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    A Believer Like John?

    Hi Rockywhy,

    Ok, then, the Rock is asking about Grace and Mercy. Clearly, in and through Messiah, ELOHIM tabernacled with man. In this tabernacling with men, does Grace and Mercy remain? Only, if John and other believers should remain alive for it is clearly evident that the Apostasy has occurred, and while there is much Grace in apostasy, there exists in apostasy absolutely no Mercy (sin is active, and this is why all continue to die) for the very Head of the Spiritual Man to which you refer, namely, Messiah Yahushua, and so, Rockywhy, if the Head desires that Grace and Mercy should remain until HE appears, how does Grace and Mercy remain without a believer like John remaining?

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      to whom it may concern~!~! PAUL says...

      ''I will SHOW YOU , a ''mystery''....we shall not all sleep...
      the MYSTERY, shall ONLY Be shown to that group of people... WHO... SHALL NOT BE ASLEEP....meaning, people who are asleep shall not be shown this mystery.

      The Greek word for "shew" is "lego" meaning-- to lay out, tell, describe

      therefore the people who are SHOWN this MYSTERY by the Holy Spirit have it
      1] laid out before them
      2] they have it told and described to them.
      and NOT 'ALL' shall have that privilege...but those who do, gain understanding INTO this mystery.

      Paul received a divine revelation and wished to share it about our change but not all shall receive it.
      Since our corruption cannot inherit, we needed to be changed into incorruption, [not when we are dead] but alive here.
      When we walk planet earth we need to understand this message
      - dont be so corrupt!!!!
      and then
      how to put this fallen state off from us, by gaining Holy Understanding, how we are to be dressed in Fine Linen of an incorruptable LIFE
      This learning comes in stages, like stepping stones,

      What is meant by sleep?
      John 11:12-13.
      "Then said His disciples, Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well.
      Howbeit Jesus spake of his death. " Word had come to Jesus that Lazarus was sick, and Jesus would go to him, and He told His disciples that "Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep."
      Because they thought that Jesus was only speaking of sleep as that restful slumber, repose, Jesus had to tell them plainly,
      "Lazarus is dead."
      Thus, physical death is likened unto sleep.
      People PRESUME, that physical death is a MUST.
      Most carnal reasoning is ''one has to die.'', it's on their agenda to die one day~!~!
      there are THOSE living who shall not die.
      choices, choices... of
      CHOOSE LIFE...
      always the same question asked to each generation.

      We can die in sin, and receive our wages
      die to sin and receive LIFE.= ''My church and the gates of hell/grave shall not prevail'' over them.
      His church is LIKE HIM. they are all the SAME KIND.
      The Holy Spirit teaches us about how to die to our sin...meaning, WE OVERCOME THEM AS CHRIST OVERCOME ALL THINGS.
      We have them, we are told how to get rid of them, we do this.
      These are the HARD YARDS, but MERCY and GRACE make a pathway thru our own corrupted minds.

      When we choose LIFE, [Messiah own personal LIFE FORCE,] we begin our change from one form into another, We become a NEW creation.

      Greek word, "metamorphoo" for the CHANGE, from which we get our English word metamorphosis, which is defined as "change of form, structure, or substance."
      It is not a change brought about from the outside, but one produced by the nature within.

      This change-over occurs here and now, NOT AT physical death and in the grave.
      this change is for the living here Today, NOT THE DEAD and buried.
      It is the receiving of CHRIST to dwell within us, to become our new nature. HIS is the life IN us which produces the change.

      As i overcome my faulty nature by Obedience to His commands, I get changed over from death to LIFE. He forms Himself IN me as I die by DECREASING...meaning my will is taken over by His will.

      I am ''changed'', means i revert back to spiritual domination rather than carnal dominion.

      The carnal mind is death, so when we think as our fallen nature demands us to do, we all die.
      CHANGE HAPPENS, we no longer think as a CARNAL person but AN ALIVE PERSON IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM. = we have crossed over /passover, from death into LIFE.

      Does John remain.


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        the 1st resurrection - to come out from 'the dead'


        Father shall always have a witness for His Truth....otherwise this world would collapse into itself very quickly and before its time.
        Truth in action saves life on earth and holds back full judgement...that is why Father told Elijah, ''I have 7000 reserved who have not bowed to Baal.'' Father will always have His witnesses for each generation.

        The Mystery of ''we shall not all sleep'' is still a Mystery but...
        It can be likened to falling-in-Love [in type.]
        If we study these things,[ just normal every day things] we can find so much that relates to the Kingdom of God, yet, they slip by mostly un-noticed.
        so let us consider this aspect [ of love] in type here.
        a] The noticing,
        b] the stirring,
        c] next, the feeling of have to possess
        d] manifestation of possession.

        this is a PROCESS.. step by step.

        HIS WORKMANSHIP in us, is the same pattern of a ''natural falling in Love''.

        did u ever see David's HUNGER for such a spiritual love.
        Ps 42. ''as the deer panteth for the water so my soul longth after Thee O God''.

        David's deception was vanishing, his mind was being restored, and
        he LONGETH AND HE PANTETH after spiritual things.

        That is how the Holy Spirit shows us His Mystery..
        WE ARE HIS WORKMANSHIP... so He will work this Holy LOVE into our lives as we HUNGER after Him.....HE draws us into His Heart... HE Woos our soul into a helpmeet.
        and after a time
        WE MANIFEST HIS LOVE..... as His temple not made with hands
        = WE HAVE BE-COME............THE SAME KIND....we are IN FULL UNION, with Him.
        union, joined, glorfied. = same as LOVE, same action brings the same results...REPRODUCTION.
        thats what it is all about.

        Only the ''same kind'' CAN truely love, for there is
        no DIS-ease
        no DIS-harmony,

        to DIS-turb

        Does john remain?


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          Hi Rockywhy,

          Love is the greatest of the enduring things. Why? Surely, this is the reason: Love fulfills the Torah (Life and Death)!

          How are we going to endure each other for an eternity? In other words, how are you going to put up with me and I with you for eternity? We can only endure together if we learn to keep our word with each other. We fracture and split apart when we fail to live according to our word (our history). I am convinced by my experience in life, and I am convinced by my experience with the Word of ELOHIM that we must actually become our word (our history, which you seem to say, yet at the same time deny.). So, we must guard our tongues lest we are required to become what we do not desire.

