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UNI-VERSE... one verse.

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  • UNI-VERSE... one verse.

    uni = one
    verse = line

    one line of thought.

    ''UNIVERSE''. - all embracing, total, unlimited, whole, complete,

    one line of thought that is all embracing, total, unlimited, whole and complete....

    Ps 118 v 8. ''it is better to trust in the Lord, than put confidence in man''

    the middle verse of the bible when all embraced makes us totaly unlimited, whole and complete~!~!~!

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    uni-verse = ONE VERSE...

    words and how we understand them.

    here is another UNI-verse.
    "If you obey all My commandments, I will leave none of the diseases of Egypt upon you. I am the Lord who heals you."

    Literal meaning is

    I am the ever-being One who is your doctor

    Ex. 15:26,
    Jer. 7:23
    Is death not a disease.......... ISN'T it is a STATE OF DIS-EASE

    Are you considered 'WELL' when dying?

    So to conclude.......................

    man must live by the wholeness of the Word of so doing..... that man becomes WHOLE.... and not put in a hole.


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      one verse = uni-verse.

      " if anyone keeps My word, he will never see death." John 8:41

      you think that is impossible?.... Well help is on the way


      Ps 119 v 35 ..ONE verse - UNIVERSE.
      make me, to go into the path of Thy commandments, for in them i delight
      u feel u cannot do this well simply ask to ''be made'' to keep them.

      see, If we seek we shall find all the necessary equipments for our spiritual path into LIFE AND SUCCESS and for breaking the tape at that finishing line amen


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        our UNI-verse in ONE verse.

        one sentence can make such a difference to OUR universe.

        the middle verse of the book of revelation is Rev 12 v 11.

        talks about.....

        the Blood
        Our Testi-mony
        giving up our own life.

        OUR testi-mony, hinges on 'THE BLOOD' and the 'giving up of our own life'.

        ''our life filled with sin, has to be given up, as we apply the Blood, we can have a TESTI-mony.''
        This sentence shall then become our uni-verse. amen