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  • Story of Year2027 part 1

    God first
    The Story of year2027
    wrote 10-11-2006 - 10-23-2006
    My name is Roy William Perry III and I was born May the third 1960 AD at 4:49 PM to Roy William Perry Jr born 1932 and Bessie Elizabeth xxx Perry Jr born 1936 at Ireland Army Hospital Fort Knox Kentucky.

    I was born into a family of three sisters the oldest Terry born Dec 14, 1957, Cindy born July 27, 1962, and Mary born August 4, 1967 and I love my sisters with all my heart.

    My first address was 216 East Warfield St, Elizabeth-town Kentucky. My father was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and has family there still today. I was sprinked with water in United Evangelical Church June 12, 1960 at East and Dillon Trs, Baltimore, Maryland.

    When I was about two years my father found out how hard headed I was and his coming battle to keep me living what he believe to be best for me. My father was watching TV and I had other plans so I walk up and turn the TV off my father said “No” and turn it back off.

    I just turn it off again so he spank me but after crying I turn it off again but after about seven spanking, crying, and turning the TV off he told my mother one can only spank so hard because he did not want to hurt me. While my father never gave up on me he left the TV off and did something other.

    In about 1963 we moved Panama and lived Fort Clayton, Panama for a short time but when I was four we were back in Kentucky. At age four I wake up one day and could not walk so my mother and father took me to Ireland Army Hospital Fort Knox Kentucky.

    When I was four years old my legs would not work for some reason the doctors said it could be Polio but after weeks of test they went back to normal and the doctors never understood why They did my first spinal tap then. I went through about every few years my legs giving me this trouble working and they still do it today at times.

    The doctors believe it might of been Polio but after talking test after test but before they knew for sure I was over it and could walk but what ever this was it has some and gone all my life and all ways went away after three or four days.

    In about 1967 I began school at Lincoln Trail School Elizabeth-town Kentucky while I do not recall the name of my first grade teacher I do recall that she let me sat on her lap a lot and I had odd feelings it but never knew why.

    I had a speech defect when I try to sound out words Now my Mom and Dad sent me to many speech teacher When I went to first grade the other children made fun of my speech problem.

    My first grade teacher had me sat on her lap a lot all ways had weird feeling about that but I never recalled her doing me any wrong She held me back my first year and kept me in her class.

    While in first grade one night I was watching “I Dream of Jennie” but I told my mother I was going to bed after about five minutes. My mother went in to check on me and I was having a Grandma seizure she called my uncle Fred because my father was in South Vietnam.

    When I ran in the play ground of school running a straight line my knees would hit one another but when I ran like a rabbit in circles I could run without my knees hitting one another. I never told anyone about this before and its still this way today.

    I was took to Hardin Memorial Hospital were I received my first Spinal Tap to see if I had Spinal Meningitis my temp was 106 degree more a long time but after time I got better and the doctors never understood what it was for sure.

    After I got out of the Hospital I went back to school and first grade teacher held me back and I had to redo the first grade and that teacher ask that I get the same teacher which I got the one I all ways had odd feelings about.

    When I began school I had a speech problem were I could not all ways pronounce words right and my mother and father had sent me to speech school and there was a Speech teacher at my school too trying to help.

    We went to First Christian Church in Elizabeth-town Kentucky where I was water baptized and enjoyed bible school and felt loved there. Were I was taught about the life of Jesus Christ.

    But the other children had made so must fun of me that all I did at speech school was let the pain out by crying. Because of my speech problem most of my school years were block out in my memory and I could not even talk about then until I was about forty years old.

    There were even times that the teachers made fun of my speech problem but at home I was love and enjoy my summers and weekends. When I was in about third grade waiting for the bus to take me to school a fight with me and another boy my age had began but a first grader jump on my back to help the other boy .

    The first grader when I push him away he hurt his head before the fight was broke up but when I got to school the first grade teacher and third grade teacher de-sided only I should be spank but the fight was over the way I talk my speech problem but the other boys did not get spank.

    My Mother rose hell because she believe number one it did not happen on school grounds and if I was to be spank for fighting at all that were fighting should be spanked not just me. It took a week but the other boy my age was spank.

    While I mostly held the pain of the jokes in there were times I tried fighting but I soon learned I could not fight the whole class and I begin to turn the outside world of school off and stop trying to learn in school.

    When we lived Debbie St Elizabeth-town Kentucky I play with the neighbor hood children mostly four boys we just to play cowboys and Indians with our pocket knights. The goal was to wrestle each other until the one was pin down with open knight to the neck.

    Our mothers find out because one of the boys ran home out of fear and told on us and our mothers were upset and lose our knights. I know now some one could of got hurt but thanks to God they did not.

    When summer visiting family in Baltimore, Maryland on the way home we saw a car with the Way Ministry bumper sticker on back. Me and my sisters waved hi but my father said for us to stop because they were drinking beer he said.

