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  • SARDIS.........precious STONE

    THAT is the true meaning of this word SARDIS.

    a SARDIS STONE - precious and rare....
    the Overcomer has been made alive in each age for the past 2,000yrs. They are the precious stones, the small flock or the remnant household.
    The remnant of grace [ like in Elijah’s day] who had not bowed the knee to Baal.
    Being in THIS WALK, one has to GIVE UP the ''security'' of walking with the majority.
    This is a LONELY walk...and not too many friends are there , walking alongside as a comfort.
    Thats OK.. CUZ IT Is CALLED ''WALKING WITH GOD'' and the same process as Enoch had of developing FAITH, that moves mountains.
    This happens as we see INTO THE SPIRIT[ a quickened life force into LIFE in the Spirit 24/7] so that our adamic eye is taken off our vanity and our carnality, that is an allowed happening in our lives ..see Job for details.
    A Sardis gem's belief system does not line up with the majority of religious beliefs, not that they can boast, it is just they have entered into the SCHOOL of the Holy Spirit and this divine teacher will only ever GIVE PRAISES to Messiah. NO man shall glory in His presence.

    the divine message that is spoken out says
    And to the angel of the Church of Sardis write:

    He who has the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars, says this:

    I know your deeds, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.

    2 Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, which were about to die; for I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of My God
    now there is much meat on these words...
    here is a sample

    ''you are dead''....
    means we have NO immortality /eternal life
    .... but....
    if we AWAKEN to this plight, meaning the Goodnews of 2 Tim 1 v 10, WHICH IS ABOUT TO DIE,..we can be COMPLETED IN HIS SIGHT.

    we need to learn how to move into perfection... amen

    then HE SAYS...
    to him who OVERCOMES this problem I SHALL GIVE,

    IF u are not blotted out from the book of life... ye MUST BE AWAKENED AND ALIVE TO THE LIVING GOSPEL... and those things that are ''about to die'' REMAIN ALIVE...

    what things..
    ROM 2 V 7 for starters..
    GLORY HONOUR ETERNAL AND IMMORTAL LIFE....TO SEEK AND FIND and not die from your life , that the religious parannias count as ''worthless''
    THEIR TEACHING IS INCOMPLETE.. it is a mixture and so worthless.
    one must qualify as an overcomer to be USEFULL and a Minister of LIGHT.
    SEE Ps 104 v 4.

    Do u think HIS TRUE MINISTERS are mincey mincey boys, or powerpuffs of vanity and greed, with lusty ways and fleshy needs add nausium...
    u have the WRONG MAN for the job then if u do.?
    The ' glitz boys and Co' u see today are the wrong kind and u have been fooled and allowed them to ''creep into your house [mind] like a silly women [the deceived soul].
    there is such a difference
    His Ministers are A FLAME OF FIRE, the anointing of the Spirit upon them is so mighty NOTHING CAN STAND IN THEIR WAY, and the devil FLEES as he sees CHRIST IN THEM.

    is the KEY WORD and move away FROM SUCH monsters and the games they play WITH you, at your expense, move out from those ''fake it till we make it'' crew and become an OVERCOMER AND ALIVE be written in the Lamb's book of life.

    imagine one day...standing there like a dummy, and thisLIFE book is there and THE LAMB says ''your'e not written in here''.
    what would u do?
    well u can say to me
    ''Lucy.. I have faith i will be'' and u r satisified
    ... but u see...
    that is NOT THE POINT HERE... THE POINT IS ...REPENT....and come away from these people who are the wrong kind.

    when JOHN THE BAPTIST said ''REPENT'', he was NOT asking.

    white garments were made of fine linen.
    The meaning of the white garments is given in Rev. 19:8,
    ''And it was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints''.

    overcoming is a righteous act.

    think on these things...
    no one can convince u only the HOLY SPIRIT...
    HE DRAWS MEN into the proper divine relationship and it does not inc. compromise and lies....
    AND the human corrupted thinking that... it is ''my religion''.... U dont have a RELIGION u are supposed to have '' a relationship'' amen


    Fine linen is the garb of priesthood (Lev. 6:10).
    Messiah is forming His priesthood, out of the Overcomers... for IN their overcoming they have laid aside their own lives and have been developed into His Life.
    that life has nothing in it, that feeds satan.
    Satan starves to death, as the Overcomer feeds upon the HIDDEN MANNA.
    Rev. 20:6, which says,

    6 Blessed and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with Him for a thousand years.
    now, THAT'S what u want to be in Little Darlings... THE 1ST resurrection....

