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    cont,''why are adults afraid of the light''?

    do u think it is all because they have NO honour?
    IF we all had honour in the 1st place bred into us...why are we asked to seek out such a thing?

    WE are sown in dishonour....the carnal mind is our personal dishonour badge.
    A person outside of Christ and His power , wears a badge on their chest that says
    ''beware... this person is dishonourable!
    The tree of good and evil with all of its knowledge has to have seeds of dishonour sown into we reap dishonour, if we sow to dishonour.

    do we read about others and see their glaring dishonourability?
    do others ''see'' our own?

    if u look at this word honourability
    it kinda looks like

    to honour our ability

    not to
    dishonour our ability
    our carnal mind dishonours separates us from our true mind which is only found IN Christ...
    that sweet place of harmony and balanced power,

    Do u think the reason we are to seek this divine honour is becuase it makes an evil spectacle of our own carnal dishonourable ways?
    We become shamed by our own personal dishonour.
    as we study honour, we puke up at how we really are and repent from turning away from everything that shall bring some form of death into our lives ----called dishonour?

    i hate dishonour.
    i repent of it.

    dishonour will make us faithless.
    faithlessness shall kill us

    Messiah had honour
    Messiah was faithfull.

    Our soul, has to be trained up to stop from carnal dishonouring and move into His higher realm of honouring .... or...the power = the divine ability to bring forth His kingdom on earth with honour.

    His church is an honourable one.
    His church will not stoop to carnal methods.
    His church stops man made fiction from religion from manifesting....
    do u think IF Messiah appeared in His glory in Rome, the pope would be still sitting on his man made throne of apostacy in all manner of dishonourability?


    would the masses recognise the greatest MAN who ever lived.
    THE MAN who lived inside the word He preached?
    When the pope put forth his hand to heal and nothing happened and Messiah put forth His hand in divine honour and people jumped for joy at their healing and releasing....would the pope still sit like some king in the Judas sit?
    would he be shamed and tossed out as a counterfeit.

    i feel dishonour is evil and contagious~~~~but when HONOUR APPEARS all dishonour is shamed.

    seeking His honour does give us insight into all other areas, that, we must shun no matter the cost.

    Exodus 14:13.
    "And Moses said unto the people, fear ye not, stand still, and see the SALVATION OF THE LORD, which He will shew you today; for the Egyptians you have seen today, you shall see them again NO MORE FOR EVER."
    ''you shall see them again NO more forever''
    when we pass thru our personal red sea, and enter into our inheritance of that promised land, all that mind we once had thrust upon us, without consulting us at all, called vanity, ceases to be and our last enemy called the carnal mind is to be no more.

    at last we are saved....


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      when we read the bible we skim over its words and FAIL to ''see''

      so it is only when THE Holy Spirit teaches and quickens His word to us we come out from all human dullness and into LIFE....
      this again happened to me today..

      i have read Colossians but today I SAW...COL.1. V.23

      NO 23 in bible numerics is death
      NO 1 in bible numerics is unity, primacy,

      ''if ye continue in the faith [-what faith = see v 22]
      to present you holy, blameless and unreproveable in His good is this by being grounded and settled [in what? = the fact of being holy, blameless and unreproveable] and not be moved away from [these facts] which is the HOPE OF THE GOSPEL which ye have heard and which was preached to every creature under heaven, which I Paul was made a minister of''.

      To be this holy, blameless and unreproveable....gospel was to fulfill the Word of Abba v 25. u think these 3 things....still make us dwell in the laws of sin and death and under satanic lordship?
      do u think, to be HOLY, BLAMELESS AND UNREPROVEABLE, a person would have [or learning to have] eternal life IN them as CHRIST HAS?

      where is any form of death[ inc physical death,] and hell and the grave in


      Can u point out to me where any type of sin, death, vileness, evil, can survive is such a personal climate, as this?

      then to v 27 = bible number for preaching the Gospel...we find
      ''to whom [who is whom? very creature who becomes HOLY BLAMELESS AND UNREPROVEABLE OFCOURSE] God would make known [ only by Holy Spirit revelations]what is the riches of THE GLORY....the glory~! [roms 2 v 7]
      of this Mystery [till it is revealed and made known]among the gentiles,which isCHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY

      DEAR me death, in the gospel... i mean death of a true saint as the grave pervails and hell receiving its prizes of ''the wages of sin''.

      it is impossible to find isn't it.

