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    Rest And Work!

    Hi Lucy,

    Two rather remarkable posts, my Lady! Have you seen the movie, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind? I was driven like Richard Dreyfus in that movie, constantly seeking with everything and everyone else around me neglected save for my own selfish needs, but i, by the grace of Messiah, am what i am, a sprinkler, and sprinklers must sprinkle! So, have i changed? Yes, i have! But would i be any different given half a chance? Sprinklers must sprinkle.

    Are there others? There sure are! Lo Ammi was established to find them. Hence:

    The Gathering: Who knows, this might be a good place to hang your hat. Please, come on in, pull up a chair, and have something to eat and drink.

    I told my former wife that my work on this forum was very important to our family. (I was in the formative stages of thinking about LIFE NOW at that point.) She resisted my work here, but I still believe in my work. That has not changed. So, what has changed? I have learned that those in my circle of relationships need to be sprinkled with love. I need to work just as hard or even harder for them as I do for myself!

    This is why I work very hard during the week in my physical job, and why I continue to work very hard. For a number of years, I lost my way in this regard. This is why I work hard every Sabbath Day to prepare a special meal for my son and my nephews and their cousins and whomever else they may invite. The physical is a reflection of the spiritual. Oh my! My marriage is broken, my trees reach to the heavens, and my house is in serious decline. ELOHIM willing, these things will be established as HE desires as I enter into HIS rest and as I work hard in and for HIM.

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      rest and and rest

      hello Ab,
      are u enjoying this investigation?

      when we work = we press ahead to achieve a goal of some kind.

      then we rest = we have received this goal.

      i have to work by pressing IN, and when I am pressing IN ... I REST.

      now how can anyone fathom this out?
      the bible is a paradox.
      I work
      I rest.... in working I rest.

      yesterday i had my carpet laid in the new house, my daughter went to see the result and rang to say '' it was a disaster''.
      I now have to deal with this mess = my work....
      but how shall I deal with it = my rest.

      I said Father,
      ''You deal with this please and make this man do the right thing and do not let me be cross and nasty when i want to kick butt. Let me rest in Your solution, as YOU take care of this Please and all shall be well'' = my rest.

      now, while i was allowing this lovely holy prayer to manifest out, my evil mind wanted to be filled with nasty thinking and i was IN control....however...... my son said 3 words to me

      ''LET IT GO''

      can u see, this huge, gigantic emormous revelation here AB..

      ''LET IT GO''

      can we let go?...that is the hardest test we shall have TO LET GO~! meaning
      we surrender up our control into the hands of another higher than ourselves.

      if we can
      This IS LOVE, and ALLOWING His love to work for us.

      I have to apply this type of example to everything in my life,
      I work, but I rest.
      Here is my sabbath, here is my joy and my peace.
      I have entered into the 7th letting go.

      the 7th day is a day of rest.
      i rest from my works [ my carnal reasoning, my faulty assumptions and my human faults], and I move into my Sabbath of ''TODAY'' and I rejoice as I hear His voice of direction.

      When you heard the revealing of LIFE NOW, your were moved into your rest.
      When you moved into your rest, you release all things in your life to ABBA and u rest there, working In Him, to recieve and achieved HIS PLAN for you.
      Daniel did it in the Lion's den
      Joseph did it in the prison cell
      these ''conditions'' make us enter into THE PROMISED LAND [ like a baby coming down the birth canal and into LIFE in the real world]

      all saints do it, as they are fashioned and moulded into His ways of OBTAINING THEIR INCORRUPTION.

      now it is your turn
      now it is my turn to learn how to enter into His rest.

      He has PREDESTINED us to achieve His will...
      HE INTERCEEDS over us and for us.
      HIS INTERCESSION TAKES AWAY OUR DEATH [the carnal mind] and we begin to LIVE REAL LIFE.

      Did you ever do a study on Lazarus and how Jesus became as He was raising Lazarus back to life.
      I looked up all the word descriptions and they suggested that ''Jesus groaned and moaned and stomped and reared up, like a great horse with eyes ablaze'' as HE CONQUERED death over His friend.
      He was NOT some small little meek man, a softy of luv, but LIKENED TO a ''raging horse ablaze with strength''

      that was HIS INTERCESSION.
      why are we the only ones ever to receive HIS PREDESTINED WILL all because of our D.O.B?

      Spying, there is ONE THING, the devil loves to do is to DEFER HOPE.


      that is the real QUESTION , Neo~!~!~!~!

      for your consideration...
      Spying, do u realise that every man/woman who has built up the ''church'' with their divisional teaching and assumptions and traditional church thinking HAS DIED.
      think of them as WELL DRESSED CORPSES.
      Think of all the ''brand name churches'' and their ideals, their crowds, their money and buildings THE church empire builders = all dead......
      think of their victims
      Everyone in a church seminary, with all of its teaching, even into ancient renderings Has DIED.
      why do you,
      why to I,
      why do all people believe ''the church'' and what this diseased filthy harlot says?

      Messiah told us HIS TRUTH SAYING
      ''the gates of hell [ the openings into the grave of hell] shall not prevail over MY church''

      i do not believe in a hope deferred.
      I do not believe it is ''good to die'' and go to heaven.
      I believe we are to PUT OFF THIS TENT [ our own death or mortality] and BECOME LIFE AS CHRIST IS LIFE AND I BELIEVE CHRIST CAME TO SET US FREE.......teaching us how to do this.

      no one lived to be free under the OT
      no one lived to be free under the 'church'

      hell/grave = does prevail as we never see a POOR funeral director.

      but...some can eat THE HIDDEN MANNA.
      is this manna given because of our DOB, or is it given by how much we are prepared to LET GO of our own controlling power.....and this happens at any time, in a dispensation.

      I love life.
      I have a billion things i wish to do,
      there is not enough time in my day to do what work i wish to do,
      what study i wish to learn,
      what places i wish to travel too...
      I AM BURSTING with life...
      AND NOW AB, it is my turn my 10 secs of fame in the eons of eternity so to speak, I CAN LIVE or I can die..
      I CHOOSE LIFE...not religion.

      I have to come out from TIME and into LIFE... old saints learnt how to do this too.... i am thinking.

      now as for your former wife, your love for her, shall mend her.... if your'e willing to LOVE as Messiah.
      the same applies for me and whom i mix with.
      Sometimes we are asked to LOVE, the unlovely, as we are Loved IN Him.
      the Unlovely come in all shapes and sizes....they have the character traits of fallen mankind.

      LOVE IS?
      healing vanities condition.

      does John remain.
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        cont....i have to come into the divine understanding ofTRANSFORMATION

        hello Spying... i am cont... researching.
        i was eating breakfast this morning in a cafe overlooking the sea and i was transported...out from my 'work' life and into another realm [the sea-shore realm ] that really could not get any better.

        so, while i was there, i considered this word........TRANSFORMATION..

        trans - to cross over and be carried away, or
        formation - in order, order out from chaos.
        ''I HAVE TO LEARN, how to cross over into ORDER and out from chaos''

        you know sometimes TRUTH stares us in the face and we never see it...
        ORDER, out from Chaos.
        what ORDER?

        THE ''Order'' of MELCHIZEDEK [ps 110. v. 1-4] - that transforms us into the free use of His power.

        THIS DIVINE ROYAL ORDER, brings us out from the chaos of the upsurper.
        now how good is that?

        there in v. 3 we shall find ''A PEOPLE MADE WILLING, in the day of His power''.
        what day
        what power

        = PHIL. 3 V 10-14.... that day of KNOWING

        do u know this power?
        I do?

        you can feel it as it 'lift us up over and above all our personal woes.''
        you can feel the shift up and over the top of the already defeated evil.

        that is HOW WE ARE MADE FREE Ab
        and nothing can harm us, discourage us, defeat us, maul us, kill us, CUZ WE ARE FREE.
        how good is that?

        HOW TRUE IS THAT.?
        right there in that song is a divine truth.

        I went to see my carpet and now everything is fixed up.
        I allowed FATHER TO FIX IT for me... i rested in His power and He came thru... and i am smiling., cuz i let go~!~!.. i HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOOSE FOR I AM UNABLE TO ''DO'' IT MYSELF...
        I AM NO LONGER ''lucy the fixer''.


        the revelation I had, this morning was this.
        THERE IS NO time in His Kingdom it is always TODAY... living in HIM moment by moment.
        When this NT bible was written, it was only ever written for the people who LIVE IN....................TODAY..................................
        who hear His voice.
        that is so unbelievingly glorious.

        The bible was never written for ordinary sectarian men to abuse and misuse, It was never written for a rebel church [ falsely called christian ] and made by men called NICOLAITANES.
        The bible was not written for SDA, the RCC, the SC and the JW's nor the Mormons and Pentecostals, WWCof G, the Lutherians, the PB and the Apostolic, nor for the Baptists, the Methodists, the Cof E, nor the 33,ooo divisions of multiple names...
        THE leaders of these pathetic cults of men have DIED... DEAD in their graves.. a corpse of death = their enemy won.
        these 33,000 churches with billions of pew people are dead in death, graveyards of bones where all death dwells.

        all THRU OUT THE AGES, since the cross ''TODAY'' HAS BEEN IN FASHION and in vogue to these men and women and children, who have a contrite heart.
        This dispensation began in the NT... Jesus told us all about ''TODAY''~!

        IF you get into the Buzz word TODAY, you are a STAR, cuz TODAY IS WHERE IT ALL time is no more.

        the church cannot reproduce Messiah,
        the Jews cannot reproduce Messiah,
        no religious assoc. can, as they are dead and buried in satan's deception...
        only those people who have the REVELATION of TODAY ''if u hear My voice'' can live.

        IT IS ETERNAL, AND THAT IS WHY, others thru-out all ages have become ALIVE IN CHRIST. amen


        when we enter into TODAY, we enter into the Spirit, when we enter into the SPIRIT OF LIFE we now have NO condemnantion, so the NT says in Romans.
        To be NO LONGER condemned means no longer condemned to death and its laws of sin.
        The Spirit is a HIGHER realm than sin and death realm.
        TODAY, is the realm of the Spirit, it takes us out from eating the Tree of Good and Evil = using our carnal thinking and reasonings and makes us eat the DIET OF THE TREE OF LIFE = THE WORD OF ELOHIM, OBEYED.

        The Holy Spirit trains us up to be re-programmed to live in TODAY [take no thought = dont be carnal minded] and IN this TODAY, His intercession works over us.
        IT IS A LOVE FEISTE...a marriage no longer of convenience, but of SPIRITUAL REPRODUCTION, of His Kingdom.

        how i live is far better than how i used to live.
        I got changed into a person who is in training who only lives in Today.
        what happens to me, if I meet another person who is like me and only lives in Today?
        a spiritual bonding takes place, and that person shall heal me and I shall heal them.
        THAT IS LIFE., and that is BRETHREN dwelling together.
        vanity is HEALED in us and RECONCILLATION is produced.
        it works,
        MESSIAH IS AT WORK IN US... amen
        how many people have MADE IT and finished their race thru out the long ages..
        I dont know
        but the NT says 144,000 the redeemed from the earth, followed the Lamb wherever He goes.
        Ab do U follow the LAMB.?
        Well I know u do.

        I DO 2 amen...what happens - WE ARE THE REDEEMED.... no matter what DOB we have

        does John remain
        = yes.
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          Mon.13th Question - does John remain

          i was re-looking
          Spying at Roms 2 v 7..

          I do not believe i am the first person in the history of the ''church'' age to see this verse + its meaning and know for certain we cannot seek these 4 things when we are IN our grave as a dead rotten corpse.
          IF i understand this, surely others more enlightened than me shall too.
          I can see that GLORY AND HONOUR, [ just using 2 words out from 4] means
          ''FOUND FAVOUR WITH''.
          these words mean

          Abba has crowned us with glory and honor.
          [saints down thru the ages have experienced these words active in their lives]...
          The word honor SHOULD also be translated AS favor and favor means
          to assist,
          to provide with special advantages
          to receive preferential treatment.

          In other words, Abba wants to make our life easier.
          He wants to assist us
          to promote us
          to give us advantages.
          He wants us to have preferential treatment.
          Ofcourse we are NOT arrogant, thinking that we are better than somebody else but we are to live in CONFIDENCE AND IN BOLDNESS, not for who we are, but for WHO WE CONTAIN and dwell with.

          we are to EXPECT THE BEST~!

          We are a NEW creature AND Our TRUE Father has Glory and has Honour, so does His child =He spills over onto us, His outpouring is over us, AS we become His Image.

          How can a person physically die when they have the outspilling of His Glory upon them.
          Where does death ''worm its way into or under '' the outspilling of His favour and Glory upon us?

          WE have become so death minded we have forgotten to be '''well-favoured'' MINDED.

          CAN WE ASK, why are we so death-minded and offerings for the funeral parlors.
          if we are IN the world but not a partaker of the World, nor of her sins why do funeral parlors florish for ''christians''?

          why are we not more FAVOUR minded, rather than DEATH minded.
          could it be because we see lots of death and not many ''favours''?
          When did Abba STOP, from having our best interests at heart?

          John apparently was a man whom Jesus Loved.
          John, LEARNT, how to be favoured.
          during John's life, he was written about as ''DIVINE''....................
          what happens to us after we have sought this Glory and Honour [ as recommended] and FOUND IT?
          do we LIVE
          do we die?
          do we PUT OFF our tent of mortal, and put on the outshining of His radiance or do we become bones and magots?

          for the LIFE IN ME, I cannot see how a person who had found glory and honour could be a repository for magots.

          Please, do not tell me i am the 1st person to notice this fact.

          TO BE THE REDEEMED from the earth, means the Adamic nature in us has been fully removed, the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil abandoned and real LIFE HAS BECOME FULL, in us called the Spirit of Life.

          does this all happen, to ordinary people who have been changed, despite their DOB?
          ''we shall NOT all sleep'' was spoken out 2000yrs ago...
          and some who actively found this Glory and Honour knew HOW to overcome and defeat evil/death/grave despite the harlot church's theories.

          ''come and sit into my parlor'' said the spider to the fly - sounds like a funeral parlor.....
          the spider - the church
          the fly - its victim.

          does John remain?


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            why are we asked NOT to trust in our 'eye sight'' ?

            because it is only temporal.
            tempory things ''pass away''.

            we have all been smitten with a TEMPORY form of eye sight.......................
            that Our MESSIAH considered as BLIND?

            don't u think that very odd?
            IF we are blind, we cannot see, IF we cannot see, how can we live, we would just crawl alone , lost in blackness?
            Like some swamp creature from the Black lagoon.
            we would live in darkness like a worm under a rock.

            what would we actually see IF our faulty eye sight was removed?

            we would see the real world...
            REMEMER Neo,
            He COMPLAINED ''HIS EYES HURT'', + Morpheus said ''' they hurt cuz u have never used them before''.

            we cannot see into the spiritual realm, or the higher real world of TRUTH, because our first Parent [the sinning Adam, ] cut us off.... he made us all blinded.

            This man, FAILED, the caring love test and choose to blame his wife and Creator.[Gen 3 v 13]
            they BECAME MONSTERS, and bred MONSTERS just like themselves.

            Morpheus said a great Truth = ''they hurt Neo, cuz you have never used them before''

            1] see
            2] free

            to all i ask this?
            do you LIKE being a blind bat?
            a crawler in the dust
            a rock hidden worm
            a bat, who can only fly alone at night?
            a nocturnal?

            I dont. To me it is limited and degrading.

            DO U THINK .. GLORY... is a word that means say
            REAL EYE SIGHT
            like the sunight or rays from Gold or jewels?

            something SHINING.

            I SEE THE GLORY? WOULD HAVE TO BE math 17 v 2.
            it was interesting to see in this ''glory realm'' 2 PEOPLE, from the very distant past, named Moses and Elijah, STANDING THERE.
            so that there were 6 people, the past, + the present, as a witness to GLORY.
            GLORY..... VERSE 3

            NOT ONLY did they all appear but they talked.
            and as if this was NOT enough GLORY, Abba appeared too, v 5 and some even fell on their faces.

            that is all because of ''seeing the glory''. v 2

            now, we are told in Roms 2 v 7
            we are TO SEEK, glory?

            do u think IF WE ''FOUND'' this glory we would have our real eye sight and that once we had this real eye sight we COULD SEE, others like ourselves clearly for the 1st time.
            Kinda like superman's X-ray vision.= seeing thru the veil.

            Do u think If a person found [after seeking] Glory. Honour, eternal life, immortal life, they would SEE [ no longer to be blinded] THE OTHERS, CALLED THE REDEEMED.

            IN THAT WAY ONLY.............. no imposter could slip in....... like the wedding guest who did not have on the correct clothing.

            see TO BE ABLE TO SEE.... correctly
            WE SEE our IMMORTAL BRETHREN...
            WE SEE THE REAL WORLD AND WE ARE SET FREE from our blindness..
            we have been CLOTHED from on high, in immortal life or our wedding garments have been PUT ON AS THE BRIDE MADE HERSELF READY amen.

            WE need his meat in the form of hidden manna to grow up into the same maturity as Messiah.
            We need to eat, what He ate.
            We need FREEDOM teachings that take us out from the limited edition of satan.
            We need TO SEE to be free.
            jesus said '' I only do the things I SEE, My Father do''
            JESUS SAW............ into the real world.
            it is our turn to SEE TOO
            to stop being so blinded by this tempory religious rubbish we stuff ourselves with..

            now dont u think that is A challenging THOUGHT.

            does john remain.


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              why is the manna hidden?

              to seek the Truth...
              to find the hidden manna.....

              ''hide and seek''.

              the church version of born again... is a limited experience, without much expectation of this all happening in this life time.
              the church version of saved..... is a limited experience, till they die, then and only then are the ''saved'' from hell.

              how did they get it SO WRONG

              THEY ALLOWED 'OTHERS'', to tell them how to think and all these ''others'' came out from 1 corn. 1 v 10. [-disunity]
              Messiah came forth to John the divine and told him TRUTH, so a person ''in a church' could OVERCOME that church and move on into the real meaning of
              born again
              Revelation 18:4-5: - "Come out of her, My people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities."
              most people cannot ''overcome'' their church and move out, and move on....into a full on born again from above salvational experience, where they are taught to DEFEAT THE DEVIL, in this life, by living in the True Gospel
              The church cannot teach them how '' to reproduce His Kingdom'' because it contains DEATH.
              Revelation 18:4-5: - "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities."
              for some, their Spirit is awakened and stirred up as Christ [the power of God] makes them willing, IN, the day of His power.
              that is why they cannot boast... they have been MADE WILLING, those predestianed ones.
              The 'day' of His power is
              TODAY, if u hear my voice.
              therefore we are to hear His voice telling us HOW TO ESCAPE so great a corruption and become THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS.

              PART OF THIS process is to seek truth and find the HIDDEN MANNA.
              a holy game of ''hide and seek''.

              the object of this holy game, is to understand why we are seeking and why it is hidden anyways.

              to seek for something takes a PERSONAL EFFORT.
              to seek, does not mean we rely upon another all the time, but we personally have to EXERT SOME EFFORT into this holy exercise to DISCOVER FOR OURSELVES ............THE TRUTH.
              IT DOES NOT PLOP like a ripe cherry into our laps.

              so what are we finding out exactly?

              We are finding out, how to stop thinking carnal thoughts
              We are to find out, how to overcome the devil
              We are to find out, how to die on the cross successfully.


              because this is the only way to reproduce the kingdom of God and to gain immortality.

              It is right there, under all our noses, the secret desires of all men, but few find it.

              The Bride has to enter into immortality to be the ''same kind'' as her HUSBAND.
              [kind being with kind.]

              if I am not the same ''kind'' as you = there is disharmony somehow, disunity happens.= disunity breeds death.

              The effect of spiritual harmony, the bonding and the blending, bring Life.
              The Bride has to learn how to ascend alive.....OTHERWISE.... she is not the bride.

              now ARE U LEARNING how to ascend alive?
              why did the Bride make herself ready?
              TO ASCEND ALIVE...

              He is not coming back for an old dis-interested whore.....

              the question is ''did Messiah have a Bride made ready, down thru the ages''
              as the modern church teaches/implies '' we are that generation only ''

              what happens IF Messiah does not ''appear'' in their ''time - zone'' and waits,
              they are dead ducks, and the funeral parlors become richer.

              perhaps it would be a great idea for young adults, to seek a career in the funeral parlor business, after all they will never be out of work hey?

              I remember once a pretty young girl told me that she could never get a boyfriend to take her out because of her job...
              I asked her ''what job'' and she said '' my family has a funeral home and i help them, as it is a family business''.

              but at the end of the day, it really is ''every man for himself'' and if he lives his belief or dies in unbelief.
              no man can teach us, the Holy Spirit is Our true Teacher... amen
              does John remain?


              ps... i just had a thought...
              in church, people get a ''spiritual high''...
              the singing, the clapping, the people hyped up in fellowship... the sensations of the flesh run wild for one hour.
              The flesh is in an ''organism'' from satanic seeds.
              they FAIL to reproduce a divine LIFE in pew sitters.
              ''they all die''.... the plague of death follows them.
              Messiah says ''I will build MY church and the gates of the ''grave/hell'' shall not prevail against them''.
              THESE type of churches belong to a group that cannot produce 'life' called, homosexual.
              ''they'' preach about the act of homosexuality in comdemnation YET they are themselves ''spiritual homosexuals''.

              they are all hypocrites, THEMSELVES, that is why, they ''suffer'' plagues even death for iniquities.

              that is so tragic~! death can only produce death.

              they work away upon themselves, but cannot reproduce His Kingdom.

              perhaps there is a clue found in
              Jeremiah 30:6-8:

              "Ask now, and see,
              If a male can give birth.
              Why do I see every man
              With his hands on his loins, as a woman in childbirth?
              And why have faces turned pale (death)?
              Alas! for that day is great,
              There is none like it;
              And it is the time of Jacob's distress,
              But he will be saved from it.''

              we all need TO BE SAVED, from this distressed church.

              Isaiah 26:18:

              ''We were pregnant, we writhed in labor,
              We gave birth, as it were, only to wind.
              We could not accomplish deliverance for the earth
              Nor were inhabitants of the world born.''

              they were UNABLE to give birth.

              what we view the natural, we can see the spiritual implications too.

              we have to learn HOW TO ESCAPE, from this corruption.
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                His LAST words in red letters in the bible are

                found in Rev 22 v 20

                =''SURELY, I come quickly''

                bible no 22 - LIGHT [revelation that takes us into ''arise and shine'']
                bible no 20 - redemption. [redeemed from the earth]

                We could write a sentence that said '' surely I come quickly bringing light [revelation for My church] and Redemption.[freedom from the laws of sin and death]

                Now the ''man made commentaries'' say '' this means the 2nd coming....
                so our mind is dictated too by apostate religious men, who have ''decided'' what this ''coming quickly means'' .

                Let us now consider the fact [which now seems to be a lie,] cuz ''coming quickly'' is not waiting 2000yrs for the quick ''coming''.

                so IF we really delve into this here it could be said....

                ''BECAUSE the ''2nd coming''' has not arrived yet, there is no light and no redemption available for anyone for the past 2000yrs.''

                ''I am coming quickly'' means EXACTLY THAT~! is very easy for even a small child to understand
                ''even so Lord Jesus come'' ends John's revelation...

                MESSIAH SAID THIS = an attention grabber verse.

                '' I will build MY church [ He is the builder, not man] and the gates [ the openings to] hell/grave [the laws of sin and death] shall not prevail [conquer , overcome, destroy] her''. amen

                word description

                surely = certainly, firmly, securely, unhesitating manner, assured confidence, without any doubts, unquestionably, intense emphasizing.

                I = Messiah

                come = to move to, to arrive, to achieve completion,

                Quickly = with haste, fast, speedily, without delay, running to, swift, rapid,
                done with great promptness, a brief space of time, brisk.

                if we look at each word description here there is NO way living a thinking person, under the training of the Holy Spirit, can say this really means 200O +yrs waiting time etc...
                that is utter carnal minded religious mindset.=The 2nd coming of Jesus Christ is a favorite topic of speculation among the members of the Churchian religion.

                so back to basics...
                IF Messiah is instructing the churchs of revelation, [the revealing of] and fault finding these 7 organizations, and seeking His overcomer to OVERCOME, the damaging apostate conditions, He would be having SOME accepting His advice and HEARING Him and HEEDING HIM, back then .

                dont say ''no one would overcome'', cuz that would not be correct... the church under satanic instruction shall say this, but NOT from His People hearing His voice TODAY.

                The carnal mind of religious hirelings, cannot accept the REALM of the Kingdom is found in ''TODAY''.
                again consider
                the NT says ''The Kingdom of heaven is within ''....
                heaven is not a place but a REALM.
                Messiah is not in a place but in A REALM, we can experience INSIDE our own life.
                see John 15.. the vine and the branches. = abiding.
                see John 15 .. the friends not servants, = abiding
                see John 15.. bearing much fruit. = abiding
                see John 15.. not of this world.= abiding.
                see John 15 .. the comforter shall come to TESTIFY... = abiding = to tell us all ABOUT HIS KINGDOM AND HOW TO ENTER IN AND SURVIVE THERE IN FULL LIBERTY. amen

                no divinely instructed saint, has to wait for 2000+yrs for this~!

                the KINGDOM is a realm within a saint.
                the KINGDOM has to be only lived in ''TODAY''
                the KINGDOM has a HIGH PRIEST over it in the Order of Melchidezeck, who ever makes intercession over His Subjects.
                the KINGDOM has NEW CREATURE now living within IT.
                The Kingdom has saints within IT who have been MADE WILLING TO Carry
                His POWER,
                HIS GLORY,
                HIS ETERNAL LIFE
                AND HAVE
                HIS IMMORTALITY.

                apostate men have ruined the knowledge of His Kingdom for the masses of their religious followers.
                They die of plagues and sin.
                I was thinking tonight why would a person really want to be evil and destroy others and then themselves.
                what would make this form of insanity rule our world.?

                it is because the ''ruler'' of this world is insane.
                it is because humans follow an insane ruler and are programmed with his insanity.

                but, the worst thing of all is these pupits dont know they are insane,

                what's that old saying

                ''the whole world is a zoo and it is the monkeys that hold the keys''

                Perhaps that coined expression ''a BANANA republic'' is not so far from the truth.

                well.. thats all i can write really... thank you for reading... u make up your own mind... after all it is your life... or death...

                This kingdom is NOT founded on apostate carnal mindedness.
                The Religion of men, disagrees with the KINGDOM OF GOD.



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                  The Glory Of The New Moon!

                  Hi Lucy,

                  The Kingdom of ELOHIM cometh not by observation, but when it comes, the Kingdom can be readily observed. How do I know that? Because I have experienced for years searching for the appearance of the New Moons which Moons are a shadow of the Kingdom being renewed within us.

                  When the glory of this Kingdom within us is sufficiently bright, and when there are no clouds and haze, this New Moon is readily seen by all of those who are looking for it. They are prepared for its coming, but this world (the Matrix) is unprepared because she is not watching. It is part of our job to prepare the world so that she need not be destroyed.

                  The Moon has a glory which she reflects into the darkness. This glory comes from the Sun.

                  The Elect have no glory of our own that originates with us. Everything that we have, has been given to us from the Father, but we nonetheless have HIS glory.

                  What is the glory of ELOHIM?

                  Sincerely, Ab
                  The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                    Is The Glory Of YAHWEH!

                    Hi Lucy,

                    This is what Moses records concerning the glory:
                    Exodus 24:17
                    17 And the sight of the glory of YAHWEH was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel. (KJV)
                    When was the last time that the children of Israel witnessed this all consuming fire, this glory, upon the top of the mount?
                    Acts 2:3
                    3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. (KJV)
                    This glory has the ability to consume. What does it consume? Not much and then again a whole lot. This New Moon ultimately consumes the whole Universe:
                    2 Peter 3:9-12
                    9 YAHWEH is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
                    10 But the day of YAHWEH will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
                    11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and ELOHIMNESS,
                    12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of ELOHIM, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? (KJV)
                    The Matrix can therefore be thankful that "Today" has not yet arrived for them, but has this fire come to us? Is this all consuming glory within us?

                    Sincerely, Ab
                    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                      The Glorification Of Messiah!

                      Hi Lucy,

                      Moses was very curious about this glory. The glory first appeared to him in the form of a burning bush that burned without consuming itself. (There is a lesson here also.)

                      Later, Moses directly asked to behold the glory of YAHWEH:
                      Exodus 33:18-23
                      18 And he said, I beseech thee, show me thy glory.
                      19 And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of YAHWEH before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy.
                      20 And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.
                      21 And YAHWEH said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock:
                      22 And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a cleft of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by:
                      23 And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen. (KJV)
                      Notice that the glory of YAHWEH is synonymous with HIS goodness, and notice that this glory is proclaimed when the Name is proclaimed. (Sacred Namers ignorantly think that this Name is the physical name, YAHWEH. They have not remembered the big bang (2 Peter 3:10, Leviticus 23:24, Joshua 6:16) through HIS mercy and grace.)

                      The Torah of YAHWEH is good (Romans 7:12) so the goodness of YAHWEH is the completion of Torah (Matthew 5:17-18)! We have already seen that heaven and earth do pass, so the Torah of YAHWEH is of necessity sometime fulfilled. Moses was granted the privilege of seeing this fulfillment from the beginning to the end, and Moses describes this glory, this HISTORY in the Torah. The beginning is recounted for us in Genesis. The HISTORY of the Saints and all righteous Israel is the frontside of YAHWEH. The wicked and all unrighteous Israel form the backside of YAHWEH.

                      Lucy, we are actors on a stage. The experience of Israel tells us about the experience of YAHWEH. The enemies of Israel teach us about HaSatan and his demons.

                      The left hand of YAHWEH is the physical fulfillment of the Torah. This fulfillment hides the real identity of YAHWEH. This Hand covers the Jews, and it is the source of their blindness. There is much glory in the physical keeping (the left hand) of the Torah (2 Corinthians 3:6-18)! But there is far greater fire (glory) in the spiritual keeping (the right hand) of the Torah! This keeping is within us if we are truly a part of "today"!

                      The spiritual keeping of the Torah is the right hand and arm of YAHWEH. Moses describes this strong arm through all the commandments, and statutes, and judgments, and charges of YAHWEH (Deuteronomy 16:1)! This glory belongs to YAHWEH, and this is the glorification requested by Messiah on the night HE was betrayed, and the restoration of this very glory, this all consuming fire, this strong right hand work, is the glory of Messiah and all those who belong to HIM! It is our glory!

                      Right now, we have this glory in earthen vessels, our physical bodies, and this glory is consuming our enemies within our own land as you so ably teach. It is indeed "today" for us. Like Moses, we are in the cleft of the Rock, (not Rockwhy) rather Messiah! We are in the Matrix, but not of the Matrix until the Matrix is also either transformed or destroyed by our revealing, the shining forth of the New Moon in all its glory i.e. the spiritual full moon . (There are no hypocrites in this revealing. Come forth and repent, ye hypocrites, and let your conduct be holy and above reproach!)

                      This revealing begins at the beginning of the Seventh Day, but this revealing is not completed until the end of the Seventh Day. This revealing of the glory of YAHWEH occurs at the end of the Days of Unleavened Bread, at the end of Tabernacles, and the end of the Days of Purification, at the end of the Days of Consecration, and the end of the Days of the Dedication, and at the end of the Feast of Weeks.

                      Sincerely, Ab
                      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                        The Revealing Of The Glory!

                        Hi Lucy,

                        These several verses describe the revealing of the glory of the Sons of ELOHIM:
                        Leviticus 9:23-24
                        23 And Moses and Aaron went into the tabernacle of the congregation, and came out, and blessed the people: and the glory of YAHWEH appeared unto all the people.
                        24 And there came a fire out from before YAHWEH, and consumed upon the altar the burnt offering and the fat: which when all the people saw, they shouted, and fell on their faces. (KJV)

                        2 Chronicles 7:1-3
                        1 Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the house.
                        2 And the priests could not enter into the house of YAHWEH, because the glory of YAHWEH had filled YAHWEH'S house.
                        3 And when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of YAHWEH upon the house, they bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement, and worshiped, and praised YAHWEH, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth forever. (KJV)

                        1 Kings 18:37-39
                        37 Hear me, O YAHWEH, hear me, that this people may know that thou art YAHWEH ELOHIM, and that thou hast turned their heart back again.
                        38 Then the fire of YAHWEH fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.
                        39 And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, YAHWEH, he is the ELOHIM; YAHWEH, he is the ELOHIM. (KJV)
                        For the Altar, the turning of our hearts begins begins with a burning (Luke 24:32) that is manifested to us (Acts 2:3) but not to the world. The revealing of this fire to the world is described as fire coming from heaven. I see this fire more as a ladder between heaven and earth going both ways. I see this fire more as spontaneous combustion. It means that heaven and earth are one. It means that the outer and inner Altar are one. It means that the will of YAHWEH is done on earth as it is in heaven.

                        Woe to all who have not this transforming fire within themselves.

                        Sincerely, Ab
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          lots to eat in your post Ab..

                          I hope u r happy and well amen,

                          the burning bush...
                          my sister went on a tour of the middle east areas and saw this burning bush.
                          She is not a bible student, but she came home and told me ''I saw the burning bush''.
                          I said ''what burning bush?'' and she said ''the one Moses saw, its still burning''... I said ''NO silly'' and she said ''YES IT IS STILL BURNING we all saw it from the bus''.
                          so i said ''oH'' and did not argue.
                          I still don't know what they saw?.


                          the burning bush, reminds me of your President.... and it is so strange to have that name what kinda name is that, no disrespect intented?
                          but it does seem there are clues dropped all around us, if only we have eyes that see.
                          i have often wondered if the 2 Bushes are not a witness to the fact that some saints are to experience this ''burning bush experience'' the same as Moses. = deliverance.
                          Just last week the natural Bush, really began to experience his BURNING. = hint.
                          i actually dont know why i am telling you this really, but i do know, that the Holy Spirit BURNS out our fallen nature, while our outer man is not comsumed.
                          we are to hate sin. to be made whole.

                          His burning IN us, takes away the need to sin so that His fire changes us into Incorruption.
                          The Holy Spirit has the POWER to remove our mortals too

                          you wrote ''we are all actors on a stage''....... an expression we all know

                          SO let us consider
                          1] All actors know their script,
                          2] they play-act their role before an audience
                          3] then go home to resume their 'other' life they have outside of acting....


                          4] the stage is only a part of their life...but an actor has to have a stage.

                          humankind, are these 'actors' on the stage.
                          but as these 'actors', we dont know the scrip.

                          Our script is unknown.
                          but actors KNOW THEIR LINES...
                          so rather than being an actor, pehaps it would be better to say

                          WE ARE A STAGE

                          We are only the STAGE, as all actors have a right to come and go......
                          but a stage does not.

                          a ''stage'' is a state of development,
                          So, the burning bush that Moses saw, was a stage of development in him, where he moved out from the wilderness and into the deliverance ministry for his nation...
                          [this is the same type of ministry in Rom 8 v 19 not a nation, but creation]

                          thats' all kinda mind twisting i know ...
                          we are not 'actors' as such, but we are all A STAGE, as we have NOT got the 'right' to come and go as we please.
                          [the ''right'' to come and go as we please - is, the continuing, divine ability to move into and out from the realm of the Kingdom.]

                          a 'stage' is a state of development where we learn how to be transformed and translated .

                          We can know what stage of development we are in, by the GLORY we contain and the DELIVERANCE we can extend out to others.

                          now that's ''outside the box'' thinking hey.

                          does John remain?


                          i was thinking Ab, why a ''realm of destroying cruelity'' was to rule us?
                          Adam was told not to eat, but was he ever SHOWN the result OF his eating?
                          no.... ~!~!!~!

                          consider, told and shown are really 2 different things
                          ''shown'' is much more dramatic than ''told.''
                          it would seem, we are to LIVE ON the TOLD WORD, rather than SEEING.
                          [however, Messiah came and we are SHOWN, THIS WORD. THIS WORD, WAS OUR EXAMPLE TO LEARN FROM.]
                          i was trying to think, why, this tool of Father, the devil, was made this way.
                          i realise this is carnal thinking and it is a mystery too, called the Mystery of Iniquity.
                          i am not interested in any churchian theory, cuz it is a mystery anyways ,+ how can apostate system tell the truth.
                          this cruel realm, WITH ALL OF MAN MADE INSANITY really upsets all our human sensibilities.
                          it seems - WE GOT RIPPED OFF.... so the question is - why was creation SUBJECTED to vanity?
                          if this was so, Adam and Eve were always to be ''actors on the stage'' hey.


                          it seems to me.....

                          this is A STAGE.........
                          we all have to pass thru..... there is NO way of escaping this ''stage'' of our developments.

                          1] we were in a ''stage'' prior to our birth
                          2] we enter into another ''stage'' during our time here -perhaps called the STAGE OF CHOOSING LIFE OR DEATH
                          3] we continue into another ''stage'' after leaving here.

                          so THIS WORLD IS REALLY ONLY A STAGE.
                          SO to cont....................................................
                          if this world is a STAGE in OUR realm of STAGE-living.................. the ideal shall be to LEARN HOW to rule and reign WITH HIM.
                          [rev 3 v 21]
                          could it be that ''this stage'' is to choose LIFE and LEARN how to RULE AND REIGN WITH HIM.?
                          this STAGE OF human development is for us all the pass thru the realm of carnal, vanity, cruelity, learning to OBEY, and to CHOOSE life or death, so that rulers and reigners CAN BE choosen... or predestined to be DEVELOPED into a ruler and reigner.
                          A KINGDOM OF KINGS AND PRIESTS = has to be CHOOSEN [predestined but still tested] here in this earthy stage.

                          i think i like that idea.


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                            kind lives with kind... nature for nature.

                            Hi Spying.

                            i have had much to think about from your posts on THE GLORY....
                            I liked them Ab...and thank you for them.

                            i don't know how we are going in these investigations, but let us cont.... till we have exhausted all posibilities.................................

                            I was thinking that it is very hard to find kind with kind, or nature for nature people..
                            IF all people were like the nature of Moses don't u feel it would be a wonderfull world.... I do... cuz there would be so much GLORY to spread around... I think i would really love to be with a GLORY PEOPLE.

                            so i looked up the meaning of Glory
                            = brightness, radiance, efflugence, honour, fame, renown, a stream that flows out.

                            it would be so marvellous to write this...............................

                            '' i know this person of fame and renoun, who brings Messiah honour, because of his/her brightness and radiance, which is like a stream that flows out of him/her.''

                            Moses would be such a person......................................
                            Frankly Ab,
                            i would love to be mix with such people, as the above sentence. describes.....

                            how unlimited would their company be?....

                            rather than the human nature kind, of a shrivelled up mark misser, with a mean mouthed, that reminds me of a no account insane beast.

                            - thats human madness, birthed into human beings
                            but not
                            into the NEW CREATURE KIND.

                            however I digress........
                            In the NT we find Messiah talking to Abba, prayerfully over a group He called ''them''.
                            SEE John 17 v 22.

                            ''and the GLORY [ the radiance and outshining, the honour and renown, that streams out from Me] I HAVE GIVEN THEM THAT they may be ONE, as we are One....

                            as 'ONE' WHAT?

                            ONE WHO IS FILLED UP, with honour, fame, renoun, radiating flowing out with efflugence...

                            LOOK AT THIS AB... plz LOOK HERE....

                            I WANT TO BE ''THEM''.
                            I have to be ''THEM''.
                            I will not rest till i am classified as ''THEM''...
                            May Abba have mercy and Grace upon my soul amen.

                            what say YE?


                            Spying, I found out somethin' i never knew till just now...this verse 22 is CONSIDERED = "high priestly prayer" of Jesus. ...

                            isn't that just something.


                            what is even MORE wonderfull Spying, is

                            Our Messiah is the High Priest, now, IN the Order of the ''THEM'' are the GLORY saints predestined into this ORDER...


                            now how good that That.....
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                              ''the STAGE'' of Glory/ The STAGE for Glory''

                              hey Spying.
                              happy Thurs evening to you and yours.

                              today is Friday, the end of the week here....and as i post i seem to be thinking again of ''the'' 3 words






                              SO QUESTION TIME~~~~~~~~
                              at the end of the week is it possible for THEM to enter into the STAGE of GLORY,?

                              "I will build My church."
                              He declared that His Church would never die out, promising that "the gates of Hades [the grave] shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16 v.18).

                              IF this is a true verse from a True bible = this must being happening, or a continual happening for 2000Yrs as Messiah also said to ''THEM'' - 'I will never leave you, nor forsake you''.
                              the suggestion seems to be here, that HE IS BUILDING [ as in a progress] a group of ''THEM'', called THE CHURCH, so that the gates of the grave, shall never overtake ''THEM'', as He is with ''THEM'' always, nor does He leave ''THEM''.

                              the THEM have progressed TO THE STAGE of GLORY BOUND.

                              THE GLORY BOUND ''THEM'' have progressed into the divine intercession of their High Priest, He interceeds over them [ the ''I will never leave you or forsake you part''] as HE builds this stage for GLORY.
                              The ''them'' shall be 'His Stage'' for the ''Glory''
                              well LAZARUS was a kind of protype = THE UPRISING of all creation out from the bondages of death and vanity.

                              When i wrote these above words i had a laugh as i remembered back maybe 8yrs ago when i 1st began writting on forums i was aka ''GENERAL UPRISING''.
                              and I only chose that aka, as a man [from Islam religion] was called ''GENERAL CHAOS'' was posting too.
                              so here i was a christian bible believer aka ''GENERAL UPRISING''
                              and Egyptian Islamic person called ''GENERAL CHAOS''.

                              how funny is that~!
                              but breath easy Ab its all OK , i am not a man.....
                              but i still love that nick name...
                              perhaps it is because by Grace i was able to uprise against the cell like jails of the modern day religious beast.

                              could the ''THEM'' be this ''GENERAL UPRISING'' as the church of Jesus Messiah, rises up from its early apostolic foundations as THE THEM, understand, what is required.....
                              the requirement - no grave.
                              the requirment has to be kept.
                              because to put off mortals [as bible advice] and to put on immortal means DEATH has to the order of Melchidezeck is ENDLESS LIFE....
                              not only did Our Messiah say ,'' He would build this church, He also said IT WILL NEVER PERISH''

                              HIS CHURCH, IS THE CHURCH OF THENEVERDIES.
                              because when He interceeded over His friend Lazarus, He was likened to a rearing Horse of great stompting strength, with eyes ablaze
                              this strength of purpose has to be still made over arising the ''THEM'' into the ''ONENESS'' with Abba, so that all death finds no place within them, only THE GLORY does.

                              the STRENGTH OF HIS POWER, HAS TO BE SEEN IN THENEVERDIES

                              THEY ARE HIS GLORY.[JOHN 11 V 4]
                              THIS resurrection power,to be displayed on Lazarus was to glorify the SON OF GOD.


                              NOT ONLY, to THENEVERDIES but to all the principalities, powers, rulers and dominions etc.

                              the POWER OF THE RESURRECTION....shows forth into all of creation [locked into vanity for a divine pupose,] the GLORY OF THE SON. amen.

                              how have we been so blinded NOT even to see this temple before
                              This great stregth and power and glory?

                              blind is blind, when we cannot see.

                              Does john remain?


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                                cont..kind for kind/nature for nature.

                                there is such harmony in kind for kind/nature for nature relationships...
                                there is SUCH disharmony when there is NO clicking in.
                                i think it is one set of demons possessing one person,[ and have come up thru a family line] and another set of demons possessing another person, that will cause Disharmony and wars, even in most all types of relationships.

                                it is the vying for power to dominate over

                                however, there is HOPE for Our Messiah is THE 1ST BORN OF MANY BRETHREN...
                                therefore He is the 1ST of a KIND.. and that KIND is many.
                                He is the 1st of a group that are the SAME KIND/NATURE as Himself.

                                would you like to dwell in this company?
                                or remain inside
                                the warring of human relationships that always are under the surface...ready to boil over in disarray and maulings.

                                The church of Messiah LEARNS to be the same KIND, with the same nature as THEY LEARN TO ascend meaning...................
                                out from the carnality of human faulty reasoning and into THE DIVINE AND POWERFILLED MIND OF CHRIST.
                                not only is this new mind going to change our incorrect thinking, but it is also going to change our body. = called transformation.

                                if this world is A ''STAGE'' for OUR GROWTH.. and part of the eternal processing.
                                Perhaps this ''STAGE'' IS LEARNING HOW TO TRANSFORM FROM ONE kind into another kind.

                                A KIND CHANGE

                                CONSIDER, if you lived with or had relationship with your ''own kind'', you would GROW even greater, cuz IT WOULD BE UNITY and in UNITY IS POWER.
                                the selfish love is replaced by spiritual unselfish love, or the love of Christ.

                                that is why there is NO power as such, in warlike human relationships... only the power to annoy and destroy.- for there is NO love of Christ.

                                considering this,''kind goes with kind'' in power of unity...
                                the ''stage'' of our development is to take away a selfish love to develop the ANOINTED POWER TO LOVE CORRECTY. = christ love.= to love correctly gives MERCY over judgement.

                                this world is judged already, for it is WITHOUT mercy.
                                Have u ever noticed, that the churchians are happy they are not IN the last day tribulation, as according to them, they are all raptured out from harm, with their scriptures ''to prove'' it
                                ... but...
                                IF we notice the FATHER OF FAITH, BROTHER ABRAHAM,
                                [ who looked for this city not made with hands = the Gospel true church]
                                asked Father to spare Sodom, even if 10 righteous men could be found.
                                Father would spare this horror city and people.
                                MERCY was not found in that place as no man was found righteous.gen 18.23...
                                bondage and death ruled that city and the result was v 32.
                                10 were not found with that love for mercy, so judgment came.

                                Has Father been MERCIFULL to U?
                                well He sure has been 2 me.

                                When a person falls into the hands of death as a judgement of their sin, they are destroyed, sin killed them dead, but WHAT IF MERCY WAS SO GREAT it even overcame judgement and death.
                                Mth 5 v 7.
                                Messiah said that day ''forgive them Father'' HE IS THE PRINCE OF ALL MERCY.

                                do u think, THENEVERDIE saints have obtained full mercy and so by their mercifull prayers Father has not come in judgement upon this world?

                                what does the word say about ''the prayers of His saints''?

                                ummmm. much to understand and to fathom....the word is
                                TO SEEK.
                                and there is NEVER any harm in seeking....asking questions is never foolish,
                                but ''rocking boats'' only harms those who have something to hide.