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Roms. 2 v 4 - a doing word.

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  • Roms. 2 v 4 - a doing word.

    eternal life
    immortal life.

    hey Ab..
    while i was away i was thinking we could have an ''open air experience/INVESTIGATION/ seeking into'' of how to seek 4 things as commanded in Roms 2 v 7.

    to seek.....means to hunt for

    glory = what is glory?
    honour = what is honour?
    eternal life = what is this eternal life?
    immortal life = where no death is found....seems different from eternal life???

    could we together seek for these 4 things and gain Holy Understanding so we can live there in that place where these 4 elements/facts/truth exist.

    these are not just 4 words to fill up a page in the NT but ultimate and awesome Truth to be sort after..... AND A PART OF THE NATURE OF MESSIAH.

    can we seek /study/be understand what the ultimate truth about these 4 features.

    what say ye?

    how about we tackle GLORY first.... let us wrestle together and gain insight into the full expression of THIS WORD............GLORY...

    WE NEED to understand.................GLORY..... so we can become THIS WORD.............................. GLORY.

    ONE DAY, i will say
    one day you will say
    Oh My, Lucy is glorious''....

    that is partly due to the fact.. we SEEK out holy understanding on this holy word and then found its real meaning and then prayed to live in its full expression...

    to seek out means... we go to the trouble to dig out and find what Glory truly is in living reality...we dont just ''accept'' what appears as a word to glance over....but we dig into it and wrestle over it and then attain it. amen

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    I wish to see you GLORIOUS how....

    can this be... as I wish to be Glorious too.
    what is this Glory we are to seek for ourselves according to Romans 2.
    to seek and to find = gain inside information... ON HOW to be GLORIOUS.

    FIRSTLY we are to contain GLORY.
    but what is Glory?
    "...glorify thou Me with thine own self..." (John 17:5).
    it is interesting to notice the numbers here.
    17 - victory
    5 - grace.
    grace at work in us, so we can walk in VICTORY.....
    Glory is the fullness of God

    look at v. 10.
    ...''I am Glorified IN THEM.''

    Allen E = we are to have the fullness of Father within us, so we can be GLORIOUS as Christ is Glorious.
    When Father gives His glory, He gives Himself.
    We are to remember this...

    now how can we do this?
    Well we have to come into an understanding of what Jesus meant when He said, "I am glorified in them" (v. 10).

    dont u think there is a WHOLE LOT missing from church gospel?

    Father has taken us away from that commercial mess and into His Truth and as we draw alongside of Him, He will begin to teach us HOW WE RECEIVE AND HOLD THE FULLNESS OF HIMSELF... TO WALK IN GRACE AND THE VICTORY.

    now OUR lesson for today is to begin to understand HOW to contain the fullness of our Father.

    i want to do this Ab and give it my best shot.

    i noticed the time of this post. 2 -45
    2 - union of witness
    45 - preservation.

    AB..we are joined as a witness to preservation.
    how good is that?


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      Whirlwind Of Activity

      Hi Lucy,

      You are one awesome Lady, a whirlwind of activity since you returned refreshed from your summer holiday or vacation. There must be something in the Australian water!
      WE NEED to understand.................GLORY..... so we can become THIS WORD.............................. GLORY.
      Yes, indeed!!! Why should anyone be encouraged to seek that which cannot be found? It is written:
      Psalms 8:4-5
      4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
      5 For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor. (KJV)
      So man and the sons of men, having been crowned with glory, have glory, do they not? Therefore, in seeking glory, we need not look afar. As Paul says:
      1 Cointhians 11:7
      7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of ELOHIM: but the woman is the glory of the man. (KJV)
      In seeking LIFE NOW, I lost my glory, the fullness of her that fills me and completes me. Shall I give this glory to another? Even more so, shall I again seek my own glory?

      Messiah prayed for the restoration of HIS former glory. Yes, indeed! Is this prayer that Messiah prayed, the prayer of a man or the prayer of a woman?

      Sincerely, Ab
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        are are His Whirlwinds Ab...whirlwinds of living life.

        crowned him with glory and honor
        did u see this Spying...ofcourse U did

        ....''glory'' is a crown...
        a crown belongs to a king and a king rules in glory or the Fullness of THE KING.
        this must bring forth Honour for Honour is a crown too.

        can we consider this another way Spying...i wish to go spiritual here as the bible is a book for our spiritual growth.

        1 Corinthians 11:7
        7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of ELOHIM: but the woman is the glory of the man. (KJV)
        we all read this in a very traditional way.

        can we now look again here...perhaps with new eyes.
        1 Corn, 11 v 7

        For a man
        [the spiritual man the image of Father inside us all]
        indeed ought not to cover his head
        [ not depart from the spiritual King in understanding so he does not perish] forasmuch
        as he is the image and the Glory of Elohim
        [ the natural man is not, but the spiritual man within us all is]
        but, the woman
        [ our soul in the male and female genders, that is NOT in a deceived state]
        is the glory of man''

        THE GLORY IS THE SPIRIT AND THE SOUL JOINED. in full working order ready to reproduce a Kingdom.
        it has nothing to do with male and female in the natural.
        that is a concept of man.

        here is

        the divine concept and what the bible is all about.

