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  • cont..LOUD trumpet... causes a vibration.....a shaking

    an awakening FROM the dead.... the death is the carnal mind, the dead are in a man made carnal minded religions...
    the CHANGE happens as we hear the LOUD trumpet and begin to VIBRATE upwards into the power of it's energy. BY overcoming we learn to ascend from the negative world of fleshly madness and into our true realm of spiritual flesh manifested.


    • Why John Remains!

      Hi Lucy,
      i hope u will find a real life partner again to dance with forever. One who is perfectly suited to you.
      A wise man once said:
      Ecclesiastes 7:27-28
      27 Behold, this have I found, saith the preacher, counting one by one, to find out the account:
      28 Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found. (KJV)
      At one time I was firmly convinced that Solomon failed to find a woman because he looked in far too many places! And I after looking in only one place was arrogantly convinced that I had truly found my help mate. There seems to me to be no value in any further seeking here. If Solomon did not find his woman in a thousand searches, why should I be so bold to imagine that I shall find mine in another relationship or marriage? As it is written:
      Genesis 2:20
      20 And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him. (KJV)
      Truly, Helpmates are made; they simply are not found. It is as you do write:
      consider... IF we are His workmanship... don't ye think that this work would be fully reproduced/worked out in our we would never be 1/2 made~
      I surely do! That is so true, Lucy! In the Matrix, every woman seeks to make her man into her image (one side of death, every time a woman succeeds in changing her man, the old man must die), and she fully succeeds. On the other hand, every man foolishly imagines that he has found rest in the love of his image, his woman, and therefore ceases from his labor (his help mate creative work without which his image fades away) thinking himself secure and complete in her love (another side of death, the complete lack of due diligence which leads to the death of the relationship). Truly, the woman needs to rest here, and the man should remain ever diligent at his work.

      This happens first in the spiritual. As you further write:
      IF we are worked on, for a while dont ye think we would be the exact same image as the worker who worked upon us?
      I absolutely do. The image of Adam and Eve is death. The image of Messiah is LIFE NOW. If we are indeed HIS help mate, we are HIS image. We have entered into HIS rest. When, however, we do sin (the slavery or forced labor of the Matrix, sin is the transgression of the Law), we are seeking to change our Husband (Messiah) into our former image, the image of death through the Cross. When we overcome, we cease from that labor, and Messiah remains! If Messiah remains, then HIS image remains!

      You and I both know that we have a HUSBAND who remains ever diligent concerning our completion in HIM (Colossians 2:10)! Even so, is Messiah secure in our love?

      When Messiah is secure in my love, then surely HE will allow me to depart to be with HIM or He will bring to me in my remaining a help mate fit for me so that the physical can also be a reflection of the spiritual (right now I am not a proper partner fit for anyone), and this is perhaps when you think of it, why John also remains: The physical must needs reflect the spiritual.

      Sincerely, Ab
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


      • why John Remains?

        Ab u wrote..............................................................
        Helpmates are made; they simply are not found
        that is a DIVINE REVELATION.............. amen....
        that 'quote' should be in the list of the most famous top 10 sayings.

        Ab...shall we agree he does?

        John the divine wrote to the Overcomer [as per the book of Revelation] cuz he is the ultimate overcomer, as he imaged his life, as an eye witness to the Glory on THE ONE who LOVETH him?
        He told the truth cuz THE TRUTH was IN him.
        That is why an Overcomer relates to John, he is like their elder minister,
        now Ab,
        just imagine the church with such an elder.
        It sure makes these '' churchian pretty boys'' look fake hey and correctly viewed as satan's lap dogs.

        Then we have friend Lazarus...he has to be alive, poor chap got unlawfully ripped if he RE-DIED.
        [there is no such a word as RE-DIED cuz it cannot happen.]
        if there are 2, what of others? and why stop at 2.
        Is Our S.A.V.I.O.U.R...into the business of a 1/2 salvation?...
        Are we all like ''a throw away disciple'' '' or a ''kleenex disposal disciple'', who is unable to finish their race so they get tossed aside like old boots?

        Now ofcourse we know, people throw each other aside, mostly on a whim as love fades, but does Christ fade from us too, when we groan wishing to be with Him?.
        ofcourse not~!~!~!~
        The culture today is one of disposable people, with a used by date.
        What of the picture of the lost sheep and how He extends every effort to find them and carry them home.
        that little ewe lamb is me and I AM DEPENDING UPON HIM, TO CARRY ME HOME TO HIS HOUSE.
        I cannot live where HE is not.
        I am depending upon Him to finish me off and frankly I would adore Apostle John and Lazarus as friends.... and as Messiah LOVETH THEM, it is A good Enough recommendation for me TO HAVE HOPE, THAT I AM HIS FRIEND and He loveth me too.

        well let us cont our seeking so we can discover how to overcome and exactly what are somethings to overcome...
        see Eph 6:11-12
        We as disciples must deal with

        a] Principalities or sovereignties.
        b] Powers or authorities
        c] Rulers of the darkness of this world
        d] Spiritual wickedness in high (heavenly) places."

        these are 'powers' that have their authority over us
        we have to DIE, to overcome these successfully.
        We have to think, DIFFERENTLY.... so that ''their authority '' is not needed and regarded as useless and of no-account.
        to die means Math 11 v 28-30....
        we give up our ''rights'' to deal with our life...
        we surrender up into A HIGHER ORDER OF AUTHORITY that can successfully deal with us and our little problems.
        the Buzz word is
        NOWthat is where ''the war'' shall happen as our 'throne self god adam' loves his place and refuses to give up and become de-throned without this huge war.
        the game is called MIND GAMES.... and who wins...the battle is for our mind
        the mind of CHRIST is the 'WIN'-ING mind


        • these 4 enemies are to do with

          our culture and the habits we have all picked up along the way, thinking there was NO harm in them, but alas they kill us, as they form ''their opinion'' inside us rather than the OPINION/BELIEF of our Creator....who makes us ALIVE.

          if we ask
          ''well what is evil''?
          the reply can be made
          '' it is anything that hinders our progress into THE mature working ability of a NEW CREATION''.