      What is the ''HOPE OF GLORY''.
      a man presented to his CREATOR AS PERFECT.

      Paul labours even today thru his preaching of the truth,
      that mighty work did not cease when Paul received full life.
      I received Paul's words today as if he was alongside me telling me his gospel.

      notice... Paul's gospel is not the religious churches one.
      oh no
      they have NO hope and definitely NO glory....but..they do have riches of a human kind [rev 3 v 17]

      now we also see this...
      col 2 v.2
      those saints who are Holy, Blameless and Unreproveable are knitted together in it is these people the world sees as ''loving the brethren'' NOT SOME groups who say they are ''christian'' and play war games with other nations [as the hidden agendas demand] yet maintain ''they love the brethren''.

      how gross, the grossest of the gross is that~!~!~!
      the holy, the blameless and the unreproveable with machine guns.????????
      ummmm...funny gospel churchians have no wonder they die like flies.
      perhaps the next verse should apply to all pew churchians '' i say this least any man beguile you with enticing words. [v 4]

      v. 8....
      beware...[churchian]...least many man [ a hireling who gets paid for a service he fails to render as exampled by the 11 Apostles in acts 2...etc] spoil you [stop u from having a CHRIST LIKE ETERNAL LIFE OF LIVING IN ABUNDANT LIFE],through their philosophy [hidden agends of control and pagan influences] and vain deceit [telling killing is ok under certain circumstances etc etc, that teaching comes out from the mouth of satan, a murderer] after the traditions of men [ a religion founded upon the dreadfull carnal death thinking of the human mind] after the rudiments of this world [ofcourse church loves this..the money ,the power, the pomp, the titles the luxurary living on other people's money...etc..the creed empires]and NOT after CHRIST....the fruit of a fully changed life containing full blown eternal life in all aspects as OUR SAVIOUR had.

      what is eternal life again?
      to have eternal life is to treat all life as a very sacred thing.
      to have the eternal life of CHRIST richly indwelling in us....stops us....from holding hands with that murderer AND LIAR....who loves not the truth.

      eternal possible for us too receive but never outside of the person NAMED YESHUA... amen


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        The Egyptians Glorified Death!

        Hi Lucy,

        Sin kills, but righteousness gives LIFE NOW! Can those who possess LIFE NOW be killed? Yes, they can! Messiah Yahushua is a perfect example. However, we can only die in a certain fashion (Mark 16:18)!

        If we are wronged, need we ever to take our own revenge? No, never! Rather, we should offer those who wrong us the hope of glory, honor, and immortality which can only come through repentance. Should they refuse repentance, they will die in their sins. They will receive their wage, their appointment with death, and all the glory and honor of a rotting, stinking corpse.

        Sincerely, Ab
        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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          no glory in a corpse

          hello Ab

          there is NO life in a corpse is there.

          there is NO real LIFE in religion religion is a corpse and makes corpses.
          the REAL LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST, in a saint does not make a corpse.

          Jesus was never a corpse of corruption dying by the wages of sin...therefore why should His people be different and die like the heathen?
          Jesus never saw corruption in the grave did He?

          on my holiday i saw a truck, filled, with the corpses of kangaroos , the driver had to travel the highway picking up these dead roos that had been hit by cars thru the night. The truck was loaded with these bloated bodies and i thought ''sheez i hope the pay is good...who would want a job lifting up corpses off the highway.''

          when Jesus spoke dead people arose to life....He does the same today...
          all these pages of revelation on immortality....
          people are not really amazed over this....
          death is too powerfull....


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            a new race of people.

            there is a NEW RACE of people alive and well in this World today called
            A NEW CREATURE.
            This race, is very different from others.....infact....this world's value system is no longer home for this NEW race of people....they dwell here but not partake of .

            This new race of people comes to understand the wisdom of their Creator and grow up into maturity in His abilities. The bible is their code book of behaviour and all those outside this NEW CREATION only have a human understanding that lacks the power of the New Creation species.

