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  • Does John Remain?

    Hi Everyone,

    Lucy and I are believers in LIFE NOW! This is the true faith! All other faiths are part of the deception.

    Formerly, I was a member of the Tzaddikim, and this forum was associated with the Tzaddikim as their forum. For various reasons, I was separated from them, and I am still separated from them. My belief in LIFE NOW developed after I was separated from them.

    The Tzaddikim are reluctant to receive LIFE NOW because I have concluded as part of this belief that there now exist on this earth believers who lived at the time of Messiah Yahushua. Lucy and I refer to them as Immortals.

    The Tzaddikim believe that the physical is a shadow or picture of the spiritual. Hence, Solomon's Temple was a shadow of the First Spiritual Temple built by Messiah (Matthew 16:18), and since Solomon's Temple was destroyed, the First Spiritual Temple should likewise have suffered destruction.

    The Tzaddikim also correctly believe that Messiah made HIMSELF one with HIS Disciples on the night HE was betrayed. Hence, the Disciples, themselves, became a integral part of the Passover Lamb. The Torah requires that whatever remains from the Passover Supper must be burned with fire (Exodus 12:10). We therefore concluded that martyrdom was ordained for the Apostolic Assembly. This is an iron clad conclusion should one view "burning" as a reference to death. The reader here should also consider all the warnings of Paul concerning the shortness of time. The Apostles knew that the Spiritual Temple that they were helping to build would be destroyed!

    Accordingly, Hyssop and I had a rather sharp disagreement over the possible existence of Immortals because the Tzaddikim had always taught (including me) that the 1st Spiritual Temple, the Apostolic Assembly, was completely destroyed through martyrdom. This belief in total destruction was further based on these scriptures:
    • Ephesians 2:19-22
    • Matthew 24:1-2
    • John 2:18-22
    Recently, this writing was brought to my attention:

    Scroll down to Chapter 31 and read what Polycrates has to say about John.

    So, what say ye, is it possible that John (the Remainder, Exodus 12:10) does yet remain (John 21:21-23)?

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!

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    umm Does John [God is Gracious] Re-main.

    I went into the country-side today to think on your question Spying...i wanted revelation and clues so we could ponder over this hard thought.

    The country air revives me and i love it there... so i got to thinking firstly around ''the edges'' of your Question...
    so let us consider these facts
    the outstanding feature of John the Disciple/Apostle was his love for his Saviour.
    the outstanding feature of Allen Brown, the born again man, is his love for his Saviour.
    the outstanding feature of Lucy Smith, the born again woman, is her love for her Saviour.

    so what is LOVE.

    we find our answer there in JOHN 14. V 21-24.
    can we consider the bible numerics here.
    no 14 = 2 x 7 = 2 times perfection of the DOUBLE ANOINTING - the Order of Endless Life.
    no 21 - the sinfullness of sin
    no 22 - light [revelation to understand the ways of TRUTH]
    no 23 - death
    no 24 - the elect of God. the Royal Priesthood.

    we could write a sentence that said

    '' i have been freed from my sinfullness and death,
    the revealed knowledge of LOVE, that i now have.,
    i can become a Priest/King in the Royal House of God''.


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      Folding Our Garment!

      Hi Lucy,

      You place me in very good company. Thank you! Two of us are for certain alive, and now I know of two places that you love, the country and the beach. The gentle breese of the beach enlivens you, and the fresh air of the country revives you. I wonder where John will meet us?

      I have need of pondering your response. It seems to me a little more than just thinking around the edges. I have long felt that John was a priest so I concur with Polycrates saying that John was indeed a priest.

      My primary reason for believing that John was a priest revolves around the testimony of John concerning why he believed that Yahushua had risen from the dead.

      Messiah left a private message concerning his resurrection that only a priest would recognize. On the Day of Atonement, the High Priest was required to spend the whole night with young priests who discussed the scriptures with him supposedly to prevent the High Priest from falling asleep. The concern here was that the High Priest, if allowed to fall asleep, might inadvertently have a nocturnal admission which would render him unclean and therefore unfit to officiate at the coming ceremony of Atonement!

      The Disciples really did a good job here, did they not? How long were they able to watch with Messiah without themselves falling asleep? (They all fell asleep, and this may be an indication of what would later happen to them without Messiah deciding otherwise!)

      While studying such rules and regulations concerning a priest, I discovered that a priest was not ever allowed to sleep in his linen garments. A priest could however remove his linen garments and after folding them in a certain manner, the priest could use them as a pillow. Only a priest would generally know these rules, and they would only have great meaning to a priest acquainted with such things.

      Now, let's examine John's account of the resurrection. John records that after running to the tomb, upon arriving, John hesitated about entering. Why? This tells me something about John. John was very concerned about remaining ceremonially clean. Entering a tomb would have rendered him unclean. These are the type of things that priests worry about. Peter on the other hand had not this concern. Therefore, Peter was not a physical priest. I hope that all can understand this reasoning?