    I went to First Christian Church of Elizabeth-town Kentucky was and was water baptize in about 1970 there were I was taught about God and his son Jesus Christ. I love singing the song deep and wide at the time and many other things of that church.

    In fourth grade we moved to 466 Jagger Road Glendale Kentucky and I changed from Lincoln Trail School Elizabeth-town Kentucky to Sonora School in Sonora Kentucky but the jokes did not stop while some teachers tried to help.

    In the eight grade I had held my pain in so long that I lost my cool and got in a fight with a teacher for the wrong reason but the teacher understood and took me to a private room and help me deal with the pain I was holding in.

    After moving to Glendale Kentucky my uncle Billy gave me a baby pig because its mother pig would not feed it. I bottle feed the pig who loved me like a pet dog would of. I name the baby pig little-bet and she latter had her own baby pigs to raised.

    To show me he understood he show me on his driver’s ID which his legal first name was “Dead-left” and he told me stories of the pain he lived in because of it. While he told me where is family was from that was a common name.

    While in eight grade I got in a fight with me against three of my class mates but I had held it in too long and I got real mad. The minute I would no longer take it one guy hide under the desk, another ran to find the teacher or a teacher and third hit me with everything he had but I keep coming with my hands out aiming for his neck.

    The teacher came just in time because I had him my the neck and he was still hitting me. We had begin on one side of the room and I caught him when we got to the other wall. The teacher came from the Teacher’s Break room were most teacher taught from it seem.

    When the teacher sent me to the hall way I reach for the door handle on the wrong side and walk into the door but I got out to the hall the second try the class laughed. While I was in the hall way the head of the school asked me why I was in the hall way “I said asked Mr B. ( the teacher) if he wanted to know” which got him mad.

    The teacher de-sided to handle this like a court room as what to do to me about the fight and the other three. After he play his game the three were to get off by the jury my class mates and I was to get spanked but he de-sided that was not to be and we all four got spanked.

    I was moved from Sonora School in Sonora Kentucky to East Hardin High School in Glendale Kentucky and could walk to school. My class mates still make fun of me but this was the time I begin to chase girls.

    We begin to go to First Christian Church of Glendale Kentucky were I went to a bible camp in White Mills Kentucky. At this camp I begin to learn more about God’s love for me and the story of Jesus Christ. There had sports were if your side won you got points but I never was good in sports but if I memorize verses I could had points to my side so I worked hard getting points when I could be swimming in the pool.

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    In High school I begin being a show off so others would look at me as if they were my friends I even got to the point I cut on my self with a knight to show I had no fear. My mother caught me and sent me to the head of the church I was now part of but he said I never to stop drinking but I had not begin yet but begin to look how to get into drinking.

    I begin working for a farmer name Jolly who taught me how to work and how to drink Yellow-stone Whiskey. I worked for this farmer for many years a lone with a neighbor friend. We race tractors and the farmer’s truck and car.

    One day me and my friend were working striping tobacco in a barn like building and we had a fire because it was cold outside . We were drinking the farmers whiskey and having a good time. We found a bottle of something and my friend said “lets put it in the fire to see if it will burn.”

    I said “I will pour it in and you look down the top of the stove to see if its burns.” It was gas so up it went the ceiling was on fire and my friends bread and hair. After we laugh a while we got the fire out.

    Next day everybody at school said how good my friend look with a hair cut and the fuzzed cut off his face. Because the nice things the girls said he begin to keep his hair cut and face clean cut but thank God he was not hurt. He was a outcast like I was but my the grace of God some of the pretties girls would talk and sat with us at lunch.

    I learn to drive a car with my uncle Jack in the back seat drinking beer while I drove on back roads. I was driving to the store with two friends a little so fast I tried to take a 90 degree curve at 60 miles a hour.

    But I missed and end up landed on top of some small trees the car was about six feet in air. A farmer pulled me out no one was hurt but the A frame was broke. I father help me get the car fixed after a long talk.

    Skipping school one day with friend that hair burned I blow up my car by driving two fast 50 miles from home and had the car pulled home. I got home before school was out so I was caught but the lost of my car hurt more.

    We cost this farmer Jolly a lot of money I ran the corn picker off the bridge and broke it. We got another farmer to help us. It was good that the other farmer came because Jolly told me he could drive off in thin air to move the tractor hook to the corn picker but the other farmer told Jolly to sat in the truck and he pull it off backwards.

    About a month later my friend that hair burned drove a tractor half off a bridge not watching what he was doing. He walked to get Jolly and Jolly said “he done it before so he knew what to do”. He called a Wrecker to pull the tractor back on solid ground.

    I got a job at a factory called “Union Steel” and begin to work there and still go to work but after time I stop going to school. I rented a house that was my uncle Jack’s for $50.00 per month. I begin to throw party after party.

    While in this house I begin to drink big time and when I begin I was 5 feet 11 inches tall and I worn a 36 inch pants but when I got caught later I was worning a 28 inch pants less than six months later.