            This new race learns all about.....Spiritual Obligations

            'Unto you was given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of heaven..unto them it was not given'. also meaning How the Creator has put His own race of people upon this earth [Ps 82 v 6] to learn how to manifest His presence in an evil controlled world of men who are filled with vanity from their personal carnal mindedness.

            People outside this new Race cannot understand this code book.
            Yes, they do express their opinions, many shall follow, but they all lack the power to change from corruption into incorruption.
            This is because the devil is their true father., and so at the end of the day, they are simply expressing the devil's opinions that fail to produce true Life that the NEW RACE NOW has.
            The New Race has eternal they have been BORN AGAIN....
            The New Race is then trained up to understand ETERNAL LIFE and all the responsibilities that go with it.
            They ofcourse begin as a babe and grow up into full maturity, learning daily all about their new life in a new kingdom as a new Race of people.

            the NEW RACE, HAS A VERY DIFFERENT LIFE-force IN THEM.....
            ETERNAL LIFE, IS THE FULL NATURE OF THEIR CREATOR WOVEN into their lives. They are able to overcome all things as THE OVERCOMER dwells richly within their lives...this is ETERNAL LIFE.


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              the NEW race of people have eternal life....

              that is why
              The NEW MAN, belonging to this NEW RACE, is taught from a babe how TO LIVE IN ''THE NEWNESS OF LIFE''.

              THE NEW RACE HAS = THE NEWNESS OF LIFE. Roms 6 v 4

              a new spirit has been placed inside of this NEW RACE, so they now have a different spirit from their former days.

              they know HOW TO ENTER INTO THE PROMISED LAND. ONLY because their life spirit has been awakened and changed into the NEWNESS OF LIFE.

              SO, as this NEW RACE begins to grow up and mature into an adult, and because the Spirit has given them ETERNAL LIFE, they come into a new understanding that is no longer like ordinary men.
              They begin to see eternal life's next step... growing into immortal life.....the immortal life is the same LIFE FORCE as their Father has... so this NEW RACE Knows they have to seek such a life.
              THEIR eyes have been opened so they can follow the divine path into their FAATHER'S house...with the divine ability to be as He is [John 17. v.13-14]

              ''not of this world'', not of this world, ''not of this world''
              the religious churches mistake, they could never get the revelation to be ''not of this world''...they created worldly business empires and pretended to be ''not of this world'' but everyone knew they were as their fruit never was able to reproduce people LIKE MESSIAH.
              woe woe woe to the established babylonian religions...
              sit in her...die in her, unblessed and found wanting. [Rev 3 v 17.]

              Now, The growing New Race babe NEEDS food [revelation] to grow up and be anchored into eternal life's powerfilled they become the UNDEAD....meaning...they no longer have a culture of death iin them anymore, as death is being removed from them [former things have pased away] as they put off their carnal mind [ Roms 8 v.6]
              All human condition has death programmed into it...all deaths inc physical is an expected mindset of a ''deathist philosophy''.

              Insurance companies and all manner of institutions etc, etc, tell of human ''life spans'' so all men accept these programmed death urges.
              Ofcourse, churchian-people NOT WISH TO DIE, AND BE ''WITH THE LORD'', but are still willing to respond to devilish hypnosis,of the inevitability of their death.

              Consider, ever single death is a form of suicide, a choice, of refusing LIFE.

              not SO
              FOR THE NEW RACE...


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                the death gene...the urge to die~!

                is acceptable mass thinking.

                not many say ''I really wish TO OVERCOME my DEATH, MY LAST ENEMY''....
                why not?

                what is eternal life that leads into immortal life.?
                "Verily verily I say unto you if a man
                keep My saying, he shall never see
                death! Jn.8:51.
                well that's it then...''oh NO'' ye say, ''that does not mean that Lucy''.umm
                well.... as a 2nd witness shall we look at the numbering here.
                no 8 - NEW BEGININGS = NEW RACE = NEW CREATION, RESURRECTION LIFE. a quickened life.
                no 51 - divine revelation.

                therefore the DIVINE REVELATION IS... for His new race

                "Verily verily I say unto you if a man
                keep My saying, he shall never see
                death! Jn.8:51.
                if u don't get the revelation your'e not IN the new race for the NEW RACE GETS THE REVELATION.... so they can now LIVE WITHIN IT's CONDITIONS.