      John then relates that he himself entered the tomb, and he saw and believed. What did John see? John saw that the linen garments were outstretched. They were not folded. However, the head cloth was folded, and no doubt, this head cloth was placed where the head of Messiah would have lain. This immediately told John that Yahushua was alive. Messiah had left John a personal private message, and in this message, there exists a further implicit instruction to all of us:

      I did my job, now you do yours. When you come alive in me, fold my body garments (Revelation 19:8) and place them under my head cloth so that my righteousness may be complete.

      Grave robbers would not know to bother with such things. These things would only matter to a priest. So, John is a priest, and so through Messiah also are we now all priests.

      These things matter to us whether we breathe the gentle air of the beach or the fresh air of the country. We must fold our clothes.

      Oh, Lucy, am I ever in trouble! One of the most difficult things for me in keeping my room straight is folding my clothes!

      Sincerely, Ab
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        i do love it when you EXPOUND away Ab...

        When you do, you become my 'fresh air' and i can BREATHE.and live the Word.
        You Know Ab, I am always so gratefull for your knowledge and Love for His Word. amen
        When u teach it strikes the head first but then enters the heart.
        I like that!!!!
        BUT, i dont like it when u have an untidy room.

        ok... we have found that John is a Priest.
        and he did his duty and what was asked of him.
        this ofcourse is an external thing, an act that needed to be done.
        what of the inner John?
        The NT declares Jesus Loved John... now we know Jesus loves us all but it is written JESUS LOVED JOHN. Jn 21 v 7.
        if we look at the numbers here 3x7=21
        no 21 is the sinfullness of sin
        no 7 is spiritual perfection.
        so we have 2 sides showing here....
        sin + perfection.
        When we read Jn 21. most will view it as a story and stay there, but, it is the veins of divine gold i am after not to story on the surface.

        Notice it was when 'morning had come'. v 4 - revelation had come to man, Jesus calls out ''children have u any meat''...
        He says this to you Ab hey
        He says this to me...
        now meat IS = the knowledge of how to walk in the Spirit correctly and live by the rules of the Kingdom.

        They answered NO.
        no meat - no revelation.....
        We cannot live without revelations, meaning, spiritual food to fill our spiritual man so that ''THE GATES OF HELL/GRAVE, shall not prevail against us.''
        v 6 is our example to follow the divine instruction and ''ye shall eat meat''... that means knowing how to use His wisdom correctly and at all times and gain power over our enemy, even these men followed His Instructions and did this
        and found the net overflowing. JOHN 10 V 10.
        an overflowing life OF LIFE.
        notice this again in v 7
        It was the Priest John who said ''IT IS THE LORD'' to Peter.
        Why didn't Peter KNOW/recognise, AS JOHN KNEW.
        why did the Priest John have to tell Peter.''it is the Lord''.why didn't Peter know as John knew?

        Peter HAD TO HEAR the message from a Priest first.
        JOHN KNEW,
        Peter did not.

        the bible is not for idle conversation and ''let us fill this sentence with chatter'' no no... each word is for spiritual facts to be divided and to come into a full understanding of what is going on.
        when Peter HEARD

        ''it was the Lord'',

        When he did, he put on his fisherman's coat [ as he was NAKED] and did cast himself into the sea.

        did men go out in a boat to fish with other men NAKED?
        no ofcourse not.
        nakedness is - without the knowledge to HAVE real LIFE.
        but when the Priest John told Peter ''it is the Lord'' Peter PUT ON his fisher's coat.

        1] Jesus Called
        2] The Priest Heard and knew
        3] The Priest told another and his nakedness was covered up.

        did u see that the church of Laodicea was NAKED too?
        nakedness is not good.

        Ab from your post.
        I know of two places that you love, the country and the beach. The gentle breese of the beach enlivens you, and the fresh air of the country revives you. I wonder where John will meet us?
        when i go there and sit on the beach, and feel the breeze and smell the salt air, it is like NO sin is there and I can think`~!
        the same happens when i go into the country and see the rainforests and valleys...and the shade trees
        [I love trees]
        it is like LIFE is there in these quiet places and no sin is mixed in it...
        it is so fresh there i can think.

        sin is like a blanket covering our cities.
        Not that we have to run off...
        but it is nice sometimes to feel free from this cursed state.

        and as for John..
        perhaps we already have and never knew.
        oh... the mystery to LIFE..
        but bit by bit Messiah is opening up the house of knowledge for us... now that IS GRACE ABOUNDING amen.


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          ofcourse, ofcourse, ofcourse...

          ALLEN BROWN
          Ab to his friends......................

