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    The 2nd Spiritual Temple

    Hi Lucy,

    Messiah said:
    John 2:19
    2 Yahushua answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. (KJV)
    Did Yahushua raise HIMSELF from the dead? No, ABBA raised Messiah from the dead. So, accordingly, Messiah here is actually speaking about a destroyed SPIRITUAL TEMPLE of which HIS put to death physical Body is a shadow or picture or type.

    This scripture speaks about the resurrection of this destroyed SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, the Apostolic Assembly:
    Hosea 6:2
    2 After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight. (KJV)
    This resurrection is taking place amongst us today, and Messiah has begun to build the 2nd Spiritual Temple as HIS Witness again to this darkened world. How do I know that?

    Well, many of us are being blessed with the gift of knowledge and understanding of things known only to the Lively Stones of the first Spiritual Temple. This world has no knowledge of these things that we are coming to know to be true, i.e. DBR, Overcoming and LIFE NOW! This knowledge and understanding primarily concerns the Spiritual Foundation or Faith of the Apostolic Temple, and this Faith is being reestablished in clear sight for those given the eyes to see.

    Was the Foundation of Solomon's Temple torn from the ground? I don't think that it was. So, it is more than possible that John remains to serve as a confirming witness to the work that Messiah is accomplishing in and through us.

    How then does this revival of the Spiritual Temple take place? This is rather simple to understand, but one has to start thinking about things with a different mindset to grasp what is occurring. Paul said this:
    Philippians 1:21
    21 For to me to live is Messiah, and to die is gain. (KJV)
    What profit (gain or increase in money or goods) is obtained in or by death? Remember, in death, the spirit must go back to the ELOHIM who gave that spirit in the first place. In death, where did the spirit of Paul go? Back to Messiah! In turn, what must Messiah now do with that spirit if all the ELECT are indeed one with YAHWEH ELOHIM HIMSELF? Messiah must plant that spirit in the ground (in us ) after two days! Not hide it, but plant it! So, the spirit of Paul is given to us as well as the spirit of all the other martyred Saints of the 1st Spiritual Temple. This is how we know their secret things (1 Corinthians 2:11), and this is how we begin to accomplish their secret work.

    What happens to good seed when it is planted? A plant begins to grow, and the plant bears fruit, and then there is profit or gain.

    How do we absolutely know that this occurs? Well, the same process takes place internally within each of us when we are given the gift of HIS Spirit. The Spirit that we are given is the Spirit of Messiah. This Spirit is a Spirit of death, burial, and resurrection. If we put to death evil in our lives, this purged spirit must return to us as a power for good. Through this Good or Holy Spirit, we can now bear good fruit. With what profit? Is not the end of this process life itself (Romans 6:22)? Is it not LIFE NOW? To live is Messiah! To die is money in the bank!

    You know what? This gives me a thought. This is something that I have wondered about for a long time! How do I purchase or buy from Messiah the things of Revelation 3:18? I have money with which to buy if I am putting to death sin in my life. This putting to death of sin is called OVERCOMING! OVERCOMING brings great wealth to the poor (in spirit). Overcomers are strong in spirit. Lucy, you are one wealthy lady!

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


    • #32 to purchase.

      hey Ab.. .
      are u learning?
      are WE LEARNING~!~!
      the secret of our overcoming is for CHRIST [ the power of God] to APPEAR in us SO everytime we overcome a sin in our lives CHRIST APPEARS in us.... cuz if HE DID NOT... THAT demon in us [ a certain sin,] would still be there tormenting us, and ruling over us....we would be it's toy poodle.
      He gives us His power to overcome as We surrender up our own powerless rights.[Math 11 v 28-30]
      Demons are never afraid of an adam natured person but they are tormented by THE APPEARANCE OF CHRIST[the anointed power of Abba] in us.
      THAT IS WHY THEY DISAPPEAR and our sin fades from view as HE appears IN u as we overcome even physical death.

      consider WHEN WE DIE [to a sin in our lives] WE INHERIT.. the blessing from heaven that is like our wages and pay packet.
      from your quote..
      This resurrection is taking place amongst us today, and Messiah has begun to build the 2nd Spiritual Temple as HIS Witness again to this darkened world
      -yes, some are IN that resurrection today....
      those stones are living today.

      WE have Eph.1.v 17-19 happening, so when Paul wrote those words, TO WHOM was He writting?.. answer is- only to those who KNOW THE ''HOPE'' OF HIS CALLING....
      Do u think that class /generation of 2006 have been the only ones made aware of their resurrection?
      do u think saints from other generations [from past eras] have UNDERSTOOD PAUL'S PRAYER and finished their race ahead of us?

      do u know how Da Vinci code is a very popular myth today etc.... the secret of the bloodline of Jesus Christ 's child, [a secret protected,] the natural seed who is alive today somewhere, but hiding until it is time to be revealed ''their church anti-christ''?
      that is a myth...we who are in Christ know this
      what is a true generation of the seed of Messiah?....
      It has to be a spiritual generation.. a spiritual temple... coming up thru the generations.... so that ON THE 3rd DAY, the Word tells us '' I WILL REVIVE THEM'' meaning to assemble together, or, the ingathering of His Stones....
      The meaning of stones is -TESTI-MONY...Rev 12 v 11
      The living stones are HIS TESTI... or...that seed that can only reproduce HIS KINGDOM or those Living Witnesses to His Truth from each generation. IF these people were not here this world would be a demonic chaos.Consider an Apostate church makes for Chaos not for answered prayer.]?

      Once when i flew into LA international Airport, we were unable to land due to all the heavy traffic... The Pilot told us we were to be PUT ON HOLD TILL it was our turn to land.
      Yesterday i remembered that event as I was thinking about the past re-generation OF IMMORTAL SAINTS.- or - people who were arising out from the dead - see Phil. 3 v 10-14 from past years.
      The 3rd day refers the the last days yet Paul said his days ''were the last days''... how long is the 'last days'.= till the 3rd day.?
      IF we look at the stones from Solomon's temple, [that place where the Priests could not minister for the Glory POWER was so overwhelming] we see only a few stones remain.
      So isn't it so strange, that people go to pray and receive comfort out from these old stones.
      who are THE OLD STONES? only those who have a TESTI-mony to the Glory.
      Spying from your quote..
      Philippians 1:21
      21 For to me to live is Messiah, and to die is gain. (KJV)
      to die from the exceedingly sinfullness of die to sin...... NOT to die IN sin.
      To be able to BE ABOUT THE FATHER'S BUSINESS, as Jesus was about His Father's business we are to die to adamic that the devil has NO hold over us. amen.

      it's all about who is our master ....WHO DO WE ALLOW TO RULE OVER US.

      from your post Ab
      You know what? This gives me a thought. This is something that I have wondered about for a long time! How do I purchase or buy from Messiah the things of Revelation 3:18? I have money with which to buy if I am putting to death sin in my life. This putting to death of sin is called OVERCOMING! OVERCOMING brings great wealth to the poor (in spirit). Overcomers are strong in spirit. Lucy, you are one wealthy lady!
      i thank u for your nice comment Ab i really do, from my heart.
      having His wealth IN us, is to overcome ALL THINGS in Him and with Him...
      Spying, it can only get better....oh how i wish MILLIONS OF SOULS would know HOW TO GET BETTER AND BETTER AND EVEN BETTER...
      i heard a song yesterday by Brookes and Dunn ABOUT THIS VERY THING.
      i will try and find the words to that song.''it just keeps on getting better and better...''
      well i found the words, but i did not like to put them up on the forum as they were a wee bit suggestive...OH NO~!~!
      it was about a love that lasted forever that just kept on getting better and better....while Father is NOT in the suggestive words... HE IS IN THE LOVE [john 14 v 21-24] GETTING BETTER AND BETTER part.... amen....


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        cont/something to think about too [as a side issue..].

        Messiah was able to travel at the speed of thought...
        to the spiritually minded... heaven and earth is not someplaces but a QUALITY OF EXISTANCE... REPEAT... a quality of existance. and we have to learn how to enter into SUCH A QUALITY of this divine existence thru our thought life.
        In the bible this experience is talked about as ''CHANGING CLOTHES''.
        When we begin to think like Our Messiah, this action begins to take away all our other 'gods'... or..... our thought life is now being RE-GENERATED...which leads to a re-newed body that has become BLAMELESS at His appearing.
        Wrong thinking mars marriage, it becomes a union of dysfunction, conflict, and disunity that is carnal thinking... but... when we have thoughts like Our Messiah we become changed into harmony and is a QUALITY OF LIFE THAT IS HEAVEN.

        people do not realise how much satan hovers over a marriage, for marriage is a bible symbol of uniting heaven to earth...and in doing this PARADISE comes the fruit of such union.
        The joiniing of our thoughts to Messiah's thoughts in an instant, is FREEDOM WE SO LONG FOR,...when we think as Our Messiah, our heaven and our earth are joined in harmony into the unlimitedness of power of Abba our Father

        conflict is to be expected in any carnal relationship.... that 's how it is.
        but once we are taught how to THINK AS OUR SAVIOUR, this cruel fact is eliminated.

        My thoughts when aligned to His Word, move me into miracle time.
        My thoughts when aligned to the devil's dictates moves me into a personal hell.

        OUR THINKING, shall depend upon what Master we serve.
        Once we serve the King of Glory, we come under that role for which we were created.

        If we think as we have been socially programmed to do, we will die.
        The power of death in this arena is far too strong to overcome, BECUASE IT IS the law oF that realm.
        IF we have a mind change and put on our NEW MIND, that is established IN Christ, most choices we have made, shall be shown up as eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, rather than THE TREE OF LIFE.

        BUT, there is Hope.
        there is forgiveness and true repentance and a turnig away from all of the MATRIX conditions.
        how many Brethren have discovered this escape route?

        does John remain?
        how do ye think Apostle John Thought?
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          hello Spying...tis me Lucy

          i just had another thought...

          if we change masters.................
          we have to have changed bodies.
          we have the body to match our 'master'

          see Math 17 v 2.
          Jesus was never ''mastered'' over by satan.
          therefore... His body was DISPLAYED in v 2.
          Jesus body was like His Father's cuz He came to DO His Father's will.
          The Life He bore, was the LIFE HE WORE.

          JESUS CHRIST WAS NORMAL....or.. how to look when your'e not under the control of satanic influences.

          it is the satanic controlled adamic nature, that makes people ABNORMAL.

          when Messiah was revealed by John the Baptist in the Jordon Rv, that day, the next thing was the Holy Spirit drove Him into the wilderness...
          When we receive the Holy Spirit we too have to have this wilderness experience, to PROVE satan as no longer any hold upon us... same as Messiah's course.

          SO, these wilderness experiences, are
          the choices we make, and to choose how we are to be dressed.

          1] in mortal
          2] in immortal
          3] in corruption
          4] in incorruption.=That which is incorruptible, never given over to decay, cannot know death, for death is the fruition of sin.

          When this '' is proven'' to the standard of Christ - we live.
          cuz we have entered into the SAME QUALITY/realm OF LIFE as Messiah's by the change over [PASSOVER FROM DEATH TO LIFE] choices we have made.

          We are to CHOOSE, life or death.
          people dont understand their choices...
          LIFE = TO live under the power/control of our Creator
          DEATH = TO live under all abnormalities,

          now for the punch line.

          it was NEVER ABOUT, what year you lived in, it was always about the REALM you wanted to dwell in.
          Eph 1 v 17-19

          how simple is that?

          DOES JOHN remain?


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            Spying I found this comment today that said this

            ''The end of the world's history is to be, not a garden but a city, a visible community, bound together because God dwells in it''
            a city bound together.


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              The Foundation

              Hi Lucy,

              The Foundation of the 2nd physical Temple was laid in very troublesome times.

              Those of us that are spiritual minded, we see Messiah Yahushua in everything. Messiah is spiritual Jerusalem. Messiah is the spiritual Temple. Messiah is the Wall. Messiah is the Gates or Door. Messiah is the Altar, and of course, Messiah is the Offering. Messiah is everything.

              Consider the Foundation. The Foundation of the 1st Temple was laid primarily with hewed stones:
              1Kings 5:17
              17 And the king commanded, and they brought great stones, costly stones, and hewed stones, to lay the foundation of the house. (KJV)
              In a spiritual sense, Messiah is the chief Cornerstone of this Foundation and HIS Apostles are all laid with HIM. What do they represent?:
              Proverbs 10:25
              25 As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous (Habakkuk 2:4) is an everlasting foundation. (KJV)
              Messiah asked:
              Luke 18:8
              8 ........ Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (KJV)
              Yes, if John Remains, and yes, if the Foundation of the 2nd Spiritual Temple is laid. I liken us to be at this point:
              Ezra 3:6
              6 From the first day of the seventh month began they to offer burnt offerings unto YAHWEH. But the foundation of the temple of YAHWEH was not yet laid. (KJV)
              We want to reach this point:
              Ezra 3:10-13
              10 And when the builders laid the foundation of the temple of YAHWEH, they set the priests in their apparel with trumpets, and the Levites the sons of Asaph with cymbals, to praise YAHWEH, after the ordinance of David king of Israel.
              11 And they sang together by course in praising and giving thanks unto YAHWEH; because he is good, for his mercy endureth forever toward Israel. And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised YAHWEH, because the foundation of the house of YAHWEH was laid.
              12 But many of the priests and Levites and chief of the fathers, who were ancient men, that had seen the first house, when the foundation of this house was laid before their eyes, wept with a loud voice; and many shouted aloud for joy:
              13 So that the people could not discern the noise of the shout of joy from the noise of the weeping of the people: for the people shouted with a loud shout, and the noise was heard afar off. (KJV)
              Who are these Ancient Men? I see these as the Immortals, and I also see them as Messiah and the Apostles in us should we be blessed to reestablish their Foundation into a 2nd Spiritual temple, i.e. the first shall be last and the last shall be first. As it is written:
              1Corinthians 3:11
              11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Yahushua Messiah. (KJV)
              If these Ancient Men are also the Men of Faith that you see arise in every generation, then I must rethink my thoughts about the Spiritual Foundation or seek a way to add them to the Spiritual Temple without upsetting the Foundation of the Apostolic Temple or, at least, I should think that I should. I am really seeking a way for THEM to exist and to fit into the 2nd Spiritual Temple because you see them as existing and because it has been made important to you, Lucy.

              Sincerely, Ab
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                Why Did They Weep?

                Hi Lucy,

                Did the Ancient Men weep?
                • For joy that the Temple is being rebuilt
                • For sadness because the 2nd Temple does not approach the glory of the 1st Temple
                • Or for some other reason
                YAHWEH through Haggai says this:
                Hag 2:2-9
                2 Speak now to Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and to Joshua the son of Josedech, the high priest, and to the residue of the people, saying,
                3 Who is left among you that saw this house in her first glory? and how do ye see it now? is it not in your eyes in comparison of it as nothing?
                4 Yet now be strong, O Zerubbabel, saith YAHWEH; and be strong, O Joshua, son of Josedech, the high priest; and be strong, all ye people of the land, saith YAHWEH, and work: for I am with you, saith YAHWEH of hosts:
                5 According to the word that I covenanted with you when ye came out of Egypt, so my spirit remaineth among you: fear ye not.
                6 For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land;
                7 And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith YAHWEH of hosts.
                8 The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith YAHWEH of hosts.
                9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the YAHWEH of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith YAHWEH of hosts. (KJV)
                What does it mean that YAHWEH will shake the Heavens and the Earth and thereby fill the 2nd Spiritual Temple with glory greater than the 1st Spiritual Temple?

                Sincerely, Ab
                The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                  oh Spying, you have done such study...for my thinking

                  i do thank you so much....

                  it is a Mystery = ''we shall not all sleep''.
                  i am only thinking out aloud how to UNRAVEL it, like some spiritual detective on a case.
                  and anything i write can be scrutinised for sure.
                  Let us tear it to bits and maybe in doing so we can find out the MYSTERY. the church knows nothing of

                  1] an apostate church, filled with a counterfeit saviour who leads them to the grave HOLDS NO SWAY, over Father of All.
                  let us ask this
                  How has total evil been held back for so long.
                  Whose prayers then, have been answered cuz When evil rules fully every form of wickedness prevails.

                  2] the whole theme and mission of MESSIAH, WAS.... to have others become like HIMSELF in everyway possible.
                  We were never to have wee bits of Him in our nature but a FULLY CHANGED NATURE SO WE COULD SAY ''devil you have nothing on me'' and actually mean it...just like He did.
                  is this not so?
                  TO BE CHANGED, is not in part but fully changed to meet the standard of Christ AND OF HIS KINGDOM
                  CHRIST = is THE POWER OF GOD.
                  man has NO power of God, unless he BECOMES CHANGED.
                  Abba would trust no man with such power UNLESS they were made in the Image of His dear Son..

                  3] now I ask,
                  do we think it is only the 2006+ brethren who are changed in this twinkling of an eye..or.. the LUCKY ONES., that where just in the nick of time to hear the last trump?
                  wouldn't that mean God then is a respector of persons, cuz all other saints from past eras missed out and the grave was their lot?
                  or a case of
                  ''Sorry Mate, you missed it, you were born on the wrong date and the wrong time''
                  ''being in the wrong place at the wrong time''~!~!

                  4] We are told to LOOK FOR HIS APPEARING, yet, we are told He does not come with observation.
                  well... HOW DOES HE COME?...
                  HE APPEARS IN US, as we overcome all the effects of the fallen nature within our persona.
                  We overcome = HE APPEARS in us Rev 12 v 11
                  When this happens, We become His image and when we are His Image we are like Him... therefore let us not say other saints [the redeemed] from other years have not had the same revelation and HE HAS APPEARED in them too.

                  5] but when we seek Eph 1 v 17-19 [a prayer 2000yrs back from Apostle Paul,] what is it we need to know, that has not be seen/fully explained/understood before?
                  do we think Paul's Prayer would have been answered during that 2000yr period.
                  Do we think, it is the power [the anointing] to UNDERSTAND a huge mystery ?

                  6] the whole question of DOES JOHN REMAIN boils down to this AND THIS is the mystery to understand
                  it was NEVER ABOUT, what year you lived in, it was always about the REALM you wanted to dwell in.
                  Eph 1 v 17-19
                  the church concept of the bible is from an apostate earthy view
                  ... but...
                  the bible is not about this at all.
                  THE WHOLE DEAL is about HOW WE CHANGE... called pass-over from death into life and our CHOOSING our path.
                  The church thru-out its ages has never been able to understand
                  HOW TO CHANGE REALMS
                  We are to understand [the mystery] of REALM change over.
                  THE REALM OF HIS KINGDOM has to become alive in our persona.
                  again i repeat...
                  it was NEVER ABOUT, what year you lived in, it was always about the REALM you wanted to dwell in.
                  Eph 1 v 17-19
                  and another thing.... a mystery is not a mystery when it has been discovered is it?
                  therefore it shall remain a mystery, for all men, till it is discovered by some.
                  a mystery has keys that unlock it...We need to UNLOCK this mystery.
                  again i repeat the mystery is.
                  it was NEVER ABOUT, what year you lived in, it was always about the REALM you wanted to dwell in.
                  Eph 1 v 17-19
                  now for our clue....
                  it is the KEY TO UNLOCK the knowledge of realms and being able to change over from one realm into another.
                  our key is to learn HOW TO OVERCOME [as He overcame] this earthy satanic realm and move into HIS HEAVENLY KINGDOM, while remaining alive here and now.
                  THE KEY TO THE CITY....
                  CALLED Zion not made with hands.
                  a city of brotherhood.
                  A city of harmony in Brethren.
                  from your post Spying..