                He also came back in the book of Rev 2 & 3 to declare
                that He has the keys of death and of hell.
                It must be pointed out that it is the devil that kills men as it is
                "that He might destroy he that
                has the power of death even the

                the church + all religions of men, called, the traditions have the devil IN them, that is why pew sitters + the other religious masses die like flies.

                They DO NOT have the revelation of a NEW RACE SET APART, for His purpose, that OVERCOMES DEATH
                does not dwell within their heart. amen

                u cannot say ''I love you Jesus'' and NOT DISPLAY HIS LIFE FULLY TO all intents and purposes...or atleast be in the divine training mode.
                since Christ has come forewards and stated this truth..

                ''I HAVE ABOLISHED DEATH''....

                have u claimed your victory walk as His.?
                do u sit under dead men and dead teaching that FAILS to make anyone REALLY AND TRULY CHRISTLIKE?

                the death your enemy....

                get rid of it..FAST... IN THE power of LIFE.
                Eternal LIFE IS ONLY FOR the new race called the NEW CREATION.


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                  cont..WHAT we need to understand as a new Race "is" how

                  to unzip our flesh
                  Eternal LIFE! IS THE FRONT DOOR, to all THOSE WHO OVERCOME, by allowing THE GREATEST OVERCOMER to flow thru them. amen

                  i have a glass of water and as i post i am drinking this water as it is hot today here...steamy infact....
                  on the glass is a sticker that says ILLUSION.....

                  u see this glass looks like a real glass, but it is an illusion as it is acrylic.

                  the SPIRITUAL MAN WITHIN, is real, the fleshy-soul is an illusion that seems real, that is why we have to UNZIP OUR FLESH, to allow the REAL TO APPEAR.

                  don't be conned by an illusion OF ALL FLESH...
                  don't be conned by a system of religion that thinks it has it all together but fails the reality tests... REV 3 V 17...

                  eternal life is TRUE...
                  DEATH = IS UNNATURAL~~~~~~
                  DEATH is not a free trip to heaven, as most religions would make u believe in..
                  no no no...
                  The Bible says the penalty for sin is physical death.


                  Matt. 5:10…
                  "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".
                  in verse 12 He adds..
                  "Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN
                  the paradox is..
                  The Apostles believed the teachings of their Scriptures, that all life and memory and thoughts ceased at death and man went back to the ground, from which he was created in the first place and the breath of life given to him at his birth, went back to God who gave it. (Ecc 12:7)

                  "The living [the eternal lifers] know that they shall die [die to sin within their lives, by daily dying on the cross] but the dead [the people of the 5 senses and carnal thinking] know not anything"
                  (Ecc 9:5)

                  Now Messiah says ''the gates of hell/grave shall not prevail against MY CHURCH '', = MY NEW RACE OF BORN FROM ABOVE PEOPLE shall have eternal life IN them as they HAVE ME, dwelling richly in them [John 15]

                  THEREFORE as Messiah ABOLISHED DEATH, inc physial death....THE GRAVE was no longer a factor for distress.
                  The NEW race was trained up to bypass the grave by being filled to the brim with HIS LIFE now.

                  "Behold I come quickly and My reward (eternal life) is with Me to give every man according as his works shall be." (Rev 22:12).

                  If this is truth and in THE EVER PRESENT NOW WHERE CHRIST DWELLS....the reward for this eternal life should be INSIDE U NOW.
                  YOU DONT DIE TO GET IT.
                  OUR BODY IS AN ENERGY SYSTEM, so our Saviour GIVES HIS ENERGY to live and never die, as He has this life within Himself... CALLED A SELF SUSTAINING LIFE... ONE THAT IS DIVINELY SUSTAINED so death can not invade and destroy.

                  Our body is Gloriously designed to be SELF SUSTAINING AND THAT MEANS ETERNAL...
                  IT ALL BEGINS WITH OUR MIND...
                  you believe wrong ye die...
                  you belief right live.