          YOU have shown us that John was a priest and have shown us ''the rules'' from the OT standards...what u have written is spot on...ofcourse u are a man of God that is why.
          can we advance here into the NT after the resurrection of Our Messiah and watch this UNFOLD...
          John did all the right things under the OT idea of a Priest.
          but now here in John 21...
          the OT Priesthood has passed and a NEW PRIESTHOOD is emerging...
          WHAT PRIESTHOOD. ye may ask?



          we know this is THE ORDER OF ENDLESS LIFE.... where no death can be found.

          under John in the OT Aaron Priesthood John proved his mission....
          but now
          a NEW priesthood was BIRTHED,
          and John [cuz Jesus loved him] must have had knowledge of this NEW COVENANT, new priesthood... THE one that fulfilled the true gospel of 2 Tim 1 v 10
          and that day on that ship so long ago, John began to fulfill that NEW MINISTRY of a priest in the NEW COVENANT ORDER OF MELCHISEDEC.....
          see Heb 5 v 6 , Heb 6 v 20 and Heb 7 v 1-21.

          this PRIESTHOOD is one of endless life....
          the people IN this Order, do not see death/hell/grave, otherwise they cannot have an endless life....that is why Jesus is ever present, over them, overshadowing them, + breathing upon them, His breath of life and to make intercession over them.
          DEATH has to be overcome in them.= Messiah LOVES THEM as He loved John why?
          because of John 14 v 21-24.

          John KNEW Jesus
          Peter did not know, infact later Jesus asks Peter 3 times '' do u love Me''

          some shall KNOW Messiah
          some shall not know Messiah...

          the ones that KNOW, do not allow His seed/sperm to fall to the ground...
          the ones that Know, take in His seed/sperm into the womb of their mind and REPRODUCE His ministry by OBEDIENCE to His word.

          John came of from Aaron and into Melchedezic.
          all because Jesus LOVED HIM, all because of John 14 v 21-24.

          well pleasing + obedience for the sake of......... LOVE.
          This NEW ORDER IS THE CHURCH of JESUS the order of endless life, that same one birthed out 2,000yrs ago when Messiah said ''I will build MY CHURCH and the gates [opening into] hell/grave shall not prevail''

          Messiah's true church of the living is the ORDER of Melchisedec.


          the HOPE of Salvation.= remember we shall NOT ALL sleep.


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            Using The Name, Ab

            Hi Lucy,

            Burr, I have been sleeping in a tent this week for Tabernacles, and it has really turned cold in Missouri! Thank you for explaining my use of "Ab". I suppose that periodically such should be done lest I become guilty of placing a stumbling block before the blind. I use "Ab" not as a pseudonym, not do I use it to proclaim myself as "father" (even though I am a father); rather, I partially use "Ab" because many of my friends refer to me as "a" "b" as in ABC. As you show, Ab are two of my initials.

            I also love it when the word flows forth from you. The written word flows forth from you as a stream. I listen, and I learn. When we write, we give flesh to the spoken word.

            John is indeed a priest of the endless order of LIFE NOW! If Messiah Yahushua is the High Priest of this Order, what does it mean when Messiah turns to John and says to him?:

            Behold, your Mother!

            Messiah is of Judah. John is of Levi. Do these words not say that the tribes have been united? If not, then why does Messiah also say?:

            Woman, behold your Son!

            On the Day of Atonement, the High Priest was required to speak a number of blessings. One of the blessings was for the Priesthood. These words of Messiah to Mary and to John were the blessing for the Priesthood of Endless LIFE NOW! I fully expect to be found by Mary when we are found by John!

            The resurrected Messiah Yahushua is the reproduction or renewal of YAHWEH ELOHIM in all of HIS glory. We could fully describe Messiah as YAHWEH the Second because Messiah is the renewal, but the renewal is exactly identical to the YAHWEH ELOHIM which existed before the rebellion of HaSatan. Messiah is the restorer of all things. He is Father. He is Mother. He is only a Son by the renewal, by the fact of HIS Endless Life.

            Life is endless for YAHWEH because death really has no power over HIM. If death does occur within YAHWEH as it did occur through the rebellion of HaSatan, then YAHWEH will use death to cleanse HIMSELF of death, hence the renewal through Messiah Yahushua.

            I am speaking here of human existence. Our existence is the death, burial, and resurrection of YAHWEH ELOHIM. Thus through mankind, YAHWEH is reborn.

            These things are really hard to understand, and I write of them to warn all, and this is also part of the reason why I use the name "Ab" contrary to the instruction of Messiah. It is a warning to all not to begin to think too highly of ourselves! There will be one who is also given the purse or bag. This one is in great danger! Pray for him/her that they succeed where Judas failed, that they become not anomos because of their beauty.

            The Lawless One is not against the Law. He/she are without Law. The Anomos One will no doubt have much of the glory of the physical keeping of the Torah. He/she will be good and look good, but they will do their damnest to circumvent the spiritual fulfillment of the Torah. This is how they are actually Anomos.