                  What does it mean that YAHWEH will shake the Heavens and the Earth and thereby fill the 2nd Spiritual Temple with glory greater than the 1st Spiritual Temple?
                  a garden but a BROTHERHOOD of CHANGED PEOPLE who choose LIFE AND ITS REALM, rather than death in the grave.

                  BROTHERS ARE NOT BORN ON THE SAME DATE.[unless they are twins ] and did u know when Messiah Choose His Disciples there were 4 sets of brothers in His group.
                  Let us understand the mystery of BROTHERHOOD.= that union, that same mindedness, that dwelling in harmony = His Kingdom of Brothers.
                  ps.[ a side issue]
                  I heard on a radio interview yesterday,[called Into the Future] that in 50yrs time or less ''they'' will have made human looking robots, so we shall be unable to tell a robot from a human being.
                  Even now this creature is on their drawing boards.
                  will robots be our brothers?
                  ummm....will robots go to 'church'?
                  can robots be changed and saved?
                  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE, from a man made robot to an apostate pew sitter....both are man controlled.

                  does John remain?


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                    cont/ the ministry of John ...from John 21 onwards.

                    John is a Prophet.
                    We see him there at the end of John 21 called ' the disciple who Jesus LOVED''
                    verse 7... BIBLE NO 7 = PERFECTION.
                    ''the perfect disciple Jesus loved'' can we say this?
                    would u personally liked to be known to all the world, as a witness by this description? ''the disciple whom Jesus LOVED''.....
                    HOW GOOD IS THAT Spying.
                    I am fully convinced it cannot possible get any better than that~~~~~~~~~~
                    Then after all of this happening we next see him in 1 John 2 John and 3 John
                    but there in 1 st John 2 v 14 we can see this message saying

                    because ye are STRONG [ waxing strong in the Spirit] and the Word of God abideth IN you [ obedience ]YE HAVE OVERCOME THE WICKED ONE

                    now.. isn't that something~!!~! = already there are a group who have waxed strong in the Spirit to have OVERCOME the wicked one.



                    now look at this conformation from Paul saying this Roms 1 v 16...
                    * be not ashamed of the Gospel [2 Tim 1 v 10]
                    * for it is the POWER OF GOD, unto SALVATION [ liberty/freedom from the fallen nature of adam etc]
                    * to everyone WHO BELIEVETH [John 11 v 25-26]
                    * So, the just shall live by faith [ believing all the Lord tells them despite appearances to the contrary]

                    next for conformation we find
                    John 8 v. 31-32.
                    what TRUTH Spying, shall make us FREE from the all destroying laws ?

                    Was this TRUTH, only ever available to those lucky jackpot winners in 2006+ or
                    was it made available to people called BELIEVERS from each generation?
                    well, now, we have a truth that some even in John's time WAXED STRONG IN THEIR SPRIT AND OVERCAME that wicked one didn't we.?

                    then we have this gem to consider.

                    John 15 v 7 saying..........
                    ''whosoever ABIDES [dwells and lives in, clings to Me, and relies upon only Me] shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto u.''
                    that's nice.
                    how sweet to our ears is this verse

                    I can now pray
                    ''ABBA MY FATHER...
                    I ask this Thru the glorious Name of Jesus Christ Your son, amen''

                    now do u consider I shall have my prayerfilled longing to come to pass?

                    I have gone public on this, so that my strong desire is open and revealed as a witness, to all who read this post.

                    let us continue with our quest.... the key to LIFE now.

                    we see John emerging out from the Book of revelation... his ministry revealed further for us.
                    This is called THE REVELATION OF JOHN THE!
                    don't u think that is A VERY VERY VERY interesting title.....
                    JOHN THE DIVINE...

                    JOHN THE DIVINE

                    JOHN THE DIVINE.....

                    do u think this is just some slip of the pen on behalf of some ancient scribe?
                    do u think this is put there for us to WONDER,,,,, WHY ON EARTH IS this MAN, John, now called THE Divine?
                    the divine JOHN.

                    well Spying let me say this frankly.
                    I wouldn't be 1/2 chuffed if i could be called ''LUCY THE DIVINE'' infront of this whole world, let me tell u.

                    i would think i had just fallen into paradise ~!~! and never knew it.