                  ''Physician heaL THYSELF....''
                  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
                  we are healed BY how we think.
                  see Romans 8 v 6....
                  the choice of thinking is yours.
                  Would Jesus, the man with a Plan, look like a 2000yrs old man should he have choosen not to die as a sacrifice for the sins of the world...would He be withered and bent over like some dead mummifed wreck, like they pull out from the valley of the dead in Egypt...
                  would MESSIAH BE....AS A YOUNG MAN...WITH A DIVINE SELF SUSTAINABLE LIFE FORCE / a divine energy power plant...filled with realism no one can deny.

                  HE IS LIFE.

                  WAS OUR SAVIOUR CREDIABLE?

                  I did read once a very strange thing who would believe this?
                  When the RC church was into ''witchhunting'' a percentage of crimes was for ''agelessness''.
                  It is interesting also that the RC church burnt to people on a stake... a most painfull experience...YET... the 3 young men in the firey furnace , [See Dan. 3] never even smelt of smoke as the 4th man appeared with them....the grave was non existant when the 4th man appears. amen.

                  The New Race on earth stays on earth... THEY INHERIT THE EARTH...[Math 5 v 5 = grace abounding] it is the wicked who go....
                  To stay and rule in Christ is able to cross realms...
                  EVEN ''the cross''... TAKES ON A NEW meaning
                  1]to cross over by killing off our flesh man, our deceived soul,
                  Messiah is ageless...He cannot age.
                  but for the world..........................................................
                  CONSIDER THIS
                  have u ever noticed how ''age'' plays an important factor in our everyday life...
                  age is always mentioned about a if we cannot recognise an age of a person, we have to be told their age.
                  Birthdays are celebrated...another year older we are told.

                  i am just beginning to realise how wicked this is.... its a social habit of the world but NOT of the new race.
                  CONSIDER THIS...
                  age is advancing towards death, images of old are on the TV, old things, old movie stars filled up with so much plastic they could never drown, skin creams for anti aging, wheel chairs, retirement homes, adds for old age bone troubles, deafness senility...are paraded ever before our eyes...

                  but just a min..
                  look here at this word
                  open it up and we see '' SENILITY'' CONTAINS THESE WORDS
                  ''set lies''
                  NOW, i read where there are 42 billion electric cells in our what if each cell was recoded, reprogrammed into THINKING AS CHRIST?

                  break off YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH.... YOUR CARNAL MIND.
                  get divorced fast
                  MAY YOUR DIVORCE FROM YOUR OLD mind be A PRIME motivated HAPPENING.

                  it takes lots of practice to become
                  a drug addict,
                  a homosexual,
                  a liar,
                  an accomplished thief....
                  to loose weight
                  everything takes practice... it is not accomplished overnight.
                  so what of practicing the habit of refusing carnal injected thinking.
                  practice HIS ETERNAL LIFE TODAY

                  again let us consider another factor here

                  Sarah... Abraham's wife, was so beautifull at 90 yrs of age she was able to conceive life.
                  did she look old and bent and horrible... NO...age was denied in her.
                  She was vital and alive and active and most of all so beautifull men desired her even a king.
                  time is an illusion.
                  CONSIDER THIS...
                  if u lived in perpetual light, you would never know what time it was
                  if u lived in perpetual dark, you would never know what time it was.

                  Time becomes NO more for His new race why?
                  cuz they walk IN HIS EVER PRESENT '''NOW'''.
                  time is a great deceiver.

                  We need to be fully released from centuries upon centuries of post hypnotic carnal and false programming.
                  IF Messiah is SAVIOUR...
                  what do u think He actually saves u from?

                  lets turn on some lights here .. HE SAVES HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR CARNAL unzip that flesh and move out into full LIFE...a real supernatural experience when compared to the ''ho hums'' of a corrupted adamic world.

                  let us move on....
                  move on............
                  move on............into the divine experience of ''TO expect The best''


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                    i often wonder, if Jesus was pleased with His personal sacrifice?