        2 beings inside one person, be it male or female genders,

        the spirit and the soul who are NOT at war,

        but, Live with GLORY or the fullness of the Father ,

        so they have become joined and made as one, like a marriage,

        like the true church, meaning our soul saved, + our spirit in dominion.= our perfection

        therefore Ab, your ''glory'' did not depart.
        Your ''glory'' is not outside yourself and contained in another person as traditions would have us believe.

        Please consider this, before u rouse on me....
        who was ''this glory'' for The Man the male, manhood Jesus when he had NO wife.

        His Spirit and His soul where as ONE... there was NO deception within Him.

        ofcourse, we can view this again in another way too.
        i like this one too.

        When a man and a woman are co joined spiritually, they each serve the other in Glory [and for Glory] or the fullness of their Father and what Messiah was really speaking about when He talked on marriage AND His church.

        Now, this is a vastly different concept of an apostate church ''marriage'' with all its faults and failures people suffer and the emotional abuses that occur.
        How can an apostate church marriage of joining-together bring forth good fruit?
        Even the apostate wedding vows are deadly...death is spoken out in a marriage vow?
        how can a ''wife'' be the ''glory'' of a man, when death is agreed upon in a marriage service as in ''death us do part''?

        While this world is occupied with death and the grave...
        CHRIST-LIKE people are not as they already know that ''the gates of hell/grave shall not overtake them''
        Let us all repent of these evil inspired words we have spoken out in our ignorance.

        let us come into the spiritual understanding and use His wisdom to seek His riches. amen

        but to continue notice this Plx

        ''For in him the whole FULLNESS of deity dwells bodily,
        V10 and you have been FILLED = notice this is a past tense.....
        Him, who is the head of all rule and authority.

        we have to come into this understanding of FILLED [PAST TENSE] WITH FULLNESS
        to be this GLORY AND TO WEAR THIS glory CROWN
        let us now seek UNDERSTAND how to have HIS FILLED FULLNESS, in full working order in us.


        AS WE OBEY HIS WORD, over the allowed circumstances in our lives, we manifest this already infilled fullness within us,

        we cannot remain ''us'' but become changed, so that, we have nothing inside of us that will hinder the outflowing fullness OF HIM.

        this is dying daily.


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          are we able to cry out like Our Messiah

          ''GLORIFY ME'' plx?

          can we come into the ultimate ONENESS and stay in that place living and abiding IN His beautifull Presence.

          do u think Abba is an old man... or old.... like aged?
          ofcourse He is called the ''ancient of days''... but does this title make Him old and aged and ummm...ugly as we would view old age?

          no....not at all.
          for IN HIM all beauty simply IS...
          His Glory is a part of His beauty too.

          IF our eyes were fully opened, I do believe we would be awestruck at HIS BEAUTY....NOTHING could compare to such glory.

          Do u know,there is a certain body of people to coming forth as His beauty and as His life, by being filled up with this Glory, they are asked to seek out.

          they are the living stones, the living epistles, the witnesses of His Power and might....which is also His Glory.

          in Revelation is says and......''the books were opened''.....
          is this a book in the literal sense?
          ofcourse NOT....
          these ''books'' are all people's lives, their History of acts and thoughts that make ''THEM'' individuals....their story...their book...their life... is there for all to read.....

          but... can our ''book'' have a page within it that says

          as example

          ''today Lucy, wished to walk in My Glory, so she prayed for this and sort it out, as i directed her to Romans 2 v 7 and gave her understanding over this thing I desired for her life''.

          yes, that is possible.

          a new page in my ''book of life'' has been opened, to be written upon, and that page is a witness of me that cannot be denied as I live and seek out THE GLORY.

          We all have pages written by a divine hand in our ''book''.....a record of everything we are. Everyone of us has this, no - one does not have it.
          it is ''our record'' that cannot be denied.

          Abba, shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil" Ecclesiastes 12:14, for, "God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ" Romans 2:16.

          i was thinking this over and now....

          i dont wish to be a dirty book.~!
          i dont wish to be x rated, with adult themes~!

          when my ''book'' is opened and exposed to all... i have to be the image of my Saviour.... this is my strongest be a part of His Glory and not apart from it... amen


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            ''my open book''

            is the tapestry of my life.
            I was so sad today [in a way,] thinking of my own ignorance and stupidity for so many years, and really when i think it over, it was all so unnecessary IF only i had of had a REAL HOLY SPIRITED PERSON, to teach and talk to me from my very young years.....
            but alas
            that was not to be but i was thinking that my little grand daughter does not have to be ignorant and unwise and full of wrong choices....IF i can explain ''LIFE'' TO HER from such a young age....shall she grow up glorious?....