          The Jews announced the sighting and sanctification of the New Moon by lighting bonfires upon the top of mountains. This was a signal to all the inhabitants concerning the appointed gatherings to keep the Sabbaths and Feasts of ADONAI, the Holy Convocations.

          To my way of thinking, the Spiritual Man to which you refer, i.e. this "man", is the Spiritual Moon.

          The physical creation is a shadow or picture of the spiritual realm. Therefore, the physical moon can teach us about the Spiritual Man. This Spiritual Man has a history because the moon has a history, unless, of course, you do not believe that the moon is a shadow of things to come. Under that circumstance, I can see where one could deny that the Spiritual Man has a history.

          Some important characteristics of the moon:
          • The moon waxes and wanes so the moon indeed does have history.
          • The moon always presents the same face to the earth so the moon is a faithful witness in its history.
          • The moon, having no light of its own, must always reflect the light which is given to it by the sun.
          • In relation to the sun, the moon always follows the same path across the sky.
          • A full moon rules the darkness.
          • A new moon is not noticed by the darkness.
          • At Passover, the new moon is a cup or bowl.
          • At the Shouting (the Day of Trumpets), this new moon pours out upon the earth.

          Since the physical man (Adam) was created on the Sixth Day, it would seem, should it not, that the Spiritual Man should also be created on the Sixth spiritual Day of the spiritual Week? This would be the case if the Spiritual Man had no history, but the Spiritual Man has a whole lot of history.

          The Spiritual Man is Messiah Yahushua. When Messiah came, HE came to HIS own. The Jews were the light of the world. At that time in history, the Jews were a full moon. So Messiah came at full moon time. The light which the Jews reflected to the world was bright, so bright indeed that the light of Messiah (the New Moon) seemed insignificant to them.

          The Word of ELOHIM commands that the Children of Israel proclaim the Sabbaths and Feasts of YAHWEH. This cannot be done without the sighting of the New Moon.

          The Jews rejected Messiah. They did not deem HIM to be a faithful witness perfectly reflecting the light of YAHWEH ELOHIM so they would not announce HIS appearance. Shame on them! The Spiritual Man appeared, and they rejected HIS light.

          However, some did announce the appearance of the Spiritual Man. These men and women received HIS light, and tongues of fire appeared upon the top of their heads in order to proclaim the Feasts and Sabbaths of YAHWEH ELOHIM.

          Without this history, how will we know when the Spiritual Man should again appear? How will we know that HIS light is true without this very certain HISTORY?

          Sincerely, Ab
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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            know the Truth and the truth shall set ye free

            i have said this to myself over and over....

            THE TRUTH is a person, this person I have to know, so He can set me free.
            I have to be made free from
            The laws of sin and death father Adam allowed us to come under, otherwise i am not free at all = for the wages of Sin is DEATH.
            We cannot be free and die
            We die cuz we are bound to our wages which is our employer who is called, THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH.

            there are 2 choices
            Life = has rewards
            Death = has wages.
            we are to choose which one we shall live IN.

            Behold, I set before you this day, Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing
            Therefore, CHOOSE LIFE!!!
            Choose That Which Brings Forth BLESSING!!!
            THE overcomer is PREPARED to leave the realm of death by KNOWING the Truth.

            NOT know of
            NOT know about

            BUT ''KNOW'', as in a wife ''knowing'' her husband, .....she,
            has to TAKE IN His seed , to CONCEIVE and then to REPRODUCE ''LIFE''.

            we do this with our mind followed up by our choices....
            His word is His sperm seed.
            We allow that TRUTH to take root in our mind and this reproduces CHRIST, the POWER OF GOD, into our lives.

            YOU have to ask this question = Are you wanting to escape from the "plagues" that have fallen upon all mankind?

            IF you are lost...the deceived never know they are decived.
            If you are a church pew person... U have much to escape from

            If you have come out from Babylon and all false ideals, you have begun your relationship WITH...........THE TRUTH.
            There has to be EVIDENCE, from your TESTI-MONY, that you have escaped so great a corruption, so you know YOU ARE FREE... or.... training to becoming fully free...or free-er ~!
            Rev 12 v 11.

            This personal TESTI-MONY is ~~~ you have LEARNT/LEARNING is HOW... TO SHUT THE MOUTH OF THE devil in your mind.

            The devilish carnal mind inside of us all HAS TO BE
            dried up..
            defeated and that ''the devil has NOTHING ON US''....we are NO longer bound to his cause.

            today, i was reading about a person who had become a herione addict and how they has slipped down to such a low life, that an animal lived better than they did.
            I thought ''what would drive a person into such a decline and why would that power in them, want to live so sorrid and low.''
            The Lord showed me that it all came back to choices.... OUR CHOICES... OF WHAT MASTER we are to serve.

            a] are we in a bondage to a wicked slave driver who is out to destroy us
            b] are we in a LOVE RELATIONSHIP, with the Prince of Peace.

            If we 'KNOW'' Truth we allow His sperm to reproduce HIS LIFE in us. We CONCEIVE OF TRUTH!

            I see all manner of religious writtings, some very good, some so puffed up and false i could vomit for their vileness... hardly ever do i see SPERM INJECTED RELATIONSHIP, written, AS their TESTI-MONY for THE TRUTH.

            it is about this TESTI - mony we have living IN us relates to WHOM WE SERVE AS OUR HUSBAND.

            This TESTI-mony IN us, SHUTS THE MOUTH, of our "Prosecutor" and it is ''''the'''' JUDICIAL EVIDENCE for the OVERCOMER before the throne of Grace.

            from our daily choices we are to be aware that Countless people are dying screaming in silence, world wide, countless hearts are being broken daily, the Earth is groaning under the weight of all this.
            and we are to ask.... DO I wish to be a partaker of such vanity?

            does John remain.?


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              I've said enough

              Shalom all:

              Lucy what a fine rendition of the "Annointed" with your first post after mine. Funny that you went and changed it after I read it at 6 that morning. Wonder why?

              Spying at one time I thought I would like to carry on a dialogue with you about the Word. Unfortunately with your posts I realize that you are too traditionalist for a dialogue. I have seen enough with your posts in this thread to understand what the Father wanted me to understand. In that I thank you for that clarity as the point of this. I need to discuss it no further. Thanks again for your views as they are. I'll leave it at that.