            So, why was I moved to use "Ab", and why was I moved to accept a woman as a full equal in ADONAI? Is it because I am anomos? I am thinking here of this scripture:
            Ecclesiastes 7:16
            16 Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?
            The Tzaddik must live by HIS Faith!

            Sincerely, Ab
            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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              Two Witnesses!

              Hi Lucy,
              John came of from Aaron and into Melchedezic.
              all because Jesus LOVED HIM, all because of John 14 v 21-24.
              Indeed, John refers to himself as the disciple whom Yahushua loved. Messiah is YAHWEH ELOHIM, and what exactly is it that YAHWEH loves?:
              Psalms 11:7
              7 For the righteous YAHWEH loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.
              Psalms 33:5
              5 He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is full of the goodness of YAHWEH.
              Psalms 37:28
              28 For YAHWEH loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved forever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.
              Psalms 87:2
              2 YAHWEH loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.
              Messiah said:
              John 12:31
              31 Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.
              Both John and Mary are witnesses to this judgment by which we were all rightly cut off in Messiah Yahushua. This justice is established in the earth whenever someone does continually put to death the Old Man in themselves. It is called "bearing your cross", and this is indeed a "burning". It has not been easy street for John and Mary the last two thousand years. They are one witness that judgment has been established. Two witnesses are required. Where do they find the other witness?

              Surely, these will be found in the Gate just prior to its opening:
              Ezekiel 46:1
              1 Thus saith ADONAI ELOHIM; The gate of the inner court that looketh toward the east shall be shut the six working days; but on the sabbath it shall be opened, and in the day of the new moon it shall be opened.
              There they meet all those who have also entered into rest from their sins, and together these serve as a faithful witness which all the world can see.

              Sincerely, Ab
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                hi Spying, thanks for the warning

                we always need to be warned and stirred up and pray never to be a Judas..
                Never let the beauty of our knowledge, make us fall away and become shipwrecked ~! GOD FORBID.
                ''deliver us from evil'' needs to be an ever present thought.
                actually Ab
                there are so many seen and unseen TRAPS lurking, it is a wonder any make it thru the veil..............perhaps it is all BY GRACE ALONE some do.
                I pray to Abba, to make us LIVE BY FAITH PLZ, in the same faith as Your Son lives in, by the Power of His name, amen.
                Only He knows our heart and if any type of Judas activity is lurking there only HE can prevent this sin from manifesting out in actions.
                As for being taught by a woman...
                there is no male nor female genders in a physical way,IN Christ Jesus.
                The fact is the spiritual man or [ The 2nd Adam, the life giving Spirit] is in control over us, rather than our devilish soul called, the deceived Eve.
                Deceived Eve~! has to be saved,
                meaning that carnal element / reasoning of the devil in each of us, has to GO and our mind be returned to it's freedom and totally removed from the realm of an UNSOUND MIND.
                Each person, in the gender of a male or a female has been birthed into the realm of an unsound mind.

                male gender = as mad as a hatter
                female gender = as mad as a hatter.

                To expand this further, we see most religions or church divisions [ 1 corn.1 v 10] have developed from an UNSOUND MIND of the male, for none truely reflect the bible Jesus Christ. Fewer have come out from the Unsound mind of a female.
                both genders have birthed their divisional beliefs from an UNSOUND MIND.
                The bible is not a newspaper we read daily, not a book to pick up and puruse at will. NO.
                THE BIBLE is advice/food for our Spiritual man [inside a male body and inside a female body] and how to get rid of his corrupted wife [soulish deceived eve, the harlot of the 5 senses] and save her so they shall be as one.

                However, only the Holy Spirit can remove carnal reasoning from our corrupted and mis-informed religious concepts. I cannot.

                THE CHURCH WAY............. DOES NOT WORK.
                THE CHURCH WAY..............IS A COUNTERFEIT
                THE CHURCH WAY..............FAILS to reproduce CHRIST in people.
                THE CHURCH WAY..............reproduces a creed, not a NEW LIFE that has to power to TRANSFORM us into the 'heaven' we all long for.
                It is a battle
                It is a war
                as religious brainwashing is very effective.
                the general accepted religious scene is
                1] Women wear floppy hats, and learn to submit to anything.
                2] Men, bible thump as paid hirelings...or... sit in a pew being told what to do by other men, who mostly have hidden agendas in more ways than one.
                3] children go to sunday school, generally taught by a woman...ummm [poor children]

                that's RELIGION and God help anyone who rocks that religious concept of the devil.

                to be a preacher, one has to live the life of what they preach to be effective,
                If i preach to y'all and for the TRUTH to be sown into your heart correctly I HAVE TO HAVE LIVED IN THAT TRUTH, prior to my preaching.
                otherwise i am just wasting my time.

                to return to a sound mind,

                let me think about DOES JOHN REMAIN... AND LET the beauty of that Holy priesthood revive my spirit. amen
                Jesus Christ RIGHTEOUSNESS... has to be mine too.
                to be RIGHT, as He is right, has to be mine too.... rather than deceived into wrongness so we are all destroyed.
                the church is wrong.
                it destroys.
                Because of disobedience of division,+ the introduction of paganism, they forgot the DIVINE ORDER OF THE PRIESTHOOD + the effects that Holy Priesthood shall have upon their lives of ''the gates of hell/grave shall not prevail'' amen

                that is ONE BEAUTIFULL STATEMENT from u... I LOVED IT.
                There they meet all those who have also entered into rest from their sins, and together these serve as a faithful witness which all the world can see.


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                  i just have to look at that sentence again Ab...

                  that is ONE BEAUTIFULL STATEMENT from u... I LOVED IT.

                  ''There they meet all those who have also entered into rest from their sins, and together these serve as a faithful witness which all the world can see. ''
                  i was thinking all about this priesthood today.
                  Father shall tell us all about it, so we come into an understanding of how to walk into this rank.
                  the foundation to understand correctly is this..........

                  IT IS THE ORDER OF ENDLESS LIFE.
                  for our dull of hearing brains, this means NO DEATH has ever touched that priest.
                  They have learnt how to pass out from sin/flesh/devil without dying a physical death and into immortal life...
                  IMMORTAL MEANS A LIFE SUSTAINING LIFE or true life is flowing out from that person.

                  the other fact is this Priesthood as a progressive walk, TAKES US INTO PERFECTION.
                  ''THE PERFECT PRIESTHOOD''.
                  imagine that...
                  how good is that hey?
                  We have been called into this higher dimension.
                  No one can believe that, UNLESS the Holy Spirit has taken time to UNVEIL His revelation to us by opening up the Scriptures and with a Rhema word.
                  "But ye are a
                  chosen generation,
                  a royal priesthood,
                  an holy nation,
                  a peculiar people;
                  that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." [1 Peter 2:9].

                  Therefore all of the present trials of our faith are purposed to result in our being

                  "found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ."

                  [1 Peter 1:7].
                  see how your inspired sentence [above] matches up with scripture Ab.
                  amazing.~~~~~~ well it is not 'amazing' !!!! cuz your'e a man of God....
                  'amazing' that it gels together so well as a faithfull witness.



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                    i was thinking of this word TRANSLATE yesterday and it was on my mind AGAIN this morning as I post.

                    it is a word with 2 meanings.
                    translate - to change from place to place
                    translate - to change from one language into another.

                    now look at this..
                    TRANS - a prefix meaning , to cross over.
                    LATE - meaning, not in time
                    ''cross over but not in time''.

                    could i write this sentence to say..................
                    ''The Holy Spirit translates scripture to us [Lk. 24.v 27-32] so that we translate and are no longer in time.''

                    ''today IF u hear My voice''.... is to be translate outside of time and into the eternal.

                    well to cont...
                    most church pew people, think
                    'well I always knew i was to be a king or a priest'
                    cuz that's what they get taught by their hirelings, but that is wrong.

                    Few FIND eternal life, according to the NT.

                    The priest in the Order of Melchedezic, has to be that perfected overcomer of Rev 3 v 21.
                    Only these overcomers shall SIT ON THE THRONE..etc.

                    The Holy Spirit translates the bible for us and shows us HOW TO OVERCOME all things as Christ OVERCAME all things....ofcourse, it is to be EXPECTED and NOT an option.
                    These ....'''all things'''... include physical death as there is NO death in immortality and the ORDER of endless life.
                    Jesus Christ, thru Apostle John [the Priest] was introducing, a NEW PRIESTHOOD, the perfected priesthood of the OVERCOMER.
                    [The lesser priesthood of Aaron, had to give way, to a greater Priesthood of Melchedezic]
                    or a new Priesthood who can ''come up higher '' [translate] to be conformed into the IMAGE of His Son.

                    "As for me, I will behold Thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Thy likeness." [Psalm 17:1].

                    The word ''endless'' life is from the Greek word "akatalutos,"

                    a LIFE THAT NEVER WEARS OUT ,
                    never RUNS DOWN
                    a life that never just wastes away.
                    a LIFE, that is ACTUALLY THROBBING WITH LIFE of a Glorious Victory.
                    As Christ is formed [forming] in us, or as He Appears IN us, we feel this LIFE POWER ARISING in us.="by Christ shall all be made alive."

                    Abba is CALLING out a people to dwell in full UNION with Himself.
                    He TRANSLATES, them, out from their sinning ignorance and into His glorious victory of THE revelation OF LIFE.