            We all know Jesus talked to men at age 12yrs.
            He talked to these ''superiors'' of His and they were amazed in what He knew. He really was their Teacher from 12yrs of age...He never stumbled nor made bad choices...imagine that?

            a spotless Lamb.

            Did He pour over the scriptures and the Holy Spirit simply fill Him up with their reality.
            How did He learn to walk on water?
            How did He learn to simply 'disappear' when the religious ''They'' wished to kill Him 11 times?
            How did He learn to love so to save and saved to love.

            Do you wish you could Love as Messiah Loves?
            I do.
            How did He feel about Judas and that betrayal?
            How did He feel about His crucification?
            did the great drops of blood fall from His brow cuz He was ''nervous not knowing what would happen'',
            was He already into personal intercession for His VICTORY over the Grave AND FOR ALL THOSE SAINTS DOWN THRU THE YEARS who heard His call of ''FOLLOW ME''?

            How was He able to shine so that even His robes GLOWED white?
            imagine seeing that as a living witness to His Glory?
            Were His robes WHITE, cuz white light is the ultimate of the 7 other colours...
            Was He like a RAINBOW inside?
            Do you think He longed for a wife as a comfort.

            how would we ever know such things?

            could it be, that we shall ''know'', as we actually pass thru THE walk, as He walked, so we become His Image?
            Do you think, as we walk inside His footsteps called..........THE WAY............we become the tapestry of Life too,? but not by our own efforts as such but as a vessel fitted out to carry forth His glory.

            Now~~~~that would be nice.

            Once we have completed our walk, we will meet others who have won their own personal race too and cross over THAT finishing line.
            I wonder what happens then?
            Do u think our real life would be easier than here?

            when our carnal mind has fully collapsed and faded away and died...THEN.... we shall have the Mind of Christ....what could one ''do'' with this whole new mind working within them? = the same as Christ under His Lordship ofcourse.

            i hope i can make it to that finishing line and also i hope and pray my thoughts and study and revs are helping others to come out from their old man's ignorance and into a new world oF MESSIAH'S LIFE AND LIGHT.

            i do hope so.

            do u ever sit and listen to beautifull music, and here the harmony of notes joined together as a pattern?
            when we do, the music has a power that affects us.....


            i wonder how the power of Harmony of His Glory affects us ?


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              The Presentation Of Glory!

              Hi Lucy,

              I am considering your fine posts. You are making me think. This is an area in which I have had great difficulty. I flip flop here often.

              The Jews have an understanding that ELOHIM hides HIMSELF by revealing HIMSELF. Thus, ELOHIM, having revealed HIMSELF through that which is created, the Universe, actually hides HIMSELF through that same creation. Hence:
              Psalms 19:1
              1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of ELOHIM; and the firmament showeth his handiwork. (KJV)
              Proverbs 25:2
              2 It is the glory of ELOHIM to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. (KJV)
              Thus, the heavens both reveal and hide.

              Mankind is in the exact position as the heavens. We are a physical image of the spiritual BEING which the heavens reveal. We illuminate ELOHIM through the spirit which is hidden in us and animates us! Thus, through the activity of our physical lives, the glory of ELOHIM is revealed by us. Man not only has been crowned with the glory of ELOHIM, but man (both male and female joined as one) is the glory of ELOHIM.

              So, whenever, man is found alone, man does not perfectly reflect the glory of ELOHIM. Hence, it is therefore not good that man should be alone.

              I am going to speak here of something very private to me, and I really don't know if it is universal to all men. Not long after my wife separated from me, she did walk into our home for some reason. I did not know that she was coming, and when I saw her, there was an immediate sensation in my loins. I don't know how to describe this sensation. It is like falling or sinking and leaping all at the same time. I suspect that this is what Adam felt when ELOHIM presented Eve to him.

              More later!

              Sincerely, Ab
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                hey Ab... how u r doing?

                i am happy i make u think, as i think too.
                This takes away that old religious concept we all grew up with, and replaces it with understanding so that we shall never perish.

                Father has to have a generation of NONPERISHABLES.

                loins - the seat of strength and vigor

                your very private feelings was the LIFE IN you, now wishing to reproduce Life into another, AS there was a quickening IN U to reproduce LIFE.

                as there is a natural feeling for reproduction, so there is a spiritual feeling too...called a strong desire.

                A STRONG DESIRE.
                can we consider Plx
                the 'garden of Eden' is really our mind, in Harmony with Our Creator.

                We can return to this ''garden'', by the way we think.
                His strong desire returns us back into divine harmony as we too are quickened in the loins of our mind that have been girt up.
                Eph 6 v 14.
                1 peter 1 v.13.

                girt up the loins = to take courage in trials~! dont let our trial be greater than HIS WORD OF PROMISE OVER US.

                This will bring forth His Glory Allen.

                When our mind is re-verted back into ' a garden again' our true mind which is ''the mind of Christ'' has become re -activated so we are no longer deceived, but know/understand/acknowledge the truth which has made us free.
                The real spiritual Man adam-spirit needs a real spiritual Woman eve-his own soul, rejoined into full working order.

