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  • feuds...offenses taken in...the unforgiven

    that is the height of vanity, the destruction of relationships.

    Basically it is demons fighting each other, manifesting out to destroy, which ofcourse they are 'expert' at.
    Ofcourse the people concerned dont know that, as they are ignorant of their slavish uses.
    Unforgiveness.... is a woe.... so huge it is a real biggy.
    Not one person shall have a Christ life where any part of unforgiveness is.

    People feud, because they have been offended...slighted...sinned against
    what IF, you were never able to be OFFENDED in the first place.

    do u know the verse that says '' I am crucified daily''

    now consider... if we are CRUCIFIED can we be offended?
    Picture the act of crucification....then... think of the offense against you?

    IF you are in the proccess of dying a crucified can u be offended and sinned against?

    I hate VAINTY
    I hate SIN

    why are they ''our hobbies''?
    when we know their source.

    well some may say

    ''Oh well Lucy, you probably never have been sinned against like I have, you never have been hurt and harmed like i have''....
    I can say, ''YES, u are right, i probably have not''

    and then i can say,
    '' but you have not been harmed and abused and hurt like I have so would you care to exchange places with me''?

    See., at the end of the day we have all been destroyed in a simular fashion, that is what sin is in this world...look around.
    the trick is HOW TO LEARN ~~~dont take IN those offenses against you and not to let the abusing sin of others , harm or affect your walk WITH ABBA.

    11 times ''they'' tried to kill Messiah.... but they failed.
    was He offended?
    Judas the traitor lived in His midst...yet... was HE offended?
    His family never understood Him, was He offended?
    The Ruling Elite, put an innocient man on the Cross, a death so terrible people actually vomited and could not believe how He looked, as He was scarely human...YET~~~~~was HE offened?.

    have u ever read about How Jesus looked dying in crucification?...
    have you ever read how a crucification affects the body?

    if u have, i dont believe you could ever be ''OFFENDED'' again.

    The trouble is
    People present themselves to others as a 'christian'' yet, have not ONE ounce OF CHRISTIAN ETHIC~! is abiding within them.

    A true Christian cannot be OFFENDED as Christ was never offended.
    A true Christian is taught HOW NOT TO BE take in any offense that destroys the CHRIST power.

    I HATE the SIN of man
    I SO DISLIKE HYPOCRITES....i sincerely pray daily i am not one as Messiah disliked them too.
    I WHAT I HATE THE MOST.... is demons over ruling people as if they were some demonic pet, and the people complying to all these demonic wishes liked a tamed dog.
    It is a terrible thing to see any person brought down to be even lower than a beast of the field.

    Let us pray, we are not ruled over by clashing demons, also let us be aware of ''their torment'' as WE STAND IN THE EVIL DAY, dressed as a SOLDIER OF OUR KING... amen.
    Remember wheresoever Messiah walked His power ''tormented'' the devils.

    some may say
    ''well look at goody 2 shoes Lucy,just how do u know everything''.....
    to which i reply...
    '' I am still learning, as pupil of the Holy Spirit and HE TELLS me how to walk WELL PLEASING, THEN i have to pass His exams''.
    Tests and trials will occur IN us TILL we learn NOT TO BE OFFENDED.
    It is a HARD WALK, FILLED IN WITH HARD YARDS.... but.... what other path are we to take?.

    we can be sinned AGAINST and harmed and lied too like all other people in this world.
    we can LEARN TO USE.... THE ''''''''CHRIST POWER'''''''''... and never take in offenses again.

    its all about learning CHRIST - with THE POWER TO CHANGE.

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    the beast within... that man of sin.

    The Greek word for foolishness is moros, from which we get our English word "moron."
    the foolishness of the carnal mind makes human beings, MORONS.
    as they
    wound, .....

    they are simply carnal men walking exactly like
    bull-pit terriers...

    how do u forgive and overcome all retaliation?
    by being changed, changed so much we learn how to become His wall of righteousness.

    why do u have to justify yourself to a demon filled person?
    why are u standing there spluttering when u should be WALKING IN THE VICTORY of the Cross
    Jesus NEVER stuttered and spluttered, to demonic situations....
    S.U.B.D.U.E.D. it.

    how did He do this?
    whose might?


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      think this over.....

      Generations have lashed out, killed, scorned, maimed and abused each other.
      Generation after generation of humans have produced the fruit of abusing and accussing is INGRAINED as a pattern of social life.
      It is an accepted habit of a social brainwashing.
      The BLAME GAME of.. she did this to me, so i will do that to her....