                    That is so good!
                    this is just opening up...flowing and HIS LIFE APPEARING in revelation...
                    i cannot wait for the next installments.... they are already filling up my mind.
                    Sometimes it simply cannot get any better than this.
                    His army
                    His city
                    His brethren joined together FROM ALL AGES in perfected harmony doing THEIR Fathers will on earth.

                    so it is no wonder the bible says ''eye hath not seen'' etc....
                    consider this end result.
                    TO BE ABLE TO BE ABOUT OUR FATHER'S BUSINESS unified and so strong in the Power of His might, no longer needing correction for we have passed each test and MESSIAH IS NOW, fully formed and Appearing In us


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                      revisiting John 21...does John remain

                      hello Spying. Plx. have a lovely happy Sabbath.
                      rest and be at ease there in Zion amen and be anxious for nothing.

                      let us go back for a min to John 21.
                      IF u read this chapter it is MOST ODD... and one would think this is a strange chapter on the whole.
                      Notice there in v. 2....
                      7 Disciples are mentioned 5 with names 2 unnamed...
                      5+2 sounds rather like the loaves and fishes story.

                      Notice ''that night'' they caught nothing....
                      fish are men,
                      dark is ignorance - they could not preach because of their ignorance?- they were unable to APPREHEND men, but when ''the morning'' had come [ time for divine revelation] Jesus stood on the shore.V4...but the disciples KNEW HIM NOT.
                      v5 Jesus spoke [ revealed Himself] asking ''do you have meat''?
                      they said NO!
                      now to the question of...DO U HAVE MEAT...
                      meat is the Truth that will lead us INTO PERFECTION.
                      The meat of the Word. Heb 5 v 14 for those of FULL AGE....meaning to bring into completion, and completed.
                      what would ''full age'' mature and completed mean~!
                      v 7
                      therefore the disciple that Jesus loved said to Peter..''it is the Lord''...
                      Why was John the only one who KNEW it was the Lord, when they were 135 yrds from the shore?
                      If they heard His words, could they NOT see who spoke?
                      Could it be that this disciple Jesus Loved , HEARD HIS VOICE AND by revelation only, KNEW it was Messiah and then believed Him and the ministry of how to mature and bring to full age others who were like himself.?
                      love - John 14 .v.21-24.
                      Could it be that this eposide was the beginning of the Apostles ministry, for the full age, mature and completed people?
                      If your'e a full age, mature, completed into perfection person...THERE IS NO WAY ye shall die, for you will be the IMAGE OF CHRIST.
                      JOHN'S ministry as the Disciple Jesus loved was to bring people into this completed form.- the Image of Christ.
                      He did not die = the people who understand His Ministry don't die either.
                      because they have believed Messiah on all points and obeyed their belief and have been changed into the Hope of Glory.
                      moving on...consider this Spying...
                      I was a Jesus person from when i was small i loved Him, but I never knew Him, till I BELIEVED HIM, 6 odd years back when I SAW HIM in John 11 v 25-26. I suddenly KNEW Him, like John did that day... and from that day i grew in leaps and bounds cuz I BELIEVED HIM AND HIS WORD...i said to myself, no one will believe what i now believe.
                      I knew Messiah, cuz I believed His word of LIFE by grace alone. amen
                      John the beloved disciple, was one of the very few who took Jesus at His WORD!! He believed when his Lord said
                      " if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death." John 8:41
                      shall we investigate further.

                      going to the book of Revelation of the divine John

                      what is the first ministry messages we see from DIVINE JOHN...7 times repeated.

                      the word description for DIVINE.
                      divine = having characteristics pertain to God., approved by God, holy, sacred, Godlike, heavenly, excellent in the highest degree, extraordinary, devoted to God, to prophesy, to foretell, ''a divine sentences is in the lips of a king'' Prov.16 v10

                      ''to him who overcomes I WILL GIVE''

                      John's special ministry [THE MEAT] was to be preached and understood and known in full BY THE OVERCOMERS. - THE 100 fold.
                      to overcome means - to have victory over.

                      now, THE OVERCOMER MESSAGE BY JOHN THE DIVINE, is PREACHED for 2,000yrs.. THIS MESSAGE 7 times repeated has gone out into every age and century.. SO............who believed it? and WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VICTORIOUS OVERCOMER?
                      who ARE WELL ABLE TO OVERCOME ALL THINGS IN CHRIST amen.

                      this message of how to overcome all things is rather difficult.
                      to slay sin and unhealthy habits is never easy for our old adamic natures we inherited.
                      but see Math 11 v 28-30 for a result.
                      my inclination for sinning kinda died one day for me, when Messiah showed me ''His angels watching over me'' and what they saw.
                      they see everything I do.. I AM ON DISPLAY 24/7 before them and to their eyes and ears.
                      MY LIFE IS A SHOP WINDOW and i am like that dummy inside to them.
                      I can tell you the truth - sin can die in us, when we face the TRUTH we sometimes cannot see...of ''HIS ANGELS WATCHING OVER me''

                      DOES John remain?