                Messiah was able to acomplish this for us.
                I dont think we even understand how this was such a mighty/huge feat.
                He made that crossable bridge for us again, but, it is all up to us to ABIDE,
                and this abiding is very difficult for us as our soul is a harlot and loves to follow others.

                She has to be saved.

                the tree of Life is in the garden.

                The tree of Life is IN our mind when we work thru all our shortcomings and trials by putting on THE MIND OF CHRIST...
                again, this shall bring us into the glory.

                Father allows us all to have tribulations, but it is IN how we deal with these things = these ''allowed happenings'' that will show forth the glory.

                our strong desire shall be to eat from this tree called LIFE.
                WHEN WE DO THIS, it reproduces His kingdom within us.

                To allow the 5 senses to rule over us is THE WRONG WAY.
                The 5 senses give us WRONG INFORMATION.
                The 5 senses are the ''alternative ruler'' over us that destroys us.
                The 5 senses live outside the Word of promise.
                The 5 senses are in DISHARMONY to our true life.
                The 5 senses is eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

                We become ''the Word of God'' as we OBEY the Word of God = hence the Glory lives within us, just as it did for Our Saviour amen.
                we become a son under THE SON. [ Roms 8 v 19]

                no 8 in bible numerics is New beginning/resurrection life
                no 19 - is faith.

                i can write a sentence that would say this.
                ''our new beginnings into resurrection life is when we put off our 5 senses and begin to obey the Word of God, so faith will grow in us.''

                Father is a FAITH GOD, NOT A 5 SENSES GOD


                HE LIVED THE WORD + HE IS THE WORD.... HE LIVED IN GLORY... how?

                He drew his divine understanding from scriptures and then applied them into His life.
                as we study and seek... we too shall find His faith to overcome our 5 senses and become His glory. amen

                all those broken things in our lives are for a purpose~~~~~
                all those broken dreams are for a divine purpose too..
                somehow...for us to grow greater [than we were once] we needed vanity to do its work over us, but then to break this veil and find our path back into HIS FULL LIFE.
                it is a mystery and like all mysteries they need to be investigated to be understood.
                Our disharmony inside ourselves has to be changed into HARMONY again.
                peace and joy and most of all love has to be returned to us so we can really be glorious.

                to shine up anything, takes a lot of effort at scrubbing and polishing and the restorer...

                so have we ever considered how hard Father works IN us to achieve His pleasure.

                His good pleasure.
                what is HIS GOOD PLEASURE.
                Last edited by LucySmith; 01-11-2007, 02:16 AM. Reason: opps.... i forgot to ADD....


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                  the transcendant mind... a mind that thinks from ABOVE

                  the Garden of Eden, should have been our mind...
                  gardens contain flowers and trees
                  so now i ask this

                  who can fight with a flower,
                  who can hate a tree?

                  I wish to have my mind returned into this garden in Paradise...i really do.
                  I really don't like my own mind, it has thoughts within it i don't wish to tolerate.
                  i am to be trained up to give each thought that is not contained in Paradise over to My Saviour, so He can deal with my thinking for me as I cannot.

                  I particularly dont like evil injected into my mind by another being.

                  today i was thinking about this paradisical mind where
                  no hate shall live,
                  no envy nor strife shall florish,
                  no sickness and death shall inhabit
                  there is no cry from pain nor heartbreaking abuses remembered.
                  nothing sad nor extreme in degeneracy. ......

                  but a mind that is a glorious mind IS NOW filled with love and joy and peace forever.
                  i AM NOT contented till I HAVE THIS.
                  Did u know if u listen very carefully u can hear groaning creation and i know for a fact I have to GIVE UP MY OWN GROANING FIRST, TO BE GLORIOUS AND SAVED.

                  BUT, how do i give up my own groaning?
                  did my friend and Saviour groan/whine
                  why should I

                  u know
                  We all groan mostly cuz we have NO faith IN His workmanship over us as our mind is still carnal....therefore we have to come into a divine understanding of HOW to put away all our carnal ways of thinking.

                  believe me, we cannot do anything with our carnal mind in ful lBLOWN evil working order.

                  when we think of ''the wicked'' we think of all manner of people other than ourselves... we never seem to include ourselves in ''the wicked'' as we ''dont do this and never have done that'' etc....
                  we judge by what we do...... never BY HOW WE THINK.
                  we failed to understand that our personal carnal ways of thinking is enemity before Father.

                  THAT HAS TO GO.
                  WE cannot afford this evil luxury of an active carnal mind dominating over us.

                  this has to be our NEW : modis operandi

                  "He that ruleth his own spirit is better than he that taketh a city" (Prov. 16:32).


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                    Our Coverings!

                    Hi Lucy,

                    I am here first concentrating on the physical which is the shadow of the spiritual in order to understand our spiritual relationship with Messiah and through HIM our relationship with each other.