                    ''and I will give you THE CROWN OF 'LIFE'.
                    James 1 V 12....
                    now doesn't that verse BURN revelation into your spirit...THE CROWN OF LIFE...... this progress TRANSLATES US, out from time and into ETERNITY.
                    When I was a younger working girl living in Sydney, THERE was a old man there who walked around the city streets writting the word, ETERNITY , in white chalk, in the most beautifull copperplate letters.
                    He would write this word close to the office block corners and but on the footpath.
                    I always looked for this word each day, hoping to find where he had written this word.
                    I never realised at the time just HOW important this word was, nor, of the revelation it held.

                    Does John Remain?


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                      The Flow!

                      Hi Lucy,

                      This last post on this thread was one beautiful post! Today, in the physical is the Last Great Day of the Feast for me. I put away my tent yesterday, and now I am able to enjoy again my wonderfully straight and clean (just teasing, ) living quarters.

                      Celebrating this Day in the physical, Messiah standing in the Temple shouted these words:
                      John 7:37-38
                      37 .....If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.
                      38 He that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (KJV)
                      Notice that John states that the living water is a reference to the Spirit. This Spirit gives LIFE NOW!

                      Messiah was glorified (though DBR, but beginning with Death) when HE united all men with HIMSELF at the Cross through HIS suffering and death. In death, the Spirit departs the Body!

                      At the death of Messiah, where did all this United Spirit, the Spirit of the sum total of the whole of mankind, where did all this Spirit go???

                      The easy answer is to the FATHER, but consider what this scripture states:
                      Ecclesiastes 12:7
                      7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto ELOHIM who gave it. (KJV)
                      Through HIS suffering, Messiah gathered and purified all our spirit, and in death, this Unified Spirit was required to go back to the very ELOHIM who gave to each of us all this spirit in the first place.

                      Hence, The RESURRECTION, and hence these words:

                      MY ADONAI AND MY ELOHIM!

                      Messiah's dead body in the grave is the dust of all of mankind. To this dust was added the Spirit of all of mankind. Now, Messiah is rightfully glorified.

                      Oh, Messiah, I thank you for causing this belief in you, this belief in LIFE NOW to flow from you through us as it did from your first witness, and I do especially thank you for Lucy. She is a beautiful stream in and from which your Good Spirit does strongly flow! Amen!

                      Sincerely, Ab
                      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                        Amen and thank U Spying.

                        hey Ab,
                        it makes me extraordinarly happy to know u have clean living quarters.

                        i like tent dwelling.
                        I could give up all mod tent dwell and It would not take too much effort for me to drop everything and just GO.

                        There is an Island not far from where i live called Frazer Is. and it is the largest sand Is. in the world, with the only ''sand highway'' in the world so i have been told.
                        It is a world heritage Is. and it has a beach running straight for about 120 miles . It is one awesome sight.
                        It takes about 15 mins in a ferry to get there from the mainland but once u do, it is like entering into another world/realm of great beauty and peace.
                        The most amazing thing is how fast our worldly ties vanish when walking and staying in tents on this Is.
                        All u need is 1/2 a day for forget your work, the house and the bank balances. they are simply fade away and are NO more, as the beauty of this place swallows up all the reminders of our ''former'' life even if it is only for a few days.


                        my son used to land the little plane on this beach as he was employed as their pilot when he was younger. Now he flies jets but he loved those days best of all.


                        this is Eli Creek.... it is pure water and warm water and millions of gallons of fresh pure water flow into the South Pacific ocean daily from this one river.
                        You can walk up it at waist level for a fair long way and then float back to the beach, that is such fun Ab~! and when i did this it reminded me of LIVING WATERS and John 7...if there are ''Abba's Special Places'' on this earth i feel this would be one.


                        there is a rainforest there and it just oozes LIFE, cuz everything is so lush and green.
                        there are ferns with leaves about 6 ft long and the smell is so living and vibrant....
                        i can really rave here i know ~~~~~ but it is so peacefull and jam backed with such rare and beautifull feelings and scents.

                        but to cont.
                        As we are changing into the Hope of Glory we too become like flowing rivers of living water.
                        It is like this huge big resevoire of LIFE inside us waiting to burst open and flood all over.
                        This feeling it is like a themo nuclear power plant~! how expressive it that?
                        this dymo of His LIFE.

                        HE is filling my life, with everything He is.....that's the real glory of HIS 'LIFE' IN us.
                        I am so gratefull HE took me out from my former ways, and brought me into HIS OWN LIFE..
                        NOW, how good is that? as I am LIVING inside a Miracle.

                        you wrote this expression.
                        ''I put away my tent yesterday''
                        yes, u did .
                        you put away your former life, to enter into a fuller and newer form of life.
                        Like entering into a NEW HOME...changing one house for another house.
                        You got changed somehow from your tent dwelling experiences Ab.
                        Next week on the 24th i am entering into a new home too...
                        a new way of life for me personally, a life minus the responsibilities of shops and their committment to is time Ab for entering IN to that PLACE, IN THE SPIRITUAL and going thru the open door that changes us, or the graduation into His fullness.....shall come as we put off and fold away our old tents .... a former life that was not worth a ''hill of beans''.