      DID MESSIAH, use this social structure of mankind?

      Messiah LIVED outside the norm.....
      ask... well, why can't I?

      SO, why be a social animal?
      why not be THE ELECT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.

      why not be just YOU, rather than a person who is CONTROLLED like a caged pet in a satanic zoo.


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        learning to break out, from that satanic zoo..

        to be RELEASED, from our claw-like social behaviour, + to be released from the snare of satanic patterns of control.

        Can we do it?
        YES... IN Christ we can. amen

        WE just need to learn how.

        let us lay some ground work here
        Have u ever considered Nebuchadnezar?...

        did u consider his punishment, to be LIKE a beast with claws?

        his punishment was for being '' self-right '' in his own eyes.
        Pride, self will, self admiration....made him a beast.

        Carnal self, with all of its needs, MAKES mankind as some SINNING BEAST.

        Notice his fingernails grew to be claws.

        all mankind have claws....they are likened to beast of the field
        becuase they have never learnt to dwell WITHIN HARMONY.

        within each person is
        1] their conscious
        2] their demons who control them.

        1] their conscious [the small voice] says ''Dont do that''
        2] their demons of control say ''do it, just do it and please yourself ''

        man.......who are you to say, another is wrong, when you yourself dwell within wickedness.
        Have you never consider the LAW, ''that LAW'' of sowing and reaping?.
        This is a universal law unable to be broken, SO~~~ what makes u think you can escape such a law when you live as a Nebuchadnezar FILLED WITH WRONG CHOICES AND A DISEASED LIFE of malcontent + going to great lengths to mass produce a sinning life

        UMMMM...why are hospitals FILLED with sick and maimed and dying people?
        why are the grave yards filled with sinners.?
        remember the wages of SIN is death~!
        why do u wish to be a PARTAKER OF DEATH?

        you have FAILED LIFES TESTS, and dwell in BEASTVILLE, with the rest of the billions like yourself.
        That is the lot, you have choosen.

        THERE IS ANOTHER WAY.... a true life, filled with repentance, forgiveness and a gratefull heart, that we can live, INside so GREAT A SALVATION.

        This new life comes from Holy Spirit Teaching of learning how to live IN HARMONY WITH OUR REAL ABBA Father, and then learning how to have harmony with others.

        the bible says '' it is a wise man, who can make even his enemy into a friend''.

        harmony comes from the ancient Greek word, harmonia.
        Primarily It meant = the joining or fitting of things together....ultimate harmony - see john 17 v 13
        Another way to see HARMONY... is to be FINE TUNED TO.

        ''WELL'' some can say, thats all very fine Lucy, telling us all off.. but what about you?''

        To my shame, i have spent almost 8yrs learning how to LIVE IN HARMONY and how to have HARMONY in my own personal life.
        Now, what a long time to be so stubborn and not ''get it''...
        I finally
        'got it'' one day when i was looking at a brick wall.
        The Holy Spirit showed me that when something comes up to a wall it stops.

        The wall STOPS any further progress.
        I HAD TO LEARN how to become a WALL.
        isa 26.v 1

        isa 60 v 18
        see this.. IF i become a wall... no more violence shall be IN my land [ within my persona and life]

        can u learn too, like i did?
        TO LIVE IN Order and beauty no matter our circumstance


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          an interesting word....disassemble.

          this word came to me last night.

          they are unable to ''disassemble''

          this word means to come apart.

          dis - a prefix denoting separation

          assemble - to put together.

          when we are attacked
          when we are sinned against
          when we are abused and warred upon and misused.



          how to come out from under the lordship of a satanic attack.

          to disassemble means...WE ARE NOT A PART OF, but separated from.


          BY NOT ALLOWING our flesh TO CONTROL us, we have come apart OR MOVED outside of our flesh.

          JESUS DISAPPEARED into their midst, WE ARE TOLD MANY TIMES.....

          Could this be, Messiah KNEW how to come out from His flesh and move into the divine.... that is why.... the religious ''they'' were unable to kill him, those 11 times they tried....cuz He knew HOW TO DISASSEMBLE correctly.

          there is lots to learn hey...
          i HAD TO disassemble yesterday... i seem to get plenty of practice.