              May YHWH bless you and keep you in His Word


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                dont slam the door as you leave ROCKYwhy?

                It is so good to see u leave.

                The Holy Word will always CRUSH the serpent's head....
                his eggs always get broken...that's why i can say ''thanks for leaving''~!

                death always stinketh. - that passive belief system u have, of sitting back and saying ''Christ did it all for me'' which is true, but ~IF it was THE TRUTH, we would have had 2,000 yrs of mini christs walking this planet..resting...BUT THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED HEY man... your passive postion has failed to manifest THE POWER OF ELOHIM... your crowd is BANKRUPT[ as Christ overcame] you have NOT overcome -hence the grave awaits you all.
                from a previous post of Rockywhy? stating this................
                I see this as your short coming in this Spying.
                You expect to do "something" to help accomplish the Word in you and I don't.
                He has done it all. I got to see how after He did a thing.
                The Scripture says we are to DIE TO SELF, to be crucified using the Mind of Christ NOT our own carnal mind.
                ITS ALL ABOUT O.V.E.R.C.O.M.I.N.G..... in the Power of Messiah... and then as we overcome we rest in His finished work, we dont rest first.... u have got the Word all twisted...
                WE OVERCOME THEN REST[the reason we have overcome is to rest meaning that sin has faded from our lives so we rest in that freedom.] IN THIS OVERCOMING POSITION.
                Ofcourse satanic stooges HATE THE THOUGHT OF ACTUALLY overcoming all their sins. Satan LOVES AND ENCOURAGES our sinfilled why wouldn't he strive to mock''the'' OVERCOMING message.

                LIFE AND death never mix,
                they belong to different realms, that's why YOUR'E LEAVING,+ taking the word of satan with you.
                IF you had the Truth in you, you, would wish to CONVERT US
                you run away in SELF DELUSION instead.
                Running away is NOT an act of a HOLY GOSPEL PREACHER.
                Apostle Paul got stoned and left as one dead we are told .. He was such a stalwart preacher!!
                oh.. did i read in an old post of yours how u ''disapproved'' of this great man of Elohim?
                ummm when one dislikes Apostle Paul one has a severe problem
                When the light shineth, the dark always slithers away back into its life under some rock.

                oh... how fortunate Abba's people are, when they can see thru your pride and bluff.

                as for my edit..
                i shall not leave u to wonder.....
                i corrected a spelling mistake... to tell the truth
                i had written 'your' instead of 'you' and this word made my sentence wrong on conatation.
                and as for your post..
                IT WAS BABBLE..
                why would i be impressed with a puffed up babbler.??? THINKING u are ''anointed'' sheeze, get a LIFE buddy ~!~!

                what sin is IN your life that you are so deceived?
                why not REPENT from this bondage.
                why not start again and make your deceived woman Eve do as she is told...become born again, rather than directed by your destroyer.

                this is the most GODLY advice u will ever receive.

                As for my dear pal Spying,
                He is well able to take care of himself...but... let me stand by him to say this....
                He has more anointing in his fingernail, than u possess in your whole Take your deceived hands OFF HIS witness to Truth, buddy.
                Spying brings out wonderfull edification, for all Christians, as it is Father's gift to him as they study the Word correctly together.
                IF you had the same Holy SPIRIT as Spying, you could not wait to be informed of more of his revelation from death to LIFE.
                Pack up your 'religious satanic suitcase of doo doos'' and go to other forums more like yourself.
                Go and puff yourself up infront of others [BY PRETENDING YOU HAVE MORE UNDERSTANDING] who are just as deluded as yourself.
                YOU know something Rockywhy?
                His teachers of the Gospel are as FLAMES OF FIRE AND ZEAL [Ps 104 v 4] they take time and effort, they endure abuse and brickbats, and NOTHING is too much trouble for them to preach to all men THE TRUTH IN LOVE...
                Nothing shall stop them, as they are filled with the Zeal of His Anointing, and NOTHING shall stand in their way.

                BUT i noticed, you dont DO that do you.

                You came in with a whip and a smart a** attitude, to destroy a Holy testimony OF LIVING LIFE~~~ a power that is so HOLY we can receive NOW, to LIVE AS MESSIAH LIVES,
                you came here with pride in yourself and in your knowledge but you did not teach did you?
                You never sat us down to hear what revelation you knew.
                You never took time to explain your news/revelation to us all , that's how i KNEW your'e just a fake.

                His teachers are NOT like you man... NO WAY.

                They dont whip and leave, they ENDURE as Spying and I have endured.. while all other fakers have moved on.
                I hate that 'spirit' in you Rockywhy? cuz i see it is destroying you with its pride.
                Why should i ''be nice'' and a ''compromiser'' to a murdering spirit i see working you.? God Forbid...
                People HATE THE TRUTH...Messiah said so.
                they prefer their delusions.
                i have noticed others have found u out too.
                from the archives... comes this comment.
                Hi Rockywhy,
                Why have you gotten so defensive and so quick to bite?
                You cannot shake Spying nor I and satan knows this... as Spying and I have the Truth sown into our inner man.
                We are no longer wavering and left to wonder over the full meaning from His Word for He is our SUPPLY OF HIDDEN MANNA.
                This manna is NOT for a library in our head, to pull out when we will.
                THE MANNA is for TRANSFORMING our lives [math 17 v 2] FROM a life under the law of death into a LIFE UNDER THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE.
                You cannot receive any ''higher'' understanding from His Word than this, = HOW TO HAVE LIFE + THE WAY TO ACHIEVE HIS LIFE today.
                MESSIAH IS THE ULTIMATE IMAGE, and this LIFE REVELATION points us = how to OBTAIN such an Image by working out our salvation in fear and in trembling...
                This is the Path Spying and I are on By His Grace alone.
                there is NO easy path
                there is NO secret short cuts.
                there is NO higher knowledge from His WORD than this............................LIFE and being able to live in IT today.
                FEW find eternal life we are told
                cuz so many people belong to their carnal minded religious ideas and this makes THE HOLY SPIRIT booted out from their lives.
                they are ABORTED christians..
                THE CHRIST LIFE HAS BEEN A.B.O.R.T.E.D.
                if u look at this word ABORTED IT MEANS
                to be torn away from.

                the CHRIST LIFE has been TORN AWAY FROM THEM.
                the POWER OF GOD, is not in them.

