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Signs your World is Turn Upside Down

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  • Signs your World is Turn Upside Down

    God first

    Signs your World is Turn Upside Down


    Yes its me year2027 known as Roy William Perry III a man of the most high God the creator of all things the one who loved us first sat here to share wisdom with who ever will give a listen to me.

    I begin like all ways with God loves us all my dear friends and not just God but God’s Beloved son Jesus the Christ loves us too and this love was to the point he gave up his fleshly life so we might become joint heir’s of the household of God.

    When a love for the word of God becomes more knowledge than love, when love of a good women or men becomes lust of their body, when stories of things of old in the books of truth become fairly tales, when hope becomes a wish, and a need when become wants your world is turn upside down.

    When sharing God’s Word becomes pushing your views of God’s Word, when want becomes greed, when grace becomes a law, when doctrine’s of God become doctrine’s of men, when faith becomes vain words, and when church family becomes controlling others your world is turn upside down.

    When marriage becomes slave and master, when fare deal becomes cheat one another, when leadership become power over another, when given freely becomes taken all that one has, when truth becomes personal gain, and sharing with each other becomes take all you can your world is turn upside down.

    When written with a basic style out of love becomes a habit, when a kiss of friendship of brotherly love becomes dirty, when like minded becomes a reason to hate another person, when no private interpretation becomes what you need to prove your point your world is turn upside down.

    When friendship becomes ways to gain money, when teaching become ways to gain money from other than freely given, when free will given becomes a law, when obeying men made church doctrine becomes whether you are welcome or not in a given church, when in God we trust becomes in money we trust your world is turn upside down.

    Now I know there are many more we can come up with but this is what been running in and out of my heart and see that there is a endless supply of examples I could give you.

    But how many can you think of like when love making becomes using the other person or taking care of your partner needs becomes self your world is turn upside down.

    I will end here and see where you take this my dear friends, with love that is true love and a holy kiss blowing your way that is pure from me Roy.