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    overcoming = to remove the 'fakers' from the 'shakers'.

    that is what i heard....the religious fakers are removed from the SHAKERS....
    Heb 12 v 26...
    bible no 12 - the Gov. of God
    bible no 26 - the Gospel of Christ.

    verse 27 - to shake means the REMOVAL, OF ALL OF THOSE THINGS that can be shaken,
    and those things that CANNOT BE SHAKEN remain...

    now how good is that~!
    salt comes in a ''shaker'' doesnt it?
    SALT SHAKER.... thats how i knew i had heard the Truth.

    The OVERCOMER REMAINS, for they cannot be shaken... and IF they remain they inherit the overcomers promises.

    Sardis is told to REPENT
    they have not moved into the revelation to reveal ''THOSE THINGS THAT REMAIN'' for they are dead... in need to AWAKEN....
    we also remember the 10 sleeping virgins... 5 wise 5 foolish... yet.. were they not all ASLEEP TOO... but it was THE WISE WHO GOT THE OIL...

    what is the OIL?

    the Holy Spirit ENLIGHTENING the path to perfect completion.
    But you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their garments; and they will walk with Me in white; for they are worthy.

    PRAY to be worthy... AS THE LAMB is worthy.
    Eph 4 v 1
    Col. 1 v.10

    worthy = well founded, legitimate, valuable, merited, to exalt.

    Sardis, IS A RARE JEWEL... can we notice a clue here plx.
    these worthies, are Priests in white robes and they are only out from the NEW and Higher Priesthood...they are priests after the Order of Melchizedek

    THE ORDER of endless Life.
    now darlings....
    this revelation to John the DIVINE was written some 1900 odd yrs ago and it was written for those people who are being called into the Highest order of Priesthoods... MELCHIZEDEK... made like their HIGH PRIEST.
    This INFORMATION has been MADE AVAILABLE for some 1900 + years... so during all this time who has OVERCOME and been WORTHY, to be receive ENDLESS LIFE.

    UMMMM.. who has eaten from the TREE OF LIFE, to be ENTERED INTO...
    LIVING STONES... thats who...
    they have received the drawing call into the highest priesthood called ENDLESS LIFE and ''proved'' worthy.
    that is why they are dressed in white.
    The conc, has to be.
    the reward specially for the overcomers in the Sardis Church is that they will inherit the first resurrection and be part of that priesthood that can minister to God in the temple in heaven as well as minister to people in the earth, the “outer court” ... a SPECIAL MISSION...(Ez. 44:19).

    amen... THESE PEOPLE ARE the same KIND as Elisha... the double portioned people who can walk into the Kingdom and re-appear to administer THE KINGDOM message to those who will listen, and go on into completed perfection to be as a deliverer out from Zion. amen.
    They have been made immortal, that is why they can administer His kingdom in both realms.
    The overcomers will receive a “better resurrection” (Heb. 11:35)

    Thank you Abba for your revelation amen.


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      the ''better'' resurrection

      better = to improve, to increase, to enhance in value, to advance, a higher degree, an enlargement, more advantageous.....

      an improved resurrection
      an increased resurrection
      an enhanced and valuable resurrection
      an advanced resurrection
      a higher degree of resurrection
      a more advantageous resurrection.

      what about 4th one down...AN ADVANCED RESURRECTION.

      THOSE WHO HAD AN ADVANCED RESURRECTION, would not die. as they had ''advanced'' into the POWER of the resurrection....before others.

      HeBREWS 11, [heBREWS] talks about different people that entrusted themselves to Elohim.
      Verse 35, "Women receive back their dead by resurrection''.
      The theme of the whole bible is ONE OF CHANGING OUR CONDITION even perhaps to be RESURRECTED from the dead... and this takes ''SPIRITUAL FITNESS'' meaning OUR INNER MAN, has to a gym workout we have to BUILD UP our spiritual bodies, to OBTAIN this better more advanced resurrection. amen

      this WORK OUT is done thru OVERCOMING, the daily situations we find ourselves in, that always seem to be a contradition.
      meaning our eyes and human reasoning see one thing, but, the bible is clear, we are to look inwards to see His Kingdom of Promises according to His Word, as His Kingdom is within us and so we MUST learn ''heaven's Laws''.

      do not be afraid - is a Heavenly Law
      be anxious for nothing - is a heavenly law
      take no thought - is another one.....
      Love one another - the unity of one accord
      and on and on these blessings flow as we learn to MAKE THEM WORK in our lives and stay within the heavenly limits.
      [Ps 110 v 1-4]

      If i said to you ''here is the money to buy a new car''
      most would be so gratefull and happy and rush out to choose this material thing that will make them happy for a short while.. but... when we read of a ''BETTER'' RESURRECTION, never have i ever talked to anyone amazed and overjoyed, so gratefull and so filled with zeal to OBTAIN such a miracle of the wonders of wonders.. but me....

      no one has ever said ''LUCY COME AND FIND OUT all about the BETTER resurrection with me''

      Infact i bascially think religious people are insane...
      nothing THRILLS THEM so that they EXPLODE WITH A HOLY PASSION AND FIREY ZEAL BUSTING OUT ALL OVER THEM like fire crackers and fireworks
      like those big blasts of light for THE LOVE OF A PERFECT LIFE AND POWER OF UNLIMITED BLESSINGS IN resurrection from the dead.... infact i feel dead people are truely dead.. and ... religious people are even deader than the lost dead.
      dead people are boring and lifeless and a big dreary non event.

      The Apostle Paul expounds the Better Resurrection to the Church at Corinth.
      That man was stoned and left as one dead....yet.. he gets up and begins his ministry if this ''stoning and left as dead'' was of no-account.
      When Christ FILLS US or still infilling....WE OVERFLOW with Life... like an eternal spring.
      the sad FACTS are
      Most people remain alseep and unqualified to receive the reward of the overcomers in the first resurrection....
      now this seems to be the ''general outlook'' from the religious church... saying...At the first resurrection, the overcomers who are raised from the dead will be the Melchizedek Order under Jesus, the High Priest of that Order
      that is misleading and is called DIS-information....
      this person has utterly failed to understand..ENDLESS LIFE, only exists for those in MELCHIZEDEK Order who cannot die...
      the meaning of this type of life,= NO DEATH has touched it.
      therefore sin and death have to be overcome to have an endless life.

      it is called
      the POWER OF ENDLESS LIFE... meaning IN endless life...THERE IS POWER.
      Through the divine power of our Lord Jesus Christ God has given unto us "all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him.,, 2 Pet. 1: 3 .
      He who has called us to glory and virtue has given unto us exceeding great and precious promises by which all who are called of God may become partakers of His divine nature.
      NOW show me plz... IF WE ARE PARTAKERS of His divine nature...where can death hide in us...especially when we have the same mind that is IN Christ.?

      we have forgotten
      man was created a physical being, but he was ordained to manifest a spiritual reality.
      ok to MANIFEST such a degree of this spiritual reality we have to have this revelation...become ALIVE AS A RHEMA word into our heart amen
      A great revelation to receive is

      We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. [I Jn. 5:1 ]


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        by learning how to overcome and grow into AN OVERCOMER

        "Abide in Me, and I will abide in you" (John 15:4).

        BIBLE NO 15 - rest = this rest means Math 11 v 28-30 = spiritual CONFIDENCE, that all shall work out for the best... and the promises shall be obtained.[ see Jer. 33 v 3] the plans He has 4 u....

        has to be BUILT UP in us, so that we do not block the power from flowing thru us into vanity
        WE HAVE TO BE-come a RIVER FOR LIFE.... a mighty rushing LIFE-RIVER

        These 3 words... are so marvellous, we need to understand them to their uttermost

        ''ABIDE IN ME''

        The Way of Spiritual Abundance~!~!~!~!~!
        I want u to learn HOW TO abundant spiritual person... so that U can be A LIFE FORMING RIVER, to block the waves of vanity and stopping the mouth of lions.

        Plx do it.. PRAY ''Holy Spirit MAKE ME [Ps 119 v 35] A SPIRITUALLY ABUNDANT PERSON plx.''

        THEN u will begin to flow into His life's river and a river goes down to the sea and the sea becomes an ocean and then it can be said ''eye has not seen '' etc... and then u will know that u know. amen.

        How good is that?
        begin today TO OVERCOME all your woes and u will be in the school of the is the BEST school to be in
        BUT WAIT....
        THE GRADUATION SERVICE IS out of this world. AMEN

        while i am writting this post, there is a talk back radio programme on near me and one caller is telling the radio-host
        ''he is a SNAKE CATCHER'' in real life.

        wow... again how good is that for confirmation.

        are u a spiritual snake catcher?


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          i believe we have to come into an understanding that the

          Ekklesia is LIVING.... NO ONE IS DEAD.... in the church of the 1st born or the Brethren of Christ.

          no-one has DIED [except to self] to enter into the LIVING TEMPLE... to be a LIVING STONE...
          the Ekklesia consists of those who are abiding in Christ and
          sharing in His Life...John 15 explains.
 abide means to dwell with in the same kind of LIFE.

          the people in the Sardis group needed the DIVINE input and it was only AS THEY HEARD AND OBEYED... DID THEY LIVE.


          that is why they received the white raiment...cuz it was a cloth of Righteousness.... and only these people clothed in white...are the REDEEMED from the earth.

          have u ever considered this aspect plx...
          the Ekklesia is '''''living and abiding''''' in Christ,
          this eliminates the need for revival!
          so much for the religious fakers and their fake revivals.

          When we ABIDE we share... HIS LIFE.
          and this Ekklesia LIVES ALL BECAUSE CHRIST IS ALIVE in it.
          +this Ekklesia is growing cuz Christ is INCREASING IN HIS PEOPLE...
          did u know, where IT IS ALL HAPPENING is only in HIS Ekklesia
          THAT'S the place where our renewed soul is BEING EQUIPPED FOR SERVICE amen.... by a cunning Workman.
          S of S. 7 v 1

          are u under the hand of the cunning WORKMAN?... and are your steps BEAUTIFULL?


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            loosing their VISION of FREEDOM

            this church was LOOSING IT....
            now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            ofcourse the vision is lost and in its place is the vile tradition of religious men prevailing and so does their graveyards.
            death jaws for death's laws....

            HOWEVER there is Hope
            even in Noah's day LIFE found a way to live again.
            Nothing can stop real divine life from living. amen. for in the LIVING there is THE POWER TO LIVE.

            THEREFORE some have a vision of freedom, not only for themselves but for their family and to live above the realm of this PRISON PLANET'S values.

            We have to learn how to MOVE ''in 2'' above and leave this underneath existance that is really a prison.
            MESSIAH tells us how to move out from and move into.

            when He showed me these different lives - He showed me a fish in a bowl...
            trapped there and unable to move out from the bowl to discover the room and the door that leads into the gardens.... the fish did not live it only existed in a trapped state,

            are u trapped in religion?
            are u trapped in your church?
            are u trapped in conforming to your church?
            remember ye shall die there, cuz as u step into that place you step into death jaws.
            u need to ESCAPE AND LEARN TO BE FREE.
            those chains of religious sins and pagan influences need to be opened and u need to understand HOW TO OBEY HIS WORD so U CAN ENTER INTO HIS WORLD.
            these 2 words are almost the same..
            WORD AND WORLD...
            the ''L'' is the difference...''L'' FOR LORD... THE RULER OVER us
            WHO IS MY LORD?...whose ya lover?
            the world
            the WORD.

            ''freedom'' is just another word for NOTHING LEFT TO LOOSE...
            aint that the truth, even a song can tell us His truth.


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              IF U NOW NOTICE HERE... in the Sardis church

              it was only those saints WHO HEARD, that came to understand the needs they were lacking.

              I heard from a young age to ''come out from, as u r not sitting in the truth', your'e sitting in a programme of man'.
              I was upset to leave but i did it.

              Once Abba has u to HIMSELF, without religious interference, HE expands our knowledge of that WE BEGIN TO LIVE cuz we have BECOME WISE unto our SALVATION.

              THIS IS NOT like we think, but, our spiritual man is growing as our carnal man is receeding.
              The spiritual man is learning how to BRING FORTH the new realm [the invisible] into the natural realm and comes to a point where he has ''AUTHORITY'' to have his word honoured instantly as CHRIST DID.
              As MESSIAH SPOKE = IT APPEARED AND WAS ACCOMPLISHED... and HE pathed the way for saints to follow Him thru these authoritive lessons.

              We cannot have authority and still remain carnal.
              We have to LEARN to bow, meaning to give up our carnal MINDEDNESS AND REPENT FROM IT AND TURN AWAY FROM THIS FORM OF TORMENTS and move into a new mind, the mind of Christ
              can u do it?
              can u have such courage as to disappear [ our ego] and allow another to RULE over you rather than the devil.
              This decision does not come lightly and many people think they have made it but still worship the wrong jesus.

              ie.. the pope and Co.
              ie ..the alphabet church names and Co
              = SILLY DECIEVED WOMEN who allowed the faker to creep in unawares and they took to him like a harlot.

              That is so wrong and WHEN U SEE THE MONEY.... [the self religious empire builders ]
              THE MIGHTY $$$$ ROLLING, the plate and hardware offered for u to buy..
              there u see the ''money changers'' at work and the ''temple'' needs to be cleaned out..
              also u see JUDAS... it was the traitor ''the lookalike disciple'' that carried the purse.

              if u can understand these things u will prosper and come into LIFE ABUNDANT.
              try to look for the fruit of corruption and then decide u wish NO part of it.


              The fakers make money out of their fakery, notice this + you actually pay to be faked /fooled to.......this makes u fakers -fool... and who said that phrase ''there is a sucker born every day''.

              MESSIAH never faked HIS MINISTRY NOR HIS LIFE..
              it was all suffering and guts, for His friends. amen...
              why worship a system that NEVER PAID THE PRICE and is simply a hireling u pay to fool you.
              I despise this whole Corp.... and cannot wait until all vanity is exposed to our Messiah's LIFE AND WILL AND TRUE REDEMPTION AND TEACHING IS IN PLACE. amen


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                escaping so great a destruction.....dont be a trained seal.

                I know some may think I blab far to much about ''escaping'' and FREEDOM AND LIBERTY, and i can understand how u feel... i really do~!~!

                cuz when u are sitting in a lovely home, with money and work and holidays and things to buy... who wants to escape.?
                like who does...???? and where do u escape to?
                so to most people everything is FINE.... thats the attitude.

                well... u see we have to be TRAINED UP to escape and know the laws on HOW TO ESCAPE.. and that is to be, well able to realm cross....
                well out there in this evil world there is stuff going on we never hear about from our lounge chair..
                we are DULLED .. and made stupid... by many things..brainwashed into accepting our captors.
                so here is some food to think about.. and whatsoever u do...
                NEVER COMPLAIN ..''i never knew''.
                the sounds of evil are going out all the time....Father is warning His people daily... seek and find... and then LEARN TO HEAR HIS VOICE and He will show u how to escape. amen.




                dont be a slob....
                dont let others train u up as their seals...

                think for yourself and DO SOMETHING WHOLESOME... like learning how to escape... into HIS KINGDOM.


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                  learning how to escape from evil.

                  is very difficult...but i have found 2 ways that are effective... for me

                  1] be anxious for nothing
                  2] stop evil imaginations by taking in NO thought that opposes Jesus teaching.

                  thats so nice to say but so hard to do.

                  but the secret is...
                  this is how we loose our doubters heart and gain the same CONFIDENCE AS MESSIAH HAD, and not only that... it developes our faith so that we can move mountains under the LORDSHIP of Christ.
                  Bacially we are to loose our own SELF DISCIPLINE AND BECOME CHRIST DISCIPLINED....AND THAT is where the supernatural power lays.

                  these 2 facts are entry into POWER LIVING.

                  WELL.. we are to remember Job... and his testing... that shall be our testing too... and our adamic man wants just to be left to rule over us, but the tests are for CHRIST TO RULE OVER US and for adamic death to be knocked off his throne.
                  that's why we get these firey trials.... and we are not to think it strange.
                  its all

                  apart of the programme and we have to GET WITH THE PROGRAMME and learn how it fits together and show some spunk and do it right amen
                  REMEMBER our problem is
                  we let our carnal nature persuade us that we can do a better job handling the situation ourselves..............

                  NO NO NO back wrong way.
                  NO NO NO back wrong way.
                  NO NO NO back wrong way.

                  this is the route of death.

                  now this is why?
                  let us learn well.
                  "You shall have no other gods before Me"
                  (Exodus 20:3, Deut. 5:7).
                  In other words, we should trust God alone.

                  that's it...
                  and because our ancient 'sell out' parents failed their tests, we have trouble to REVERSE our mindsets....that is why... we put on the same mind that is found IN CHRIST..[that reverses our fallen condition] +that is where the power comes to OVERCOME our inherited weakness.

                  I have been overwhelmed at times but I KNOW it will work out for our best IF WE LEARN, SIMPLY..TO TRUST IN HIM ALONE....
                  that is why, If we hear His voice today, He understands the needs we have and makes divine provision for our need to be met... but... it stops when we INTERFER with the process.

                  we revert back when we see nothing happening... we are ''a seeing is believing lot''....
                  rather than saying
                  '' THANK YOU ABBA, for Your holy kindness to me and for Your blessing''.

                  you have to learn to go into REVERSE and oppose the death negative power eater, and BECOME ALIVE WITH CHRIST-POWER amen.

                  now u can do it.....
                  and u shall be the only one that shall stop it... by your unbelief.

                  SO here is our solution... let us go forewards into it... bungy jump ok?

                  "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matt. 11:28).
                  But to enter that rest we have to cut off stress' source of power: our unbelief (Heb. 3:19).

                  HE IS OUR LORD.... THE LORD OF GLORY...[math 17 v 1]