                It has not been torn away from Spying and myself [plus others out there] who are learning how to walk planet earth WITHIN the same life power of MESSIAH.

                i found you wanted to ARGUE, with others Rockywhy?
                here is a quote from Ringo... to you and others on that older thread.
                LIFE-NOW (to borrow Spying's term) is an experience, FIRST; an argument second.

                It is not only a belief but a reality and substance that is the blessed eternal life of the Bible.

                Life-Now is the EXPERIENCE of Jn. 17:3 eternal life where it is written, "Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent."

                Life-Now, or eternal life, is a conscious experience with God. It embodies knowledge and belief, but it is far different from intellectual reasoning and theology. Life-Now IS the pearl of great price that once seen (experienced), leads that person to surrender all that he or she has so that he or she can purchase the pearl (or buy the field with the treasure, to quote another parable).

                I can promise you, by the testimony of my life, that there is an experience and relationship with God that transcends belief and reasoning; there is a relationship and union with Him, so wonderful, it lifts one into the Glory of His Presence. This experience is not something external to me; rather, it is an inner reality and joy that is the essence of my life. It is not a happiness or joy that is common to this present world. It is a happiness and joy that is best defined as an extacy when it is experienced. One taste, one glimpse, one quickening of this wonderful substance and a person instantly knows that he or she is seeing the face of God! It is Divine, it is mystical, it is natural - it is not something that can be explained to another; it just has to be experienced.
                yes, and none can say it better, amen ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIFE, CAN GIVE THIS TESTI-MONY.

                So Rocks
                If you KNEW the PRINCE OF PEACE, you would actually TEACH HIS ''LIFE'' POWER to others NOT drop by very occassionaly to tell us we dont understand HIS WORD.
                so i say a Holy
                2 u 2 .
                Rockywhy.. i edited as i did some homework on your previous postings...
                U did actually post something i did agree with it is a great shame you have LOST IT.
                Last edited by LucySmith; 10-20-2006, 04:22 AM.


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                  Don't flatter yourself

                  Shalom all:

                  Lucy don't flatter yourself to think that you have done anything more then to show your true darkness. I see how you have shown the "annointeds" words of love in your responses. Your words tell me who you work for. It isn't the Father or the Son. You to me are no different then the Pharisees or Sadduccees were to the "annointed".

                  Maybe I have been unfair in saying who I am or what I am. So I will give you the short story.

                  No man cometh unto me but that the Father calls him. I was called by the Father. When did the Father call you and tell you His name? No man cometh unto the Father but through me. I have gone through HIm, have you.

                  You see Lucy you are vile and mean in your responses to one that you know little about. That is not love. You can justify it with others scriptures, which I'm sure you will, but you show not the "annointed" nor His ways. So what would I have to do with darkness other then to bring forth light. Why are you so mean? Cause the "spirit" that leads you causes you to be so. As long as everybody is in agreement with "your" rendition of the Word then it's ok. When they try to show your error you become what you truley are. I think this was brought up to you not long ago. Too bad you didn't listen then.

                  Just like all the rest of "chrisitananity" you seek a path not given but one that is interpreted by men. Your greatest asset is the words of Paul. Unfortunately you can't find the truth cause you won't live the "truth". You pluck a scripture here and pluck a scripture there and fail to see that it is all part of the path and you can not pluck any of it apart from the rest. To do so is deception.

                  There is a path to "life now" but you are not on it. I can most assuredly say that. You cannot read the beginning and the end and assimilate them as one. You cannot even discern the truth about Saul and that He never changes. That is why I don't wish to continue to discuss things with you. Not because you (as your puffed up spirit tells you) have run me off. I just don't see any need to cast my pearls before swine.

                  You see Lucy in my posts I have tried not to discuss who you were till now. You think you know the scriptures and how they should be lived. So does 2000 years of "christiananity". You just have a different take on the deception, but continued deception. You are in Sodom and Gomorrah and don't even know it. You seek others to follow you, but the "annointed" didn't. They followed because He was "annointed".

                  Continue to quote the King James (means supplantor) version and continue down his path. Your end will be as the others that have fallen before you. You will get to find the answer to "your words condemn you" soon enough.

                  So from one called by the Father, placed in saccloth, spent 7 plus years learning His ways, and seeks not followers to pump up his ego, I would say, Thanks for the interesting words you have written. They willl not go unnoticed by me, but I will not defend myself to say they are wrong. It's not mine to judge or to show you the Way. That job is already taken.

                  May YHWH bless you and keep you in His Word


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                    The SPIRITUAL MAN!

                    Hi Lucy,

                    I know that I have not perfect love because I fear this Man:
                    2Thessalonians 2:8-12
                    8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom ADONAI shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
                    9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
                    10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
                    11 And for this cause ELOHIM shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a (really: the) lie:
                    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (KJV)
                    Why do I fear? I fear because this man comes forth from us, and I have no desire to fulfill that role. It is the role of a traitor.

                    He is always in the back of my mind, and He is the reason perhaps why I first began looking for the Apostle John. John would be a strong ally against "this "man"":
                    He will not return until after the Father comes and "tabernacles" with His man. The same man that He said He would make in 6,000 years from the beginning of time that started according to His Word in the writings of Moses. That man and where He would make Him and who he is is all given in great detail in the Word. Unfortunately you must recieve the "tongues like unto fire" to see or read this.

                    Here's your new Testament according to names. Given, a reward, (Matthew) polite, shining (Mark) luminous, white (Luke) the grace or mercy of the Lord (this word would be better translated Yah) (John). So you can read it without the extra words that designate the names of the books that they are attached to, it says. Given, a reward, polite shining, luminous white, the grace or mercy of Yah. So whoever becomes this "man" will be known by these designates that are listed.
                    As you are aware, in the physical, I just finished observing the Feast of Tabernacles. This Feast teaches me that ELOHIM has ordained that HE sojourn within man for seven thousand years before HE can leave HIS temporary dwelling, i.e. HIS human booth or tent. This tent is humanity itself. This teaching is according to righteousness.