          ''things'' like hurdles, are placed in our way, to stop us from gaining POWER...
          MEANING... THE POWER OF CHRIST.....or...that working ability to bring forth HIS kingdom.... of...''thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven''....
          is hindered by these 4 powers of darkness.

          i can give heaps of examples but one that influences and deceives most of the time is TV~ the satanic babysitter.
          the influencing power of this satanic tool is enormous... IT TELLS PEOPLE HOW TO THINK....they laze there in a hyponotic trance and sucker in everything it tells them.. even too ''how to vote''....that is why advertising is a billion $ business.

          I have lived on Frazer Is. with nothing but the sun the sea the birds and miles of wilderness and the RELIEF is so overwhelming, it is because all earthy oppressions have been remove and are we simply 'are'.

          we can MOVE in that atmosphere for free-ness... it is a leaving behind this world.

          Jesus walked like this...
          and slowly Father shall remove those things from our lives that RESTRAIN US, from achieving His best.

          Evil has to be 'bound' and the Overcomer , under the full Lordship of their Saviour, understands the stopping , binding up of all those things that HINDER them and STOP their progress into perfection/maturity.

          John knew this, he knew how to put aside those things that hindered him and his walk into the working ability of an Apostle, otherwise he would not have been the 'real thing'.

          nothing of these vile influences has to remain in us.....

          all manner of Media/entertainments/mags/ news, with it's stars and how people are compelled to WORSHIP their stars....''stars'' are from Astarte,.. the goddess of harlotary.... and she births out her spirit within ''stars'' even now and these ''stars'' give this same spirit to their worshippers.
          Political ''stars'' are the same as they birth out their evil on '' the gulliable but trusting population''.

          Their ''promises'' during an election are the 1st thing to disappear from their agenda along with their honour.
          they move in as traitors and liars to their people.....they simply are satan's mouthpieces.

          Same with CHURCHIAN religion, some of their ''stars'' LOOSE their honour too... as satan manipulates them into sexual sins or thievery or building empires and gaining $$$ never realising it was 'Judas that carried the purse'.

          you love/admire/worship these things.... well look at your own death warrant~!~!

          The Holy Spirit shall point these flaws out to us [false worshipping]and then we have to stop and consider how to let this world and all of it's man made up opinions fade from our view.

          we ALL must become re-focused.

          the Overcomer KNOWS how to stay focused and it is during this focussing they become CHANGED IN A TWINKLING OF AN EYE.
          as our OT exmple of remaining focused is Caleb and Joshua, while everyone else was falling to pieces they alone remained united and calm KNOWING FATHER would defeat the power of their enemy.....
          consider yourself in the same situation.... how would u fare?

          It is simpy no good pretending otherwise but that is the EXAMPLE OF PEOPLE WE HAVE TO BECOME.

          sink of swim.... there are no other options.

          if we stand there dithering around filled with doubts...who are we?
          if we stand there dithering around in unbelief............who are we?
          do we expect to rule and reign in Christ, as some shakey ditherer, after death?

          what made 'death so wonderfull'' it took all dithering away.

          come on
          let us all GET A LIFE

          ''ditherers are not permited thru this gate'' says the sign....
          exit thru ''the chicken gate'' please.

          HAVE FAITH AND TRUST IN YOUR FATHER, AND DO NOT allow 4 pathetic enemies to grab hold upon you and win.
          BECOME loosed from their fatal attractions AND become FREE. amen


          • cont... Ab , here is your quote...

            (right now I am not a proper partner fit for anyone),
            have u considered this quote shall go into the top 10 quotes too?

            did u know NONE OF US are a proper partner for anyone either...TILL... WE ARE changed into a ''BE''ING OF LOVE.
            I am so glad u have realised this fact.
            your'e not on your own here Ab,

            real LOVE IS MADE IN HEAVEN brother, not from ''she is nice she'll do'' from the flesh when we are immature and 20+yrs old.

            Love that is made in heaven only comes to those who are HEAVENLY... how do we ''expect'' heaven's love when we are earthy flesh + totally warlike over everything that does not go ''our way''?

            It is all a sham and an deception of an expectation that is mostly not realised...
            The movies and the books fill us up with a deceptive fantasy that is sheer nonsense and no one realises this, till it all has become a old habit or its too late for changing...
            It is all part of our Matrix illusions...... the world of sleigh of hand... the trickester at work in the most vunerable of people... the ''would be lovers''.

            2 people from 2 very different households, with 2 very different natures and 2 very different expections are ''supposed'' to live happy ever after..
            Mostly it does not work....
            it is just ''put up and shut up' or divorce in most cases.

            While we are IN the flesh or IN transition none are any good... cuz that old tree of the knowledge of good and evil still has its roots in us... and only when WE ARE CHANGED... can we love... ENDING up with HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

            so do not fret...
            be happy u have been made willing to be changed and simply stand back now and WATCH, THE SALVATION of the Lord occurring upon your life... I AM VERY POSITIVE over this... as u see....HIS WORKMANSHIP also inc. your happiness and love life......and not only that but THE LOVE OF LIFE amen.
            love life...
            a life of love.

            SO ~~~~~consider this Plx.
            was Mrs Job happy with Mr Job? when everything happened in his household...
            what of Mrs lot... she was far from happy with her hubby she dumpted him 1/2way along the path....and Vashti.... she was not moved over her husband's party invitation. He dumpted her and looked for another.
            what happened to these married men?
            2 wives
            2 families
            2 outcomes.

            ah... tis a sweet mystery so do not even attempt to understand it till your'e A LOVER that LOVES correctly without any vanity included.
            stay cool
            all is taken care of.
            your'e just growing up to be a REAL ADULT for the 1st time and whose BE-ing reproduces LOVE.

            you're blessed to have had this holy opportunity


            • The Live Goat's Battle For Our Minds!

              Hi Lucy,

              Thank you for your responses and kind words! I have much more to say about the blessing of my future wife, but first I must respond to your question:
              if there are 2, what of others? and why stop at 2.
              I do not stop at two. No doubt, Mary is also alive, and there may very well be others, but righteousness indicates that they would all arise from the first Century or very early in the Snd. I do not know enough at this point about the sacrifices to say with any certainty that others have come alive (not a physical resurrection; rather others that have been given additional spirit like we have) down through the centuries.

              Lucy, I desire for you to be right about the others, and you may very well be, but I always look to righteousness (the fulfillment of the Law) to guide me. Allow me to give you an example:
              Leviticus 16:21
              21 And Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the head of the live goat, and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions in all their sins, putting them upon the head of the goat, and shall send him away by the hand of a fit man into the wilderness: (KJV)
              This confession and sending away of the live goat occurs on the Day of Atonement after the High Priest comes out of the Holy of Holies.

              Messiah right now is in the Holy of Holies so I look for this live goat ceremony to be fully fulfilled sometime in the future. Judas was a type of this live goat, and HaSatan was the fit man to lead Judas to his death. This live goat was hurled off a cliff in the wilderness so that it could not wander back to live amongst the people (John 13:27, Acts 1:18).

              What is the problem with this live goat? This goat, having a knowledge of the truth, decides like Judas that he has a better way. Notice, this goat is a live goat identical to Messiah. This goat is an Immortal. I view him as the ANTI-MESSIAH in capital letters, and I am rather certain that he comes from us who arise presently or else he will arise from the remnant who survived from the Apostolic Assembly. If there are indeed others as you believe, then he/she may come from them.

              The distinguishing feature of this goat is his rebellion against the will and plan of YAHWEH ELOHIM as the confession ceremony indicates. This is why I am all the time working to conform my ideas to righteousness rather than seeking to make my ideas triumph over righteousness.

              Messiah gave us the authority to overrule righteousness in certain circumstances (Acts 15 as an example), but we must be very careful with this authority; otherwise, we, being the image of Messiah, might become the image of HaSatan fully worthy of the Messiah's confession over us.

              I believe that Paul speaks of this live goat and Messiah's confession in this manner:
              2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 (This is a long quote)
              3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
              4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called ELOHIM, or that is worshiped; so that he as ELOHIM sitteth in the temple of ELOHIM, showing himself that he is ELOHIM. (This can only occur after John and Company are united with us. This would also include the Others if they do indeed exist. This is the Assembly of Immortals gathered together into the Holy Second Spiritual Temple.)
              5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
              6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
              7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. (What is so mysterous about iniquity?)
              8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom ADONAI shall consume with the spirit of his mouth (The confession of Messiah on the coming Day of Atonement!), and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
              9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
              10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
              11 And for this cause ELOHIM shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: (Actually, the Lie! This Lie was first told to Eve by HaSatan! This Lie says that it is ok to disobey (disregard the righteousness of ELOHIM), that one can live thereby! Messiah says that HaSatan is the father of this Lie, see John 8:44.)
              12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (This is why I seek to always be guided by righteousness according to the knowledge and understanding given to me and other Immortals.)
              Now, I know and am convinced that Messiah will in the future make confession over the Lawless One to send him into perdition. Righteousness requires that this occur. What will unrighteousness and the mystery of Lawlessness say?

              Sincerely, Ab
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


              • Hello Ab

                as this is an investigation only...
                let us see what divine John writes.... about this antichrist.
                let us go straight to the ''horses mouth'' so to speak and find out his correct knowledge on this subject. I consider him to be accurate and to give us the Truth.

                The words "Antichrist" and "Antichrists" appear in two of the Apostle John's three letters in the New Testament,
                1 John and 2 John:

                1] Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?
                This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. (1 John 2:22, ESV)

                2] Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come.
                Therefore we know that it is the last hour. (1 John 2:18, ESV)

                the last long is the last hour?

                3] and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God.
                This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already. (1 John 4:3, ESV)

                4] Many deceivers have gone out into the world; they do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist (2 John 1:7, ESV.)

                notice it is John... telling us ''it is the last hour''

                "Jesus Christ is come in the flesh". this is the HINGE VERSE.
                The word used there is ''erchomai'' in Greek... it meaning is
                continues in the present -- the emphasis is on the present time.
                it is a progress = to come out from and into a coming - present tense.
                He has come, but is coming continually in revealing Himself into a believer...therefore 'He is coming' is ever present.

                then we see in John this wonderfull word.
                "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them [who is them?... the context is speaking of antichrist]: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world [who is in the world?... antichrist]" (1 John 4:4).

                The churchian's have their man ''the antichrist'' but NOT Apostle divine John.
                [John has TOLD US in detail about this spirit that was even now going out in his day.]
                Messiah never said ''the antichrist''- one person would be a ''sign'' at the end of the age [ math 24.for the ''list'']
                why not?
                Messiah told of these days of Noe in detail BUT FAILED EVEN TO MENTION a one man band called ''the personified antichrist''.
                IF Messiah never told of a ''one man antichrist''.....
                it is a misconception/misunderstanding.

                2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, a "man of sin", "the son of perdition" sets himself up in the temple of God,
                where is ''the temple of God''......?
                is it
                the big religious temples, in their empires of fame and fashion and false teaching, of truth mixed with paganism and very acceptable to the masses...yet FAILS TO BRING THEIR PEW PEOPLE into maturity, so in all reality, it is only a religious abortion clinic.

                are we expecting a one man antichrist, a son of perdition... a man of sin? the churchian's tell of?
                1 John 4:3 shows that not to be the case.
                and as for ''the great falling away'' they were doing that when Messiah gave His LOUD TRUMPET message to the 7 churches...
                THESE PLACES, were already in a state of decline...LOSING THEIR POWER...
                LOOSING His life.
                here is something i found....
                perhaps this is mere man's religious renderings?

                If we are looking for a natural fulfillment of antichrist rising to power, perhaps we might find it recorded in history.
                Consider the natural fulfillment of antichrist personified and Rev.13:16 in the following: The mark is the name of the beast, the name of the beast is the name of a man, and the numerical value is 666.
                The word ‘earth’ used in the book of Revelation is ghay, it means a region -- the ‘earth’ envisioned by John was the Roman Earth or Empire, not the whole world.
                The Roman papal empire used Latin as it’s language and in the year A.D.666 Pope Vitallian decreed the exclusive use of Latin so that every person in Western Europe, as a member of the Catholic Church used Latin; thus the mark in the forehead (mind, thoughts) and the hand (written language).
                The Greek word (remember, the book of Revelation was written in Greek) for Latin is Lateinos, and it has the numeric value of 666.
                The word ‘Latin’ in the Latin language (Latinus) is a proper noun meaning ‘the Latin man’; hence the name of the Roman papal empire, the Latin empire is also the name of a man.
                This Latin empire in A.D.1178 by Pope Alexander III forbid trading with heretics (non-Catholics), and Pope Martin V after the Council of Constance commanded that the heretics (non-Catholics) could not have houses in their districts or enter into contracts, or carry on commerce.
                Thus we find a natural fulfillment of antichrist rising to power recorded in the pages of history.
                In the year 1520 Martin Luther wrote, "We are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist. Personally I declare that I owe the Pope no other obedience than that to Antichrist."
                from ‘The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers’, vol.2, p.121;

                I am going to ''stick'' with John here.... and not with the misconceptions of men who have ''other agendas'' to flog.
                If ANY MAN could have given all the CORRECT INFORMATION, it would be this divine man, Apostle John, that Messiah Loveth and was an EYE WITNESS to all glory.
                If we just lived off what this man wrote we too would be in glory amen.

                The OT law could not make anyone righteous, they all died for failing to keep that law so a new covenant took over, [The Cross/sacrifice] with a NEW high Priest who came into power. He fulfilled the Law.
                Ofcourse we all know
                He DEFEATED the laws of sin and death that the former priesthood failed in.
                This NEW high Priest, makes intercession now for His sons regardless of former laws and the older order of priesthood for the disobedient Jew.
                This NEW PRIEST has all the divine qualifications for His MINISTRY of Intercession and also a NEW HELPER arrived so that we now have a TEACHER AND A COUNSELLOR AND A HELPER, even when we are so helpless, HE IS NOT, so He groans with words that cannot be uttered over us,[ as the Father wills] so that our NEW High Priest can ever make intercession over us..TO SAVE US TO THE UTTERMOST.

                here HE IS..... SAVING TO THE UTTERMOST...
                is there a date for salvation?...
                is there a DOB to stop SALVATION TO THE UTTERMOST, for a saint crying out in need?
                now i am asking
                WHEN DID THIS DOOR SHUT~!
                your DOB made you MISS OUT AND THE DOOR TO 2 tim 1 v 10 and many other LIFE VERSES is shut for you... u looser.
                Do we think Messiah sat there for 2,000 yrs silent and free from intercession, cuz, no one wanted HIS LIFE AND POWER SOURCE during this time?
                these are my questions?

                also on another tack

                Many people have ''speculated'' on this antichrist as one man..
                even Apostle Paul was nominated by some and thought to be this guy as many think he corrupted the words of Messiah.
                Many have thought evil leaders of their day, have been 'him' too and name dropped their victim as HIM for sure. But 'he' was not.
                an antichrist is one who wants to REPLACE CHRIST....
                now let us look here...
                JESUS IS THE MAN
                CHRIST IS THE POWER.

                this one man wants 'the power'' or an authority he never paid the PRICE for.
                TO HAVE THIS AUTHORITY of power, a price MUST BE PAID.
                what price?
                Well the set price for CHRIST POWER is death to our old man.
                THE OVERCOMER... pays the price, by dying as a living sacrifice... as they have been bought at a price.
                the OT never taught DEATH ON THE CROSS DAILY... they had another system that failed to work most of the time for them.
                That is why this whole system came to an end, it was vapourised in 70ad so that a newer version of POWER AND LIFE COULD BE INTRODUCED via the SON of God - than MAN who had the POWER to defeat our enemy.
                I have to have my righteouness now in HIM alone.
                Cuz in reality, I am dying person who is giving up their life daily, therefore i have to trust IN HIM, to SAVE ME from myself. I am counting upon HIM to do just that.
                I was totally UNABLE to save myself.
                the laws of sin and death were too powerfull for me to escape from BUT.... BY GRACE my SAVIOUR took pity upon me and can SAVE ME to his UTTERMOST.

                when i am saved to this uttermost... [the full extremedy of].... I AM SAVED AND MADE INTO HIS IMAGE CALLED THE HOPE OF GLORY... IN THIS POSTION i am now free and contain HIS OWN PERSONAL LIFE SUSTAINING POWERS.

                THEREFORE the question remains...
                who else down thru the ages have come into this realization that THEIR MESSIAH CAN SAVE THEM.... as He paid the price for our salvation.
                the real meaning of salvation is not words that say .... we die to get it.

                let us consider these words
                ''greater is He that is in you [the hope of glory, walking in victory] and he that is in the world, [subjected to the laws of sin and death]''

                if u have GREAT walking with you and In you............where are the laws of sin and death?

                we have forgotten THE VICTORY IS SECURED.

                ABBA is looking for a people who will apprehend it!

                "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him"
                (2 Chron.16:9).

                our destiny to reign in the earth...
                and NOT TO BE put into it.
                i have serious questions over my own life that need fixing and goats and delusions will not help me here today..
                I NEED REALITY,
                i need HIS STRENGTH AND HIS POWER LIFE to overcome my own death.
                I NEED SALVATION Ab.... I need it like a plant needs water... I NEED TO HAVE MY OWN PERSONAL SALVATION and I need to know how to receive it correctly.

                just my thoughts.



                • a holy and a blameless church

                  washed in the water of the Word.
                  where is death found in this ''place/house/group/realm''?
                  let us ask
                  where is death found in 'blameless'' + ''spotless''
                  By just using our plain old common sense we all know DEATH is not found here.

                  these people have learnt to live BY walking in the Spirit of Life.... let us not pretend... that's what has happened.

                  THIS CHURCH HAS A CONDITION.... of holiness and blamelessness and spotlessness

                  No one suffered from any strong delusion when THEY KNEW ALREADY, they were being sanctified and WASHED in the water of the Word.

                  The Lord does not ''come'' for His church,- He presents it to Himself. amen.
                  The people are used to His comings in their lives, they are used to the sanctifications and the washings....they KNOW already whats going they hear His voice . WE are going to stay RIGHT HERE till we graduate
                  and graduation is a wedding dress , covering our nakedness of corruption, cuz we have learnt/learning how to PUT OFF our corruption here not when we are dead.
                  this is NOT AN OPTION.
                  we are TOLD TO PUT OFF OUR CORRUPTION and to PUT ON incorruption...
                  this is TOLD TO all saints down thru the ages, not just a few in 2006+.

                  where does death hide in INCORRUPTABLE LIFE?
                  that is impossible.
                  This ''blessed hope'' is not escaping tribulation, NO way, the blessed hope is HIS APPEARING IN HIS SAINTS. The gathering together of His elect so He can appear in them as a living temple to remove all vanity.
                  The gathering of the immortals.... sounds silly to you?
                  when we are told to put off mortal and then to put on immortal
                  when do y'all consider u shall begin this command?
                  when ye be dead and worms are eating u up?
                  why are ''the elect'' taken out from 2006+ generation only, when the bible say Father is NO respector of persons.

                  my life is in the midst of a huge spiritual upheaval, my old things are passing away from me, i am being changed and what once held me in satanic grips has been loosed in many areas of my thinking and life.....This is done for a i can mature and be a daughter worthy of the name CHRIST-ian.
                  now is this happening to you?

                  If i am His workmanship = He shall complete His work in me so that I BECOME what He wants and believes and feels over things.
                  ''the elect'' saints point to the way of life not death....

                  John the LOVED DISCIPLE of Our messiah, wrote messages to the Overcomer and it was the last verbal message from Messiah to HIS PEOPLE all down thru out the ages, = His messages to churches falling into ruin... the LIFE was going and death was there....the Gospel was being changed and no one noticed.
                  Messiah gave the 7 messages for John TO PASS ON.. to those who had ears to hear...2000yrs this same last message has been heard to them who had ''ears to hear''....
                  what did they do?
                  did they overcome?
                  did they say ''who cares my church says this and that and i believe my church,[ that is proven, imperfect, immature, carnal, idolatrous, lethargic, heretical, adulterous - a realm of pagan mixture] over the Word of God''

                  now notice this plx... NOT ONE PROMISE is given to these churches....
                  the people have [who had ears to hear] had to come out from this apostate mess and overcome.. so we now ask.... did they come out and overcome down thru the ages or where they all stuck in this religious trap and died?

                  did some enter into the REALM OF HIS LORDSHIP?

                  The realm of the Overcomer is a higher realm, a mature realm,- it's a lordship realm UNDER THE LORD.
                  To him that Overcometh is a CLASS OF CHURCH.

                  This REVELATION OF THE OVERCOMER CLASS REALM was given out in 96ad yet according to churchian belief not one person overcame in 2000yrs and became the fullness and maturity of Christ...everyone all died in their own mortality. They all stayed in the midst of this whore of babylon, and not one person went on into perfection and maturity.... and not one put on incorruption.
                  Yet we are told 144,000 are the redeemed....fully saved.... completed and wholesome....

                  well we all have ''our beliefs''... so,... let us hope none of them ever shall lead us into our graves.


                  • incapable of being corrupted and incapable of dying

                    "INCORRUPTIBLE " and "IMMORTAL" -- incapable of being corrupted and incapable of dying.

                    that sounds so silly hey...
                    ''silly lucy... she has it all wrong''.... some may think.

                    these words in the NT are A COMMAND we do....
                    1]put off corruption.....
                    2] put off mortal

                    ''SILLY LUCY'' she has it all wrong'' cry some... the NT words don't mean that forgoodness sakes.

                    but, but, could i ask plx....
                    when are u thinking of obeying these 2 commands?

                    [today, soon , never]
                    why are you saying ''silly Lucy that's impossible''? nothing is Impossible... ye know this?

                    notice these 2 commands are not given DATES to start and dates to finish.

                    That is because by the time a saint hears this DOING message in their life and understand what to do and how to do it... THEY HAVE ENTERED INTO ''TODAY''... a realm of Heaven, where they HEAR HIS VOICE.
                    Hearing His Voice makes it easier to DO as He says... and when we do this we gain HIS LIFE and HIS AUTHORITY.
                    ALSO THIS AUTHORITY gives us the victory and the victory turns the tables to make satan a victim and defeated...
                    the reverse of the curse....

                    So, because all of this is oing on in a saint's life, when they hear His voice, the sacred dead cows of religion are disappearing rather nicely.
                    All that hope deferred the church lives in vanishes like gone with the wind.

                    So,when the bible says PUT OFF our CORRUPTION AND PUT OFF our MORTAL... do u think, ''this doesn't apply to me, i am not doing that''?
                    do u think '' i am exempt from this responsibility?''
                    if it was OK for Jesus Messiah Saviour to be incorruptible... why not you too?
                    why? are u expecting such a lemon drop type of salvation.. a little bitter drop and then nothing,
                    dont u want , what HE IS WILLING TO GIVE and rightlyfully paid for, 4 you to receive in grace?

                    The last enemy to go is death....
                    why is death called an enemy...if it is so good to die...why not die with a friend called death?

                    u could have on your grave plaque..

                    ''here lies John Doe
                    with his friend called death''

                    now ofcourse there is that lovely alternative...................................
                    to be made '''ALIVE''' IN CHRIST...
                    made alive
                    made alive
                    made alive
                    with the same type/kind of life power of Messiah

                    ''silly Lucy, that doesn't mean that, get outta here and take your delusion with you, ''

                    ooopppps sorry ...ok

                    does john remain
                    if u r NOT made alive, you have not got salvation...
                    for the real meaning of true salvation is
                    2 TIM 1 V 10.....made into the same type of person as OUR SAVIOUR.
                    to become ALIVE means we have left our former position... we have MOVED higher and moved out from the laws of sin and death.
                    We have been moved into that new place/realm where we working out our freedom path under the tutoring of the Holy Spirit.
                    we are BRAND NEW.
                    ONE OF A KIND....
                    NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE

                    we are NOT a revamped adam
                    we are NOT jews wandering in rebellion and unbelief under their laws.
                    WE ARE A NEW creation and this NEW creation is a BLUEPRINT of it's creator. and MASTER AUTHOR.
                    MESSIAH... the anointed one..Emmanuel, Elohim.
                    this all happens IN THIS LIFE... WE ARE TRAINED up TO SUBDUE.... not die and be subdued by our last enemy.
                    We are to be JOINED and identified with Him.... that is how we are to be IN THIS LIFE.
                    "He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit," {cf, 1 Cor 6:17}.
                    point out death to me in this verse.... plainly say ''u die Lucy to me that verse says so.''
                    what Spirit did THE MAN Jesus work under?
                    what Spirit MADE JESUS, the MAN, supernatural, all because of Messiah's obedience?

                    another witness to LIFE NOW...
                    "You in me and I in you" {John 14:20b}
                    these are His own words.
                    show me Plx, where death is lurking here?
                    now u know and I know u know, it is totally impossible
                    We are absolutely different.
                    We are absolutely different.
                    We are absolutely different..........than all the rest of the adamic created people.
                    now we see this...
                    But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, He sat down at the right hand of God, then to wait until His enemies should be made a stool for His feet. {Heb 10:12-13 RSV}
                    He is waiting for you to make your enemy HIS FOOTSTOOL. especially YOUR LAST ONE.

                    CAN U DO IT?
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                    • Things We Learn Along The Way

                      HEY is your quote from the other day i dont wish to negect.... as i only know in part.... so let it 'hang on your'e ear ok''?
                      I have much more to say about the blessing of my future wife
                      when Adam was sliced in 2... a female appeared...a male and a female.
                      [we all know this story parable]
                      now they are DIFFERENT and cannot be ever made the same.
                      they are chalk and cheese or as the books says Venus and Mars
                      male is not the same as female.
                      that's It...
                      THE TRUE FACT
                      THE ORIGINAL [one body] has been cut open... and a part removed....therefore one side is always looking for their other side.
                      It seems under the carnal laws in vogue now for 6000yrs + , the males meet up with their wrong females so disharmony comes to pass....they have been DIS-CONNECTED and cannot find their true 1/2. so to speak...
                      DIS-EASE AND DIS-HARMONY come from a confused partnership.
                      but... once people are changed into the agape LOVE of the Elohim....this changes..
                      by the male actually finding his other 1/2 and is now completed.
                      this is how it happens..
                      the male sends out his outshining ray of male energy and his female magnetises him to her.
                      he is a ray of energy, she is a magnet of energy.

                      a ray and a magnet.
                      [sounds like THE odd couple hey]

                      i know other people seemed to have gained a better insight to these male/female relationship.
                      Ofcourse this is yet ''future'' a waiting in the wings... but basically this is how it will work.
                      When the 2 1/2's combine, as one in divine love.... they shall reproduce agape love and actually find great happiness as a reward.

                      now here is a story that puts this far better than i can...
                      Socrates once told an interesting story.
                      He said that in the beginning male and female were one.
                      In other words the two coexisted in one physical body.
                      In this state they were much more powerful than they are today.
                      At that time whatever they imagined they could create.
                      What they wanted they could bring into existence.
                      That which they desired they could achieve .. Their power became so great that the Gods became alarmed and they feared that the man-woman could challenge their power and perhaps dethrone them from their position.
                      To protect themselves they called forth an angel with a sword and sent him to divide these male-females.
                      The angel did as commanded and went to each human and divided them in two.
                      Once they were separated they immediately lost their power and seemed to wander aimlessly about in a confused state.
                      Nevertheless, each male and female person seemed to be inwardly aware of the loss and felt a longing to find their other half and unite again as one.

                      To this day that sense of longing is still there and each male and female feel a drive to unite and become one with their other half and they intuitively know that a true union will somehow give them power again to fulfill all their dreams.

                      Scholars may think that Socrates merely told a cute story here, but it was more than a story. He was a man of wisdom and illustrated a divine truth of monumental importance.

                      [archived in 1986]
                      this is NOT from the Bible....
                      but an old man's ancient opinion... nevertheless some gems can be gleened.
                      we don't understand relationships as carnal human beings...
                      we fail each other all the time, but the real interesting part of all of this be it true or
                      each one of us seeks perfection, love and happiness in a marriage... all over the world people seek their other 1/ is AN IDEAL....for all.... none are exempt from this seeking.

                      some people even say '' i have found my other 1/2''
                      why would they say this stupid thing?.....
                      ummm' more thinking hey?


                      • we can ask this question

                        IF i am to put off mortal
                        IF i am to put off my corruption....

                        that is like UNDRESSING.
                        I HAVE TO BE UNDRESSED from my former garment.

                        so i have to be DRESSED IN ANOTHER GARMENT DONT I.

                        SO my new garment, is immortality
                        my new garment is His incorruptible life.

                        so once i am dressed in my NEW CLOTHES...
                        I AM IMMORTAL
                        I AM INCORRUPTIBLE,

                        DO U THINK, this is my ''wedding dress''?

                        IF i am going to be married, my husband would desire me to be LIKE HIM, dont u think, after all... kind marries kind.

                        If i am a religious whore or carry the death gene in me, i am NOT a fit bride for a husband who is immortal and incorruptible am I.

                        therefore I HAVE TO BE TRANSFORMED...
                        how many people have been transformed under the teaching of the Holy Spirit down thru the ages.
                        Could it be 144,000? the little flock? the redeemed from the earth...
                        remembering ''the earth'' is the adamic nature found in each person born...
                        144,000 who have been redeemed from their adamic nature.

                        if that no. is a real number and not symbolic... that is not many people.
                        12 x 12....144
                        12 - government of God....
                        12 x 12 - layers of government and department heads?

                        department heads, kings and priests Under THE HEAD....
                        ruler and reigner, sitting on a throne - having authority to govern.

                        the only ruler and reigner reward was found in the Laodicean church, that was wretched and miserable and naked and made Jesus vomit.

                        Jesus advised His People, to buy gold, get eye salve and white raiment to cover their nakedness...
                        He, who did this would sit on the throne.

                        this is a ''throne' sitter's rewards...
                        therefore it behoves us to find out all about this
                        eye salve
                        white dress.

                        do u want to do this?


                        • layers of Government/heads of departments?

                          does john remain?

                          according to churchians views they would say NO....
                          so i thought why would i believe a group of pretenders and what 'they' tell me to think, when 'they' dont have any resemblances to the NT Gospel living of Jesus Christ.... they have a form of only..
                          if one has a ''form'' it will never be the real thing shall it?
                          IN A FORM, there is a missing ingredient....LIFE ......IS MISSING.
                          i asked myself if i wanted to live in a form, or live IN the real thing.
                          I choose to live REAL.
                          i have a re-focused mind and forget all this world's ways cuz they would kill me.
                          I had to have a behaviour modification programme fitted into my daily life so that i would be worthy to escape.
                          that is now my training......i am becoming an escape artist.
                          how many other people have learnt to escape down thru the ages?
                          has there been none?
                          no-one ever escaped....they lived in vain?
                          they wanted too, but never did, cuz of their DOB.
                          i think what has happened is, ''they'' told us how to think and we accepted this and died....but... IF Messiah tells us how to think, the Bride makes herself ready and because of this, she enters into a different realm of life, where no death can be found.

                          it is not the place she lives in but the realm of thinking she has entered into.

                          the carnal mind cannot grasp this....but the faith mind can [the mind of Christ] cuz it is a mind that thinks like Christ [an anointed mind with power] so how we think, makes the bride become.

                          the NT ORDER/COMMAND WAS to go on into perfection [wholesome and completed]...that Is what it is all about...whole and completed...
                          do u consider Messiah Whole and Complete.?
                          where is death in a ''made whole and made completed person''?
                          SHOW ME?
                          why would it be a command of the scriptures? IF IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE?
                          this work - to be completed, is to be done here and now, not after death.

                          Apostle Paul said this too... He states, "Howbeit we speak wisdom among THEM THAT ARE PERFECT." 1Cor.2:6; Psa.101:6.

                          did ''these perfect, whole and completed ones'' die?
                          did people down thru the ages, arise to the reality of their WHOLE spirit, soul & BODY able to be PRESERVED BLAMELESS unto the coming of the Lord."

                          is this quest geared to ones DOB?
                          or can anyone at any time leave the realm of death and enter into the realm of Christ?

                          The Lord favours Zion and a set time has come (Psa.102:13) to wholly "loose those that are appointed to death." Psa.102:20; 79:11.

                          why does this set time mean 2006+
                          WOULDN'T A SET TIME BE when a person is made whole and completed and Messiah has appeared in them... THEY ARE THE WISE....THE ONES WITH THE OIL.

                          we need to come into an understanding that is
                 death............. and mean it.
                          We need to lay aside our former religious thoughts and have the thoughts of Christ, the power thinking that takes away our limited existance.

                          MESSIAH, came to set us free from our former nature that killed us...
                          the real meaning of being set free =has no death in it...
                          cuz the wages of sin is death... the carnal mind thinking is death....
                          religion is the carnal mind... death follows religious people around.

                          dont be religious.

                          those former people u have listened to have died....their wages were paid out to them in full.
                          Those former teachers of religion, got paid for their services, [hirelings] made empires of religion, yet they still died and u die too, if u believe hirelings and empire builders opinions.


                          do u think the group from 2006+ are the only people to have been completed and taught by the HOLY spirit and received freedom as we are planning to do thru His grace alone.

                          now that is a different way of thinking....
                          but is it right?

                          where does TIME come into LIFE THAT IS ETERNAL
                          if u have eternal life, you cannot die.... you have passed outside of time and into His presence called TODAY.
                          YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE


                          • why not let us learn to BEhave correctly

                            rather than BEhave like the devil.
                            That is our little problem.
                            We are all insane and 'ape' the devil.
                            We watch other apes aping the devil and follow them
                            then ofcourse we are told [by experts] we come from apes..

                            Actually it would seem to be one big collective zoo of apes.
                            ''the ape men''.
                            the blind leading the blind in some type of mass hysteria of sin and death.

                            Collective hysteria, or mass hysteria, is the sociopsychological phenomenon of the manifestation of the same hysterical symptoms by more than one person.

                            and ofcourse there is......................

                            Collective effervescence
                            Collective effervescence (CE) is the energy formed by a gathering of people as might be experienced at a sporting event, a carnival, or a riot, or by a church attendance,etc etc
                            This energy can cause people to act differently than in their everyday life.
                            i.e. religion is fundamentally A social phenomenon.
                            here is 2 examples of many we can find of these alarming facts.
                            here is that ''ape mentality'' at work in 'the fake it till we make it group''
                            collective hysteria. ''Hystory'' replaced His Story.
                            on the other hand... CONSIDER... THE real daily life of Our Saviour?
                            did He come from apes?
                            did He have mass hysteria?
                            did He have a collective effervescence?
                            did He act like all men,
                            was HE UNIQUE?

                            Are U unique or part of the apish crowd?

                            if u say ''Lucy, I am unique''.
                            i can say
                            ''ok, are u like Messiah or atleast are u learning to be like your Messiah, by the training up of His Holy Spirit''...
                            to HAVE HIS LIFE PLACED IN YOU,+ perfectly moulded and formed in His image and patterned on His walk of Life.''

                            if u answer ''YES that's me''....
                            i then can ask...''why do u think ye shall die under the law of sin and death then, IF u have been trained up to LIVE IN LIFE''?

                            what part of the ''ape programming'' is still stumbling you?
                            what part of ''their society'' remains within you?

                            ''called out from'' means = to be successfully removed from the ape-men.
                            + not to be a partaker of their sins.
                            if u are NOT a partaker of her sin, why die and pay wages to something ye are not a partaker of?