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                        Upside Down!

                        Hi Lucy,

                        I thank our Heavenly ABBA for your seeking, your quest, your vision, your repentance, and your righteousness: Your Faith!

                        I love it when you flow so strongly the truth of LIFE NOW. I get excited. You inspire me, Lucy! There is so much to consider in your posts that I hardly know where to begin so I will begin here:
                        How has total evil been held back for so long.
                        Whose prayers then, have been answered cuz When evil rules fully every form of wickedness prevails.
                        I would say the prayers of Messiah and all the other just men made perfect who do now occupy Mt. Zion along with Messiah.

                        Messiah entered the Holy of Holies and remains apart from sinners eventhough HIS rule is complete over all. Messiah is ADONAI of both the LIVING and the Dead! For the vast majority, Messiah controls evil in this world through death. If men are not killed by accident and strife, they grow old and get sick and then die. So evil has a short life span, and this is good! Their spirit can thus be saved and not totally eradicated. Their spirit after death is thus divided into pieces and distributed again to others in the overall process of purification from evil. This is the Law of Sin and Death, and I am very happy that this Law is still operative for the unrepentant. So, when men die, Messiah rules. When men live, Messiah rules. Either way, Messiah rules.

                        Have any lived? Does John remain?

                        Shall we take a poll? Peter spoke of the poll results in this manner:
                        2 Peter 3:3-4
                        3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
                        4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. (KJV)
                        These scoffers are proof of the undeniable existence of the overrule of the Law of Sin and Death.

                        What must occur before the Law of Sin and Death is fulfilled in each of us? We must die to sin, and thereby prove our death. This is called OVERCOMING! OVERCOMING is very rare. It is a characteristic that is given to the ELECT for the ELECT ( MY GLORY will I not give to another! ) according to the intense desire of Messiah!

                        This desire overturns the natural order. This desire transcends the Law of Sin and Death. By this desire the scoffers world is overturned, and as you do say, it is the desire of the Lover for HIS Beloved!

                        This overturning began with Messiah and the mantle was passed to HIS Believers. This is what the scoffers testified concerning these Believers:
                        Acts 17:6
                        6 And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also; (KJV)
                        Is this not a marvelous witness to the power of LIFE NOW operative in HIS BELIEVERS?

                        The Shaking begins by turning the natural order upside down. LIFE NOW rules over Death in HIS Believers.

                        Sincerely, Ab
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          thank you Spying

                          for your kind words to me. We do have lots to consider and lots of revelation to digest...hidden manna,
                          John seems to have received 3 anointings....
                          First in John 21, then in the 3 books of John and then the divine John of Revelation.
                          i can go on about John 21... but... i will begin here in revelation...remembering that we posted this yesterday ..............................
                          lucy wrote
                          How has total evil been held back for so long.
                          Whose prayers then, have been answered cuz When evil rules fully every form of wickedness prevails. ?
                          Spying replied....
                          I would say the prayers of Messiah and all the other just men made perfect who do now occupy Mt. Zion along with Messiah.

                          this coincides with.
                          1 st John 2 v 14
                          ''because ye are STRONG [ waxing strong in the Spirit] and the Word of God abideth IN you [ obedience ]YE HAVE OVERCOME THE WICKED ONE''

                          just men made perfect...
                          plus Messiah intercession, for all those saints thru-out the ages who have come into the Order of Melchedezic.

                          We have found our answer.
                          After we get past the revelation to ''divine John'' we see ''these things must shortly come to pass''... for the time is at hand.
                          to any thinking person, this must mean... after Apostle John reveals the Revelation of Jesus Christ, these things now mentioned MUST SHORTLY COME TO PASS for THE TIME IS AT HAND.
                          does 2,000yrs denote TIME IS AT HAND AND SHORTLY COME TO PASS.?
                          ofcourse not.. lets get real.

                          now... in v.6 the revelation is only to KINGS AND PRIESTS...
                          Now 'the church' has LIED and told every pew person they are 'a king or a priest' that is not so, for we are now told, these kings and priests are to be the OVERCOMER.... and we know the pew people are not overcomers but have been overcome by the false teachers and angels of light.
                          John is going to write down the Messiah's message to the church and to the OVERCOMERS......from that day forth......... amen


                          why would John write the overcomer message down IF not one person benefited from its message for approx. 2000 yrs.

