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11-17-2006 about other books

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  • 11-17-2006 about other books

    God first

    wrote 11-17-2006

    First and foremost I greet you with the love of God and the power we have received by the gift of Christ in us the hope of holy.

    After a lot of reading of old books that for some reason that does not matter at this time did not make it in the Holy Bible it plan to me what to look for in these books if you de-side to take the time and read some of them.

    Now I am not saying we need to read them or we should read them but if we do we need to look for special things within them that will be there or will not be there.

    All books that were wrote by holy men will show the great love and patience God has for his children and at the same time they will show how the devil tries to trick us into believing a lie.

    For what God said’s is true and out of great love but what the devil said’s is out of jealousies of us being created at first in the image of God were the devil was only created in the image of flesh.

    While the devil tricked Adam into taking off his spiritual image and putting on the image of animal flesh making man having to move from the garden of spiritual Eden to the world’s garden fleshly natural if man was to live passed his great fall.

    For in the beginning Adam live in the garden of Eden where the spiritual trees feed him while spiritual waters gave him spiritual drink. Adam never had want for anything, all his spiritual needs were full filled.

    The devil tempted Adam with fleshly wants of power something that the devil only promised to him and would never give up, but the devil had it to give at that time.

    The devil was created king and ruler of all flesh-kind, the greatest flesh-kind until the creation of Adam who ruled even the devil because while he was part flesh and bone Adam had the very image of God shining forth from him.

    But the devil’s image could be turn off and the pit he is in today is death awaiting a time when he will rise alone side of all flesh-kind to be judged good or bad.

    The good are changed into life but the bad die the second death but do not get me wrong just because the first devil has died it does not mean his kind is gone for the children of the devil still are alive on this earth as animals of the wind and water.

    Other Angels that did not fall from heaven with the Lucifer the Morning Star are alive in the waters in the heaven.

    One of the names known to man as a animal that is a devil is a germ or a virus these are children of the devil which attack flesh in bone.

    They are all ways around us and just because a person has a germ or a virus does not mean they have a devil within them but that they are being attacked by one of these fleshly animals.

    And the one to over come this attacked is a action using other animals of the flesh which could be called herbs and drugs.

    These devil animals look for weakness in our habits, teaching, understanding what is best and many other ways to weaken our health so we either die or we are not a blessing to others.

    What do these germs and viruses look for a place to pass there poison unto us and they use foods, personal contact, air we breathe, things we drink, and many other ways to get there poison in our flesh to make us sick with hopes of killing us the first goal of their father Lucifer the Morning Star.

    While they are no more stars of light and have changed into many forms of death and they use all flesh of animals to employ their poison of lies unto us the children of Adam who can be saved if we receive the gift of Christ in us.

    What you should look for is what we need to get back to the gentle caring loving way God teaches his children right from wrong and if a book shows this we can learn from that book.

    But if a book judges one without patience and understanding that book is a lie from the devil but be careful for some books will seem to be caring and gentle one second and hard and judge mentally the next.

    While God is to the point he is a patience and loving God who only wishes to love us and help us receive a loving heart the only thing that can over come a evil hateful heart.

    Love over comes hate and hate never over comes love. A kind word can changed a person’s day for the better but a evil word can only bring more evil words.

    A caring heart makes peace a hateful heart makes war. A smile sends love and builds friendship but a judgmental word brings un-trust, doubt, anger, and war.

    Lets learn to love one another by has we walk on this earth looking for ways to share God’s love with all we come across in our lives.

    So while we read whatever book we read that look and see if we see God’s love in the pages of the book or the false judgment the devil been dishing out for years out of jealousies of how God first created us in his image or the gift Jesus the Christ gave to us.

    I will stop here thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.