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    The Ram Of Consecration!

    Hi Lucy,

    Please continue your investigation, ok? Our work in Messiah is not in vain!

    Everything seems to be occurring according to righteousness. We cannot add nor can we take away from the works of ELOHIM or so it seems.

    Concerning the Priesthood:
    John 17:19
    19 And for their sakes I sanctify (consecrate) myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. (KJV)
    This consecration of Messiah and HIS Disciples occurs according to the fulfillment of righteousness.

    Consecration of the High Priest and Priesthood and all the Holy objects of the Temple was required by Torah.

    Before the High Priest could perform his holy duties, everything needful was made, and then everyone and everything were all required to be anointed, purified and sanctified. This was a seven day or one week process. (Seven Thousand Years in the spiritual.) Please read Leviticus 8 and Exodus 29. Lucy, these chapters are loaded. All of this was and is being accomplished by Messiah.

    Should we take a look at this consecration of Aaron and his sons (Their consecration is a shadow of a spiritual consecration that obviously is taking place on the night that Messiah Yahushua was betrayed), take a good look at the Ram of Consecration. Notice was must occur to this Ram. Also look at what must occur to the remainder of the flesh of this Ram, and look where the eaters of the flesh of this Ram are required to abide and what they are required to wave and eat ("Eating" and "waving" are code words for engaging in a certain work or accomplishing a certain task.):
    Leviticus 8:31
    31 And Moses said unto Aaron and to his sons, Boil the flesh at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation: and there eat it with the bread that is in the basket of consecrations, as I commanded, saying, Aaron and his sons shall eat it. (KJV)
    Considering what you recently discovered about John, what word or requirement almost jumps off the page in the above quote?

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      The Service Of The Ram!

      Hi Lucy,

      Messiah and HIS Body are the fullness of that which fills all and is in all (Ephesians 1:23).

      The Ram of Consecration:
      • This Ram is a Peace Offering like the Passover Lamb.
      • The Head is burnt upon the Altar of Burnt Offering.
      • The Breast belongs to the person who officiates at the consecration ceremony, see Leviticus 8:29. Ordinarily, the Breast of a regular Peace Offering also belongs to the High Priest and his Sons, Leviticus 7:34.
      • The Right Shoulder also in the Rite of Consecration belongs to Aaron and his Sons, see Leviticus 7:31-34, but specifically, this Right Shoulder is always given to the Priest who offers the Blood of the Peace Offering. Question: Who was it that leaned upon the Breast of Yahushua? Which shoulder do you think was leaning upon Messiah? Which Disciple was the Witness at the Cross? What must happen to the Right Shoulder? It is soddened or boiled in water, and then eaten by this priest at the door to the Tabernacle or Tent of Meeting.
      • All the various remainder of the Ram of Consecration is wholly burnt upon the Altar.
      • The remainder of a regular Peace Offering that is not burnt upon the Altar is consumed by the person who brings the offering, i.e apparently all that is left of this offering is the Left Shoulder.
      • The Fat of the Ram. All the Fat is consumed by the Altar.
      • The Blood of the Ram. What must happen to the Blood?
      Sincerely, Ab
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        v23, the right ear, the thumb of the r. hand,the great toe of the r. foot.

        hey Ab,
        i am only a woman investigator...[ a woman can be deceived]
        SOMETIMES investigations run into a brick wall.
        I know in my heart what i wish to write, it flows out, but sometimes it is best to close and remain in harmony rather than press a point which another finds hard or unacceptable at this point of time.

        While i do believe in the OT absolutely, amen.
        a new and a living way has been opened up for us thru Messiah and His finished work.
        This way, is NEW for a NEW CREATURE and not so many walk this path.
        I aways take a reality check to see if i am on the straight and narrow, as i dont wish to fall in a ditch nor be shipwrecked.

        For us now, all ''old things'' have passed away however we can learn from OT lives and habits OFCOURSE, no one can deny this.
        as example
        in the OT, people were not required to have FAITH, so when Messiah told His disciples
        ''oh ye of little faith''
        how could they have His faith when faith was never required from them in their temples, as it was all hands on for these guys of blood and gore all over the place.
        I was in Hong Kong once, and i was walking there enjoying the stalls of food and i looked down and saw a huge bulls head in a basket staring at me, and it was all mangled and bloodied at its neck, i wanted to faint there and then... so i guess i would be no good in an OT scene of animal sacrifices.
        Perhaps FAITH is a far better choice, IF one is a little squirmish.

        and yes i did see in your post the word BOILED.....[boiled the flesh off]

        John, THE DIVINE, is reported to have been boiled IN oil.....
        [ no longer in the flesh.]
        We all know if one was thrown into boiling oil, one would not live.
        John reportedly did.
        IF this horror thing happened to him, can we ask this

        ''whose life and resurrection power did this ordinary man have dwelling in him''.

        could it be LIFE ABUNDANT.[John 10 v 10 -perhaps as he wrote those words, those words became alive in him as he wrote,
        did we ever think of that?]

        Through LOVE, did John already have a DIVINE LIFE working within him, and did his old life of
        former ways of worship,
        former sins,
        former adamic nature
        cease to exist so that ''the devil had nothing on him''?
        and we can now ask
        ''IS this why, that ancient scribe put ''divine'' before his first name John''.?

        IF we look at John 10 v 10 the numbers repeated 2x's here we see this

        ''fullness of the law and responsibility of the Word of God''.

        therefore LIFE ABUNDANT has this meaning.

        = IF a person was ''responsible for the Word of God and having the fullness of the law'' that person would be AS MESSIAH in very way.

        THEREFORE HE says to us all

        ....I AM COME, THAT THEY [TRUE BELIEVERS] MIGHT HAVE LIFE,[never death] and that they [true believers] might have it MORE ABUNDNTLY..[even surpassing abundant]

        ask Have you this ABUNDANT LIFE?
        not only abundant but even SURPASSING abundant,
        that is what we all have to consider?

        I feel it is no good being a personal bible library UNLESS we can now WALK IN LIFE ABUNDANT.

        NOW let us consider Heb 7 - the Melchisedec ORDER of Priesthood.
        we are IN this order of priests we have to BECOME qualified and changed

        see v 12 change of the law...
        TO BE A NEW CREATURE + born again,+ have the Holy Spirit indwelling.

        notice in v 11, that priesthood of Levi, was for a former dispensational group, there now is another dispensation born, that required another Priest,
        this priesthood requires them to be ''IN THE ORDER OF ENDLESS LIFE'' v 16.

        this word ''endless'' means a life that never ends....
        not a life that ONCE died as a death in a grave.

        Ofcourse I am not speaking about Messiah's death of the Cross here, as some could point out, as we all know Messiah GAVE UP HIS LIFE,[ as a sacrifice,] if He had not He would be still alive looking like a 30yrs old man today FOR HE IS THE WAY OF LIFE. amen.