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            cont...dis-ease or heaven

            when we know how to DIS-ASSEMBLE, we go into another realm where His kingdom Lives and is ALIVE.
            people think heaven is someplace.... it is Not SOMEPLACE, BUT A realm within..
            a holy realm WHERE ALL HARMONY DWELLS in us today.

            SO WHEN we see all manner of dis-harmony or frictions we automatically KNOW these people [despite their talk] do not dwell in the holy Realm of the Kingdom.

            HEAVEN is harmony... or.. IN TUNE with OUR TRUE FATHER.
            dis-ease/dis-harmony in people is being IN tune with the devil.
            Everywhere we look we see DIS-HARMONY abounding.
            Ofcourse this fact gives satan MORE POWER, so he manifests out so badly into this world making the days of Lot and Noe arrive as predicted.

            IF~~~~~ we could simply shed our flesh, we would see the manifestion of the true Holy KINGDOM, so that we would never partake of that old value of satan's lordship again.

            We MUST CHANGE our thinking, so we don't retaliate, but pray seeking Father to correct all wrongs done against us and be SILENT, as Christ was silent when abused and accused and sinned against.

            Did Our Messiah foam at the mouth saying
            ''you did that to me'',
            or did He snarl with a turned lip, his eyes flashing with vile anger over an abuse or a misuse of His nature and life?
            Did He mope and have some self pity party and slide into depression over others remarks, or misuse?

            if not...
            why do you?..
            what right have u got to do this, when u say '' i love Jesus?
            why dont you copy HIS STANDARDS rather than satan's. Why dont you GROW UP and stop playing loose, like a harlot with satan and his ways.

            ''OH~! Lucy your'e getting so harsh now'', some shall say...
            ''yes that maybe so'' I shall say,
            but u see.... HOW CAN I TELL U STUFF, if i am not being changed myself first... don't u think i have been there and passing thru this, so that i can tell someone so that they will heed and not suffer un-necessary trauma

            I only wish a wise person had passed my door, sooner rather than later... only the Holy Spirit had great mercy upon me and teaches me HOW TO AVOID the vipers and their nests of evil.

            let me say this very frankly....
            If u are not calm and at peace with THE PRINCE OF PEACE, you are NOT in harmony with The Word of God, your'e not saved....
            never fool yourself thinking u are.
            FRICTION, abused dished out, dis-ease spilling out from the mouth = NOT SAVED,..your'e only the neighbour from hell playing a game of pretends.

            We are to live a TRANSCENDING LIFE, Glory To God.....................
            ONE OF HABITUAL DRAWN OUT feuds, wars, personal hates and discontents., pointing the finger and playing the blame game,
            that is the game called descending into hell and the grave.


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              shall we learn HOW to live in a TRANSCENDING life

              an every increasing life, that becomes LIFE ABUNDANT.. John 10 v 10 amen
              Today i was thinking that i live inside more life TODAY as I hear His voice, than when i was 20yrs old.
              my life IS ADDED TO daily ~ to LIFE ABUNDANT...
              [and i cannot boast, as grace always is ever present, and mercy a beautifull sister.]
              i simply obey LIFE'S LAW.
              so lets us learn now
              How to become a WALL
              How to become a WALL OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.
              first off i shall give 2 examples to show what path we shall take in OVERCOMING sinfilled acts against us and any form of destructive abused towards us.

              1] remember when Apostle Peter challenged Ananias and Sapphirra, about their lies[selling their land] and their fruit of sin was revealed to all near and far, so much so ''the people feared God'' etc Acts 5 v 11
              notice those 2 LIARS DROPPED DEAD, all because CHRIST IN PETER [in the form of the Holy Spirit] was there to witness the devil in others and the fruit they were producing.
              Did u notice here also, HOW A WIFE when she agrees with the sin of her husband, is metered out the same punishment.

              that is interesting hey... what of u wife.... do you partake of the sin with your husband? and stay silent~!~!~!