                        when a person dies by receiving ''their wages'' of sin.... their body is called ''THEIR REMAINS.''
                        ISN'T that a weird expression....a dead life, finally finishing in dead remains.
                        ''I Will Make All Things New'' new new new new new~~~ is the THEME word ...

                        consider this Plx....
                        Rom 6: v. 11-14

                        Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God inChrist Jesus.
                        we are to be DEAD to sin....why?... so we shall not receive its wages ofcourse.

                        12 Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts,
                        why? cuz sin can be our employer, therefore be UNEMPLOYED by Master sin.

                        13 and do not go on presenting the members of your body to sin as instruments of unrighteousness; but present yourselves to God as those alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God.
                        alive FROM THE DEAD people shall never have '' their remains'' as the gates of Hell/grave have not prevailed against them amen.

                        14 For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace.'' [ note well this verse please ]
                        NO sin is to be our master... so.... why not allow GRACE DO ITS FULL WORK ''in'' us?.

                        does John remain?
                        did John met those conditions?

                        what do u think?


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                          Greater IS He....

                          ''greater is He that LIVES IN me, THAN the god of this world''.
                          oh~!~! how often we say this verse....
                          The POWER OF MESSIAH, in us, has to be GREATER, than the power of the god of this world.
                          The god of this world appears to win over us....but....mercy and grace shall come and DELIVER us by the Blood of the Lamb so we can live IN THE GREATER power, rather than the lesser defeated one.[Rev 12 V 11]

                          Our Spiritual man has to be STRONGER, than the influence of the 'woman-deceived eve' in each of us.
                          come and understand this verse.

                          ''Behold, I give you power to TREAD ON SERPENTS AND SCORPIONS, and over all the power of the enemy."

                          This takes a determination of our Spiritual man TO WAX STRONG in the Lord and know how to USE this GIFT, Father has given to us, amen

                          my little testimony

                          I had a problem this morning and i was like all people i found i was sinking into the problem
                          then i thought of this verse stating.. ''GREATER IS HE'' etc..
                          i separated my problem and saw it from 2 sides.....
                          that is rather amazing for it was the first time i actually separated my problems into ''sides'' so I SAW, WHAT WAS HAPPENING to me and ofcourse what happens to all of us as this vanity battle rages in us.
                          my revelation was..................
                          I saw that IF i took the 2 wills in me, i could separate the greater from the lesser.
                          I choose to do the will of the Greater by the Blood of the Lamb and it became very clear from that moment of my choosing, my spiritual man took over to control my carnal woman [my mind will + emotions] and my problem was solved.

                          IT WAS SO SIMPLE.

                          I TEACH from my experiences.... i do it first i live IN them... then tell
                          how i wish someone would have once told me stuff like this and explained it so it worked in my life..
                          how many years of stupid ''suffering'' ? my stupid wasted years of utter i HATE THAT~! .

                          I tell u the truth.. get HOLD of your spiritual man and MAKE HIM, wax strong in the power and Might of the Lamb.
                          Ps 119 v 35
                          There is our example of Jesus walking on water and Peter said paraphrased '' can i do this too '' and Christ said ''Come''.. PETER WALKED ON WATER, but then, he looked at the wind and the waves [ he looked at the god of this world - carnal mindedness] and his 'eve' sank him....she controlled Peter and he sank.
                          WE ALL DO THIS. - we allow satan to control mostly thru our own ignorance.

                          DIVIDE the choices u face...there are 2.

                          DIVIDE the spiritual revelation that works as it did for Our Messiah, from the carnal evil death of all ignorant men and CHOOSE SPIRITUAL and then watch the carnal vanity flee.

                          you do this and u shall be changed into WAXED STRONG IN THE SPIRIT AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT.
                          these words were only ever recorded over
                          John the B.
                          Jesus Christ.

                          now it is OUR TURN.

                          does John remain?
                          what do u think?

                          no~! what DO U KNOW?
                          watchman nee wrote these words below.... they are awesome... but this man died never to have conquered death...let us NOT partake of this world wide defeat~! let us LEARN how to WALK in the power of His resurrection correctly phil 3 v 10-14....
                          just for a change.


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                            No he doesn't

                            Shalom all:

                            Why do I say this? Cause the proper translation tells you what it says about future events not back then. To read the Word as history is to read it as death. Death is past and "life" is present and now. So you must be able to read "your" life in the Word as being your life not history. If your still trying to find life through death (history) then you have not really set your life or heart to His. It gets that simple to me.

                            The passage you refer to about John actually is about Peter or more importantly a "rock" that will be given "life" to stay until He returns. He will not return until after the Father comes and "tabernacles" with His man. The same man that He said He would make in 6,000 years from the beginning of time that started according to His Word in the writings of Moses. That man and where He would make Him and who he is is all given in great detail in the Word. Unfortunately you must recieve the "tongues like unto fire" to see or read this.

                            Here's your new Testament according to names. Given, a reward, (Matthew) polite, shining (Mark) luminous, white (Luke) the grace or mercy of the Lord (this word would be better translated Yah) (John). So you can read it without the extra words that designate the names of the books that they are attached to, it says. Given, a reward, polite shining, luminous white, the grace or mercy of Yah. So whoever becomes this "man" will be known by these designates that are listed.

                            I love to occassionally read you two battering about the translations of man and see how easy it was to fall down that path before. Keep in mind that only the "spirit" translate the Word. When you realize that these Words are "spirit" and they are "life", then you will realize that only the Word translates the Word. No mans translation will do.

                            Let me give you an example of how simple this gets. When you read John to say " and then I was in the spirit". this is how I would read it. The grace and mercy of Yah is in the "spirit", and this is what it sees in the "spirit". blah blah blah.

                            Oh well carry on I don't want to disturb your path just interjecting some info for you. If you want "Life" now, then you will have to be in the "spirit" to get it. Can you read your life in the Word, for that is the only way that there is.

                            May YHWH bless you and keep you in His Word


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                              the angel of light appears.

                              WE were not reading it as 'history'..His story is for TODAY, IF U HEAR MY VOICE...

                              so i have to ask this.....
                              what ''spirit'' RockyWhy?
                              one out of the bottle.
                              the one the angel of light pretends to be?

                              we can have all the theories and all the knowledge in our head + ''the spirit'' and still never be CONFORMED to His Image.
                              you remind me of such a person...always hoping never your future is dark if this is the case.

                              to LIVE IN LIFE NOW...[phil 3 v 10-14] is to be CHANGED by the Teaching of the HOLY SPIRIT today....if u hear His voice.. APPARENTLY you are not.

                              The change from our old nature into His perfected nature TODAY IS POSSIBLE...
                              if ye hear His voice....not many do unfortunately... you being one of them
                              ask this to yourself.... ?...
                              ''what sin is in my life that i cannot hear from my Creator''

                              You see to walk in the SPIRIT OF LIFE, is for TODAY and it is not some future event one waits for add nausium
                              the tongues of fire, has a royal purpose = they are the teaching/warning/knowledge to understand HOW, to be CONFORMED into His image as the hope of Glory

                              Rocky... your ''spirit'' is even rocky...
                              how do i know?
                              why even your nick name suggests wavering and unstable-ness. ROCKY.
                              your'e a 'rocky one' NOT BUILT UPON...............THE ROCK.
                              how can such a one be trusted with the Truth?
                              the other 'sign' i see from your post is the disrespect for the power of Abba, by using the small 's' for HIS SPIRIT.

                              ITS THE LITTLE THINGS Rocky-waver.. that ABBA shows His people about the 'angels of light'.

                              i used to be there in your religious darkness once, even thinking ''i did it my way''....
                              but once I met the KING OF GLORY, I got changed, when HE SHOWED me the word 'promise'... and then EXPLAINED... what this word really meant to me.
                              now I LIVE THERE inside HIS NT Bible PROMISES to me... and I PROSPER from my belief put into practice.
                              That is MY TESTIMONY....rev 12 v 11 and NO amount of lies and angels of light chattering from others can take that testimony of changing and maturing into the Image of Messiah, from my life.
                              I LIVE WHAT I TEACH...
                              I PUT IN THE HARD YARDS, [By Grace and Mercy as I cannot boast] so why not SHUT YOUR mouth as your religious DEATH SKULL mouth stinketh.

                              I never put up with ''the likes of you'' , i never compromise [for the sake of ''looking nice''] WITH LIES, for you come to pull down and destroy witnesses FOR HIS GLORY.
                              I can tell you very smartly why you are a ''Rockywhy?'' person... because YOU ARE NOT BUILT OF THE FOUNDATION OF TRUTH but a false religious foundation that is destroying you...
                              Plus you are a smart a** as well... so puffed up.
                              I HAVE SEEN too many types like you, eveything you touch turns to death, as you stalk like THE GRIM REAPER.
                              and what's more, you have caught me on my '' Be, nice to rockywhy day'.

                              as i dont like to leave anyone upset, floundering and looking stupid before others as your post is just BABBLE, a confused grouping of words that mean nothing and FAILS to edify anyone but yourself.

                              I shall pray
                              ''Abba, help RockyWhy? learn to LIVE UPON THE ROCK, only,
                              Teach him all about the Resurrection life of Your Dear Son, so that he may live and not perish.
                              Thru the Name of our Messiah Christ Jesus I ask amen''
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