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  • Registration!

    Hi Everyone,

    Normal registration is suspended at this forum. However, all those who desire to become a member of this forum in order to make a post must register in the normal fashion and in the process of registration convince the webmaster that you belong here.

    That is going to be difficult to do, but if it is meant for you to post here, you will persevere.

    Looking forward to discussing with you,

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!

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    Club rules?

    ...Spying, this used to be a forum that always incouraged a good debate. It didn't matter what direction one came to this forum from as long as the text of the bible was their interest. The interest of this forum was in how a post was challenged by others. We've had some very interesting people to stop by and use this forum in the past. Lately this forum has become a forum that seems to discourage this debate. One now has to belong and fit in.

    ...Once upon a time you would give me a good argument to explore here, and I was led by some force to debate your conclusions that differed with my own conclusions. But then this was necessary in maintaining the interest of this forum {as it was then}. Haven't we both been tossed from other forums for having a differing opinion then was desired in maintaining a club philosophy as to our answers? How you have changed this forum for the worse. Now your forum has become like the forums that rejected your answers {and you}. You seem to have crossed your own principals. We have a little history, and some of my best moments were in debating with you. I have always reasoned that I won our arguments, but then again, you likely reasoned it differently, I'm sure. The benefit was to others that had to explore our answers and sift through the texts we used. You understood this at one time. Now this forum has found "what it is all about" and become a club. Are others being discouraged from posting anything contrary to the forums desired conclusions {club rules}. Now must a person belong here and not make waves? I myself felt unwelcome here.

    ...This forum has become an exclusive club. I couldn't have dreamed that you would bend in this direction. I stopped posting here because no one wanted their beliefs challenged. I've noticed that most of the others that once used this forum no longer do so. All now who still use this forum have become very comfortable in what they believe to be the truth. I like to enspire questions about forgone conclusions. If you cannot give me a debate any longer, why so? This seems to have become Lucy's forum for now. Her posts make up most of what is on this forum. She seems to feed on agreement, and on a pat on the back, and doesn't like her faith to be challenged. Have you become this way?

    ...A concerned {your} friend



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      An Exclusive Club!

      Hi Thummim,

      My Friend, you know that you are always welcome around here; although, I know that you are less welcome in the mind of Lucy who is not only also a Friend to me but also a dear Sister in Messiah, a foundational member of a very exclusive club.

      Circumstances caused registration to change here. Almost daily computer generated signups were taking place at this forum which were designed to sell sex and other worldly materials here. These new members were not real people. They are computer or program created individuals given a name by a computer program. The computer which sent them recognizes when they are accepted as members, and then the computer starts making posts under their name which advertise whatever business the computer program is designed to market or sell.

      This forum is not in the business of advertising anything save for the WORD of ELOHIM and LIFE NOW!

      Hyssop made the decision to modify registration so that any new member would have to contact him and convince him that he/she was indeed a real person before the potential new member is allowed to post. Computers do not as yet know how to get past Hyssop, but they have developed the ability to get past another computer program. Registration used to take place here all in a computer program. Now, it is direct communication that must take place between Hyssop and the individual who desires to become a member here with posting privileges.

      While the registration process has changed, I have not changed my openness to honest challenge.

      Sincerely, Ab or Spying
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        Spying {Ab} I'm glad that you are still you.

        ...Spying, it is good to hear from you. I am sorry that somehow this forum made a malicious enemy of someone. I am very glad that you are still the same Spying who reasons in the same way about allowing the truth to come out, all sides allowed to have their say here. It's good to know that the Spying that I knew is still alive and well. I would rather that this that you posted in answer to me had been at the heading of this thread so you do not scare off a meaningful registration from this forum. A member of this forum, even if a bit of the truth of the tanakh's texts is hidden from him {or her}, should still think themselves a welcome member here {the malicious not being ever welcome}. I don't regret Lucy having a say on this forum, only her seeming to have a bigger say then you do, as it appears of the posts recorded here now. Lucy's posts are half of all posts.

        ...Granted, that Lucy and me didn't get off on the right feet here. Lucy seemed to feel threatened by my challenging christianity as a Roman faith, the NT being largely Roman and not really JEWish in nature. I love to put all arguments in the context of what the law of YHWH really says.

        ...I am really too busy to spend much time here arguing what the faith represented by the torah really is. There simply is no law that allows a kaphar {sacrifice} to be performed by a priest to displace repentance with any spilling of innocent blood. Innocent blood defiles all that it touches. Sacrificial animals themselves yeild no innocent blood. Christians {which you do not consider yourself to be} mistake the priests offerings and sacrifices that do nothing for righteousness, with bringing about righteousness. These sacrifices instead serve Israel's holiness as a people. A holy person can sin as did both Moses and Aaron, and also as did David. None of these had or presented any sacrifices to GD for their sins. There is no sacrifice allowed to cover their sins that is allowed by the laws of GD. These sacrifices only cover the JEWish people's camp with holiness {the job of the priests}. "Kaphar'im" {"sacrifices" from a Hebrew word meaning "to cover"} are only intended to keep Israel holy. They do nothing to bring about the forgiveness of ones intended and willful sins. Righteousness and holiness shouldn't be confused and switched with each other. How I wish that christians could learn this fact and displace this idea that somehow innocent blood covers sin, the christian idea that has become the center of christianity and its main pillar. No sacrifice can displace repentance, nor GD's forgiveness of a transgression. GD cannot be dealt out of the formula for righteousness by any sacrifice that a priest can perform. Holiness is not righteousness, and the kaphar'im are not made for making one righteous. You might want to give me an argument here.



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          Hello from Upstate New York

          Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say thanks to you all for the board and
          letting Yahweh use you to share your testimonies and His inspirations and
          teachings. I have gleaned and learned a lot in the several hours I have spent reading posts. I would especially and personally like to thank Lucy and AB for encouraging me and being used of Yahweh in the great way that they are.

          Do keep me in your prayers as I will you all as we all strive to do Yahweh's Will and be used to further His Kingdom! The road is surely narrow but the future blessings will be awesome! Thanks again for the 'oasis'!!

          May Yahweh continue to bless you and your's in Yahshua's name!
          your sis-
          Kim aka His Humble Bee


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            hello HumbleBee

            i love Bees.... and i love honey.
            did u know when 'they' opened the Pyramids they found honey there still fit for eating.

            Deborah [from the OT] name means BEE,
            i like her,

            there is a constellation called the BEEHIVE.,, all very interesting
            here is a read up on this
            E W bullinger goes thru each sign with an explanation, here is one on the beehive.

            on another forum my nick name was GLORYBEE.

            about 10yrs ago when i first began to post on forums i used to think everyone was like me.....little did i know they were not.
            i have had a few nick names, I think my favourite of all was
            ''GENERAL UPRISING'',
            It was a very militant name,''like dont mess with me''.
            I got banned so many times from churchian controlled lock out forums with this name.

            thanx for your kind words.
            WE ALL LEARN TO LEAN together hey.
            THE disguise comes before THE deception
            What would happen if we hired Agatha Christie character to investigate the CRIMES of the O.T Yahweh?
            THE TRUTH comes to His people from Jesus - it is revealed knowledge
            - Just as His Father revealed THE TRUTH TO HIM daily in prayer
            - FAITH COMES from hearing not reading.[the bible is corrupted]
            This revealed daily Knowledge 2 the Ekklesia changes us into HIS WORKMANSHIP here - there is NO other way~~