God first
Here me my dear friends
I Roy William Perry III know as year2027 hear the loving voice of Jesus the Christ the one who died for me and you. This Christ sends God’s love to each of us on a personal basic.

These are the words I hear that I will begin with sharing with you my friends. “There are two kinds of dreams one is a fleshly dream which has fleshly value and the other is a spiritual dream that has spiritual value.

Book are to help you in your walk the one helps you fleshly and the other helps you spiritually. The fleshly dream helps you deal with things of the flesh but the spiritual helps you deal with spiritual things.

The flesh talks to you in a known language of pictures in your dreams which seem to clear up things your flesh is dealing with. The spirit talks to you in a unknown language of pictures in your dreams then you may dream interpretation of the spiritual mystery the gift is trying to teach you by using your dreams.

Now I do not say beware of fleshly dreams but know them from spiritual dreams because both are there to help you with your walks for we do not just walk spiritually but we must walk fleshly while living on this earth too.

Fleshly dreams will value you fleshly whether its to help you make up your mind on a matter or solve a problem in your life and spiritual dreams will teach things like how make more spiritual fruit in your life.”

I feel its time for me to stop and let you put dreams in their place for your personal walk in truth my friends.

Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.