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    God first

    wrote 10-24-25-2006

    Here I sat reaching up into the space between space for the words to write the words God wants shared unto my dear friends in Christ.

    I will share things that God has been reveling to me by the Christ that lives within my heart.

    When one hears the word of God they received by the holy spirit word of wisdom ( wisdom is number one unity of God) which builds unity with God.

    When one takes that word of wisdom and makes it their own they establish the wisdom from about by the holy spirit word of knowledge (knowledge is two which establishes unity of God) which makes it establish truth knowledge one has received from above.

    But when one takes this word of wisdom which is establish by word of knowledge and adds faith (faith is three which completes the unity of God ) the truth becomes complete in our hearts, which makes it a sure thing of the holy spirit.

    Then comes gifts of healing (healing is four which is healing unto the world) by the holy spirit through the holy spirit in you because you have receive the wisdom which you stored as knowledge that you trusted to be true which made it faith that you could use to heal yourself and others of the world.

    Because we have the gift of healing the healing becomes past tensed which is working of miracles (miracles is fifth which is miracles by man by the grace of God) by the faith you has received by wisdom that became knowledge then faith which you used to heal and when the healing was done its called a miracle.

    Then comes prophecy (prophecy is six which is sent unto man by faith that is in complete unity of God) a outpouring of new wisdom or old wisdom in clearer words for you by faith to share with the world.

    Then comes discerning of spirits or ideals (discerning is seven which is wisdom received by man reaching for spiritual perfection) by wisdom some new by live prophecy and some old by written prophecy the man as changed his or her direction in life to be more Christ like.

    Then comes divers kinds of tongues (divers tongues is eight a new beginning of pray one that is made perfect by casting off the old man and putting on the new man) by faith to the man that desires to discern right from wrong and pray by spiritual perfection as his faith is grows in wisdom.

    Then comes interpretation of tongues (interpretation of tongues is nine which is the judgment of the world of his wisdom by his faith) by the man open his self up by faith to be judged by all that hear is faith by the holy spirit.

    As I could go on for hours as to the reason they listed in this order I do believe God has a reason for everything that is received to this world from a above and a order to how he does it.

    Now we can do these all in any order but while I just tried to show there is a reason for the order how they are listed in the book called the bible (1 Corinthians 12:7-11).

    Wisdom is were we begin and there are three kinds of wisdom, for there is wisdom of God, wisdom of man, and wisdom that is false. But then we put these three in order under the rulership
    of wisdom of God the wisdom of man is perfected and the wisdom that is false is corrected.

    Knowledge is the next step we reach and there are three kinds of knowledge wisdom of God that has become knowledge, the wisdom of man that has become knowledge, and the false wisdom that has become knowledge.

    But when we put these three under the rulership knowledge of wisdom of God the are changed to line up with knowledge of wisdom by fixing the errors by changing the wisdom until its right.

    Faith has three parts too the faith or believing in mankind teachings, the faith or believing in God’s teachings, and the faith or believing in lies. But then these three are put under the rulership of faith in God’s teaching, the faith of mankind is fixed and the faith in lies are cast off.

    Now gifts of healing which has three parts the healing of the spirit by God because of the gift of Christ, healing of the soul life of man of any thing by the knowledge of truth sent from God, and the healing of the body itself and all things made of the same dust by the knowledge of truth sent from God.

    The question is whether the doctor you see has received the right knowledge or the person praying over you is listen to their self or God. Because man can not heal the body because God has all ready set the body up to heal itself. But man with the right knowledge can help it heal itself faster.

    Now working of miracles has three parts too, the miracle done in the spiritual realm (becoming saved), the miracle in the fleshly world the miracle of life called offspring, and the miracle done with in the world like Moses did with the red sea.

    There the is what some called false miracles but they are not miracles but a lie that was wrote to trick good people into believing that lie.

    Now prophecy has three parts two prophecy of old, live prophecy spoken today, and there false prophecy. While only true prophecy is from God and there are two kinds that are true and spoken by the spirit the prophecy of old and the live prophecy of today.

    There are two kinds of false prophecy the false prophecy of old and the false prophecy spoken live. But all false prophecy are words spoken to lie unto the one’s reading or listening. While some may fake giving prophecy live and quote old prophecy the words spoken are true prophecy just not their personal words.

    We should reach to see all old prophecy as it was first wrote by our spirit guiding us into its true light that was or is seem by the grace of God. And we should all reach to hear and speak live prophecy in the here and now.

    Now discerning of spirits or ideals which has three kinds the ideals or spirits of God, the ideals of spirits of the flesh, and the false ideal or spirits. But when we put the ideals or spirits of God as ruler the other two line up with truth or are cast out.

    Now divers kinds of tongues there are three kinds divers kinds of tongues the tongues or unknown language in dreams like the dreams of Joseph in the Old Testament, the tongues or unknown language spoken live for private pray, and the tongues or unknown language spoken live to be interrelated.

    While the may be fake tongues it is nothing because the person is either not speaking a language at all or speaking a language known the speaker.

    Now interpretation of tongues has three parts first tongues or unknown language in dreams like the dreams of Joseph in the Old Testament that was given a interpretation, the interpretation of tongues or a language spoken live, and the interpretation of the written word of God as the spirit guides the person.

    While a person can fake interpretation of tongues with real tongues or fake tongues it is either live prophecy spoken, old prophecy quoted, or a lie to control another’s thinking.

    I hope you enjoy this little study which I wrote by the help of the spirit of Christ in me. Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.