              2] I once heard a true story of a very young girl who Loved Messiah and would not decant Her faith In Him, when her school teacher asked her too. She refused even when this vile adult, was going to whip her legs with his cane. She said ''NO~!''
              There was a knock on the school room door, and when that wicked teacher opened it he dropped dead, right there and then.

              two stories..
              one from the bible,
              one from real life,
              as a witness to how Father shall bring about His justice, IF we refuse to revenge in the flesh ourselves.
              this is a rather drastic measure I feel,[nevertheless there as a witness for our learning] but if we notice here in Acts 5... because of this one act, the people all around were afraid to sin and afraid of the JUSTICE OF ABBA falling upon themselves.
              To become a wall.....
              we have to be able to STAND in our evil day, in prayer and knowing THE DIVINE JUSTICE will work IF WE DO NOT TOUCH it with our fleshly carnal mind of vengence.
              the 2nd stage is to learn

              The LESSON, about our ''self'' control.....
              NOTICE I SAY
              THE CONTROL OVER OUR ''SELF''

              We HAVE to learn how to control our ;;self;; [the carnal mind] that wishes to seek revenge, abuse back, slander back, kill back etc etc etc...
              THIS IS THE HARD YARDS.... and i am not joking here.
              Our ''self'' = [self minded destroying will] has to cease to exist SO CHRIST IN US APPEARS AND TAKES CARE of ALL THINGS accordingly to OUR SITUATION SO HE, can meter out His DIVINE justice over all injustice DONE against us.

              This act of ours shall TRANSCEND us out from any situation [ called death] we find difficult and horrible and too hard to bear.

              We are to learn HOW TO OVERCOME all death... and all death does not always mean a dead physical body, but death to all things sent to destroy us.
              but again notice..this very important fact
              Abba has ALLOWED all of these things to happen to us for a divine purpose = same as Job's experience... so never underestimate this fact~!

              can u see this plx?


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                I LOVE THAT WORD.....
                to me it is like an Opera of Life....
                can u see the flowing upwards movement of such a word.
                I DELIGHT in this word and wish to live within the power of its meaning.
                This word seems to take root within a life of His saint, so, that is all they wish to do is..............................TRANSCEND.

                word meaning transcending = to go beyond the limits, to exceed, to surpass, to climb higher.

                so a sentence could read like this....
                ''LucySmith, wishes to go beyond all limits, to exceed and to surpass and most of all the climb higher............out from that very limited experience called the law of sin and death.''

                i do not wish to dwell in the realm of limited experiences.

                how does that sound?

                Part of The Way for me to do this to become a Wall of Righteousness, where evil is stopped from appearing in me as i have OVERCOME EVIL and all of its endeavours to kill my soul and make me its slave.

                i have to learn how to transcend OUT from this world,
                its plagues,
                its values and mind sets,
                its deceived people,
                its hurts and its calamities
                its prison cells of evil.
                and its religions

                i have to learn ABOUT.... MY SALVATION... and how to use that salvation to save me and to escape from all evil.

                I have to adjust my mind to the mind set of Christ and then FOLLOW that way.
                i have to learn.. how did Christ re-act, how did He learn, What He believed IN and copy that same method as a witness that His TRUTH WORKS in me when I APPLY HIS RULE over my situations.

                When we are confronted with pure evil, we become that wall of His salvation and by doing this we ''disappear'' from its midst.

                amen.. let us learn quickly, so that evil shall not florish over us.


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                  learning how to escape from evil.

                  People try to PUT their values, their carnal mind, their ways upon us... so we ''conform to their image''. It is like a power struggle.

                  the power game.
                  one has to ''give in'' to another to have peace~![one has to bow to another]

                  This especially happens in the homelife, where it seems ''mini hitlers'' run amok.
                  There has to be a domination over a victim. But, that is only a person manifesting their master ,satan.
                  PEOPLE were never meant to wickedly DOMINATE over others.
                  THEY WERE MADE TO co-exist in harmony... so now a form of human sub-culture has overtake us all, so that we think it ''normal'' have a victim and its prey mentality. It is IN our social cultures... victors and victims.... are happening daily before us.
                  war is justified... war is good....killing is OK in certain circumstances...etc.

                  THE PRINCE OF PEACE, is not friends, with people who play war games.
                  there is a way of escaping...
                  and that way is to STUDY MESSIAH and how, when accused, maltreated, and abused.... remained Silent....
                  it is THIS SILENCE satan hates.
                  he cannot stand it when we dont retaliate in revenge....he looses face and power over us, as we stand firm, and maintain our salvation from evil.

                  see... the more we retaliate the more power it gives to him... he feeds on our sin of relatiation.