                    IF a person sacrificed their own lives for a greater cause so all men could FREE AT LAST, do u think they would be disappointed if men followed a counterfeiter who stole the whole purpose of this sacrifice and changed it to mean something else.?
                    consider this Plx.
                    Messiah came to set free, to lead them into eternal life, so this act of His, came at a great personal cost....
                    the counterfeiter [namely the devil] did not pay the same price did he? but 'stole'' the gospel and changed it's meaning, to favour his cause.
                    he just slunk in with no accoutability and perverted the holy sacrifice to a powerlesness form, filled with undignified death.

                    the counterfeiter changed the meaning of eternal life, HIS PAID HIRELINGS TOLD ANOTHER STORY to make ''eternal life'' come after people died, rather than IN THE here and now.
                    this is where it all happens...
                    this is where it all matters,
                    namely ''thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH''...
                    IS HERE AND NOW...not from dead people who are in the grave.

                    dead people are useless
                    people asleep in the grave are useless

                    ''we'' shall not all sleep... Paul tells us...
                    IF ''WE'' ARE NOT TO ALL to SLEEP, then THE ALTERNATIVE, IS,

                    TO BE MADE ALIVE from the dead AND REMAIN here, being changed into the personhood of our SAVIOUR.

                    to do the commission we were asked to do....
                    spread HIS GOSPEL to all they can be finally set free from satanic controlling laws that kill them.
                    to set the captives free.

                    the greatest sacrificer did this...
                    shall we read all about His Glorious calling.

                    ''who hath SAVED US
                    [full freedom made possible from the law of sin and death]
                    and called us, with a Holy Calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given to us in Christ
                    [ remembering Christ, is not a name but the POWER TO MANIFEST THE KINGDOM]
                    [the man = the power of the kingdom Inside ONE man]
                    before the world began''.


                    ''but is now made manifested
                    [what? the salvation, the holy calling, the grace, the power ]
                    by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath
                    abolished death = how? = He STRIPPED IT OF ITS POWER TO DESTROY US
                    and has brought LIFE AND IMMORTALITY
                    Meaning He has made the new way of living available to His new race of people, who are born again,
                    no longer in the corrupted stage of sin and death, but pardoned and brought to life and immortality where NO death is any longer found within them.
                    to light
                    [by divine revelation]
                    thru the gospel''.


                    these people No longer walk down that ''boulevarde of broken dreams''.

                    see 2 tim 1 v 9-10

                    if, you are pardoned....
                    do you still pay for the crime?

                    if you have repented and been forgiven of sin
                    if you confess sins within, even daily, and turn away from such offenses
                    where is your crime, that is punishable by a ''sinners death''.
                    [the wages for sin is death]

                    let us consider a mock-up conversation Plx...

                    Does the Just and Holy Father say this?

                    ''your'e forgiven,
                    I see you have repented and turned away from former sins,
                    I also see you have taken up the cross and dying daily to your carnal ways of thinking.
                    I also see you're putting on the Mind of Christ
                    alas, that is all not enough unfortunately for you
                    I still hold it all against you, as My son's sacrifice was not enough to stop death from claiming its rights over you...'you sinner you'.
                    I am sorry to say this
                    BUT the facts are clear.
                    u simply were not good enough,
                    you never prayed enough,
                    never said ''i sorry'' enough,
                    gave to the homeless poor enough,
                    you never took in orphans nor fed the little widows enough,
                    everything you did, was done with faults and markmissing...
                    so sorry babe...
                    I have considered your plight and
                    its death and the grave to you, as I hand u over to your last enemy,
                    you deserve him
                    so its My turn, to say to you...........................................'' sayonarra sucker.''

                    is this what happens?

                    this is what your religious satanic system teaches you...and you believe a satanic counterfeiter's ploy.....that he enjoys to have happen as a wounded churchian is no threat to his kingdom.

                    the wounded are unable to fight the good fight of faith
                    the wounded are hospitalised, as victim of spiritual rape.
                    the wounded are no threat as they cannot fight.

                    wounded in the ways of satanic thinking leads to death no matter how much ye proclaim ''i luv ya jesus''....
                    AND BY
                    MANIFESTING HIS EARTHLY LIFE WITH ALL ITS DIVINE ELEMENTS INC IMMORTALITY, here on earth, just as HE manifested

                    now that's the Gospel and not from a satanic paid hireling but A LOVER of the divine.


                    just in case we have forgotten life word meanings...

                    a better life.
                    yes, to a better resurrection

                    this is called BELIEVING IN HIS RESURRECTION...see John 11 v 25-26

                    the word Zao - Zoe = a life without a physical death,

                    THIS IS THE WORD JESUS USED...
                    NOW who will believe it?
                    the real life....the better way...the life abundant?
                    who shall seek it?