                    How many heads in a physical sense does a man have? I know that men joke about this. Older men accuse younger men of being ruled by their smaller head, that is, the head of their member. Originally, this smaller head was covered by a membrane of flesh which ELOHIM commanded Abraham to remove through circumcision. Can we deduce from circumcision, that the head of man, in his relation to ELOHIM, that man himself should not cover his head? I think so! Man (male and female united) is to walk before ELOHIM in perfection, in dominion. Man is not to be ruled by his flesh or this Matrix (World). This is a very difficult lesson to learn!

                    How many heads does a woman have in a physical sense? Does a woman also have two heads? Be careful here! A woman has her own physical head, and a woman has her husband who is also physical, does she not? So, which head should a woman cover or have authority over?

                    Paul says this about the salvation of a woman:
                    1 Timothy 2:15
                    15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they (Who is the they?) continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. (KJV)
                    In order for the woman or wife to have or bear children, she must of necessity cover the head of her husband, must she not? She has great power here as every woman knows! Using this power or authority to help her husband have dominion over himself ultimately requires that she rule over her own head because having children is a most unpleasant experience for her.

                    So, you see, when a woman learns to rule over her own head, she is learning to rule over her husband in all things save in those things which her husband owes to ELOHIM. In those things, a woman must submit to her husband, and I think that this is symbolized by the care that a woman must take with the covering of her head, which is her hair, and by the covering of this hair when she prays to ELOHIM.

                    I get myself in trouble every time I attempt to understand and explain this, don't I?!!!

                    Sincerely, Ab
                    Proverbs 12:4
                    4 A virtuous woman is a crown (A crown of great glory and honor) to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones. (KJV)
                    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                      oh Spying, you have done such study on heads.

                      and it is good to talk on these hard to explain things.
                      ofcourse what u say is perfectly true no one can deny this......

                      ruling over
                      the head
                      the woman
                      the man
                      the skin
                      the virgin

                      all is a mystery to be worked out as we study His Word .

                      these elements/facts are in the natural ......
                      so despite all understand in the natural of these facts death still claims its victims, therefore something is amiss with our understanding on coverings and the truth of the whole matter.

                      i am going out on a limb here and into the left field.... i am leaving behind my thoughts as they were governed by the church in their explanations of hard sayings.. OK?
                      now if we can move aside from the literal translation of the church here.... [the church takes this literally].

                      the head
                      the ruleship
                      the covering
                      the skin cut
                      the virgin
                      the woman
                      the marriage...

                      last night just before i went to sleep i heard this question in my mind

                      what is death,
                      what is the last enemy to be defeated?

                      what is the last enemy?

                      i knew straight away the answer.

                      the last enemy to be defeated is our CARNAL MIND

                      BECAUSE, THE nt BIBLE VERSES SAYS ''THE CARNAL MIND IS DEATH''. roms 8 v.6 - 7

                      there is our problem
                      there is our last enemy to be overcome

                      THE HEAD.....IS WHERE WE THINK
                      THE HEAD..... also, Is CHRIST, THE POWER OF OUR FATHER, TO REDEEM US, and save us to the uttermost.
                      THE VIRGIN, is someone being prepared to be taken out from the realm of death
                      THE COVERING, [hair is a symbol of our own strength] or THE SKIN cut off, that veil that needs to be taken away.
                      The veil of our deception of ''I did it my way''.
                      THE WOMAN is our soul
                      THE MAN, our real spiritual HEAD, NEEDS TO DOMINATE IN US.
                      THE MARRIAGE , being made as one, is when the HEAD ENTERS INTO THE WOMAN, who is a virgin, to break the veil of skin [deception of her own strength] that is our deception, so that the sperm of the Word of God enters in and takes root, so that death is no more....even physical death is defeated BY THE HEAD....or... a new way of thinking that no longer is founded in the carnality of man.

                      the head is where we think
                      the mind is in our head.

                      the carnal mind is death
                      the carnal mind is our head.
                      we all are ruled over by the head....the carnal mind....this is OUR HEAD.

                      as example.
                      a man [ in the natural] may rule over his wife in love and compassion yet they will still die.
                      a wife may well be submitted to a brutal man, yet they will still die

                      why is this?

                      because despite all this doing and submitting to heads... death is still evident.
                      no-one can rule over nor be a head when deception or soulish eve in control rules the house....
                      something smelleth.

                      we have to look elsewhere for our information on how to escape.

                      We have to put on a new mind that THINKS AS CHRIST.
                      THAT IS OUR HEAD.
                      CHRIST THE HEAD OF HIS CHURCH, = us [saints male and female genders] in order under Him...or.....freed from the mind of our personal carnality.