    When I did try to eat real food ice cream had to become a shake before I could get down a half bowl of it. I had stop drinking cold turkey and this would not be the last time I would stop drinking cold turkey.

    One night me and some friends went to the school were the football players were having football camp. We went in while all the football players were asleep and took their footballs and the battery out of the bus.

    We got caught about a week later because one of my friends talk too must. I went to court but only got a fine and one day in jail. I was very lucky not to got more done to me because I was 18 years old.

    I got into a weed sale were the grass was sold to a undercover cop, while is was just a time bag and I only got the too together a friend of mine from the factory all most sold a pound but he back out. I received no charges and was lucky here too.

    I then got fired from that factory job for fighting at work but the union later got my job back but I had all ready join the US Army . I was sent to Fort Jackson South Carolina in 1979 for basic training. Were I was until I got a 635 discharge for the Army.

    But while in the army I had a problem marching so some made fun of me and this made me fight against their will harder. I learn fast that one could run away without any trouble but extra duty as long as they come back before 24 hours have past.


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      One time hiding in the woods a person with captain bars wanted more beer but they would not sale him more. So I put on the captain bars took his money and went to the store and got a case and he share them with me.

      I all so cut a girl’s name on my arm but no deeper than a cat might do to me. The army to the mental doctors which seem to get me out of the army and back home.

      After about three or so months I went home and started back to work at the factory “Union Steel.” As I begin to run with the what some call the wrong group of people again. About this time my legs gave me the same trouble they did when I was four years old. But I did not do any thing about because it past like before.

      In 1980 I got into a group called “The Way Ministry” and took a class called “Power for Abundantly Living.” This class taught me some ways to help me understand what I have read or was reading.

      But this was a cult but at that time I believe it was the best thing that ever happen to me. I begin to read the bible hour after hour reading a whole book before stopping. The girl that asked me to come was a WOW a ambassador like program which is a person sent for a year to a new place to push the class I took.

      My mother went to brother Mike Bell of First Christian Church of Elizabeth-town Kentucky to ask him about the Way Ministry. He said it might help me and at least it would not hurt me from what he read about the group.

      One day she asked me to come to her house so I came thinking I was going to get a little fun but when I got there she was not home. But her WOW (a ambassador like program) family was there two of the guys sent out with her to push the class.

      They were working on a car because I like to talk and help I visit with them while trying to figure what was going on. They asked me if I would stay for fellowship another name for church in the home I said “ok.”

      One thing led to another and I paid $200.00 to take the class that help me at that time in my life. Aug came and it was time for the WOW’s (a ambassador like program) to go to the “Rock of Ages” a big camp out of the Ministry.

      During the class my work changed the time I was to work so I did not work when the class was giving and after the class had ran that day I called the plant to get that day off work that I have done missed and the other days I needed off. The plant said it was ok just come in after those days it must of been the grace of God I still had a job.

      I took another week of off when the date for the “Rock of Ages” came and I went to my first “Rock” in 1980. The people at the “Rock” seem to be full of love everybody working together in the love a God it was a blessing to be there. But at the big Teaching tent the Teacher Victor Paul Wierwille taught and said things that did not set good with me but who would I to judge a man that taught so good the class.

      I filled at the time blessed because there were only three of us that took the class and there were to be more before a class would be ran. I heard the class on cassette tape. But the thing that troubled me when the Teacher Victor Paul Wierwille was how he called other church dead or death.

      While at the time I did not put things together I later saw that to call others names like death, evil, or whatever name was a fruit of hate and we were to show the fruit of love. But like I said I over look this at the time, what fool was I?

      After the “Rock” all the WOW’s (a ambassador like program) went back to their homes and all that was left to move the Way Ministry in my home town was the two other that sat with me in the class. While I try to get them to help me move the word but they did not want to so it end up with just me.

      I wrote to the WOW’s a ambassador like program that were here some wrote back but some did not but one the ones who wrote me back blessed my life. The WOW (a ambassador like program) girl that first witness to me call me from time to time and I went up and visit here for a week in Pittsburgh Pa..

      After a long while she took a bus town to move to my town I got her a room in Elizabeth-town Kentucky until we could get a trailer to rent together. I believed she was the woman for me but I was wrong and God told me but I did not want to listen.

      I was witnessing to a friend and she fell in lust with him and then love and later she married him after not wanting to move the word of God. I went my way trying to move God’s word in the Way Ministry while she went another way.

      While the two had a good life together which blessed me I was a lone again trying to move the word of God. I got down to Louisville, Kentucky to sat through part of a class on Beta tape. Seeing the class on Beta video was a blessing but it did not seem to have the impact on my life the cassette tapes did.

      The person running the Way Ministry in Louisville, Kentucky try to talk me into moving to Louisville, Kentucky but I wanted no part of a big city right then. In about 1981 I moved to Tampa Fla. and stayed with my uncle Jack would had moved there some time ago.

      I got a job there in a Restaurant Tampa Fla. Airport were I work for about a year or so. I got back into the Way Ministry there and went to Gail fellowship a great friend. While I was there the 40th year of the Way Ministry party was held in Atlanta Ga. and went to it wearing a gray suit with running shoes.

      I soon went home from Tampa Fla. because I lost my job and it seem better to go home then stray were I could not get ahead enough to buy a car and I missed my family and friends back home so home I went on the bus. For the next few years I wrote my churches to learn and kept written the friends I had in the Way Ministry until one day in about 1985 I found a fellowship had come to Vine Grove Kentucky about 20 miles from my home.

      So I begin to walk to fellowship three times a week getting some rides but most time it took about three hours each way. I even came a day they tried to close fellowship because of a snow were all the roads were closed and it was to get about 40 below chill factors.

      The leader of that fellowship was at the end of his stay was going to move home he had been there two years one which he was a WOW’s (a ambassador like program) before I met him. So I had one year of fellowship within walking he tried to get me to go WOW (a ambassador like program) at that time and go to the Rock.

      Me and the fellowship went to Ohio to see the “Athletes’s of the Spirit.” Right after the death of Victor Paul Wierwille before time was running out and they were to go home. I met a girl at work and for lust I gave up the Way Ministry and going WOW for at least that period of my life.


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        The Leader came to try to get me to changed my mind but lust was on my mind and I was hoping for marriage. The time came and went to go to the “Rock” and go “WOW” (a ambassador like program) and my stomach begin to hurt worrying about things.

        The farmers I worked for did not understand because I was one that did not worry about anything I would work a day then miss a day. I went to the doctor and found out I had bleeding ulcer’s and got the drugs to help it.

        The girl left me and everything got back to normal until the ulcer’s came back I could get more drugs and give up hot pizza and coke but I loved hot spicy food and coke. So I order two large hot pepper pizzas with a two litter of coke and told God to help.

        I prayed that I either die from eating the food I like the best or I would get healed. After eating the food and drinking the coke I stop having the pain so I believe God healed me because the action of believing I took. I never had this pain since and I thank God for this miracle.

        I went to a telephone class in 1986 and successfully completed 480 hours in February 28, 1986 from the C & C Teletronics, Inc. The place said they would place me and after a few months fighting with the unemployment agent that paid for me going to school I got a job for C & C Teletronics, Inc in Columbus, Ohio.

        I work for C & C Teletronics in Battelle government laboratory upgrading the telephone lines and computer lines. They called me smiley while I was there and while I was there on lunch I read the bible so I was ask to join Battelle’s lunch bible study and I did.

        While at Battelle government laboratory I was not guarded while putting a phone in the safe of the bank and money was in open sight. But while in rooms with filing papers everything was locked up and there was a guard watching me put in the phone.

        While in Columbus, Ohio I look up the Way Ministry and I begin to go to Tom Burke fellowship who now has his own group. I met a lot of people and enjoy fellowship with so many differ like Fred Barney, and many others.

        I moved in with Randy a ordained member of the Way Ministry and lived there about 6 months or so. But the job ended and I went back home to Kentucky. Some friends try to get me to find work there but I had believe I get call back to work when the next job begin.

        When I moved back to Kentucky I saw a car with Way Ministry bumper sticker on back so I found it. There was a fellowship in Radcliff Kentucky and Elizabeth-town Kentucky. So went met some nice people Larry Coker was retired Military person who was the leader of the two groups.

        I only stayed a short time and I got into running with my old friends so I sold all my Way things to them and moved on with doing that which was not best in my life. I had got into breaking the law from time to time and on but I was beginning to get into big time over my head.

        Some of the things I done may sound a little funny so I will tell a few to show what a fool I was but do not get me wrong at the end there were many $1,000.00 nights which we used the money on girls.

        One night me and a friend broke into a pig farm I took a chain saw and a few power tools but my friend took two baby pigs. Because it was his ideal and he believe the pigs would be a easy sale but I saw the other things better.

        Another night that same friend said we could get baby calf’s so we each got one and put them in the back seat of his two door car. We had to rent a trailer to take the baby calf’s to the market to sale in the end we lost money but thank God we were not shot.

        Now we took other things too but lets get into one that will give you a picture of were we where heading. One night riding around with two friends and another I did not know at the time. The one I did not know said he could break into a delivery place were he worked.

        While I did not believe him I listen he said he needed a axe and a tire tool, so we got him both tools and he got out and told us to pick him up in a few minutes it was still early about 7M or so.

        We went back the building right off a main road and saw him cutting at the front door. No one know what to think because we had believe it was the beer talking. But after a hour or so we passed again there he was with a bag of money and the film from the cameras.

        We let him stop and burn the film and the checks he had the biggest check I recall was $50.000.00 dollars and he had thousands in cash. He told him we help him count it so has we counted it money seem to fall on the floor of the car to the point when we drop him at his home he only had about $50.00 dollars in ones.