        But this ''endless life'' is like a circle, where TRUE LIFE is continual.

        what i am asking as per womanly investigations [ incase any are deceived]
        did John qualify for this Order of Priests, [endless life order]

        u cannot get into this order UNLESS your sealed with the power OF ENDLESS LIFE.
        and IF he did,
        did this order only ever stop with one person in it by waiting 2000yrs for more people to be added to it?
        do u think over these centuries other endless life priests in this Order have qualified as we note Messiah is making intercession for people in this order, v 25... so to whom was He making intercession for, IF it was only one man for the past 2000yrs?

        if others who overcame as John overcame, thur-out these centuries, they would be with John and Lazarus and maybe Mary... ALL IN THE COMPANY of others who received LIFE ABUNDANT and the order of Melchisedec?

        this DOES NOT MEAN, they all live in ''PEACEVILLE'' Tibet, or some earth dwelling place....they live in the REALM of endless life, so they cross realm... sometimes visible for ministry sometimes invisible...they are waiting for the fullness to come in... at the last trump, the last revelation they shall be gathered together, to war... against all vanity.= they shall be THE DELIVERERS who come out from Zion, the city of God not made with hands.

        Zion is mentioned approx 125 TIMES in the bible
        the 1st time - 2 sam 5 v 7 -David took the stronghold.
        last time - rev 14 v 1 - 144,000 stood with HIM

        see Ps 132 v 13-14...
        these are absolutely wonderfull words IF we can hear TODAY what they speak out.

        do u long to REST in the city of Zion, in the company of brethren who have learnt to love correctly and live in peace with each other in an endless life?
        yes + the Lord DESIRES IT... as explained in v 15-18.

        now see Psalm 25
        that describes Zion's people and what they formally required from their Saviour SO they can be a 'saviour'' who shall come out from Zion this city of God and deliver all creation from an imposed vanity.
        Are you this Psalm?
        do you think your'e the only one who ''saw'' this psalm and its real meanings and that no other believer from any other generation but yours has?

        why dont we have ears to hear, why are we so dull...
        LIFE IS EVERYWHERE all around us, dropping clues yet Who sees such clues, we need our eyes opened to REALITY OF TRUTH and its daily events.
        i was thinking back just to last week a ''happening'' that took place in my life.
        I was wearing this incrediable blouse, i called it Joseph's coat of many colours, my younger sister was admiring it so much and i told her it was so expensive but i got it at sale price, and we were talking about how colourfull this garment was...
        so, we went into a favourite book shop that is also a coffee lounge... it is very nice and heaps of people go to read and sip coffee... well we did all this and as I was walking out, i saw a small older lady, sitting there at a table looking very old fashioned and in a winter outfit [ its summer here now] and as i walked past she said to me ''what a wonderfull and beautifull blouse you have on dear''... i said THANK YOU and passed on....
        why did she say that to me, a stranger .?
        what would have happened IF ONLY i had taken time to talk to her and be ''more approachable towards her''...
        did she know i called it ''the coat of many colours after Joseph's coat''?
        well... it was probably nothing just a comment... who knows... but now after thinking rather heavily on ''does John remain and the potential of His LIVING STONES, ALIVE today '' i wished i had of stopped and chatted...
        by now i guess y'all think i am really weird...
        thats OK....i dont really mind.
        AFTER ALL
        who knows who we meet during the course of our day,
        who knows how dull we are and how blind we are to HIS INCREDIBLE AND UNLIMITED UNIVERSE OF TRUTH and the living stones who dwell there IN TRUTH AND LIFE
        WHO KNOWS.

        that is the investigation...A PROCESS of a woman who could well be deceived.


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          Beware Of Men And Woman Bearing Meats Not Offered According To The Word!

          Hi Lucy,

          Thank you for your continuance.

          I am fairly well convinced that the source of ELOHIM'S continued existence, the Fountain of Life within HIM, is the spiritual fulfillment of HIS WORD. Pure physical water is a symbol or picture of the Word of ELOHIM. Immersion in HIS Word is the source of our spark of life. In the Matrix, we are all unknowingly immersed in HIS Word till the day that we die for it is indeed appointed for all of us once to die. In other words, we will all go the way that the Word of ELOHIM has ordained for us.

          Thus, physical death is a requirement of our immersion, and our fulfillment of this requirement is a fulfillment of Torah that is readily and meekly accomplished by all that you have known and all that I have known.

          So, Lucy, you do well to believe in the OT absolutely. We must say Amen to it because the way of the Torah is exactly the way that everything is ordained.

          Death proves the continued power and existence of the Old Covenant, and the very death of sinners proves that they are indeed under the Law.

          Now, what will make this all different for you and me?

          My answer is the spiritual fulfillment of the OC which in my mind is the continual circumstance of all of those who have LIFE ABUNDANTLY!

          So, when I see that the Law requires a priest to eat something somewhere, I do not look for physical flesh to consume. Rather, I look for spiritual flesh that a spiritual priest may very well consume (accomplish) in the spiritual fulfillment of the Torah. Do you see the difference? I'm sure that you do!

          Now, some may say that I am still following or am under the Law as I seek its spiritual fulfillment. That is ok. Their point is acknowledged here. I will simply answer that I must seek its spiritual fulfillment as did Messiah; otherwise, I will fill a grave as have all who have lived and died since Messiah in the grip of the deception that they no longer serve under the Law.

          LIFE NOW is the spiritual fulfillment of the Word of ELOHIM. This LIFE is a gift that must be eaten Today!

          Sincerely, Ab
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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            how do we spiritually eat?

            hello Spying...
            u r right with this warning.
            ''Beware Of Men And Woman Bearing Meats Not Offered According To The Word! ''
            is this comment to me and the investigations at hand or a generalization


            can i ask, [for all readers sakes] exactly what do we eat..... to obtain life TODAY?
            where do I find my heavenly food, to re-new me and transform me so that I live IN TODAY?

            the church does not eat from this font...... they die...... so much so..... they even have grave yards next to their church in many cases....
            that is AN OXOMORON,
            THAT IS DEATH walking in death and without HOPE.
            they have ''accepted'' the UNacceptable

            LIFE in Messiah
            SHOULD BE FAR STRONGER than a death that is meant to be overcome.

            The promised land [life from the dead] is flowing with milk and honey....
            2 spies saw this but the majority brought back a bad report saying ''we look like grasshoppers, the giants are so big''
            what are these giants?
            and how
            are these giants overcome that stand at the entrance to the immortal world.?

            how shall i slay them and come back with a good report?
            let us remember, the majority is heavily into BAD REPORTING AND DEATH.
            so again i ask
            WHAT AM I TO EAT, SO I may HAVE LIFE?

            i cannot buy a ram and sacrifice it....
            i cannot rush to some high priest for information
            i cannot ask 2 spies.....''help me cross into the promised land and find this city not made with hands that Abraham saw''.

            what do we do TODAY?
            to eat, to LIVE.
            where is my immortal food where is the tree of life, THAT SAME TREE MESSIAH ate from
            did He show us HIS FOOD SOURCE?
            How did He escape the laws of sin and death..... what was His secret of why He never got sick and old and worn out?

            could it be He never suffered from his carnal mind?
            could it be, He HEARD from HIS father, rather than the high priests who wished only to kill Him.
            could it be He refused to eat the meat offered to idols [ the human reasoning and amoral thinking]

            could it be because of His faithfullness in eating from the tree of life, He opened UP a new and living way for us all as the veil in that old temple was rent in two.

            how can i, living here in australia Today fulfill a law that Messiah no longer operates IN as this form of worship [that cause death and no man would heed and obey] ended at the destruction of Jerusalem.

