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Hidden...............yet.......In Plain Sight.

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  • Hidden...............yet.......In Plain Sight.

    The Holy Spirit teaches His pupil to ''see'' IN PLAIN bible SIGHT... what has been covered up by men's misconceptions and sacred religious cows.

    here is an example of something that is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

    there was a movie years ago about a family that was hiding from the Nazis in WW2.

    There was a hidden trap-door on the floor, which was covered with a rug, and the dinning room table was placed over the rug.
    The Nazis entered the house looking for the hidden family they had been told about.
    they were questioning the people that lived there, and then the Nazi Officer, had a flash of insight.
    He very nicely asked the little girl of the house, if this family in question lived there, and she said
    He was filled with the pride of accomplishment, thinking that he had outwitted the adults.
    He then asked the little girl where the hidden family was, and she meekly said that they were under the table.
    Well, this colonel was filled with triumph and whipped the long hanging tablecloth away and quickly looked under the table, only to find nothing.
    He was humiliated in the eyes of his men because he was fooled by a little girl, and stormed out of the house.
    The family was in truth hidden under the table, under the trap door, but This Nazi Officer never BELIEVED long enough to find them.

    SEARCH AND SEEK IN 'PLAIN' SIGHT.. and what do we find?

    WE FIND that the Holy Spirit is so smart and filled with divine Wisdom, He will show His pupil how the Gospel -GoodNews tells us HOW TO BECOME AN IMMORTAL.

    u dont believe me do you?
    u think i am joshin'.

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    hidden manna...WHY DO U THINK it is ''hidden''?

    to continue..................................................................................

    Now in PLAIN SIGHT is our hidden spiritual knowledge for all ''seekers'' of truth.

    the object of our lessons is to teach this....

    1] to KNOW how to escape from - this world/our flesh/the devil
    2] to know how to enter into.-the Kingdom of Heaven which is INside us.

    The bible is going to be FILLED with divine advice about the way of escape
    for His people to be filled with knowledge of entering into that divine Kingdom.

    the study the saint shall do is to find the seeds of Truth and use them correctly.

    if we look at Rev 3 v 18 we will find there an important clue and that is TO BUY EYE SALVE, THAT YOU may SEE.
    have u ever considered your'e blind and so NEED TO BUY this eye-salve so ye might SEE correctly...
    clue clue hint hint

    Jesus Christ is saying
    ''SAINTS U NEED TO REALLY SEE'' the Truth and the Way and The Life.
    not as mere men shall tell you but HOW I TELL YOU PERSONALLY so you will ''FOLLOW ONLY ME''

    so.... we are taught from this hidden manna how
    to change 'form' from one being into another.
    This takes energy.... called ASCENDING higher.

    You see all energy made up from atoms.
    and so the word used in a ''twinkling of an eye'' means ATOM CHANGES.
    notice the 'eye' = sight again is used.
    this energy needed cannot be our own BUT belongs to another called
    CHRIST = THE POWER OF GOD, so a saint needs this power to change over into Kingdom reality and out from the clutches of all of our enemies.

    let it be noted.
    most people love to appear very super-spiritual.
    they tell others all about what they know.
    the real secret is in NOT so much what you know ON YOUR LIPS
    BUT = HOW YOU ARE CHANGED in your form. Mth 17 v 2 shall do the trick.

    The POWER FOR CHANGE-OVER is found HIDDEN, yet in plain sight IN HIS WORD.
    remembering HIS WORD IS LIFE ,His Life is HIS WORD...... HIS-STORY.
    when His word is applied to our life = WE LIVE
    but when it is not = WE DIE.