                    1) to live, breathe, be among the living (not lifeless, not dead)
                    2) to enjoy real life
                    a) to have true life and worthy of the name
                    b) active, blessed, endless in the kingdom of God
                    3) to live i.e. pass life, in the manner of the living and acting
                    a) of mortals or character

                    4) living water, having vital power in itself and exerting the same upon the soul
                    5) metaph. to be in full vigour
                    a) to be fresh, strong, efficient, b) as adj. active, powerful, efficacious
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                      My ''big day out,'' revelation...

                      this weekend in Oz, we have our national day we all call ''OUR BIG DAY OUT'' the lucky country has a weekend of summer madness and it is just super.
                      on this week end i was born again, [on our national day 26th] 17yrs i am wanting a special rev... on my tremendous day of rebirth, and all the Promises the new birth contains.

                      hip hip hurrah.
                      well i had a revelation that when like this~~~~~

                      i have read where we all have 42billion cells, so as i was wondering over this vast amount of cells in my body, Messiah spoke to me saying ''how about 42 billion cells in your body filled up with MY abundant, how's that for My RESURRECTION POWER''.

                      ''oh.....Messiah i should be so lucky''...i was thinking.

                      ''well it is simple, Lucy, all u have to do, is in each situation in your life, ''the life'' in your cells moves aside SO MY LIFE WILL EMPOWER OVER your situation''

                      or to put another way........................

                      I exchange my cells [that is my vain life] for HIS LIFE'S cells [His divine life]

                      can it get better than this?

                      i live in my life and i die, cuz i only live it in my own strength,
                      If i move aside and allow His power to enter into my 42billion cells i am not my own BUT HIS...

                      now for the ''practice''
                      if we practice something 21times it becomes a habit...
                      so now i practice...
                      what happens???????????????????????????????????/
                      i have become life abundant like a divine time bomb....just waiting to detonate

                      i guess it is NO concidence that this forum is POWERED up
                      HURRICANE ELECTRIC.

                      nope... it CANNOT GET any better than this


                      opps i forgot......................


                      heart attacks...
                      also i learnt another truth on my 17th anniversary

                      heart attacks are caused from lack of loving, lack of a love...
                      the heart is ATTACKED cuz love is absent.
                      therefore find love...
                      the ultimate is THE LOVE given to OUR SAVIOUR.

                      Gaul stones are caused by anger against.......[whatever.]
                      the anger creates too much bile that cannot escape and overloads and builds up as a stone.

                      we all need plenty OF LOVE AND LOVING and no anger...we were made for love and not anger.

                      we are wonderfully made...
                      Father will give us His wisdom in love... and for love....
                      humans mess with the wonderfull made being.

                      i hate it.

                      why don't we make it a passion of love, to return to truly being ''wonderfully made''.
                      image be so wonderfully made... I have to be that~!~!~!

                      Spying.... this was my 1st post... on Lo Ammi.
                      how much we have both grown.


                      lifting the veil....


                      into resurrection life...
                      a glorified body
                      the reality of sonship, with no limits...
                      living in the continual presence of the
                      the blindness needs to be lifted and the veil rent,
                      the power of ability of the Spirit of God partaken of.
                      to set all captives free.
                      to set all creation free.
                      to do the completed work called ''the commision, of Jesus Christ''
                      the issue of resurrection life.. do u know it?
                      the revealing of the sons, do u know of it?
                      to fully mature and to fully embrace, the realm called overcomer and sonship.
                      do u know of it?
                      flesh and blood shall never inherit this realm, only the new creation shall....
                      a race of people, within something that is new.
                      are u?
                      people do not understand...they think they do, yet they do u?
                      i no longer believe the LIE.

                      here is your reply.....hehehe


                      Hi Elect Lady,

                      Whew! That sounds like hard work! When you get done lifting the veil, walk on in. I will be waiting for you:
                      Heb 10:19-20
                      19 Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Yahushua,
                      20 By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh; (KJV)

                      Sincerely, Spying
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                        42 billion cells in my body all screaming out ''HELP ME'' TO LIVE

                        THEY are like tiny babes of life and i have to understand how to look after them correctly....they need FOOD....
                        how and where?

