by God and he has made a way by setting a age of accountably for the differ seeds.

    The age of accountably for mankind is fifteen years three times grace or complete grace of a seed of mankind.

    But there is a differ age of accountably for animals, plants, and other things that come from seeds which all fleshly and spiritual things come from seeds of their kind.

    Some may ask what are these fleshly things to do to be accountably as good, they are to be subject to the well fare of spiritual mankind within the guild lines of their fleshly image set up in the beginning.

    Now I will not go into details of what is right and just for each seed-kind because we all know right from wrong whether we do right or wrong.

    While some seed kinds are grafted in by adoption we are grafted in by new birth or that part of us which was born dead was rose a new creation from a act of spiritual love received as a seed within our heart.

    Today we talk in part because words can not show the true power that is growing within our heart the Christ within us the gift of holy spirit.

    Like the outward belly of a child growing within a woman can not show the joy and blessing the child will bring to the mother the seed within you can not show you the blessings and joy you will enjoy in life after life.

    So I call for all to reach for this gift of Christ being planted as a seed and if the seed been planted water it with love received and gave out.

    Thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy