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Death and Life are at the door !

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  • Death and Life are at the door !

    God first

    Death and Life are at my door!

    Greeting in the name above all names spoken out loud or spoken so soft only the seed of Christ can hear. I love you my dear friends.

    Now let me speak from the heart of my seed of Christ the gift of holy spirit in me and from what I saw with my fleshly eyes in this old evil world were we live and walk until we die.

    My heart hurt and I was dizzy I was about to call 911 for help but inside my heart I reach out from with in the place the seed of holy spirit rest and told God I have more to do on this old earth because there are too many with no hope of life after death.

    My heart goes out every time I hear a sad story whether the story is just a show or real life on the news channel. My heart goes out to the ones in pain at the time and the ones who will be in pain if they do not changed their ways.

    I do not want to see anyone in fleshly pain or spiritual pain so my work to share the love of God must go on my dear friends. While I know not everybody all ways see eye to eye with my beliefs and I can live with that.

    But we must all reach for what is good and just and work as family even if our goals are not the same right now. For I am happy if a person goal is just to live love in their life.

    Yes I want to see all people sharing their love for God and his son Jesus the Christ or what ever they call the one true God but I am happy if they at least love their brothers and sisters of this evil world.

    While being happy is one thing and be joyful is another. Happiness depends on here and now for joy has no limits because it’s a fruit of the spirit my friends.

    I am so thankful that I feel better and see no need to call 911 but my phone is at my side if needed but thanks to God its not needed this second my dear friends.

    My sister daughter had a dream about me having a heart attack and dying and yes I listen when a dream is told about me because a very old friend of mine understood dreams Joseph son of Jacob son of Isaac son of Abraham.

    How do I know Joseph I read about his life in the bible and it was as if the pages about him came to life while I read his story my friends.

    I call you my friends because my heart is too be a friend to all no matter what they may say or think about me because of my style of written or where I might look for truth.

    What do I think does not matter but what does is how I live the love of God because I can not think another person into talking a long look at truth by reading things of old or just looking up and talking at God as if he hears them which God does but if they see the love in my heart they might at least try and that all I can ask for my friends.

    Some think by hard words and even to the point of war they can changed how another thinks but I tell you only true love can do that my dear friends.

    Because I am tired and its time for bed and a big day is coming I am going to sleep now but do not forget I love you no matter who you are.

    Thank you,
    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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    Dialing 911!

    Hi Year2027,

    This is easy to say but hard to follow in a life and death situation unless perhaps we are believers in LIFE NOW where death is no longer an issue:

    If death finds all, and it pretty well has, what do we have to lose should we decide to believe that Yahushua delights in us and that we should dial HIM when we perceive that we are in trouble?

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      God first

      Beloved Spying

      God loves you my dear friend

      I look forward to reading that link it looks good

      thank you

      with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy