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The Last Year Is All Most Gone!

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  • The Last Year Is All Most Gone!

    God first

    The Last Year Is All Most Gone!


    Here I sat looking into the heart were the spirit of Christ is in me to guide me and direct my path unto that which is just and true.

    I Roy William Perry III known as year2027 a man of God and a brother to Jesus Christ greet you the believers of the world wide web with the love of God.

    I send you greeting from the spirit of Christ in me the gift of holy spirit to the spirit of Christ in you the gift of holy spirit in you.

    I boldly tell you of visions I saw and of mysteries that I see the light of truth in part but not whole yet because I still walk in the flesh too.

    But I look for the day when the flesh of my old body will be gone and spirit of my new body will craw out from this fleshly shell to be a light of truth my spiritual body one that I can not begin to picture its glory in my fleshly mind.

    If I told you Christ has came back many times what would you say? Yes Christ went up in the air two thousand plus days ago.

    But he came back forty days after to enter in the hearts of the twelve apostles. Christ has been coming back for the second coming every time one of us desires to let him in our heart has the gift of holy spirit.

    Its called Christ in us the hope of glory and this is the second coming which has come for some and is coming for others.

    But there is a final and third coming of Christ when the end is here and no one is left that will desire to be saved.

    The last call out to the fleshly dead and fleshly alive to repent and turn to the one true living God before Jesus Christ comes and destroys death itself the sin that holds fleshly kind to the death or life it has then.

    When sin is gone if your flesh has not changed to a spiritual kind you will no longer be because the things that were used in the creation of flesh will no longer be, for they would changed into spirit kind or go back into nothing as if there never was a fleshly kind.

    I call you to reach for all that you can and talk to God about all your love ones, because for the sake of you another could be saved like the unrighteous husband can be sanctified by a righteous wife and so on.

    But lets talk about inner and outer body manifestation.

    A inner body manifestation would be like tongues, or prophecy coming out of a fleshly mouth to light the flesh up with spiritual truths.

    A outer body manifestation would be like a vision of seeing things by riding on the pen head of a sun ray or being push alone in a dream by the cool puff of spiritual air.

    If God can talk to you and you talk to God, then the spirit of you can talk to the spirit of me or the Christ in me talking to the Christ in you.

    Either by you using listing to a manifestation from my inner Christ in me or I listing to a manifestation from your inner Christ in you when we met together to share with each other our spiritual love.

    But there is another way we could talk in spiritual dreams or spiritual visions that run by manifestation of dreams and visions under the loving direction of the Christ in us.

    There so must to talk about but my fleshly mind is weak so I will stop here and wait for the next year to come with its coming blessings.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.