        In 1987 the odds of doing wrong caught up with me and things came to a point so I told on my self to try to get it behind me because my friends that were over there head did not show up to help me get released.

        After getting out of jail on O.R. bond and after going to court over and over I caught the cops lying to me. So I went back to my old friends and made plans to run after doing more crimes written bad checks and renting things to sale.

        When I called my mother she talked me into coming home to face everything the DA and cops told everything would be ok. So I set up my friends the cops told me only my friends would go to jail but they took me too.

        Then I tried to hang myself in jail which got me to see a doctor the courts de-sided to give me a $35,000.00 unserved bond and I got out of jail. After going over and over to court I de-sided the cops were going to put me in jail forever or at least that what I was afraid of, so I made plans with my friends to run again.

        This time I did run and I ended up in Columbus, Ohio were I found the Way Ministry and moved in with Way Ministry believers. I got a job within walking distance working for Mc Donald’s were the lead trust me to watch the safe if needed.

        About this time I took the “Intermediated class of the Power for Abundantly Living.” The second class of a series of bible classes. I begin to see more of the power of the love of God and I all so took a class called “Dealing with the Devil” or something like that, this taught about how the devil attackes us in this world.

        But right before the 1987 “Rock of Ages” were I was to be sent off WOW I begin working with Way believers cleaning rugs and cleaning windows for a living. I help them build a business that today is still cleaning windows as far as I know.

        The Way believers talk me into going WOW a ambassador like program and they never knew that I was wanted in Kentucky for crimes. I got the money I needed to go on the WOW field it was about $400.00 I believe.

        I was sent to Dubute Iowa with seven other believers were I begin a window cleaning business with my WOW brothers. My family had me and Ron and two loving ladies of God and the other family had John Leonard’s family plus another loving family.

        We begin to get jobs by getting peaceful and asking God to direct our paths. First we take a map of Dubute, Iowa and I would close my eyes or another one of the group then we point at a street. Then we go to that street and find a job for that day or that week.

        Later I close my eyes and pray while another one drove the car while I told the driver to take next left or right until I told them we were here. This way we landed some big jobs like the University of Dubute, Iowa and many Nursing Homes.


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          The people of the Nursing Homes seem the love the way we all ways we greeted them with God loves you or God bless you. We witness to a pair of Mormons that came to our door and they came to our fellowship until the Mormon church moved them.

          One day at work cleaning windows I tried to bounce the ladder over a foot but it fell backwards and I was on the top step one foot from a cliff. I fell down from the top of the 24 foot ladder and down the 20 or so foot cliff into a hill of leaves. My the grace of God I did not get hurt.

          One time a window we were cleaning came off from the outside only and it was on the fifth floor. So I walk out on a inch ledge to a six inch ledge and handed the windows inside then we put everything back together.

          While later me and Ron did fall off a few ledges but only a story high each time and we were never hurt. John Leonard wife told him just because me and Ron did something he had a wife at home and she did not want him to do some of the things we did.

          I could tell you story after story of my life as a WOW but after Thanksgiving the law got up with me and the very court house I gave a bid to do their windows I was in. But back to the day the cops came for me.

          We were out talking to people about cleaning their rugs and some one called the police why I do not know because we had done no wrong. The cops pulled us over I told them I did not have ID on me and because I was not driving I did not need one by law.

          I told my true name and wrong Social Security number and that I last lived in Ohio while the cops let us go they later did a search under my name and found out I was wanted in Kentucky. They came for me and while they were at the back door I left out the front door without shoes.

          I ran out the front door and came back in the garage door with had a cave doorway to the basement. While the cops were up stairs talking to my friends I was hidden in the basement but I full of fear and I left the basement.

          I was caught half way across town looking for a place to run to but if I stayed in the basement I could of left the next day without no one looking for me. While in Dubute, Iowa I taught the word of God and pray for many there a lone with the guards.

          I am thankful to God that he help me get ready to deal with jail some were I could be a very long time. Kentucky put a $70,000.00 cash only bond on me but my friends wanted to help but I needed to go back and face things. Kentucky cops came and got me and took me home to face the crimes.

          The DA and my lawyer asked the judge that I get out on O.R. but the judge loudly said are you two crazy I had rabbit feet and every time I ran a new group of crimes follower me. Then the DA asked that they drop the oldest crimes out of count and only deal with the newest ones.

          The judge said that was 1,000 men hours work and throw the files on the floor and said ok. The DA told me not to worry I only get six months with probation, then I was took back to my cell until the next court date.

          After a short time in jail I was given six months with fives years probation I had the probation moved to Ohio but I still had other crimes in other parts of Kentucky to deal with. While in jail I wrote notes to my friends everywhere and some about the jail to the government.