                    While in this tent, YAHWEH ELOHIM is secretly building HIS permanent dwelling. This permanent dwelling is Messiah Yahushua and HIS BODY which is the fullness of the SPIRITUAL MAN or last ADAM!

                    Notice that Rockywhy strongly implies that this "man" appears after 6000 years. Such an idea is not according to righteousness. Should the SPIRITUAL MAN reveal HIMSELF prior to completing the REST of the Seventh Day (and you and I know that this rest is complete cessation from sin), this Spiritual Man would be incomplete and never able to reach HIS fullness. He would always be an unfinished product, always a 6 and never a 7 so to speak! Always a bridesmaid, but never a bride!

                    Another reason why the SPIRITUAL MAN should not reveal HIMSELF before the end of the 7th Day is simply that HIS revelation would necessitate the destruction of all flesh because no man can look upon the FACE of ELOHIM and live. Salvation consists in becoming a part of the FACE of ELOHIM. This salvation requires that all be given an opportunity to enter the REST of the 7th Day, hence the resurrection of all of mankind at the end of the 7th Day or the beginning of the 8th Day which is also a great Sabbath. So, Tabernacles teaches that YAHWEH ELOHIM will not be revealed until after the REST and the RESURRECTION!

                    The Anomos Man understands all this, and He Himself like Judas decides that He has a better way! I don't know whether He is a single person or a movement, but He does come forth from us to give Himself over to the Matrix. I fear Him because I have no desire to fulfill His role, and I pray that Messiah guard us all including Rockywhy and even John from that role. We are all, even John, in danger here.

                    So, I just want to say that your instincts about the action of Rockywhy are right on. His present behavior is not according to righteousness (1 Peter 3:15, 1 John 2:19), and neither is his teaching.

                    Sincerely, Ab
                    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


                    • #25
                      Ofcourse not,

                      Hi Spying
                      Hi poor Rockywhy [i thought u had left.]

                      Jesus Christ gives me the words to say, I love that~!~! I used to be so afraid of people like Rockywhy, I knew they were wrong but i was never game to ''take them on'' but now i have been changed to have His courage and commitment.....
                      called contending for the faith... what Faith? the TRUTH OF THE HOLY GOSPEL.
                      They even took up stones and cast at Paul, so i am thanking Father i am a long ways away from the ''ROCK''-y why person

                      I wonder why Rockywhy DISLIKES Paul so much...Saul to Paul...he cannot see THE CHANGED NAME. [the changed nature, a changed life and a changed heart]
                      I FEEL Rockywhy does not like Paul and keeps referring that he cannot change cuz he was originally Saul in spirit means ROCKYWHY, cannot comprehend A CHANGED LIFE... see this aspect.
                      Rockywhy cannot discern a CHANGED LIFE IS NOW AVAILABLE today that is why he clings to a perverse teaching.

                      from Spying
                      So, I just want to say that your instincts about the action of Rockywhy are right on.
                      His present behavior is not according to righteousness
                      (1 Peter 3:15 1 John 2:19), and neither is his teaching.
                      Rockywhy is ''rocky'',
                      The nick name he has choosen even suggest his inner man,
                      the MINUTE we challange such a ''teaching'' they say ''
                      I see how you have shown the "annointeds" words of love in your responses.
                      and so I respond....
                      yes Rockywhy,
                      it does show my love it really does, and u don't even know it and that's the real sad part. Why not, look within and see what sin u have in your life, repent from it and be saved, from that thing inside you, that is eating you alive. You are a walking wounded person, and don't even know it.

                      When we see the accussion ''we dont love'' KNOW it is the devil's motto, as they never understand agape love in action... they are a fake and hate to be judged and corrected.....
                      see that, the devil in Rockywhy HATES to be exposed, and judged.
                      The devil In him is systematically murdering him, with a puffed up ego and religious nonsence. It is like some puff of mystical gobble-de-gook, it never has anything we can grab hold reality. It is like they walk in this fog of misunderstanding and how the devil must laugh at such stooges as he manipulates their religious walk

                      another quote from Rockywhy
                      You seek others to follow you, but the "annointed" didn't.
                      They followed because He was "annointed".
                      wrong babes.
                      I seek no following,
                      i seek the Kingdom of Heaven and the little part i have found out about, i share. freely with all men, knowing how it works for me, taking me out from under the law of sin and death, i share, knowing some shall hear and try it out too.
                      [my one wish would be to be taught about LIFE NOW at a younger age, that way i would have missed out on years of suffering so unnecessarily . but there was no one i knew who could teach me. I had to learn from the Holy Spirit how to live in a NEW WAY OF THINKING, that did not have a 'church' in it.]
                      I dont see ANYTHING NICE, about your ''ministry''. NOTHING compels me to want to try it out

                      Your ''ministry'' is dead and all death causes fears and hurts and broken hearts that cannot be repaired.
                      that is what u represent.

                      I have had women stand infront of me, almost hysterical with grief, burying their child in a tiny coffin and you add to their grief and this worlds vanity by failing to UNDERSTAND LIFE AND THE SACRIFICE CHRIST GAVE.

                      HAVE YOU EVER STOOD AND WATCH A WOMAN CRY, but not even move, her eyes full of tears that comes out gushing like a stream of unstoppable water, I have, why did this woman cry? her husband gave her children away to live in another country...just took them. This woman was so wounded she would come and talk to me and I would tell her about Messiah. She found her comfort. She changed....
                      What about the man who ran over his baby son, and killed him ,he comes in and buys is wife 24 roses but she throws them back as she cannot forgive and forget her pain...
                      Can i go on and on and on... as i see vanity from a shop window for 20 odd years, year in and year out.
                      abused and battered hearts crying for freedom and not knowing how to find it.
                      I could u know, at the end you would be crying too at the waste and the pain that evil brings down to people.
                      HOW I HATE ITS DESTROYING POWER.