                          but, but, but,
                          suddenly the lucky groupies from 2006+ '''got it''' but no other generation believed John's message.
                          Saints from past generations thought ''wow this message is for the groupies in 2006+ time and not for us.. oh poo~! i would have longed to be an overcomer like John is writting about but we missed out.''

                          i dont think so.

                          ''shortly to come to pass for the time is at hand'' means..
                          AS SOON AS DIVINE JOHN wrote this message PEOPLE who received its revelation viz God's Hoy Spirit COULD APPLY for the position of an overcomer that led them to overcoming all things and into immortal life
                          for the past 2000yrs Abba has been building up Zion with His living stones, placing them into His temple in their right position and suddenly when this temple is completed at the revelation of the last trump.
                          the last trump - the last living stone is now in place and full manifestion time has arrived. amen


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                            would we all like to just become ONE word?

                            double post. oppps


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                              would we all like to just become ONE word?

                              let us begin to really understand ONE word... that even is enough to do for the rest of our lives let alone anything else.
                              ONE word.

                              Roms 2 v 7...tells anyone with ears to hear to
                              seek GLORY.

                              WE CAN SKIM OVER THIS AND THINK... 'i can seek glory IF i so desire...that's nice.... i wonder what GLORY IS really.''
                              HOW DO I HAVE THIS GLORY in ME?

                              1] WELL I CAN SEEK IT.
                              what is Glory
                              The glory of God is the fullness of the riches of ALL that the Father is.
                              and that is just for starters.
                              Glory is described in these expressions as a ''manifestation of light'' a radiance,
                              splendor Acts 22.11 also Math 17 v 2
                              so we can ask this
                              ''am i walking in the glory of Abba in the fullness of His riches and manifesting His light in my life of radiance and splendor.''

                              well that's is what I am to seek according to the NT... so if i found this [pearl] and became this [Truth], do u think for 1 min. i would die?
                              so if I LucySmith can ''see'' this what of others and their faith walk? I dont think i am on my own here.
                              The Glory is a state characterized by honor, power, and remarkable appearance glory, splendor, as told of Christ in Luke 24.v.26 also Math 17 v 2
                              well some can say..''well that's all very well for our Messiah but not for me''
                              so i ask
                              ''WHY NOT.''
                              who said you are banned from being the IMAGE OF CHRIST

                              just who banned all other people, [down thru the ages] that the Holy Spirit showed this revelation to ... of the GLORY .

                              FATHER IS PREPARING A HOUSE TO LIVE IN ON EARTH.
                              HIS HOUSE IS MADE UP OF LIVING STONES.

                              walls of salvation are being build [aren't they Spying] walls FOR A STRONG CITY.

                              I dont feel, as we sit down at the dinner table in that great city, we shall only mix with our contempories.... but shall eat, with all overcoming saints down thru-out the ages and hear their TESTIMONY .....and be awestruck.
                              let us move out now from GLORY and into DIVINE John's holy message to
                              to the overcomers....
                              [those who have ears to hear] rev 2 v 7 = to eat from the tree of LIFE....

                              DO U THINK, at that time some ordinary people there had the revelation of EATING FROM THE TREE OF LIFE...
                              what happened to them?
                              did these overcomers die?
                              DO THEY REMAIN with John?
                              what if these people said ''I have repented and now WANT TO EAT FROM THE TREE OF LIFE'' AND DID THIS... THEN DIED.... it would not have been the tree of life they had eaten from would it?
                              did you notice here...
                              eat the tree of LIFE ,
                              the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil...only eating from the tree of G and E causes death.

                              does John remain?


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                                eating the right food, makes us LIVE RIGHT.

                                THE false teachers had moved in to Ephesus v 2.
                                they have left their first love....
                                what is LOVE - John 14 v 21-24....they had FALLEN from obedience so.....they are to REPENT... and turn away from those Nicolatians - heretics.
                                This must have been reverting back to the carnal minded methods we all inherited from Adam, eating from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
                                consider.. IF some had repented and turned away from the heretics, and began to eat from the TREE OF LIFE, why would they die?

                                These old ancients had to OVERCOME the carnal teachings and repent and learn how to eat from the tree of Life.
                                IF someone told you ''your'e now eating from the tree of Life''... would you consider you would die?
                                would u think to yourself... ''This must have been the holy food Messiah ate from....and so I shall be like him if i do as the Spirit suggests.''
                                WHY would u think this tree of Life commandment all happened to u ''in the next life after u die''?....wasn't Jesus getting divine John to tell/write to all the guys saying...''TODAY if u hear My voice.'' v 7.

                                HOW DOES ONE OVERCOME once they are dead?

                                can we say,
                                that SOME there, in that place heeded divine John and did repent and OVERCOME and remain alive today as HIS LIVING OVERCOMER...still chomping away upon the TREE OF LIFE? amen Just as the Holy Spirit is directing some saints today, away from those Nicolatians and wrong creeds + from their carnality, as He did back then.