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  • IMMORTALITY, is it FACT or is it FICTION?

    WE HAVE TO DECIDE, from our studies of seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven?
    This great and fantastic, holy and sacred subject of immortality may appear, at first, far beyond the grasp of human experience

    so let us now ask
    where is the Kingdom of heaven again?


    we have to decided IF we enter into the experience of this Kingdom while living here on earth... do we become immortal as per Romans 2 v 7 saying this

    ''to them who are patient [ does the ''them'' apply to us who are alive and living on earth?] continue in well doing...seeking...this WELL DOING EXPERIENCE, of glory, honour, eternal and immortal life.

    notice we ARE TO SEEK these 4 facts and POSSESS THEM by patience~!

    Glory = fame, brightness, radiance [sounds like Math 17 v 2] effulgence, renoun.

    honour = adore, idolize, respect, revere, venerate, esteem

    eternal = endless, everlasting, boundless, [no longer bound by satan??] continous, without stopping, constant, perpetual

    immortal = no death has ever touched, ever.

    therefore as per bible instruction it is OUR DUTY...
    to seek = to find out, to explore, to inquire into, to learn all about,

    how to become

    '' His brightness and act with His radiance, having esteem and no longer bound by satan, so that no death can ever touch us.''

    is our immortality a fact of just fiction?

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    Does Abba dump us in the grave of death.. or... Does He

    fashion those He loves into the Image of His Son?

    why do u think your'e here?
    to be born
    to live
    to die
    to pay taxes.

    is this YOUR DREAM? your hopes... of happiness?

    what does that chorus say.
    ''Is that all there is, is that all there is
    If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing
    Let's break out the booze and have a ball
    If that's all there is''
    millions live and die never knowing it is not really to be like ...
    ''IS THAT ALL IT IS''.

    but, IF you can come into an understanding you will find, your'e supposed to mature and become completed as a LIGHT BEING as per Math 17 v 2. Your'e supposed to BE CHANGED AND FILLED WITH SALVATION and LIFE and light... and the HOLY SPIRIT is sent to teach you HOW.

    We are to f.i.n.i.s.h. the race set before us.

    can u understand what this means Plx?

    what race?

    what Prize?

    is this your'e expected end?
    100 people, a grave-side and 12 red roses at your funeral... heaps of dirt, from a large hole, and a few helium balloons and a few tears as they sigh over you ''oh well that's life''

    is this how u finish?

    poor you~!!!!!! u failed to understand the sweet mystery of life.
    what made you fail so badly do u think?

    Did U not know that
    Abba does NOT abandon those who seek after His Kingdom with a whole heart, nor does He disappoint them in their quest.
    Nor does He let them fall into the hands of false priests... but nurtures HIM into the same life as His dear Son... to become THE IMAGE AND THE GLORY here and now..on earth here and now.

    math 5 v 48...tells us the story...TO BE PERFECT...

    Why dont u take time to KNOW THYSELF....
    to enter into thyself and seek that heaven that is inside you.
    u might get a real surprise

    Here is some quotes from ancient fathers, with far more knowledge than i saying..................
    the first century Christian Justin Martyr quoted the 82nd chapter of Psalms from his scriptures, the sacred writings that he used did not read as ours does today. “God standeth in the congregation of gods”, Justin wrote, I said, Ye are gods, and are all children of the Most High...” (Dialogue of Justin). In addition to Justin, this verse is also found translated in this same manner in the works of Tertullian, Origen and Cyprian. Thus, we have the witness of four of the earliest of Christians that “God standeth in the congregation of gods”, when the scriptures are speaking about us. Justin then goes on to explain that all men were made like God, “free from suffering and death, provided that they kept His commandments, and were deemed deserving of the name of His sons, and yet they, becoming like Adam and Eve, work out death for themselves... thereby it is demonstrated that all men are deemed worthy of becoming ‘gods’, and of having power to become sons of the Highest; and shall be each by himself judged and condemned like Adam and Eve”.
    In the third century 1 John 3:2 read somewhat differently than it does in our present translations.
    Quoting from Origen’s Contra Celsum we read that “it doth not yet appear what we shall be; but we know that when He shall appear, we shall be like God, and shall see Him as He is”. Origen then writes regarding Matthew 5:48 that “...the virtue of man and of God is identical.

    And therefore we are taught to become ‘perfect,’ as our Father in heaven is perfect”.

    remember i did not say this..others more qualified than I did.


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      imperfect to become perfect.

      do u think an imperfect person can become perfect AFTER THEY DIE?
      do you think, they can be changed over into perfection at their death?
      yes/no /maybe

      do u think that if u r already imperfect here today, it would be in your very best interests to find out HOW TO BECOME this perfection Father is asking us....not expecting this when u are dead.

      yes/no /maybe

      IF you find out how to be PERFECT, and it would seem FATHER leaves no stones unturned to make this possible... why would you die?
      IF ''ye be perfect'' - meaning -completed and matured and of ripe age to bear fruit...
      why would u die?
      Messiah never would have u know HE GAVE UP His life remember as a sacrifice.
      Dont u think when u had reached this stage of our spiritual developments, you would have FINISHED THE RACE and won the prize.


      in the natual i was given the authority to move into my new home on the 24th Oct 2006. I have not moved into it yet, because it is not QUIET ready, I have carpets to lay, blinds to be at my windows, concrete paths to be laid... therefore i am ready not not ready.

      could this be a picture of His Holy People waiting the blast of the last trump, telling them TO MOVE INTO THEIR PLACES... IN THE LIVING TEMPLE...
      THEY are ready but put ;;on hold;; till all the stones are finished.

      IF you had seen this word immortal in the bible referring = a seeking you had to do.... why do u think u would have to die to receive this immortality, cuz don't u know already, immortal really means ~~ NO DEATH HAS EVER TOUCHED it.

      immortal and death - an oxomoron.

      it is never good to

      why not find out facts for yourself...
      it will cost you your life IF u dont.

      your walk is YOUR WALK...
      IF it is YOUR WALK, why let others tell u how to do it.

      don't ever let me tell u how...
      i am walking out my own walk thanks....
      you do it for yourself then there is NO one to blame but yourself if u fail to make it thru.

      again ask WHY DO FEW find eternal life. [Roms 2 v 7]

      is it all because they were so lazy to be ''approved'' they took another's word for stuff they needed to find out for themselves.

      Do u take the word of the pope? for your salvational purposes.

      Do u take the word of creeds and religious gurus... the money men, those guys building their own empires?


      is their KNOWLEDGE [ basically, learnt from apostate seminaries] any better than a direct confrontation with THE HOLY SPIRIT?

      why ''accept'' what someone else tells u, when it really is your responsibility to seek for yourself.
      IMMORTALITY IS POSSIBLE otherwise we would not be asked to ''seek''. it

      II Timothy 1:10, "... who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:"

      Hebrews 2:14, "Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is the devil."

      why aren't you intent in destroying the devil IN u today?

      rather than ''be told'' why not let us COMPARE our ''SEEKING'' and its progress together.
      rather than ''be told'' why not let us COMPARE our ''SEEKING'' and its progress together.

      now that is so much nicer hey~!~!~!