            ''Houston! we have a problem.''

            but at the end of the day, it is all hot air really...
            Cuz these are only words written on a page on the net and have NO significance whatsoever as each person has to do what they have to do about their life and their options and belief.
            the only proof we shall all have is

            what is THE QUESTION NEO.....??????

            HAVE I OVERCOME my own death....
            IS my SAVIOUR formed in me, enough TO SAVE ME from my own death.
            how many holds does evil still have on me?
            AM I FREE.

            I have been taught to overcome my sin by the Holy Spirit, to overcome those habits, beliefs, that held me in their vices like a dog with it's foot caught in a hunter's trap.
            I am learning HOW to be free.
            It is a hard path as i have to lean upon My Saviour and seek His uplifting powers, I cannot do this myself.
            I am free-er now than i used to be, and as I obey and denounce my carnal thinking over my circumstances i become free-er as I decrease.
            No-one from what i have read, practiced this MIND OF CHRIST, from the OT....
            they has a different priesthood in place...
            but we are told, a new and higher priesthood came into place in Heb 7, that opened up the way into ENDLESS life.
            I HAVE TO ASK THIS?
            do i wish to enter into this new way of living and give it a go?
            shall i still church pew sit and be like the majority and die as a useless apostate.

            I have been made willing [Ps 110 v 1-4] to seek this priesthood and all it entails.....
            so now i ask...
            are there other people like me who have found this way into Life during the past generations?
            I am coming to the opinion there have been such a group of overcomers taken out from each generation as a witness that death is overcome in them to the Glory of Messiah.
            This ofcourse flies in the face of traditional church opinions [who ''know'' everything yet still all die] but why would an apostate system have the truth?
            If a person has entered into an Order of priesthhood called MELCHISEZEC, they would have ceased to live in the order of Levi and all it professed.
            IN the new Priesthood, they are trained up to be INCORRUPTABLE, for that is also the meaning of ENDLESS life....
            Remember that the priesthood of Levi was not asked to have faith nor to be incorruptable, the bible explains = it was a school master that showed No man could keep it.
            [that is only my opinion]
            Inside the Order of Melchidezec, the POWER is there to obtain endless life + the food of endless life in here...meaning the Holy Spirit supplies the knowledge for people who hear Him TODAY, to overcome their circumstances.
            Can u overcome your circumstances?
            are they dreadfull and u hate them.... well.... it was in the plan for you to SUCCEED in overcoming them.
            You have been placed in that spot to gain divine wisdom to ESCAPE from it.
            Now I am not just flapping my gums here, cuz i can be a witness to many miracles and escapings from evil by learning to OVERCOME my situations bt never in my own strength.
            Perhaps~~~~~ as yet i am not completed in this training programme.... but.... when I look back i am free-er than i was yesterday but not as free as i shall be tomorrow.

            Are there other people out there on this same programme?

            have they only ever been alive in this generation?...
            no, i dont believe so.

            I know where i used to be
            i know how i shall be
            and not one person was ever wise enough to tell me LIFE'S ROUTE.
            not one.... they flapped their jaws at some '' pie in the sky religion'' without one ooze of reality.

            few find eteral life...ask
            what does everyone else find?.

            PS oops
            i came back to say... this is only my opinion.. and what i have discovered in my life... the way of escape.
            don't believe anything i say seek for yourselves then ye know that ye know and NO man can take it away from you
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              The Flesh Of The Ram?

              Hi Lucy,
              Psalms 25:14
              14 The secret of YAHWEH is with them that fear him; and he will show them his covenant. (KJV)
              If I see the covenant, will I know the secret? Messiah said:
              John 6:57
              57 As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me. (KJV)
              What was Messiah sent to accomplish? The Will and the Work! Did that meal give life to Messiah? Can we live by the same food? How can we eat Messiah?

              Is Messiah the Ram of Consecration? Is Messiah the Passover Lamb? Is Messiah a Sin Offering? Is Messiah a Whole Burnt Offering? What offering is not Messiah? All those meats offered to idols!

              So, the Flesh of the Ram is the Flesh of Messiah, is it not? Lucy, how do we eat the Flesh of the Ram? First, should we not see what the Flesh represents before we can eat?

              Sincerely, Ab

              P.S. I love it when we cross posts! No, it is meant as a generalization and only marginally applies to the both of us, but we must be aware of it!
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                cross POST.

                hello AB...
                yes that is true a warning to be ever alert..[like an everready battery hehe]

                Cross Post.
                post the Cross.
                nice play on words.
                THE CROSS, contains the real secrets of immortal life.
                do u wish me to cont... DOES John remain... or are u fed up and the subject is useless?
                yes/no /maybe

                BTW i got googleearth.... do u have a white truck, like a ute?
                i saw it parked in your drive..on the LHS of your home.+ i saw all the lawn u have to mow.
                I was like a bird in the sky...
                how is that FOR SPYING.. Spying...

                that is an amazing invention ... u can see all over.

                the city of Zion has amazing features....
                this spiritual city...
                here is a small study.http://www.westpalmbeachchurchofchri.../psalm_48.html

                just a tid-bit of info for some spiritual mouth watering experiences.
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                  Seeing The Covenant!

                  Hi Lucy,

                  Now, that is amazing! I have seen a satellite picture of my home on Google Maps, but if you have seen a white truck in my driveway, then you are looking at recent or maybe even live pictures. Is that true? Australia was not in Google Maps the last time I looked (I think I looked about 6 months ago).

                  I want to continue on this thread for awhile longer to let John know where we are at in our thinking. Even so, I understand that you are eager to look at other things. That is ok.

                  You stated this:
                  how can i, living here in australia Today fulfill a law that Messiah no longer operates IN as this form of worship [that cause death and no man would heed and obey] ended at the destruction of Jerusalem.
                  If the Old Covenant ended with the destruction of Jerusalem, why then do all still die? If the Old Covenant ended with the destruction of Jerusalem, why are you aware of sin that you must needs overcome? Why do you and I devote so much of our lives to teaching and preaching to each other and to others, if the OC ended with the destruction of Jerusalem?