          After the six months were over I was took to another city in Kentucky to deal with charges there but after a short time I was on my way to Columbus, Ohio to live with my friends who were in the Way Ministry. I tried to visit my family home in Kentucky about once every year.

          It was 1989 and the Way Ministry had spit in half were half of my friends in Chris Greer group and the other half strayed in the Way Ministry. While I began with the Way Ministry believers I still visit the Chris Greer believers.

          Back then my friend Tom Burke was with Chris Greer but now I think he is connect to some but his group of believers are part of his personal group as far as I understand. After being cast out of the Way Ministry like a old shoe for visiting on Chris Greer I join Tom Burke group.

          After a time I had to go to Kentucky to face the crimes in the other cities and I got 90 days work release. While there I was told that I was not to read the bible were I could be seen but I read it anyway.

          Later a I wrote telling them I did not like this place and was going to get out of here. They took it wrong and believe I was talking about killing myself but they just miss-understood my words. But because of this I moved from work release to the jail were after a day a judge waved the time I had left and I got out.

          Later I was cast out of Tom Burke group for question what Chris Greer said on a bible teaching tape like a old shoe . He seem to give believers a reason to fear or a excuse for their believing failing but I see we are to build each other up.

          I see if we fall short in our believing we just far short but no excuse is needed but what is needed is loving help because things takes time. Then I went back to the Way Ministry believers and was welcome back with love.

          It seems like both sides were bitter because of the ones who left the other or the ones who did not leave with them. I believe some left because they were told to but others left because doctrine things. But I all so believe some strayed because they worship the Way Ministry and others strayed because they saw no doctrine reason to leave.

          After a short time in the Way Ministry side again I de-sided to take “Advance Class of the Power for Abundantly Living.” But I was told I had not on record sat through the first class two times yet my Joe Wood the one running the area for the Way Ministry at this time. I told God he would have to personally teach me the Advance Class .

          My $450.00 were gave back to me and that same night my room mate told me he was a apostle because he found a apostle ring. Out of the blue I told him a apostle was by the will of God and not by any thing within the five senses. Next I told him he had not shown no new light yet that I knew of and that I personally did not believe he was a apostle because of a ring.

          That same night my other room mate tried to get me to stop drinking but I had not drunk for years and I had no desirer to drink in the first place. Then I told him the scripture he was using made no sense because I did not drink nor were I on my way to the temple and many other things.

          The very next thing that happen that night was a Jehovah's Witnesses friend called me and we talk about things he was trying to prove to me, but I believe I was hard on him. I believe we were witnessing to each other at the time and had become good friends back then.

          I moved to another Way ministry home of single believer Steve were I begin to work the word of God and see things. One thing I saw was that its wrong to take money for teaching us how to received the power on high or know as some Christ in us the hope of Glory.

          I begin written to the leaders of the Way Ministry about this thing I saw because I believe God wanted me to question these things but out of fear of being kick out of the Way Ministry at the time keep things low key.

          All this time I was building a window cleaning business and taking home in the beginning about $400.00 a week and later about $1,000.00 dollars a week. I had used many business names and had many co-workers over the years until I begin to use the name “Agapao Unlimited Window Cleaning Co.”

          I all ways used the words “God’s Word Never Fails” on the top corner of my business to put God first even in my business. I gave more than ten percent of my business to God to the point at times a whole day’s work and I never took home less than $150.00 a day the other money I gave.


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            After a short time I sign up for the “Advance Class of the Power for Abundantly Living” and sent in the $450.00 again. But because of some the question I had asked the Way Ministry in written form here came Joe Wood bringing my money back again but not lack of classes but because I was no longer suited to take it.

            Some of the answers I got from asking questions asking for scripture while giving scripture to show what I believed God was showing me were “take it by faith, I was bewitched, I was full of devils”, and later one past on to a friend of mine personally “I was a anti-Christ.”

            These answers came from people who had lost their first love God and begin to love their second love a man made church the Way Ministry. Which this can happen in any man made church we need churches which are just groups of believers. But we must never forget the order of things God loved us first so we should love God back first.

            After time I ran into another believer Steve that was cast out of the Way Ministry too and I soon learn the reasons were endless. I begin to look into research done by others leaders of the Way Ministry that left and begin their own group.

            About this time my legs gave me that trouble again that had begin when I was four years old. This time I went to the doctor to try to get help. But again it stop before the doctors could find a reason. But I did learn by the grace of God that my muscles could pull my legs, arms and other parts up but not push down.

            Around this time God showed me that when we received Christ in us the darkness of the devil can not enter us. Other wise light cast out darkness and darkness can never cast out light because light is greater. Which proves I could not have devils in me but I could of had them over-showering me.

            God taught me this by one night telling me to look out the window at the moon. The light of the moon was bright that night but has I watch the clouds moved to the point I could no longer see the light of the moon and then the clouds moved away.

            God told me this is the way it works now but in old times the devil had rights to man’s inner self and God only over-shower men. While I am glad Jesus Christ came to heal our image and that we no longer live with the image of darkness. For we are the image God which is light and truth.

