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Abba shall OPEN the eyes of His Remnant to SEE amazing things.

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  • Abba shall OPEN the eyes of His Remnant to SEE amazing things.

    This Song is the PICTURE of an apostate church.....

    The Beatles
    Eleanor Rigby

    Ah, look at all the lonely people
    Ah, look at all the lonely people

    Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been
    Lives in a dream
    Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door
    Who is it for?

    All the lonely people
    Where do they all come from?
    All the lonely people
    Where do they all belong?

    Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear
    No one comes near
    Look at him working, darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there
    What does he care?

    All the lonely people
    Where do they all come from?
    All the lonely people
    Where do they all belong?

    Ah, look at all the lonely people
    Ah, look at all the lonely people

    Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name
    Nobody came
    Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave
    No one was saved

    All the lonely people (Ah, look at all the lonely people)
    Where do they all come from?
    All the lonely people (Ah, look at all the lonely people)
    Where do they all belong?
    how amazing is many times have we hummed that song never realizing ....
    why are all church people SO LONELY?
    church is the vanity of man-power...or.... man ruling over man.
    Father McKenzie could not save anyone for he was unable to save himself

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    how many millions make up a fruitless Fr.Mckenzie?

    they cannot bring LIFE, for they are as dead men themselves.

    AS DEAD as the modern day, big business corporation, un-unified colosus called THE christian CHURCH, [small 'c' for CHRISTIAN] AS THEY HAVE BEEN ABORTED and the power of LIFE sucked from them.
    they are powerless.

    all the lonely people, where do they all belong... IN THE WORLD CALLED vanity fair,


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      understanding an alive language

      i have read where the English language is the only one that is ALIVE.... [that is not being prejudice , it is simply so]
      The word FAITH,
      i have also read that
      It is mentioned OVER 180+ times in the bible, yet only 2 times in the OT.
      Faith is mentioned SO MANY times in the NT.
      Faith is a word that is ALIVE.
      JUST from this one word ''FAITH'' we can see an ''era'' has been changed.

      What the church lacks is FAITH~!
      That was why Fr McKenzie was unable to save anyone, all he could do was to bury them....

      have u this alive FAITH word active in your life?
      I ask this cuz it is IMPOSSIBLE to please Abba, without such a word being alive in our daily life.

      if this word FAITH was only used twice in the OT, this must mean these people lived basically without the teaching of FAITH... perhaps that is why Jesus said to His Disciples ''OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH?"

      Perhaps these 12 disciples, were Unable to have faith, cuz in their former religious experiences this act was not required from them.

      but FAITH IS NOW REQUIRED for us.
      IT IS A RULE.
      faith is '' IN '' doubting is OUT.

      so let is now look at doubt as a word.

      when we dont have FAITH, we can fall into DE-PRESS-ion = we despair
      Depression... can be opened up by our doubtings.
      here is this awefull word, that so many millions suffer from.

      DEPRESSION, take these alive letters apart to make .

      now aint that the truth.
      that is why WE CANNOT HAVE A DOUBTING HEART.... if we do, we never see ''our desire''.

      DID U KNOW, that GREAT wisdom is HIDDEN inside our english lanuage.... why not investigate....
      u will be amazed what is hidden YET in plain sight.


      • #4 or depression = 2 different sets of eyes.

        faith - to please
        doubt - for DIS-ease.

        IF you look at medical stats, we discover, how much $'s is spent on anti-depressants world wide.
        U would be absolutely astounded at the BILLIONS of $ spent on this cursed feeling of DEPRESSION,

        too many children are on anti-depressants and ... Mr McKissock said drug companies spent $5 billion annually advertising their products and were determined to get their drugs into use.
        can u believe this...........look at this~! unbelievable stats ?id=20480 · Cached page
        yet, HOW MANY TIMES does Jesus + NT talk to us about FAITH.
        over 180 times apparently just In the NT.
        the biggest business in medicine is anti-depressants

        ''all those lonely people, where do they all come from.''?

        I looked up the meaning of the name
        Eleanor Rigby,

        Eleanor = light of the sun
        Rigby - the valley of the ruler.

        so here is a ''mythical'' person .... named - ''a ruler and the light of the sun''.... who the valley.

        could this not be the corporate - man ADAM ?-mankind.
        in a fallen state..... busted ,as they are IN a valley of death,

        they could not be IN the shadow of the valley of death Ps 23.
        but in the valley.... without the shadow to cover them,
        they have NO FAITH only the Apostle Doubt as their comforter.

        Sheltering Wings
        God's there to protect me in the battle I face.
        He's cheering me on as I run the race.
        I still see the finish in spite of some things.
        There is strength under His sheltering Wings.

        I'm under the shadow of His sheltering Wings,
        Safe from all harm-- there forever to sing.
        When storms rage around me in this life of woe,
        Under the shadow of His Wings I go.

        Things in this life distract me sometimes.
        I look all around me--no peace I can find.
        When I get confused and no truth I can glean,
        I know I'm still under His sheltering Wings.


        We all need a place we can run to and hide,
        When the mountain's too high and the valley's too wide,
        The rain starts to pour and the winds they do sting,
        Peace is still under His sheltering Wings.

        By Karen Cox

        how many of us run into HIS SHELTERING WINGS by faith, the same faith our Messiah walks in?
        Fr Mckenzie did not, nor did Eleanor Rigby.... they never found this FAITH CHRIST HAS.... that is why death and vanity claimed them,

        In the NT 180+ faith is spoken and advised but WHO SHALL FIND FAITH?

        ''where do all those lonely people come from''?
        That is the vanity of mankind,
        always the looser,
        always on the back foot
        always suffering death.

        there is NO faith woven IN them.
        They proved they were NOT, well pleasing.
        They did not fall IN love with Apostle Faith.

        let us NOT be such people.
        PRAY TO HAVE THE SAME FAITH, as the Son of God. amen
        YOU SEE THIS so clearly
        fr McKenzie and Eleanor Rigby where a part of the system called THE MATRIX.

        CAN u SEE THIS?

        The ONE, sees thru, the FABRIC [veil] of THE MATRIX
        ..... NOW ASK...