                            ''i am ALIVE and I remain''.... is to be our catch-cry.

                            '' I REMAIN ALIVE,'' cuz the laws of sin and death have no hold upon me any more = shall be our standard.

                            ''I REMAIN ALIVE'' cuz the Holy Spirit trained me up to be the Image of My Saviour.

                            ''I am alive and I remain'' cuz I know how to defeat the devil, my flesh and this world...all due to the holy teacher's ability over me.

                            who has had these revelations down thru-out the past ages.
                            who has come out from the ape-likeness of men and moved into the FULL AND COMPLETED LIFE OF THEIR SAVIOUR?

                            ''no one ever has Lucy, '' all shall say.


                            PS... I JUST NOTICED THIS.....NOW THIS IS GOOD.

                            i noticed for the 1st time, i am not to be ashamed of this Gospel.
                            "Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner:
                            but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;
                            who has saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel." (2Tim.1:8-10).
                            i am not to be ashamed to preach Life + immortality am I?
                            remembering the word description for immortality is ''having no death in it''.
                            no death ever touched an immortal, they did not die in their other men
                            I AM GLAD i am not ashamed... it is a miracle of the new birth IN ME to defend the faith.
                            because i am not ashamed, i shall live, cuz i am saved, cuz I ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT ''SAVED MEANS''.= abolished death, [in me] and a holy calling,[in me].
                            the real Teacher is Holy....
                            the real Teacher trains His pupil to KEEP HIS SAYINGS.

                            "Verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man keep my saying, he shall never see death."
                            it cannot get any better than this~!~~~~!~!

                            ARE U ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL?
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                            • Our Joy May Be Full!

                              Hi Lucy,

                              This seems so true for me:
                              Once they were separated they immediately lost their power and seemed to wander aimlessly about in a confused state.
                              Nevertheless, each male and female person seemed to be inwardly aware of the loss and felt a longing to find their other half and unite again as one.

                              To this day that sense of longing is still there and each male and female feel a drive to unite and become one with their other half and they intuitively know that a true union will somehow give them power again to fulfill all their dreams.
                              When my wife separated from me, I felt great loss. I felt shocked and empty and desperate and lost and angry and sorry almost all at the same time. Somewhat confused, I suppose.

                              I have been beating myself up for the past three years doing this, then doing that. At first I wanted to look for another wife, then I wanted to win back the wife that I had lost. Still, somewhat confused!

                              When the divorce came, I was crushed. I ordinarily loved being by myself when I was married, but now I hate being alone. To hold and be held by the one you love is a wonderful experience. Just to reach out and touch that someone who loves you is worth more than great riches.

                              Slowly I am changing. My belief in LIFE NOW is changing me. Never again, do I believe, will I ever accept being someone's second choice. I was unequally yoked in the physical so I know now the importance of being equally yoked in the spiritual. We learn to love as we are loved. I say all this, and then I remember the love of Messiah, and I am further humbled.

                              True believers are overcomers. This means that we are ever changing (dying); we are constantly being renewed. True believers are also active lovers. We are constantly looking for ways to please Messiah, and when we find them, we delight to give HIM pleasure. This means that we are increasing in strength and joy.

                              I trust, John, that you will keep your word!

                              Sincerely, Ab
                              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


                              • yes,Ab it is a great human sorrow...

                                whatever marriage was supposed to be, most do not find it.....
                                ''marriage has to be worked at'' is a favourite saying from people who are basically discontented.
                                love comes and love goes....but if love goes it was never real love in the 1st place hey?
                                Solomom, the wisest man, had 1,ooo beauties but loved only one...was it Sheba?...
                                As we become re-newed we see marriage with different eyes, We are changing, nothing else is, but us and as we change we become real lovers and not frauds.

                                most people are discontented over many things, not just marriage....
                                their work, their looks, etc....people want PERFECTION... it is like PERFECTION IS BEST I WANT IT PLEASE.
                                BUT how can imperfection be changed into perfection... see this Ab?
                                we all long for perfection in all things we do but are imperfect ourselves... it is like a distant ancient past mass consciousness inbuilt AND calling to us that ''we have lost our perfection''.
                                We all know, we have lost our perfection yet want it back even in those around us.
                                a perfect wife, with a perfect child, living in a perfect home, with a perfect job and beautifull surroundings....perfect, perfect, perfect... and when this conception is not found we become very disatisified.

                                Messiah never married, [despite the modern trend to think otherwise] and yet, for His time it was not good for a male never to marry and have a seed.
                                Who would have been Messiah's wife in the natural?
                       woman was perfect as He is Perfect....therefore it would have been perfection married to imperfection....and that would never work...

                                To be unequally yoked means one is coming out from their own imperfection and moving into His perfection but their partner stays in their imperfection not wanting to change
                                they have not been called to enter into the light .... Darkness cannot exist with light.
                                That is why the ''darkened partner walks away''
                                The manifesting devil in them cannot live with the manifesting life of Messiah in the other.
                                The darkened partner cannot love properly, but the lighter partner becomes more loving.
                                We are moving into perfection. and yes, more work is needed on us, that still does not take away the true facts that WHEN PERFECTION COMES, WE HAVE COME BACK to our original created purposes and atlast find true happiness.
                                have others found this perfection too, down thru the ages?
                                does immortal have a time limit placed upon a clock, or does perfection come to anyone who wants to be changed and have been made willing to hold His power. [ps 110 v 1-4]

                                no man shall tell us these things Ab... only the Holy Spirit shall reveal His secrets to such a mystery.
                                No apostate preacher, no big business religious Corps. shall be able to tell us Ab, they have their own version of a gospel and their own jesus SO~!! They die, like the world dies.
                                There is something utterly exceptional about this immortality of the NT, that the mass consciousness cannot comprehend, therefore it can only be revealed to the 'just men made perfect'.
                                JUST MEN MADE PERFECT....what a marvel Ab.

                                Just men made perfect never accept 2nd best, and are never 2nd hand.
                                only such men can be called real LOVERS....