            One day me and Steve talked about the return of Christ and Steve said something like “no one knows the season, day, or hour of the return of Christ but what about the year.” I said “ok” and I
            said to God “if its ok to know the year of the return? What is the year?” The next thing I heard was my self saying “2027" and I never forgot but for years I hide this from others.

            After time me and this EX-Way Ministry friend Steve went differ way and I stop by to see a friend Fred that last I knew was in the Way Ministry. I saw that it seem that some of the Way Ministry believers had got over the bitterness so I begin to try to go back to fellowship.

            While Eddie D. a fellowship leader of over 35 years had welcome me back in but the main leaders of the Way Ministry came down to tell Eddie if he let me go to fellowship he was no longer welcome in the Way Ministry. While Eddie was willing to let me stay I knew it was better for me to move on because of mental pain of being cast out I did not want to come to them because of me.

            But before the leadership came down I was going to fellowship one Sunday morning and I saw a old guy walking with a gas can. I stop and asked if he needed a ride and he got in. I told him I take him were ever he needed to go.

            I took him to his house but the thing he never knew is that I was low on gas too. He made me take a few ones which I just put in my pocket and went on to fellowship. After fellowship I look to see what I had received by the love of God.

            There was the money I needed for gas and a lot more what looked like about three or four dollars were more than twenty dollars. While this happen before I stop going to that fellowship because what some leadership were going to do if I stayed.

            After about some time I stop to see that EX-Way Ministry friend Fred to just say hi and found out he was cast out of the Way Ministry. I told him it might be good to check out one of the EX-Way Ministry groups. We talked about Tom Burke which I knew they had years ago got over the bitterness against the Way Ministry and were no longer with Chris Greer so my friend went there for a while.

            I went back home to Kentucky to live again and stayed there a short time. After a long time getting up to date with my family I de-sided to move to live with my sister who just came back from Germany and was living in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

            While in Fort Bragg, North Carolina I wrote to Dale Sides to find out about his group and was told to see Steve I. Were I begin to fellowship and he was looking for help painting so I took the job.

            I all so wrote John Lynn and share some of my studies on whether there was a gap in time between the beginning and the first day. He told me a tape set would help, so I sent him the $20.00 dollars and he sent me the tapes. But after listening to them I saw that they did not help.

            Later I join Steve I. with his fellowship in a group call “Pentecost Businessmen International” a group of men that believe in the gift of holy spirit that worked together outside their personal churches. While in this group I told part of my life story.

            Me and Steve I. went to a “Pentecost Businessmen International” group camp were there were sharing everyday alone with good food. This was the place I saw that some of things done in some churches I did not agree with had some basic. At times virtue went out of a believer and other times believers just did the others did.

            While there I heard that 1997 would be the 2,000th birthday of Jesus Christ I took the time to add 30 years to get the 2,000th year from the year Christ went up in the air and promise to come back the same way. I re-called talking to a friend in Columbus, Ohio about knowing the year of the return of Christ.

            I got to see this because I had begin to love believers were they are in Christ in their lives. While I saw later that God was teaching me how to love others were they are. This was when I wrote a paper on “How to Love People were they are” which I have shared with many boards.

            Later I moved home to Kentucky and after spending time with my family I heard my friend Fred in Columbus, Ohio was looking for help cleaning windows. I moved up there and begin to get the money for a goal of buying a trailer and land and living home in Kentucky again soon.


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              While living in Columbus, Ohio I begin going to “Christian Family Fellowship” were I met some new friends and got to know old ones better. While in this group I shared some of my personal teaching but keep things in private notes never pushing my side over another.

              While I was there I help a friend begin to paint his house but before we were done everything hit the fan to say. I believe the notes I wrote just to share my beliefs had made someone mad and me and my friend were not getting along so I moved home to Kentucky.

              After I got home I got a job at “Trinity” a factory were I work as a temp worker until they hired me as a full time worker. While I got the job it took three times to pass a check up by a doctor to get the job. But “Trinity” hired me before I passed the blood pressure part of the check up.

              While working there I purchase a 12 times 55 trailer for $300.00 dollars in 1997 that just needed a little work. I replaced most of the windows, part of the electric, most of the pluming, and many others which cost me about $2,000.00 or so. I moved this trailer to a Trailer Park in Radcliff Ky were I still live today.

              In 1998 I changed jobs to a place called “First Time” which I clean up rental houses and did repairs on rental and home owners. I stray there until about 1999 and me and the owner are still good friends today.

              Before the year 1999 was over I changed to a better job “A.P. South-Ridge” were met a lot of good people. At this job was not able to pass the health test but was hired anyway after getting a doctor. Some time in the year 2000 I slip and fell doing my job and had to get my head sowed up at Hardin Memorial Hospital .