                  Abba watches us, to see how we act towards others
                  Abba watches us, and how much power we give back to satan by our ignorance and from our sin of flesh of ''ill do it my way''.
                  DONT FEED the TORMENTOR....
                  Messiah's people learn this, His people can overcome, anything IN HIM.
                  He TEACHES THEM
                  HIS WAYS OF DOING THINGS, SO they SUCCEED, in His might.
                  transcend is NOT A WORD to write down, TRANSCEND is a doing word that takes us out from all the power of an enemy and into the ever increasing knowledge of Messiah and how to escape from the acts and tongues of men. amen
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                    as i was thinking of these ''presented facts'' on this Thread.

                    i know this...
                    we are to present our JUDICIAL EVIDENCE....that we stand upon the standards of Christ.
                    This action of our...JUDICIAL EVIDENCE that satan's actions are stopped.
                    The Word of God, acted upon is ABSOLUTE AND satan KNOWS THIS

                    All those demons manifesting out from men, KNOW, that once this "judicial evidence" is spoken from our mouth as the "Word of our Testimony" is a witness against them, THEY HAVE HAD IT!

                    when we stand in the standards of the Christ life, against the power of demons, they see this as their ''death sentence'' and are tormented.
                    Can u do it?
                    Can u learn to escape?


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                      another area to

                      our disappointments with/or about other people.

                      That can be rather hard to stomach....but first.. we have to give up DISAPPOINTING OTHERS ourselves.
                      Jesus NEVER disappointed HIs Father... I dont wish to either.

                      Our word has to be OUR BOND, "IF" we are found IN Christ, the power of God.

                      A man is judged by weather he keeps his word...
                      if not = that is a real faithless and carnal trend.

                      ABBA ALWAYS KEEPS HIS WORD infact the bible says His Word is Higher than His name.... IT IS THAT IMPORTANT.
                      He is NEVER TOO BUSY, to see that His Word is honoured.
                      HIS WORD IS HIM
                      therefore my word as to become... HIM.. too.
                      Messiah never seemed to be disappointed in anyone... Even Judas....
                      It was as if He expected ''mark missing'' from all men and so was never caught out, by having a higher expectation of them that He ought.

                      When we are being translated out from one realm [that is a lower realm] into another realm [that is higher] we have to leave all those irritating feelings behind us

                      I know i had to be changed in this area myself... NOW.. i never depend the feelings of others, or how they think, or what they say, or how they act... cuz IF they are not found IN Christ, their word is not worth a hill of beans.
                      when we FALL SHORT, that gives the enemy ground to CONDEMN us!!! that is why we are to learn HOW to walk in the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus...
                      DIS-ASSEMBLING is a hard lesson. BUT.. it is all a learning curve hey~!~!~!


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                        what do u think about this word repentance?

                        1] is it true repentance, when a person has been found out in their sins by others, and has a ''loss of face'' infront of their peers?
                        so they weep and repent, not because of their sin and its destroying power, but because of the shame of being found out and looking guilty?


                        2] is true repentance, when the Holy Spirit lays a sin on our hearts to give up and we confess it out and turn away from it , never to be burdened with its curse again, to be set free from its power.

                        sin has to be rooted out and destroyed... its power removed completely.
                        if not
                        it can re-occur even after a long time of un-use.
                        Think of drug addicts, and drinking and gambling problems... these sins can return for they have not been destroyed.

                        sin has to be DESTROYED in us and not hidden away for later use

                        can we have a revelation here on this problem of feuds...offenses taken in...the unforgiven
                        The sin within is not destroyed, when these things keep re-happening over and over.
                        saying ''opps sorry'' is not good enough as the sin as not been destroyed in us....

                        i think it due time we began to fully understand this word repentance we take for granted.

                        It is much more than a few tears of shame, that will make it all go away.

                        we all need HEALING.... FULL ,WHOLE HEALING... True repentance is FULL HEALING. amen..
                        full healing means the problem will never occur again.


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                          guess what I found out

                          1] when a person is FOUND OUT, then confess their sin and is only MASKING the problem, for IF they had not been exposed, they would not have ''repented'' is room for a resurgance

                          on the other hand.

                          IF the Holy Spirit has worked upon the heart of a sinner, that person will confess because they HATE their sin, and seek to get rid of forgiveness follows, and that sin is deleted from their nature

                          1] to wear a mask
                          2] to be really set-free.

                          i saw an article that was written by Dr B lipton...that said
                          ''It is now becoming apparent that most human illness and suffering is not related to physical trauma, but instead represents the consequence of stress-induced physiologic or cellular dysfunctions''.My cell research revealed that our mind, via our perceptions, controlled gene expression and behavior.
                          when we mask repentance these curses are at work in our body...the body juices all malfunctioning....
                          when we have received TRUE forgiveness, our body returns to normal.