                      The Ideal is
                      in the natural the male and the female are married, joined as one flesh, having their carnal minds recoded into the mind of Christ. Death with all of its laws and sin have been removed.
                      The natural man rules his home as his wife is overjoyed with him as he is without faulty judgements and loves her completely.
                      He is the perfected lover and family man.
                      In turn the wife is the true helpmeet and functioning happily in a submissive role cuz her husband is her delight.
                      Because of this harmony of life and purpose this couple reproduce THE KINGDOM within their children.
                      The deception and lusts of the flesh have disappeared and the male, who is especially created as a lover and for reproducing life, joins with his wife, who is made as a receiver for his full love.
                      Their carnal way of thinking has been removed....that last enemy has been defeated.

                      how good is that.... and what ALL people desire in their hearts.
                      but alas...
                      our carnal thinking stops/blocks this wonderous experience.

                      however there is hope.........
                      cuz now it is our turn to put off our carnal ways.
                      now it is our turn personally to put off our death

                      We have been given the divine revelation of LIFE..... now we have to be trained up to walk IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF DIVINE LIFE.
                      WHEN WE DO THIS.... all other areas of our life that is in disarray shall be healed and made whole...
                      the head shall be healed.

                      the bible is about 2 beings in one body... the male and the female are at war with each other and this is reflected in their churches and their homes.... it is a battle of the sexes and Eve is the winner.
                      the bible is all about how to heal this warring of the sexes and for them to come into their true harmonious postions they were made for in the first place.

                      the deceived soul is IN men and IN women
                      the sleeping spirit is IN men and In women

                      now... the solution is to awaken the sleeping spirit within us all and get our Eve saved, so she can become the true helpmeet.

                      Jesus never had a wife
                      Jesus knew how to control His eve.
                      Jesus KNEW HIS HEAD... AND LIVED out from divine thinking or... not allowing His carnal thinking to take root in Him and destroy Him.

                      We are to FOLLOW HIM, and come to the point where we can understand His whole thinking patterns and copy them for our perfecting. amen

                      again let me repeat this 'ideal ' as i love to gaze at the beauty of such an event.
                      to me it is the ULTIMATE DEPARTURE FROM THE MATRIX.

                      The Ideal is
                      in the natural the male and the female are married, joined as one flesh, having their carnal minds recoded into the mind of Christ. Death with all of its laws and sin have been removed.
                      The natural man rules his home as his wife is overjoyed with him as he is without faulty judgements and loves her completely.
                      He is the perfected lover and family man.
                      In turn the wife is the true helpmeet and functioning happily in a submissive role cuz her husband is her delight.
                      Because of this harmony of life and purpose this couple reproduce THE KINGDOM within their children.
                      The deception and lusts of the flesh have disappeared and the male, who is especially created as a lover and for reproducing life, joins with his wife, who is made as a receiver for his full love.
                      Their carnal way of thinking has been removed....that last enemy has been defeated.
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                        i quick thought....

                        a generation of UNPERISHABLES....

                        UNPERSHABLE IS TO BE FROZEN.....

                        do u remember in the book called the 'secrets of Enoch'' he went to see THE FATHER, BUT BEFORE he went in his face was FROZEN SO HE WOULD NOT DIE.

                        The Book of 1Enoch, of 3Enoch ~Huma
                        ... man of Enoch's tribe with his whole house, who did God's pleasure according to ... if your face be not frozen here, no man will be able to behold your face. ...etc
                        imagine that..
                        could it be that
                        immortals are frozen into the ever present now of eternity.

                        i remembered that at the parting of the red sea....
                        the east wind blew... a wind that someone once remarked was a cold wind so this parting was done by blowing the sea up into a solid wall of ice on either side... A FROZEN SEA.... a wall of solid ice.

                        again imagine that..........+ i cannot even believe i am thinking this.
                        its that CD i am playing it is giving me beautifull thoughts. the music is so gentle.

                        here is the info...

                        Exodus 15:8 says:

                        "By the blast of your nostrils the waters piled up.
                        The surging waters stood firm like a wall;
                        the deep waters congealed in the heart of the sea."

                        To congeal means to turn from a liquid to a solid such as from water to ice.
                        bible no 15 = rest in grace and no 8 = resurrection life of new beginnings.

                        a frozen face
                        a frozen way of escaping out from and into....

                        how can we become FROZEN.
                        how can we become FROZEN....UNPERISHABLES....BY GAINING UNDERSTANDING HOW NOT TO PERISH....

                        the nonperishable generation
                        i have to do some massive thinking here on spiritual freezing...

                        this is so good...
                        i am thinking i will have to give you ''THE COLD SHOULDER''
                        now how funny is that.
                        + i mean it in the nicest way ofcourse.

                        no no wait... i got it wrong... opps...

                        WE HAVE TO BECOME..............THE COLD SHOULDERS......
                        cuz it is upon the shoulders the strength is laid.

                        ohhhh that is good.
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                 comes HONOUR....


                          "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter" (Proverbs 25:2) ...

                          *** ''the honour of kings is to search out a matter"

                          A WIMP does not search out matters that are hidden BUT ....a king does.....a king who is aligned with the King of Kings.
                          now.. i have to be so truthfull here...
                          as i look about and see all these wimpy religious church men, they NEED an injection of MANHOOD....
                          they all need to line up for manhood injections to counter the attacks of wimpyness.