                        42billions cells cannot be wrong...

                        i got to can i give my babes life now.????

                        well a person wrote saying this.
                        "could my flesh contain such a magnified LIFE?

                        could my flesh hold such a seething new life?
                        i am going to try it out. ...what choice do i have?"

                        a parable about what you just said, is two parables,

                        " No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse.
                        Mat 9:17
                        Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved."

                        The answer is, no your flesh cannot contain a seething new life, but if you are of His flesh, "and the two shall become one flesh".
                        If you are a "new creature", then yes, by all means you can contain that seething new life.

                        we, are "new wineskins" by being born again, we are the new man, we are able to expand with the New Wine as it expands, this means our new knowledge of the Lord and His way. Ole wineskins, or the old man, cannot receive the New Wine, which is the Holy Spirit.
                        that is true... to grow my cells i have to have the new new made alive cells need a new body to expand into a body of light.....

                        therefore i have to come into a divine understanding of the LIFE GIVER on the Mt of Transfiguration... see Math 17 v1.
                        it was in this place revealing took place....the display happened....
                        now i need to know....

                        roms 2 v 7 inside out and over and under... for the nature of the new man is displayed was light in glory honour eternal and immortal life.



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                          doing good

                          Roms 2 v 7...

                          notice this 1st part '''doing good''.

                          what is ''in doing good''?

                          "Who went about doing good."--Acts, 10:38.;
                          --"How God annointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about
                          doing good,
                          and healing all that were oppressed with the devil for God was with Him."

                          doing good~~~~~~~
                          Jesus Christ went about promoting the well-being of men wherever He went.

                          '''doing good'''' = was His Business.

                          can I be the same in this ''doing good business person'' too?

                          ''I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
                          Plans to give you a future and a hope.'' Jeremiah 29:11

                          can i have a doing good future and a hope of doing good?


                          ''For the Kingdom of God is within you''. Luke 17:21

                          surely if this is so....i can be this ''doing good'' person too

                          well I want to be this ''doing good'' person too.
                          i really do.

                          ''to them who by patient continuance in doing good.''

                          this is what happens.

                          ''labour not for the meat that will perish, but for that meat that endures unto everlasting life, which the Son of Man shall give unto you, for Him hath God the Father sealed''.

                          ''and I give them eternal life and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out from My hand''

                          let this promise remain in you
                          1 john 2 v 24-25
                          1 john 5 v 11-20

                          the promise is God has given us ETERNAL LIFE and this LIFE IS IN HIS SON.
                          THE PROMISE IS
                          THAT YE MAY KNOW, ye have eternal life.
                          and this will give us ask anything according to His will

                          what is wrong in asking for the same type of Life, eternal life, Christ possesses?

                          when we have this SAME LIFE.... NOW this only IS THE be IN the business of ''doing good''.


                          because the POWER of the Holy Spirit was allowed to move thru, the man Christ Jesus.
                          When ''the man'' is removed the POWER CAN PERFORM.

                          we all need to recognise ''our man'' needs to go.
                          ''our man'' does not do ...''the doing Good'' of THE MAN CHRIST~!

                          that is why, the church is so powerless, as it is the man on the throne.

                          We have to seek now, to break all bondages that make ''our man our god''.... so that THE POWER can flow thru unrestricted within us.

                          in this seeking out Roms 2 v 7
                          we receive instructions, on how to come into that place where we can move in the power of Messiah.

                          Father does not have powerless servants.
                          the church does
                          NOT THE CREATOR.

                          He fills them with a ZEAL TO CHANGE.....THEY KNOW....they must be changed

                          see ps 110 v 1-4.