                      BY GRACE the darkness in me is changing to LIGHT as each day i decrease and HE in Me INCREASES...i am SUBJECTED TO CHANGE... hurrah.
                      The sin in my life is fading as the Holy Spirit washes me in the water of his word [John 14 v 21-24]
                      but back to basics
                      page after page i have written telling others, as a witness, how to change as I have been changed,[ and still changing] page after page here i have warned and posted how to OVERCOME ALL THINGS IN CHRIST. I have shared my life in part and have been open to y'all about how to CHANGE and become THE POWER OF GOD, so that IF we do obey His word we can be MADE IN HIS IMAGE TODAY IF U HEAR His VOICE....i have a testi-mony in my life, I am a LIVING WITNESS that we can be changed and remade into a new creature as WE DENY our inner satanic injected thinking and put on [ a doing word] the Mind of Christ.

                      also i see a problem here
                      BECAUSE we have opened up a huge topic, and are gaining understanding, seeking answers and questions that have lain hidden for 2,000 yrs,
                      this ''batch of darkness'' in the religious guise of Rockywhy comes in and DIS-RUPTS proceedings... as the devil would HATE IT IF we gained true UNDERSTANDING, of LIFE NOW AND HOW TO LIVE INSIDE THE REALM OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN TODAY... sheeze he would expire just knowing that ''his time was coming''.

                      from your quote Spying
                      Notice that Rockywhy strongly implies that this "man" appears after 6000 years. Such an idea is not according to righteousness. Should the SPIRITUAL MAN reveal HIMSELF prior to completing the REST of the Seventh Day (and you and I know that this rest is complete cessation from sin), this Spiritual Man would be incomplete and never able to reach HIS fullness. He would always be an unfinished product, always a 6 and never a 7 so to speak! Always a bridesmaid, but never a bride!
                      yep, thats the devil's teaching...the UNFINSIHED...always waiting, always unfinished, always a mark misser...
                      we are told THE BRIDE MADE HERSELF READY...
                      notice... SHE M.A.D.E. herself ready - implying if we are NOT ready we are not His bride.

                      notice Rockywhy's accussion.... it comes from insanity...
                      You are in Sodom and Gomorrah and don't even know it.
                      how Rockywhy?
                      when i change daily, seeking forgiveness and His mercy and grace and BEGGING HIM TO ALLOW ME ENTRY INTO HIS HEART and have His wisdom SO I CAN BE CHANGED INTO HIS IMAGE, and seeing answered prayer coming to pass in my life, meaning those horrid bondages are loosing their power over me and many have gone completely by His grace alone amen.
                      so again I REBUKE YOU in the name of MY Saviour Jesus Christ.

                      another quote from Rockywhy
                      You see Lucy you are vile and mean in your responses to one that you know little about
                      Sweetheart I SPOTTED YOU right off.....
                      i saw right thru you as a quacky religious jerk and as a weird flakey angel of light...i was not mean, i simply was not going to Put up with your c**p.
                      I dont like angels of light, it is that simple.
                      I am not lilly livered anymore, I tell it like it is and the only reason i appear ''vile to you'' is BECAUSE I HAVE EXPOSED YOU AND YOUR EVIL 1/2 baked teaching.

                      again from Rockywhy post...
                      There is a path to "life now" but you are not on it
                      now i say.. ''LIAR''.
                      THE PATH to the same type of life as Messiah is narrow and few find it as this path kills sin in our lives an our flesh [mind will emotions] are transformed to Messiah's ways of life and thinking.
                      again I rebuke you in the HOLY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

                      again i repeat
                      you have been sent to DIS-TURB the progress of our investigations into immortal life.... and our pondering about Apostle John
                      and as you have been found out and exposed as a fake, Spying and I now AUTOMATICALLY KNOW, we are on the right path here... as u have become a witness for us by trying to DERAIL our Holy inspired investigations.

                      Your bad intentions have becomes a ''God sent'' witness for THE TRUTH.
                      so i do say THANK YOU Rockywhy...
                      and u dont even understand
                      i have prayed over you... who knows what shall come to pass. amen.

                      so Spying can we return to LIFE NOW and brother JOHN.
                      I FEEL we have passed our test here of contending for our Faith, and exposed this upsurper for all to see...
                      His further comments [but i thought he had left] are as a gnat on a camel.
                      do gnats like camels?
                      pray let us continue.

                      Does John remain.
                      Spying.... can we consider this Plz...
                      when a temple is being built in the natural situation.... it does not just materialise in A MINUTE like magic does it?... it grows in stages....
                      starting from its foundations and moving upwards.
                      Therefore i was wondering.. If Apostle John remains as a ''foundation'' [witness to The Truth[ what of other witnesses to LIFE NOW AVAILABLE from past generations?
                      what of all those intervening years.... 2000 of them.
                      Dont u feel there maybe other stones yet living, temple stones waiting to be built into the Hope of Glory .
                      i am open here on this.


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                        The Temples!

                        Hi Lucy,

                        If nothing else, Rockywhy became Rockwhy in our exchanges!

                        Sure, I will consider:
                        Dont u feel there maybe other stones yet living, temple stones waiting to be built into the Hope of Glory.
                        This is possible only if it is according to righteousness. Even so, sometimes what does not seem possible becomes possible if the fulfillment of righteousness requires that it be so. I am thinking here of the decision of the Apostolic Assembly to wave adult circumcision for those Gentiles who believed in LIFE NOW.

                        I am immediately drawn here to this saying of Messiah Yahushua:
                        Matthew 3:9
                        9 And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that ELOHIM is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. (KJV)
                        So, I must say that it is possible that believers in LIFE NOW arose in former generations after the destruction of the Apostolic Assembly or Spiritual Temple, but I do not myself know the righteous requirement for such an occurrence.

                        Here is what happened to the first physical Temple:
                        2 Kings 25:9
                        9 And he burnt the house of YAHWEH, and the king's house, and all the houses of Jerusalem, and every great man's house burnt he with fire. (KJV)

                        2 Chronicles 36:19
                        19 And they burnt the house of ELOHIM, and broke down the wall of Jerusalem, and burnt all the palaces thereof with fire, and destroyed all the goodly vessels thereof. (KJV)
                        What Temple vessels and treasure that were not destroyed, these were all carried away into Babylon (Confusion):
                        2 Chronicles 36:18
                        18 And all the vessels of the house of ELOHIM, great and small, and the treasures of the house of YAHWEH, and the treasures of the king, and of his princes; all these he brought to Babylon. (KJV)
                        This is the testimony of Paul concerning the first spiritual Temple:
                        Act 20:27-30
                        27 For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of ELOHIM.
                        28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of ELOHIM, which he hath purchased with his own blood.
                        29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

                        30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. (KJV)
                        So, the truth of LIFE NOW was carried away into confusion.

                        Peter, no doubt thinking of the fate of the first physical Temple, spake in this manner to the scattered ELECT:
                        1Pe 4:7 & 12
                        7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.
                        12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: (KJV)
                        So, the first Spiritual Temple was destroyed with martyrdom, and all the precious truth of this Temple was looted by confusion while some like John continued to live under the captivity of this confusion (all the deception of the Matrix):
                        Revelation 13:10
                        10 He that leadeth into captivity (Psalms 68:18, Ephesians 4:8) shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. (KJV)
                        To be continued Messiah willing!

                        Sincerely, Ab
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          hello Ab, ''keep the Faith'' ~!

                          perhaps RockyWhy became ROCKY-ER
                          But i did pray, he would become likened to, the Rock....
                          When i was younger i used to go into Car Trails of a week-end, and there was this one group, who loved Car trials too but they would always end up lost or just come last in the race.
                          They could not read the maps CORRECTLY. They did this time and time again,it became a habit for them.
                          They would get out of their car, at the end of the race and say something like ''the map was wrong''
                          i am just remembering back to them and thinking how funny that was.
                          i found the word MATRIX is used in the OT
                          Ex 13.v.12, also v.15,
                          Ex 34.v.19,
                          Num 3.v.12,
                          Num 18.v.15
                          the word means to open the womb
                          to open the womb, the first born, are to be set apart.
                          [that has a lot of meanings/messages to it hey]
                          it is also symbols of 4 cols. in Mathemathics. or a row of numbers.
                          we could write a sentence that said
                          '' break out from the Matrix [the dark system of a womb] and be numbered as a firstfruit who breaks forth.''
                          SEE This Ab
                          and all who OPEN THE MATRIX IS MINE....Ex. 34 v 19

                          You are HIS..Ab
                          I am His too.
                          and there are others too
                          can it get any better than this?
                          back to our quest Does John remain.
                          i did like this verse Spying
                          I am immediately drawn here to this saying of Messiah Yahushua:
                          Matthew 3:9
                          And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that ELOHIM is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. (KJV)
                          the name Matthew - means Gift of Jehovah
                          Bible no 3 - completed in perfection
                          Bible no 9 - gifts of the Spirit, Judgement.

                          these stones....could be LIVING STONES.
                          LIVING STONES AS CHILDREN
                          RAISE UP, A PROCESS......of building the city of Zion.

                          the raising up of living stones to build the city of Zion?
                          as a gift of Jehovah, completed in perfection, holding the gifts of the Spirit, in perfected judgement.
                          I must say Ab, I DO LIKE THAT. I REALLY DO.. I FEEL FLOWING
                          I NOW GO TO Isa 62. I love this chapter.
                          ''I will not hold My peace for Zion's sake......I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth in BRIGHTNESS, and the SALVATION thereof as a lamp that burneth''.
                          there is your Word 'righteousness'' Ab.
                          in v 10...GATHER OUT THE STONES.
                          THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD.- A CITY NOT FORSAKEN.

                          I AM GOING to ''play'' around a little here Ab, like sniffing out clues... so bear with me, i hope i am not on a duck chase.

                          the 'redeemed of the Lord' matches up with The REDEEMED 144,000 in Revelations.
                          i remember reading once when i did a study of the great Pyramid of Gaza, it originally had 144,000 white shining stones as an outer casting. They shone when the son shined upon them and they looked like a mirror and could be seen for miles around.
                          This Pyramid, of stone, is build in the centre of the land mass of earth and has heaps of bible clues as measurements In it.
                          This Pyramid took a long time to build, each stone has to be quarried , someplace else and carried to its own special place. Just like Solomon's Temple stones.... then the day came when they were gathered together and built up into a temple.

                          so i have this thought happening in me,
                          here goes.
                          The revelation is
                          what if ''Christ appears'' IN us as an act of redemption, in a person, no matter what year they were birthed into, they became REDEEMED, but, they had to be GATHERED TOGETHER, to be their MOST effective as a LIVING TEMPLE OF GOD or a CITY NOT MADE WITH HANDS.

                          remembering Abba said '' i have 7000 men who have not bowed their knee to Baal.''
                          But also notice Father never introduced Elijah to them for fellowshipping with.
                          Elijah was mostly on his own.
                          Also Remember Abraham was called THE FATHER OF FAITH.

                          This CITY of the redeemed, IS A CITY BUILT ON FAITH.... trust, rely upon, cling to OUR FATHER.
                          Just as Abba is a ''FAITH God'' so is His city.
                          The ''last trump'' would be this final GATHERING together of the city of the FAITH-FILLED.
                          the ''Last trump'' would have to be the revelation to know ''how to be gathered together + to KNOW each other as a city of immortals''

                          While there maybe other Truths to the final programme, waiting to be discovered, i kinda like this one....yes. Indeed i do.

                          well thats just my thinking.. but it is subject to change .

                          ps... an afterthought.
                          this world is so filled with evil and evil mindedness, what stops people from killing each other en mass, and what is stopping total chaos from ruling over us when ''the church'' is totally apostate and the Glory as left her?

                          Whose prayers are so effective before the Throne of Grace, that hold back final judgement on all wickedness abounding, till the fullness of the gentiles comes in.
                          ask this?
                          WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE, whose prayers STOPS evil from full on earth/human destruction?
                          It cannot come from our modern day apostate wicked hireling, money grabbing big business church.


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                            Zion the City of God, Zion the Mountain of the Lord.

                            cont... the investigation.....[thoughts only]

                            holiness is the primary consideration for entrance into Zion.

                            mountains speak of spiritual heights.
                            ''Be ye Holy as I am Holy''
                            the Holy Spirit's pupils become a Holy People, just like their Teacher.
                            do we actually like sinning?
                            is sin becoming abhorent in our life?
                            Do we hate sin?
                            Do we hate it enough to give it up?
                            Do we hate it so bad, cuz we see it 's destroying powers?.
                            i guess if we hate sin enough to repent and give it all up, the Holy Spirit is our Master Teacher, and is doing His work IN us.= we have become His Workmanship.