                          WHAT IS WRONG WITH MANHOOD....can i ask?
                          why did religious church men loose their manhood?

                          well i guess that is because they are not kings and they are wimps because they follow a form of godliness that sucks away their true manhood.
                          can u just ''see'' in your mind's eye, someone like John the Baptist, striding forth like some divine mighty man of war and taking on the local boys IN THEIR HIRELINGS UNIFORM.

                          “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” (Pr 28:1)

                          “That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.”

                          I would love to watch that, FROM the side lines!

                          How he would make mince meat out of these '' dainty flowers of apostacy'' that's for sure...

                          ''come on Lucy'' stop attacking the religious wimpies Ok''....
                          well it was the comparision i wish to point out.
                          so back to HONOUR.

                          have we ever looked at the 3rd in line down from Adam... a man called Enos[h].
                          Gen 4 v 26.
                          Enos[h] name means = mortal man....but also notice this .... it was then.... men began to call upon the Name of the Lord.

                          did these ancients recognise they '' needed help''?

                          but also we see a translation that says '' then men began to call themselves by the name of Jehovah, or, called upon their gods [idols] by the name of Jehovah''

                          so we have 2 versions...
                          so!!! it would seem to me there is always a counterfeit ready to step in and be worshipped, and also growing alongside the true people who actually do cry out in their mortalness.
                          i guess that is why THERE REALLY IS..this hidden manna called 'honour' to seek.
                          so that divine kings know and understand how not to perish, and by doing this, the counterfeit will never overtake them.

                          i have found out...
                          from the birth of Enos[h] there are exactly 77 jubilee cycles until Messiah came quoting the jubilee passage in Isaiah 61 (Lk 4:18-19),
                          “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

                          77 jubliees.
                          what is a Jubilee?
                          we know it is when something is returned back to its original owner.

                          Do we wish to be ''A JUBLIEE'' AND RE-TURNED back to our previous owner?
                          well we need His hidden manna [the seeking for honour] for this to happen.
                          Do we wish to have all broken things within our lives -returned back?

                          77 in bible numerics...
                          70 - fully restored
                          7 -perfection
                          77 = restored into perfection.

                          Consider Enos [h] begins to line that called upon the name of the Lord..
                          Do u think Enos [h] discovered he was mortal-man just as his name suggests and he did not like death and his own mortality and needed divine help?

                          Enos [h] name also suggests ''mortal man in weakness''.

                          Do we like being a mortal man in deathly weakness....or....would we all prefer to be a supernatural hero of life.... and well able to lift a building in a single bound?

                          Enos[h] the 3rd from Adam heads up a DYNASTY of people who wished to no longer die, in the death of Adam.
                          Also ''calling upon the Name of the Lord''...happens to some, and when does, it opens up to us, a divine revealing, so we will find all the ingredients to make us whole and able to live IN honour.
                          did u see what
                          king David writes.
                          Ps 116:13, “I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.”
                          again it is written
                          Acts 2:21: “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

                          not only are we to seek out this honour but we are to BE honour, as Glory and Honour are Crowns.

                          now i do like this verse here ...
                          ps 91 v 15.

                          ''he shall call upon Me, and I will answer him, I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him''

                          do we think of our physical death is ''trouble''?
                          do we think, ''i don't wish to go the way of Adam and i wish to call upon the Name of the Lord for my full deliverance?''

                          I believe if one has ''the crown of glory and of honour'' one could not phyically die.

                          a divine honour is to be formed within His people
                          see Psalm 149 v 9
                          '' to execute upon them the judgement written, ''this honour have all His saints, praise the Lord''

                          a priest and a king, under THE KING has ''duties'' to perform
                          infact there are 7 of them
                          1 - to be joyfull and sing before the Lord [ rev 5 v. 8-10]
                          2-7 = are duties to do with judgements.

                          Just HOW IMPORTANT is it to be made JUST... AND THEN to serve DIVINE JUSTICE....

                          the just, shall live by faith. we are told 5 times in the bible.
                          faith in a divine justice
                          faith to make just decissions.

                          this hidden message brings HONOUR to His servants when they understand the real importance of seeking Honour.. amen.


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                            seeking honour...from man or from Father?

                            men seek honour from other men but seldom from their Creator.
                            YET, we are told to seek Honour and it is our Duty to seek this honour from Above.

                            Did you know Abba is seeking for kings...=..... men who shall have DOMINION AND WHO SHALL SUBDUE all things under THEIR KING.
                            HONOUR, belongs to a king.
                            '' a king is to be honoured by his people'' the ideal state.

                            therefore this honour we are studying has to be woven into a person's nature so that the false honour of man is removed.
                            to replenish
                            to subdue
                            to rule over.

                            Adam, forfeited his honour and dominion by unfaithfullness.
                            The 2nd Adam was found faithfull in all things therefore could rule and have dominion over all things in Honour.
                            That is why the command for honour is issued out saying ...SEEK HONOUR... FOR IN THE SEEKING this part of The truth, A PERSON WILL LEARN how to rule as a king.