                  Lucy, Paul conveyed an important principle with respect to the Covenants of YAHWEH by these words:
                  Galatians 3:15, 17
                  15 Brethren, I speak after the manner of men; Though it be but a man's covenant, yet if it be confirmed, no man disannulleth, or addeth thereto. (When men make agreements, we do not allow changes to the agreement after the fact as a general rule.)
                  17 And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of ELOHIM in Messiah, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect. (ELOHIM is no different than men with respect to HIS Covenants. ELOHIM abides by HIS Word! HE is not a liar! So, whenever ELOHIM makes a Covenant, HE will not later disannul or add to that Covenant in such a way as to void any previous Covenant which HE has made. This is very important to understand. The Old Covenant, The Torah, was only added (Romans 5:20, Galatians 3:19) to the Covenant of Promise in support of fulfilling the terms and conditions of the Covenant of Promise. So, the principle is this: Wherever ELOHIM adds to an existing Covenant, this addition only serves to help fully fulfill all the previous Covenants. Do you see this?

                  Therefore, why then was the New Covenant made or added to the Old Covenant by YAHWEH? When Messiah added the New Covenant, HE did not in any fashion or by any means make void the Old Covenant. YAHWEH keeps HIS Word. Therefore, the purpose of the New Covenant facilitates the fulfillment of the Old Covenant in order that we all might have LIFE NOW and thereby also participate in the fulfillment of the Covenant of Promise!
                  The Old Covenant commands:
                  Deuteronomy 6:5
                  5 And thou shalt love YAHWEH thy ELOHIM with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. (KJV) (Every man yearns for this type of love from the woman that he loves, and every woman yearns for this type of love from the man that she loves. The fulfillment of this command in marriage completes us. I did not know this when I was first married, nor did I understand this after I was married. I understood only after my marriage fell apart. I understood only after I realized that I had fallen far short of this type of love in my marriage.

                  We all fell short of this type of love with YAHWEH. It is the holy purpose of the New Covenant to establish this type of love in our lives. This love is established in us only if we remain alive! And we can only remain alive if we are living by every Word (Deuteronomy 8:3) and only if this also is true of us:

                  Leviticus 18:5 Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if a man do, he shall live in them: I am YAHWEH.)
                  The physical Temple was destroyed not to show us that the Old Covenant has come to an end. Rather, the physical Temple was destroyed to show us that physical worship practiced there must be transformed into a spiritual worship that takes place within the spiritual Temple (the Body of Messiah) so that we can live and not die!

                  Our HUSBAND has needs. HE has stated HIS desires and requirements. It is up to us to love HIM enough to complete HIM!

                  This fulfillment requires that we do overcome sin and all our fears before we prepare HIS Food and sit down to eat with HIM at HIS Table (I am thinking of Esther here!) according to the requirements of all HIS Covenants! Now, someone, I know, will say that Messiah has already done all this so there remains nothing for us to do! What do you say, Lucy?

                  Whew, see how wordy I am becoming! I strive to keep it short and simple and I fear I fail!

                  Sincerely, Ab
                  The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                    Ok, let us press on regardless Spying into new frontiers

                    hello white ute owner.. that is so cool...
                    but also scarey too.
                    and yes australia is on it too...
                    my new house is at a vast clearing and golf course so it is an old pic.

                    i have to do some thinking over your post Ab,
                    as i cannot [ at this moment] understand all [meaning all encompassing] what u are saying..
                    forgive me.
                    i have not reached that level yet of the OC...nor jewish laws to be practiced.
                    I am on the overcomer level and that is so hard, maybe i am stuck here for awhile longer till ''i get it all together''

                    as to your question to me as to ''why they died''
                    well they had to die, as i understand it
                    NO ONE could keep their laws.... and they were so bloodyminded, rebels and wicked, had no idea but self rule and unbelief and full of total disobedience. It was stated no man could keep those laws, they were placed there as a school master...
                    as i see it.
                    but I DO UNDERSTAND... love and marriage and relationship can be made in heaven or hell..
                    LOVE IS....
                    what is love Ab...
                    is it ---- a LOVE THAT REPRODUCES LIFE....
                    that's our quest to find love and the secret of the universe.

                    LOVE IS................................................?????
                    said she smiling.


                    so i am going to digress here Ab....

                    this world is gearing up for tribulation and wicked happenings abound...we see it advancing daily and we are no longer a private citizen but on public display as cameras watch our ever move etc etc etc....
                    well, we all know we are not a part of this world, but we live in this world.. therefore we do not partake of her sins...well that's all fine and dandy but how do we live as well under this cramping system, and where is this taking us too ummmm concentration camps perhaps?
                    i have to go back to tell a story so i can relate what i shall write about OK?

                    I was small when the TV first came to Oz and my family had all gone to the movies, this night, but i wished to stay home and watch TV as it was all new... so i did... but i watched a show on the Holocust of the Jews and WW2 and how they were in the concentration camps etc...Well i was so shocked and cried sore over this as i did not know these things happened to people, so I prayed ''Father help my family and I please, never to be caught in that situation'' and forgot all about it thru all those years...
                    As i grew In Christ, I saw Jesus was able to ''disappear from their midst and they could not find Him''
                    I often wondered what He could a popular figure ''just disappear'' the invisible man.
                    we all know ''popular figures - stars'' stand out in a crowd.
                    Then i realised Messiah was able to CROSS REALMS.

                    see how the WORD, the ''cross'' takes on a whole new meaning..

                    He was able to move into and out from His kingdom...
                    Just as He did by walking thru the walls after His resurrection..NOTHING was too hard for HIM to do..
                    Then i wondered, HOW DO U WALK THRU A WALK, ?
                    HOW DO U DISAPPEAR WHEN NEEDED to escape?
                    like who is ever going to find out these answers forgoodnesssakes.
                    I think i am finding out[ I cannot boast here NO way, cuz i am just a learner ] but it is like a small opening has happened and i can ''see'' how it all comes together and we can be FREE.
                    The realm of death is a negative realm, but the realm of life has postive energy.. now that sounds new agey i agree but bear with me here...
                    There are PRINCIPLES and LAWS we have not discovered yet...
                    the LAW OF DEATH prevails
                    the LAW OF LIFE is before us to investigate further into.

                    MESSIAH told us '' the gates of Hell/Grave shall not prevail against His church''

                    I am not talking about the ''demon-national church'' here, not that great harlot of apostacy.NO way.

                    HIS CHURCH.... SHALL NOT SEE HELL/GRAVE.
                    because HE KNOWS HiS PEOPLE, and He interceeds for them [heb 7 v 25] so they ESCAPE SO GREAT A CORRUPTION.

                    DOES JOHN REMAIN + other members of His Church thru-out the ages? HAVE I GOT YOUR ATTENTION Spying...
                    These remnant people, [the few who find eternal life] shall UNDERSTAND His instruction and prevail.

                    well IF we OBEY john 14 v 21-24 = the law/principle of escaping..
                    cuz we ARISE AND SHINE, our spirit, our soul, our body moves into HIGHER AND DIVINE ENERGY CALLED VIBRATIONS [ atoms rubbing together] and these VIBRATIONS called TRUTH LIFT US OUT FROM THIS REALM....

                    they MAKE US higher and LIGHTER than THE DEATH of this realm.

                    LIGHT takes on a whole new meaning, - ''i am lighter that death''

                    THE WORD OF EOLHIM,when obeyed over all our situations VIBRATES LIFE over the word/habits/sins/carnal reasonings/''i do it my way'' we get from satan.


                    for our GLORY [the very nature of Elohim] is UPON us.

                    When we OBEY, we OVERCOME, when we OVERCOME we ascend, for CHRIST HAS APPEARED IN US, HIS GLORIOUS NATURE AS BEEN ALLOWED TO SHINE IN US..... this is our way of escape.
                    WE DIED, cuz WE OBEYED HIS NATURE not our own...

                    WHEN we obey our own nature we obey death
                    WHEN we obey JOHN 14 v 21-24... we OBEY LIFE.

                    THE POWER OF LIFE, breaks thru the lesser power of death.
                    THE ONLY WAY we escape is to OBEY, the LAWS OF LIFE.
                    the LAWS OF LIFE, are our obedience to His word over all our situations that have been planned for us, so we KNOW HOW TO ESCAPE from them
                    they are our schoolmaster.

                    The more we overcome 'our planned situations'' the more we move into LIFE, the more we more into LIFE by Overcoming the MORE we understand realm change, cuz HE IS FILLING US UP...................with Himself.
                    We are learning to decrease.....HE IS INCREASING.

                    now for the punch line

                    as HE INCREASES in us, the MORE POWER is IN us, the more power IN us, defeats our own death. HE BECOMES our all in all, the MORE POWER in us, the lighter we become, the lighter we become the higher we ascend, the higher we ascend is our great escape over all things pertaining to the grave and, the higher we are the more life we receive and the more life we receive THE MORE WE ARE LIKE HIM...WE CAN ESCAPE

                    now after all that
                    why can we escape
                    our spirit, our soul, our body - is no LONGER operating under all satanic ABNORMAL CONDITIONS

                    under the satanic rule, our whole being is abnormally subjected to stress or a negative poison that kills our cells.
                    Stress is not stress as this world says it... stress = is our whole make up has been perverted into ABNORMALITY.
                    We were never created/fashioned as a child of Elohim, to be ABNORMAL AND DEFORMED.
                    the whole DNA is deformed from wrong carnal thinking.
                    this is rather like that saying ''they lost their 1st estate''... or very simular like ''they lost their 1st love''.
                    when we OBEY, we alter this poison we live on and death looses its grip upon us.


                    how good is that AB.
                    how good is that.
                    does IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT?

                    does john remain.

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                      cont....sitting down with Messiah = Ps 23

                      to sit down and sup with another in ancient days was a very considerable thing.
                      so Messiah has shown how to sup with HIM in Ps 23.
                      One day i saw '' a Covenant of Salt'' and i had to make very sure i understood this ancient practice. So i studied this till i understood it.
                      A covenant of Salt's general meaning is TO BE EATING WITH A FRIEND.
                      The covenant of salt was a covenant that was most understood between men - it symbolized loyalty, honesty and friendship. It represented that which was a lasting (preserved) covenant.

                      U CAN DO A GOOGLE ON IT for more revealing information.
                      MESSIAH is inviting His people to sup at His table as a friend of HIS.

                      now a ''friend of God'' is mentioned 5 times in the bible and Abraham was the first person considered as ''HIS FRIEND''.
                      another feature we see of Abraham is
                      he was called THE FATHER OF FAITH...... plus....''he looked for a city''
                      1] a friend of God
                      2] THE father of Faith
                      3] Had not receive the promise, as he looked [future tense] for a city [yet to be]

                      then we are told in the 4 gospels to be AS SALT.
                      NOT TO loose our savour.

                      so, if i put this meaning into a context, i see this

                      ''i have to be a friend, and not to loose my friendship with Elohim''

                      so this is why, i WORK OUT my SALVATION in fear and trembling..... i have to... to loose my savour means i did something wrong and still remained a mark misser. under the law of sin and death.

                      So I work out MY SALVATION, LIKE ONE DOES TODAY in a gym.
                      that is hard work in the natural so what of the spiritual experiences?.

                      i have to press into THIS HIGH CALLING.
                      As i was trying to understand this ''pressing into'' Elohim showed me a ''fossil on a rock''... AND SAID '' that's what I mean by u pressing in.''
                      So that is how i live.. like an fossil on a rock.

                      the main thing that destroys us... IS OUR DOUBTING UNBELIEF.
                      the ancient parents gave us ''our unbelief'' and our ''doubting'' God's Word.

                      now Spying....
                      plz bear with me here , with your lovely heart ok... thank you, in advance.

                      I cannot abide a religious belief that is airy fairy mystical c**p... cuz in my life i have real problems that need desperate fixing.

                      I am hanging here on the edge of a cliff BY MY NAILS and i dont need MYSTICAL nonsense that DOES NOTHING to get me off the horrible hook......

                      i need HANDS ON...
                      REAL HANDS ON, to relieve me of my plights.... and i mean it.

                      WHO CAN I RUN TOO...
                      a priest, the pope, TV evangelical gurus, OT priests, martin luther, the Queen or Her Prime agers perhaps or tibetian mystics, hindu monks even, or many other etc's.

                      who will help me out.?????

                      MY FRIEND shall [John 15],
                      as I spiritually sit with HIM and HE SHOWS ME how to overcome as He overcame.

                      I AM BLESSED in my cliff-hanging experiences,[even if my doubting soul is upset over it] cuz if i never had them, i could never decrease and be filled to the brim with His glory. amen.

                      I cannot let go and fix it all up myself and be carnal, I have to seek His table and His good news and good report, otherwise i will plummet back into the laws of sin and death.

                      Now other people may have found a far easier way than i have,
                      i do congratulate them and ask them to share their divine knowledge with me, cuz i am having a real hard time dying on my cross.... i am not going easy.... but screaming all the way... to my soulish grave... BUT... LIKE THAT thief, I ask HIM to ''remember me'' when He receives His Kingdom.

                      At His table I have to eat what He gives me...called HIDDEN MANNA...
                      [REV 2 V 17]
                      not everyone shall be eating this ofcourse.. only the OVERCOMERS, but it is manna that shows me the way of escaping the laws of sin and death.

                      When John wrote this book back then, ask
                      '' were there other people who understood what John was telling them and if so did they EAT THIS HIDDEN MANNA A LIVE.'', as I am learning how TO LIVE HIS LIFE amen
                      I have to have ''hands on'' Spying, otherwise it is all ''pie in the sky''.

                      I need TO ESCAPE like Houdoni., and surprise everyone incuding myself.


                      does John remain?


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                        judgement or freedom

                        hello Spying...
                        to cont with thinking

                        we are told 'THE TRUTH' shall make us free.
                        we Know THE TRUTH is a person.
                        I CAN BE FREE, according to the person called THE TRUTH.

                        now i have to figure out how THE TRUTH can make me free....
                        free from the trap of my adamic nature and free from being manipulated by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

                        I was thinking this over, and i saw ''by My stripes ye are healed''
                        most church people seem to relate this to ''sickness'' but end up at the DR surgery anways... that is for ''self'' to be preserved ofcourse so not too many will take the divine advantages of BY MY STRIPES YE ARE HEALED.
                        however that is a side issue,
                        for i have come to believe that this sentence means ...

                        we are fully healed in Spirit in Soul and IN body by His stripes.

                        that got me thinking again about ''these stripes'' and How Messiah was thrashed... and the way He withstood death from them as a normal man would have died.[find out about this form of whipping]

                        IN Him is LIFE, those guards could never have killed Him... never... even when those stripes would have killed a normal human man, they did not Kill Messiah..
                        HE WAS KILL-LESS.

                        IF we are HEALED by THE TRUTH... we become KILL-LESS too.
                        you cannot KILL THE TRUTH.
                        YOU CANNOT KILL THE TRUTH...[the truth shall be sown on their inward parts so sayeth the bible]
                        THE TRUTH, releases us from the power of the Liar.
                        When we grow in Knowledge of the Word, we are released from the grip of mark missing.
                        I am judged by how much I obey the lie
                        I am judged by how much Truth dwells within my heart.

                        I act upon the lie that kills me
                        I act upon the Truth, that makes me kill-less.

                        we have to LEARN -THE ANCIENT PRINCIPLE OF TRUTH and we have to learn the secret of 'attraction'.
                        TRUTH HAS PRINCIPLES THAT GOVERN IT.
                        LAWS THAT WORK when we understand them

                        the ways of death - we believe the lie over the Truth
                        just as Adam and Eve choose for us.

                        The way of freedom - we believe the Word, no matter what our reasonings are.

                        JESUS KNEW He could never die a death ... IN HIM IS LIFE. The Truth is Life.

                        what of his People.... are they a contradiction?

                        are they KILL-LESS cuz the TRUTH is living IN them too?

                        so we have to find out if The Brotherhood of Darkness continues on and makes fools of us all
                        do some actually escape so great a corruption.

                        does John remain?


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                          Zion the City of God, Zion the Mountain of the Lord.

                          Zion = a group of people not made with hands.
                          Spying Have u ever seen these words here.....

                          Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty,
                          the perfection of beauty.
                          you said in a former post this

                          Deuteronomy 6:5
                          v5 And thou shalt love YAHWEH thy ELOHIM with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. (KJV)
                          Every man yearns for this type of love from the woman that he loves, and every woman yearns for this type of love from the man that she loves.
                          The fulfillment of this command in marriage completes us.
                          I did not know this when I was first married, nor did I understand this after I was married.
                          I understood only after my marriage fell apart.
                          I understood only after I realized that I had fallen far short of this type of love in my marriage.

                          We all fell short of this type of love with YAHWEH.
                          It is the holy purpose of the New Covenant to establish this type of love in our lives. This love is established in us only if we remain alive! And we can only remain alive if we are living by every Word (Deuteronomy 8:3) and only if this also is true of us:

                          Leviticus 18:5 Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if a man do, he shall live in them: I am YAHWEH.)

                          do not be too hard upon yourself nor your former wife.
                          you see UNTIL we receive the real revelation of LIFE NOW AND ALL THE POSSIBILITIES, we live in a psuedo religious vacuum.
                          We have hopes that fail to complete us even our religion fails us.
                          Divorce is only possible today as people no longer wish to be tired to their ''bad choices'' whereas once they had to remain bound in chains to someone they disliked or no longer loved.
                          THAT IS THE HUMAN is the compost heap of the universe.
                          however i wish us now to notice this...

                          the perfection of beauty Ps 50 v 1-6

                          i saw these 4 words today and i knew all people LONG in their hearts for such a state of being and seeing and doing....
                          IT IS LIKE a fairy tale ending... to any love story.
                          and YES your are correct, this perfection only comes to us as we begin to LIVE IN..............LIFE NOW.

                          This beauty, comes from within and flows out to cover all ugliness.
                          This beauty, comes from REAL LIFE only and never from carnal expectations.
                          This beauty, is the BEAUTY OF MESSIAH manifesting that will overcome all groaning creation.
                          ''LIFE NOW'' Spying is A BEAUTY CONTEST.. a beautifull temple, to hold THE PERFECTION OF BEAUTY...
                          comment i once found....
                          Zion represents the highest and most excellent faculties in a changed nature.

                          no man can LOVE
                          no woman can love....
                          it is only a dream.......

                          WHEN WE BECOME this ''perfection of beauty'' can we LOVE and Be loved as we wished for in the first place.

                          do you remember King David gathered all the materials necessary to build a temple, but was not allowed to.... it went to his son....this son had to build this temple and when it was opened and completed, no priest could minister out for the Glory.

                          what of Zion?
                          the church is not allowed to build her
                          THE SON builds up Zion for she is a temple not made with hands. she prevails against the grave and hell.
                          did u see this Spying.
                          HIS CHURCH PREVAILS against hell and the grave.

                          is His church the 2006 + PEOPLE ONLY?
                          has there never been a saint who has been ''perfected in beauty'' lived before us?

                          Do u think the Holy Spirit rested for about 2000yrs and maybe went on a holy holiday knowing there was no one who met the conditions of ETERNAL LIFE till now.

                          Messiah was a standard or a prototype of all human qualities--of all order, beauty, and harmony; of all grace, purity, and loveliness.

                          Do u think there has been a lull in proceedings for 2000yrs as not one person was able to meet this Holy standard dispite the Messiah's intercession.

                          how did Solomon build that temple.
                          a little at a time...1 kings 6-7-8-9.
                          13yrs it took.
                          Then the day came for the was finally finished.

                          it was on that day = Out of Zion, came the perfection of beauty,

                          who are His living stones....
                          only those who have by-passed their graves.. THE ONES WHO HAVE prevailed against the gates of hell/grave. amen


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                            Spiritual Vibrations!

                            Hi Lucy,

                            Good evening to you, my Lady! It is my hope that we will grow to fully understand each other through our written word. It would be easier if we could speak face to face, but we will by the grace of ELOHIM get to the point where we really understand each other through our writings.

                            I want to look here:
                            well IF we OBEY john 14 v 21-24 = the law/principle of escaping..
                            cuz we ARISE AND SHINE, our spirit, our soul, our body moves into HIGHER AND DIVINE ENERGY CALLED VIBRATIONS [ atoms rubbing together] and these VIBRATIONS called TRUTH LIFT US OUT FROM THIS REALM....

                            they MAKE US higher and LIGHTER than THE DEATH of this realm.