                            do u think some people from other generations have hated sin enough to give it up too, and become His Workmanship or, is this ''holiness in people'' only reserved for the 2006AD generation?...
                            When did the ''last days'' begin.?..notice it says 'last days'' not day and we are to remember that ONE day is as a 1,000yrs to Abba.

                            Abraham, who "looked for a city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God," (Hebrews 11:8-10)
                            The names of the people of Zion is kept in the ''Book of Rememberance'',[they have been re-membered that is so amazing like a 'play on words'.]

                            There are 7 refs. to Zion in the NT.
                            if u look at them it seems as if it is a progressive work
                            beginning with..Matthew 21:4-9
                            then..... Romans, 9:33 and 11:26.
                            continued........Hebrews 12:22
                            next...I Peter 2:4-6,
                            last one is....Revelation 14:1.
                            "Then I" [John] "looked and behold, a lamb standing on Mount Sion, and with him 144,000, having his Father's name written on their foreheads."
                            The same number as the white shining polished stones of the great building called the Pyramid of Gaza.

                            Zion a living temple, A city of just men, made perfect, choosen for their pure faith [no one can please Father without it, like the 300 men of Gideon's army] having ENGRAVED upon their heads ''HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD''
                            Isn't this Zion the place where "the stone" that smote the Babylonish image becomes "a great mountain" to fill the whole earth, per Daniel 2:35?

                            in the Psalm it says...
                            When the LORD shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory; for He will regard the prayer of the destitute and not despise their prayer."
                            "This shall be written for the generations to come, and the people who shall be created shall praise the LORD''.

                            did you notice this...''the people who shall be created''
                            a created people, a created people who shall praise Him
                            lets us ask this
                            why would we be the only ''created 2006 people'' in the whole generations ?
                            I dont think so Dolly.

                            a building up of Zion is like a natural building, layer upon layer, laid at a differing hour..different stones placed at different times. like brick laying.

                            A society of immortals, a ''created people'', a Holy City of Christ - the power of God comes and dwells within them as they FINISH THEIR RACE of overcoming all things even death their last enemy. At the last trump[the final revelation of the ingathering ], they are gathered together, [GATHERED OUT FROM ALL NATIONS] to become THE PRAISE OF THE LORD.- the hope of Glory - His Habitation and living temple amen.

                            we shall be changed we are told....... means
                            Changed - meaning another, or made different
                            Paul says ''We shall not all sleep'' - we shall not all die physically because some people have been changed and MADE DIFFERENT... their atoms and DNA have come up to the same energy life force as Messiah's...IN that CREATED PEOPLE of His praise.


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                              cont .................this morning Mon. 24th

                              this is the day i get the key into my new home and this also is the day i am thinking and writting on Zion, city of God not made with hands and exploring a possibilty that is very unchurchy.
                              that is good..
                              for church is a non event
                              don't believe your will die.
                              The proof is in their grave yards and their wardoms.

                              now i can ask another question
                              Why does the church remain BLINDED to Zion, that living temple NOT made with hands.

                              She remains blinded, for she is apostate and programmed upon hidden agendas of men.
                              Therefore her people suffer her plagues, and are programmed into religious domination of a man made up ''christian'' church.
                              We witness a paralyzed christianity, whose people are unable to BELIEVE the Word of God. They have been taken over by the traditions of men whose only wish is for a spiritual decline and totally dysfunctional message .
                              The pew people have been spoon fed on a religious diet that makes them sick and so they die as mere men.

                              a decline.
                              a decline
                              a decline

                              that is how IT works....
                              MESSIAH, achieved the MOUNTAIN TOP or the HIGHEST EVEREST EXPERIENCE AND LIFE for us, 2000yrs back ....
                              now that mountain top life made available to BELIEVERS after all this time has been reduced into a pile of dust for most all men BUT HE STILL HAS THAT WITNESS of A living temple people who will not bow to Baal.

                              The Word of God says ''the Truth shall make you free''... is that right?
                              Death is not freedom, death means one is still a slave to sin.
                              Sin killed that person...DEATH TOOK him.
                              but this terrible tragic thing, this abomination that is called death is revered as normal......sin is normal death is normal...
                              FUNNY THAT...
                              sin was Not normal for Messiah
                              death was NOT normal for Messiah.
                              MESSIAH.. gave up His life so that we could have His life IN us.

                              if this is the case...
                              who has THIS LIFE OF MESSIAH IN THEM so they don't sin and don't die?

                              have you?

                              ''oh well Lucy, u know no one is really like that, it is just pie in the sky thinking babe, your'e dreamin' girl..just dreamin' most will say.

                              let us go back 2000yrs here and see a sentence saying
                              They are "redeemed from among men" - the 144,000 SAVED, MADE ALIVE...this expression can only be ''those who are translated from among the living. ''
                              then we have this from Paul.Paul labored, if by any means he might attain to a resurrection out from among the dead. Phil. 3:11.
                              PAUL KNEW, a revelation and he told us about it.- how to attain a resurrection OUT FROM among the dead.
                              If Paul found it, do you not think others would as well over these long years?
                              These 144,000 are LIVING saints...why is their number subjected to a generation of 2006 or whatever year only?
                              let us look here for a litle clue
                              see here
                              In chapter 15:3, of Revelation it is called the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb.
                              The song of Moses, as may be seen by reference to Exodus 15, was the song of his experience and deliverance.
                              ok... notice the 3 numbers here....153.....
                              the same number of BIG FISH, in John 21 v11...
                              no 153 in bible numbers is THE ELECT OF GOD, the royal Priesthood.
                              the song they sang is ONE OF VICTORY AND DELIVERANCE.
                              now WHAT DO U THINK... they had their deliverance and victory over?

                              Does John remain.


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                                this word ''re'' GENERATION.

                                STARING RIGHT AT US.... looking out at us...YET.. NOT SEEN.

                                to split the word
                                RE - to renew back, over and over again... renew..
                                generation - father to reproduce a family line over and over.
                                regeneration - a being who is reconstituted.

                                a family, a line of people who are renewed/reconstituted Back to.
                                ...''the people who shall be created''
                                a created people, a created people who shall praise Him

                                a generation who have been RE generated... a line of regenerated people.
                                the city of God called Zion.

                                now we know to whom we shall be INGATHERED with....Amos 3 v 7