              I took medicine for a while but stop after a time and I begin to get sick so. One day at work I feel odd and my left side did not want to work but I push myself on until I call and told my boss I needed to go home early.

              I tried to get back on medicine but could not get a doctor on my days off. So I went to the emery room at a close hospital my blood pressure was 240/270 I felt good that day. My boss said no but I went home anyway and got a friend to come in and take over for me. The next day I was called in the office and given a write up and told if I missed anymore I would be fired.

              That day my boss called 911 on me because I fall down and my heart hurt. The people from 911 came and took me to the Hardin Memorial Hospital were I was for 4 days ICU and two other days in another room.

              They needed special drugs to get my blood pressure down so I went to ICU. I was told I had a enlarge heart and my Kindey was only working 60/40 and I might need a balloon. But I did not need a balloon yet.

              I went back to work after being off a month but the factory lie so they could get rid of me but I had plan to stopping working there in a few months before summer after I found a easier job on my health.

              I got a temp job that was very easy but one night there were going to wax the break room and they ask us to get what we needed now while they begin before I got out of the break room I woke up in the hospital.

              They let me go home but the follower up doctor sent me back because I was still dizzy after 24 hours later. I felt like the room was spinning 200 miles an hour but I got around. They did a Cat scan and then a MRI were they told me it was MS or similar illness I had white spots on my brain.

              I took a test which told me it was not MS and than another spinal tap which should it to be stocks about 20 of them with a big one coming I could not get a job with medical help.

              I went for Social Security disability but it took over three years some with medicine some with out any. But I found a good doctor who I told other health problems like falling asleep when walking or driving, hives in cold weather the size of a grape fruit, head aches and others things.

              I got feeling like dying again so I found a mental doctor and went for help it seem to help until I caught her telling others what I told her in private and making a joke of me. So I wrote to ones over her head in case I miss understood but she found out and lie to put a mental warrant on me.

              It was said I had tried to cut by wrist some thing I never did and that I tried to hang myself in 1997 in jail but I was not in jail in 1997 nor had I been since 1989 nor did I ever tell her that.

              When they came for me was the time my mom was in hospital for cancer operation the next day I fought back they cause a heart attacked and when I end up in a mental hospital over 60 miles from my mom no way to call but thanks to God they did not see no reason to hold me but let me go after I saw the doctor.

              But since it was weekend I was there three days I needed to be with my mom. They claim that I am Bio Poli II, Schizophrenia, Paranoid but I think they are wrong and I never seen another mental doctor nor will I ever.

              Now these last few years I been doing better since I stoped trusting doctors and began to trust God. Because before I was hiding in fear that they might come for me again in a evil way but today light is welcome in my house I am no longer hiding from the world.

              I getting bold as I learn to walk with Jesus Christ and God I have not took my medicine for a year or more and my blood pressure has been staying good and been out in the cold no more hides and I have not fell asleep walking or driving.

              I feel good while I read God's word, study God's word and talk with God one on one. Today I hear God louder and clearer than ever before in my life and it is a blessing to live this life now. I been thinking and looking for a job because my heath is better and I can do more for God working.

              In 28-September 2003 I join the “Grease Spot Café” a on line board to help EX-Way Ministry believers deal with what happen to them when they left or were kick out of the Way Ministry cult. This board has been a great help for me I have join many other boards.

              On March 09, 2005 I went over my mother house to visit her and my father and help them get some things done. I went in my mother’s room and I called her but there was no movement from her so I went and found her cold and dead.

              I had no feeling to raise her from the dead from my God but I knew now I needed to take care of my sister and Dad's needs because they did not know yet. While I do believe I have the power to raise her I saw it better that she rest until the return of Christ.


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                My Dad and sisters took it hard as I did. We will miss the long talks we had with our mother at the table or in the TV room with the TV off. I love to help my mother but I feel I am still helping her my helping my dad and my three sisters as I can.

                Now words will not tell you of the love I have for my mother still to this day and I will have after the return of Christ. My mom did not go to Church a lot in her late years but she seem to live love bigger than I ever saw by any other person besides Christ.

                You could say my mother read a lot from the Book of Love. Now this word was never wrote with ink and pen but it was wrote in the hearts of the ones who live by love. My mom had and has a giving heart for me and my sisters that are still receiving our needs covered from things she prepaid for us before she dyed but I know from long and personal talks with God and Christ she will get back up again.

                Now I reach out to talk to her but find myself talking to dust because dust knows dust. I ask the dust to comfort the dust she is becoming and that God comforts her spirit as it rest and wait for the new birth from the seed of Christ she is now.

                These last few years the fears of the old Roy have changed to the new Roy. One of trust in God without fear of what the next day will bring. From 2003 when I begin to post on many boards that been many tears from the hate of some on some boards.

                That is why I thank God so must that for the boards that still welcome me to be part of them. While I have ben kick off over 1,000's boards there is a endless list of boards to join. The boards I am on today are a blessing for my life.

                Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.