                            LIGHT takes on a whole new meaning, - ''i am lighter that death''

                            THE WORD OF EOLHIM,when obeyed over all our situations VIBRATES LIFE over the word/habits/sins/carnal reasonings/''i do it my way'' we get from satan.
                            You are describing something here that I do not fully understand, but I think that I recognize how this power is generated.

                            Obedience to the WORD OF ELOHIM is something in which we all have failed. This failure is sin. So failure causes death, and death has been the fate of all of mankind. They have not escaped.

                            Now, you, Lucy, recognize that overcoming establishes obedience. That is why you believe that overcoming sin and conforming to the WORD make us all lighter than death.

                            Let's apply this to keeping the physical Sabbath Day. I forgot the Sabbath Day. That was sin for me. I repented, and now I keep the physical Sabbath Day holy, not as well as some, but better than most. Will keeping the physical Sabbath Day holy make me lighter than death? Absolutely not! Observant Jews are very good Sabbath keepers, and they all die. So, why do I keep the Sabbath Day holy?

                            Not remembering the physical Sabbath Day is sin. This sin, by the grace of ELOHIM though our ADONAI Messiah Yahushua, is made righteousness for me by the Cross. In other words, while I yet engaged in the sin of not keeping the physical Sabbath Day holy, this disobedience was made obedience through the Cross because YAHWEH had also commanded me to sacrifice for all my sin. Messiah saw this and Messiah said, ok, Ab has sinned and is sinning, I will be his sacrifice for his sin. This is how much Messiah loved me. He became my sacrifice to give me energizer type bunny ability to obey what YAHWEH has commanded. I am talking here about the obedience that comes to someone whenever they bring the various animal sacrifices required by the Law. This obedience or ability to sacrifice belonged to me while I was yet a sinner, but I has no awareness of it. (I did not know what I was doing!) Being nothing but a sinner and knowing nothing about obeying, I was made a virtual pillar of obedience through the Cross, but I did not know it because this obedience is all spiritual. All this righteousness comes through sin and the Cross, and this righteousness can only be grasped and apprehended as our own though faith. It certainly cannot be grasped through bringing animal sacrifices because that is a never ending process. Every year I am required to bring the same sacrifices over and over. With Messiah, however, obedience is brought to a spiritual level. Sacrificing Yahushua over and over, after someone comes to a knowledge of this truth, does not make us lighter than death! But we can see the beginnings of the vibrations that make us lighter than death in HIS sacrifice, can we not?

                            Being given this energy of vibration, should we continue in sin so that the energizer bunny may be further energized? (Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound, Romans 6:1?) Absolutely, Not!

                            Consciously, KILLING an innocent man, Messiah Yahushua, brings no one life. How, then, are we to go on and on to higher and higher vibration?

                            I submit that we do this through the conscious fulfillment of the Law in both a physical and spiritual sense, but it is in the spiritual fulfillment that the highest vibration is possible.

                            Here is a simple example: The Law requires that the unclean be sprinkled on the 3rd and 7th Days. This sprinkling is a work. In the spiritual, it is preaching and teaching the truth. This truth is not preached on the 4th, 5th, and 6th Days in any fulfillment of the Law.

                            John is a sprinkler, an Apostle of Messiah! His sprinkling ended with the advent of the 4th Day. This is why no one in this world is aware of any present work of John.

                            I believe that you and I are sprinklers. (The sprinklers were children, and they were carried around on doors so that they could not step on graves and become unclean! In other word, they were elevated!) This means that we are a part of the 7th Day. It also means that you and I are engaged in the work of performing spiritual righteousness. Do you see this, Lucy? The vibrations are increasing in us because we are engaged in spiritual righteousness, sprinkling, which is our spiritual obedience or service. What will the vibrations be like when John begins to sprinkle again with us?

                            Now, you think that John has been sprinkling all along or at least I think this is what you believe. I don't. Such a sprinkling seems to me to be against spiritual righteousness. However, I know that love requires me to believe all things (1 Corinthians 13:7), all righteous things I should think, so I am really looking for a way in the Torah that would allow Messiah to build a Temple behind the scenes through John.

                            I must go to work.

                            Sincerely, Ab
                            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                              now i can understand Ab thank you, for the explanation

                              and if we can come to an understanding on this media, from 20,000 miles away we are indeed Blessed.
                              Each person has their ''facet'' of the Truth like a diamond and I need to LISTEN to you, and see your diamond talking to me.
                              Perhaps if we were face to face, we would talk so much and maybe grow quicker, and reach the perfection of Beauty sooner.
                              I love those words Spying
                              ''THE PERFECTION OF BEAUTY''.... even in writting they look so good and so filled with lovely expectations.

                              ok... a side issue...
                              I once read where a group of people made an ''ark of the Covenant'' according to bible directions, [i think it was miniture ] and whatever happened they had to destroy it. I kinda forget all the details, but i do remember one said the power from it could destroy, and at the time I remembered Uzziah.
                              Imagine a group of people, His living stones who had overcome their own death [Rev 12 v 11] formed by Abba, and then let loose?
                              they would be likened this ''ark of the Covenant''... i think....dynamite is the right word.

                              are everywhere, even colours vibrate, everything has its own atoms of energy called ''vibrations''.
                              applying TRUTH is the Highest energy power.
                              That is why Messiah WALKED IN POWER and Apostle Paul came to others, not in words, BUT IN POWER.
                              IF we talked face to face, it would be In words and In power or the Power to create spiritual LIFE.
                              the REAL LIFE where the carnal mind has been stopped. That place is where we enter into TODAY, the revelation needed to be shown how to escape.
                              sometimes i dont feel people long to escape enough as they are happy in their status quo.

                              TRUTH changes us.
                              the ENERGY from applying TRUTH, negates the realm of death.

                              the BELT OF TRUTH, holds all the other weapons of our warfare in place.
                              Truth is like a veil that covers death like a shroud and stops it from reproducing.

                              Death cannot live where LIFE LIVES.... Messiah our example.
                              LIFE is a higher energy power than death.

                              When a woman is raped and found with child, every often she will have an abortion or maybe put that child up for adoption, as she feels she has been violated and used and a victim of assult. She cannot reproduce LIFE and desires only to ''put to death'' her victimization....ofcourse there are exceptions, but, i am using a generalization.
                              That example is what satan does to our carnal minds... we are being continually raped and made into a victim and this has negative vibrations that eventually kill us .
                              when THE TRUTH, enters into our mind, we are not being raped, we are being LOVED and this LOVE is showing us its vibration [energy power] to ARISE UP higher and SHINE, for love makes us shine.
                              This happens to us spiritually and then becomes manifested out bodily.
                              the Inner workings happens first, as our DNA changes to be RETURNED, back to its original strands of Life.

                              NO I do not believe that i am right and that some saints have remained alive thru-out all ages... I DONT BELIEVE THIS.... i am only investigating that possibility and it is during this investigating i seem to be swinging over to this idea more and more.... so i can say.... '''i nearly do'''.
                              i do and i dont.
                              i am not positive

                              a bit like a bride who is not quiet sure if she wants to take that final leap.

