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why do we dream? have u wondered why?

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  • why do we dream? have u wondered why?

    the bible says ''we dream dreams''..... has your ''dreams'' come into true...and u remembered u dreamed it?

    Once i had the same dream for 3 nights running... and it came to pass as a warning to look after my son when he was near deep water....
    other than that i cannot ever remember a dream that came true...
    [math,1 v 20.. a warning dream. that is very vivid]


    i sometimes think i am in a school and having lessons, when i dream....
    I was wondering if this was what the bible tells us by dream teachings...?

    dreams... why dont we remember them all... they seem to be so real yet disappear like a vapour when we awake....
    i am sure there is such a great reason for dreaming that no one really has discovered .... so dreams seem unimportant and vapourish....

    i think i shall look into ''dreaming more'' to seek further info....