                          This is the exact same principle of the woman in the OT accused of Adultery... and the poison waters she had to drink.

                          We have to understand that guilt -stress destroys our cells.
                          People are KILLED by their guilt.

                          the body REACTS to a person's guilt.

                          IF a person is not SUPERNATURALLY forgiven, AND forgiveness received from those they have sinned against, that person is subject to a RELAPSE, as the guilt-poison, is still causing their cells to die and so they malfunction.

                          that is so sad.
                          can u imagine that?


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                            shame = forgiveness shame - /- found out.

                            During the past few days we have witnessed a church man Put to shame infront of the world...
                            oh the shame, the shame not only to his 'church' but to his wife and children.
                            he confessed his sin.
                            how we all pity such a man,'' but for the grace of God walks I'' we can all say... nor do we have a hard heart over such a man. God Forbid that.

                            but.... and there is always a BUT....

                            did u ever notice Jesus did not comdemn any person for their sin, but He did get very vocal on the religious who where targeted by Him as a Hyprocrite.

                            Hypocrite - play acting infront of others.
                            i hate that in myself... and i know we all suffer this sin...but WE HAVE TO LET IT GO from us all...

                            repent has nothing to do with ''being shamed into repentance cuz we were found out''.
                            found out.... then repent.. DOES NOT DESTROY the power of the demon within.

                            I seem to be harping here I know....
                            TRUE REPENTANCE coming out from a heart that is dying because of its shame, A sad heart and repentANT HEART before Eolhim, kills off that demon sent to destroy us with sin.

                            Consider this
                            if a person was never ''found out'' they would still be carrying on as per usual... totally unrepentant and happy in their sin and its destruction.

                            ''found out'' is NOT repentance.
                            ''found out'' means ''hell!!!! how can i get out of this and still look good''.

                            IF a person has repented and divinely forgiven, others around them can forgive too...
                            IF a person has been ''FOUND OUT'' and repented for egos sake, others around them cannot seem to forgive, for that demon ''appears'' in the shamed person, so that others are UNABLE TO TRUST, for the demon still remains inside, not entirely hidden away.

                            TRUST is a word we need to understand.
                            TRUST really means - i see no evil intent within you...

                            a shamed person, still has an evil intent within, that is why they cannot be trusted.
                            some part of that demon's influence radiates out to others and that person is ''repentant yet still untrustworthy''

                            If we seek Forgiveness over a sin Father sees the heart condition and releases us so that others around us forgive us too.
                            the key to our forgiveness and repentance is THE DIVINE POWER FROM FATHER to forgive us, so that others shall too.


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                              The SHAME of a hypocrite


                              THE REVEALER.... writes this story to all men who have ''a form of godliness''.

                              this ''form of godliness'' MAKES / BIRTHS out THE hypocrite.

                              Jesus disliked these people so much,

                              this people are always found out.
                              then shame begins.

                              THE QUESTION the revealer ASKED is ''WHAT IS THE BIGGER STORY''
                              THE CHURCH IS FILLED WITH HYPOCRITES...
                              because it is only a ''form'' and NOT the real thing.

                              ''come OUT'' Pleads Messiah, do not be a partaker of her sins.
                              how many people have been destroyed,by the same sin by this UNholy man's ministry and his revealed shame?
                              It is not just a ''slip'' of judgement but a devilish habit.

                              Beware of the game called ''follow the Leader'' . It is a game with DIRE reprecussions.
                              why do the majority pew-sit under all these BLEMISHED wolves, rather than the Holy Lamb of God?

                              let us never condone sin, but let us also pray not to play the role of a hypocrite ourselves.
                              God Forbid.


                              an after thought.
                              i was thinking that most of these men carry the same type of sin - of a sexual nature... I wondered why sex is the main theme here.

                              * could it be that their minds are being raped over daily by satan, Cuz of a false rebellious made man religion they practice.

                              IF, they practiced the LOVE-SEED of MESSIAH, this would never happen.
                              We see when men practice the LOVE SEED fruit bearing relationship of the 1st Apostles, this horrid taint was not found within them.
                              my conclusion
                              a spiritually raped mind, makes for rapists.
                              that is why we have to PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST - a mind of Love for caring and sharing.

                              let us remember this adage.

                              A little boy walks tall when his father becomes world champion
                              his father’s glory exalts him, flooding him with new confidence.
                              what of our children?
                              LOVE makes us think of them~!