                            These kings are like the OFFSPRING of THE KING, who rule and reign In Him.
                            These kings are the REDEEMED from among men, choosen according to the good pleasure of His will + created Anew.

                            Father sent His Son to deliver these kings from death and all its curses.
                            Father sent His Son to QUICKEN THEM, to life and to fulfill their destiny before Him....not merely to be His loving Subjects, BUT, to be His kings who rule with HIM.
                            These kings are natural mortal men but are changed by immortality [the righteouness of the just] and so are fitted out for an everlasting reign.
                            Everything they do is connected to Their father as His zeal/committments, fills their hearts as they become His Workmanship...they become they soak up/in His radiance and presence... amen.

                            NOTHING shall stand in their way as this infilling is in progress.


                            Cuz Father elects them,
                            It is by His will they are as they are.
                            He chooses some for glory and dominion, not all.
                            ''many are called, but FEW are choosen''.
                            likened to a Gideons army, revealing a process of faithfullness.

                            it is a process
                            He elects them
                            He redeems them
                            He consecrates them.
                            He anoints them
                            He crowns them

                            people find this out as they seek after His truth.
                            + He chooses them long before that crown is upon their heads.
                            These people seek after this honour [roms 2 v 7] as it is all a part of the kingly processing.
                            Now HE is calling us INTO THIS HONOUR.
                            They not only “see the kingdom of God” (John 3 v 3)
                            they not only
                            “enter into the kingdom of God”;
                            but they occupy its thrones.
                            “The kingdom, and the dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom, under the whole heaven, is given to the people of the saints of the Most High, and they possess the kingdom” (Dan. 7 v 22-27.



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                              the red sea was congealed and stood up

                              and they passed thru on dry ground.

                              nonperishable people.
                              their enemy was defeated
                              the escape route shown

                              nonperishables....cannot be destroyed by their enemy.
                              their enemy has been abolished.
                              and their escape route manifested before them.

                              nonperishable people have been taken out from 'time' and placed in 'eternal'.
                              in 'time' the enemy florishes
                              outside of 'time' in the everpresent Now, ETERNAL EXISTS.

                              THE RED SEA parted, because Moses lifted up the rod.
                              the 'rod' is the authority to manifest the Word of Abba.

                              That whole generation of people would have been doomed, but for Moses and his divine preparation as a Deliverer.
                              We have a divine deliverer too.

                              the ''cold shoulder''.....[ a way now made possible,] or... is that power of strength that will come, [from Messiah] to the nonperishable people as a rod of authority, is lifted up over and above the power of their enemy.

                              ''shoulder'' is symbolic of rulership.
                              the rod - the authority to exercise rulership under the King of Kings.

                              nonperishable people, learn to deliver.
                              a whole generation who shall escape the power of evil.
                              His seed.
                              a nonperishable generation as He says '' I will build My church and the gates of hell/grave shall not prevail aginst them''

                              My church = is the nonperishable generation....His seed.
                              let us seek such an deliver....under The Deliverer. amen

                              again ''I will build My church and the gates [openings into] of hell [the grave of death] shall not prevail [win or overcome] against them''.

                              these supernatural nonperishable people are a NEW CULTURE, that is being divinely formed to manifest the real presence of Their Creator on earth.

                              they begin their walk with..
                              Song of Solomon 1:2, "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth; for Thy love is better than wine.".
                              ''kisses'' are His word upon our lips...=....this begins the manifestation of His Presence.
                              ''Kiss'' can mean - ''equipped with weapons....fitted out to perform''.
                              ''mouth'' = means ''-to blow command a scattering''.

                              All His work, shall be perfected In us as HE removes our hell/grave from our lives and replaces it with His divine manifestions.
                              This could be likened to the Red Sea standing up in a congealed ice pack....this ''hell'' of certain death for that nation, was removed as those people crossed over on dry ground.

                              to manifest His presence we cannot slip back into our former nature,
                              we cannot do something that is opposite to His nature, as we are learn our NEW cultural habits, for our NEW realm of Living.
                              Let us stay aware, to always be in that ''Arisen state''.
                              It is IN that place ''our hell'' cannot survive.
                              ALL of us NEED to be RELEASED from our EGYPTS...we need deliverance from the grave.
                              We need to break all those bondages that hold us to death and its power.
                              We need to have a NEW MIND that shall bring to shame our old ways of thinking.
                              We need to seek honour, so that we put off mortals and put on immortals...WE NEED THIS.

                              WE all need Love
                              WE all need food
                              We all NEED TO BE IMMORTAL.... as we are TOLD TO SEEK such a thing.

                              that life out there in this world is impregnated with a sense of mortality... the religious church is mortal....

                              dont people SEE, that we are to seek immortality?
                              i heard a saying that said this

                              ''a child is afraid of the dark, but why is an adult afraid of the light.''