                              my reason for ''hovering around this idea'' is Messiah's Intercession Heb 7 v 25 for people called into Melchidezeckian Order of endless life.

                              endless life, is a life that never touches death.
                              a person cannot die to have this form of endless life.
                              THEY ARE THE NEW CREATURE. - the bible few, who find eternal life .
                              created for a purpose.
                              The Overcomers from Revelation 2/3.
                              to STOP VANITY reproducing vanity and BRING LIFE to all of creation.- the SAVIOURS OUT OF ZION- who reconcile.

                              they 'touch' people and hurt ceases
                              they 'touch' creation and groaning ceases...
                              They have been made into real LIFE, they can touch death and death flees as they have become the Image of Christ.

                              these saints are walking in RESURRECTION.

                              I was thinking as I write this, that satan can counterfeit and use tricks as he did in Jannes and Jambres time.
                              But one thing he is unable to do is to create life and stop others from hurting.

                              ONE TOUCH from MESSIAH and people were healed.
                              EVEN HIS CLOTHES bore His miracle power as the woman found out when she touched the hem of His robes.

                              As His Image Spying, that is what I have to become like... to touch others and see them live and love again correctly.
                              to take away the death of hurts and reconcile back to real and true LIFE.
                              I HAVE TO BE A VESSEL worthy of the Messiah's use.
                              It is not an option for me, it is what i HAVE TO BE... no longer a taker but a giver.

                              I was given a name at birth that means ''helper of mankind'' [i am not LucySmith in real life I am Alexandra[sandra for short]Rachel Mcshane] and that is my destiny as long as I obey His word and loose my carnal mind, put off my corruption and my mortals and be dressed in His INCORRUPTION AND IMMORTALITY.... and it is from this postion only i can be my birth name and destiny. BY grace alone shall I make it, not for who i am but FOR WHO HE IS in me.

                              thats the straw I drew.
                              Spying you have used the OT here.. saying
                              I believe that you and I are sprinklers. (The sprinklers were children, and they were carried around on doors so that they could not step on graves and become unclean! In other word, they were elevated!) This means that we are a part of the 7th Day. It also means that you and I are engaged in the work of performing spiritual righteousness. Do you see this, Lucy? The vibrations are increasing in us because we are engaged in spiritual righteousness, sprinkling, which is our spiritual obedience or service. What will the vibrations be like when John begins to sprinkle again with us?
                              the vibrations INCREASE LIFE to us as we obey John 14 v 21-24.
                              John is already sprinkling His people by his words here.
                              This was Our messiah's walk and we MUST walk in His footsteps.
                              He telling us His message... of how to be as He is.

                              '' I will LOVE him [ His people under, Ps 23/Ps 91 of caring and sharing] and I will manifest Myself to him'' [ the Holy Spirit comforting and inspiring us to be as HE is thru obedient revelation]

                              here is the righteousness ye are seeking... here is the method of temple building. amen.

                              see verse 23.

                              the FATHER AND THE SON dwelling richly IN us.

                              PS Spying...
                              don't u think it strange we both heard the Rev on ''life now'' at approx the same time....
                              ask who else did too?
                              Who else in this world today, understands ''WE SHALL NOT ALL SLEEP'', written 2000yrs back for saints who were living then... what person also had the revelation during this whole time span, called by some 'the church age'.
                              what happened to that man that woman that child?
                              did they die physically anyways?

                              consider you and I have this LIFE NOW developing In us... ask for what purpose, if Messiah does not appear as the apostate church suggests/predicts for another 2000yrs?

                              does this mean you and i shall die anyways?even when we have had LIFE REVEALED.


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                                cont. Ab fr. my last post to seek out LIFE AND WHAT IT REALLY IS

                                can we consider this question...
                                IF Jesus fails to ''appear'' in the near future, even 100yrs TIME u and me [despite coming into an understanding of His LIFE TODAY and the POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION] shall miss out....cuz according to church theory we have not been born on a certain date to be ''alive and remain'' and so God help us...silly us... missed out again.

                                is it ''Oh well IT'S too bad buddy hahahhahhahhahaaa u missed it'' -attitude.

                                SO what happens to my hope?
                                SO what happens to your hope?
                                is it to be ''we are just another statistic'' and the funeral home prospers''?


                                WHAT OF OUR MEDIATOR AND OUR crucial relationship to ABBA
                                We need Him and His intercession to bring us into this NEW FORM OF LIFE CALLED ''ENDLESS''.
                                WE FIND HIM there
                                in Heb 7 v 25 on duty 24/7 the ever-ready holy battery that never wears out, looking at you and me, seeing our hearts that BTW HE HAS MADE us WILLING {ps 110 v 1-4] and INTERCEEDS over us SO THAT WE MAKE IT and become HIS DESIRE, love and holy Life.

                                we BECOME HIS LOVE.
                                we BECOME HIS WIFE
                                we BECOME HIS LIFE.

                                you wrote YESTERDAY that you were so sorry you failed to love your wife, correctly and now you would KNOW how to do this very thing, if she gave u 1/2 a chance.
                                you KNOW NOW how to be reconcilled BY A NEW WAY OF LOVING.
                                why the change?
                                is it because YOUR'E CHANGED, your eyes have been opened to your problems but NOW u know how to correct this unhappy event given 1/2 the chance?

                                WHAT made u change?

                                could it be HIS DIVINE INTERCESSION OVER YOU
                                could it be HIS DIVINE CARING AND SHARING OVER YOU

                                could it be HEB 7 V 25 - coming into your life and producing HOLY FRUIT THAT U KNOW NOW HOW TO LOVE CORRECTY AND BE RECONCILED.

                                no one got changed around u AB, but you
                                anyone who has this divine revelation of ''eternal life can be made available for us today'' has to LIVE IN TODAY ''if U hear My voice'' realm
                                so that
                                we never see physical death, cuz we are trained up by the Holy Spirit to put off mortals and put on immortals and put off our personal corrupted carnal mind and put on the incorruptable mind of Christ...
                                now this saved person, is NOT NESESSARILY born on a certain date that coincides with ''we shall not all sleep'' as the divisional apostate church maintains = SO i do not really believe their theory, now.

                                i am swinging over Ab as I see the changes happening in you and in me...
                                you have changed Ab, since i have known you on Lo Ammi, I see you flowing and growing like a lovely flower in His Eden.
                                These changes in us are made only BY HIS INTERCESSION.
                                He is forming His temple thru His holy intercession and those souls He interceeds for MAKE IT INTO ENDLESS LIFE, despite their DOB.
                                church will always have a HOPE DEFERRED..its the devil's stronghold thats why.
                                they live in a tommorrow and NEVER........... in THE REALM OF TODAY....
                                now if i can ''see'' this, why havent others down thru the ages seen this to and proceeded to their destiny. amen
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