    Jesus Christ, is THE WORD OF GOD.
    When we obey just Like He did ~~~~THIS POWER CHANGES OUR ATOMS IN OUR BODY.
    WE ARE RE-NEWED with power to change atoms.
    the word says John 1.v.1
    ''in the BEGINNING was THE WORD OF GOD''
    THEN IN v.2 'we see ''all things were made by Him'
    that is so cute, if u ''get it''


    the opposite is ofcourse
    IF you are not hearing the Word of God and applying it YOU ARE NOT BRETHREN.


    are you a part of this divine play.. or sitting in the bleachers still waiting?
    I do pray your'e one of the Players, I need brethren gathered together in His name to relate too. amen
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      some plain sight...can u 'see' it?

      Jn 5:25 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.
      truely truely = LISTEN TO ME SAYETH the Lord... VERY CAREFULL... I AM TELLING U A TRUTH......
      the hour is coming and NOW [today IF u hear My voice ''FOLLOW Me''] the dead [ human beings with adamic natures] shall HEAR [My advice and holy instruction] AND LIVE....[life of 2 tims 1 v 10]


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        Hi Lucy,

        Recently I was engaged in a conversation while working with a young foreman. I had previously told this young man that I planned on living and not dying because I had been blessed with a Savior who had the power to save me from death, and that no Savior worth HIS salt would do less for HIS friends.

        In construction, we work very hard, and we have learned to help each other. We are men! This young man knows that I work hard, and he has respect for my age, but it is hard to say what he really thinks of me. I know that he has not forgotten my words to him. He will periodically bring it back up as our paths cross. He just brought it back up to me last week. He teases me about saying that I am going to live forever.

        I told him: Someday, you will remember, and you will know. You have just forgotten!

        We come into this world with our memories erased. The Elect are blessed to have their memories restored. Being blessed, we begin to learn who we are!

        There exist keys to unlocking our secrets. There are keys to learning who we are. One key is this:
        Exodus 20:8-11
        8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
        9 Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work:
        10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of YAHWEH thy ELOHIM: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:
        11 For in six days YAHWEH made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore YAHWEH blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. (KJV)
        These words were shouted forth from the Mount by the voice of YAHWEH so that they could be heard. These words were also written with the finger of YAHWEH so that they could be seen.

        Why would Israel be commanded to remember unless she had forgotten (1 Timothy 1:9)? So memory can indeed be restored, can it not?

        The Elect are blessed to have ears to hear and eyes to see. The Elect are also blessed to remember!

        Sincerely, Ab
        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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          the blessing is~!~!~!!!!! we are given the REVELATION....

          and then, we are to walk IN that revelation as HIS WORKMANSHIP.

          hello Ab
          the sabbath day...............everyone has an opinion on it...
          BUT...WHO LIVES IT?
          I DO....well... i am being trained up to be '' the sabbath day''.

          the day when I REST from my labours....[Math 11 v 28-30]
          what are ''our labours''?
          fear and worry, dis-ease and doubts and a million other awefull things ...PLUS... everything that is missing the mark in me.
          ''i am learning HOW TO REST from their work, which pays my wages for my death.''
          ''i am learning HOW TO REST from their work, which pays my wages for my death.''
          i want all, to understand that sentence, as it is a revelation.
          ''i am learning HOW TO REST from their work, which pays my wages for my death.''
          i want all, to understand that sentence, as it is a revelation.
          ''i am learning HOW TO REST from their work, which pays my wages for my death.''
          dont be
          the devil's WORK-A-HOLIC....his wages stink


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            Originally posted by LucySmith
            truely truely = LISTEN TO ME SAYETH the Lord... VERY CAREFULL... I AM TELLING U A TRUTH......
            the hour is coming and NOW [today IF u hear My voice ''FOLLOW Me''] the dead [ human beings with adamic natures] shall HEAR [My advice and holy instruction] AND LIVE....[life of 2 tims 1 v 10]
            truely a witness, repeated twice...says NOTICE, IMMPORTANT U TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TELLING YOU.

            the hour is coming and NOW...
            so it is here NOW and in the future this 'hour is coming'...
            THE LIFE of Christ is NOW....yet... IT IS COMING = being formed IN us.
            [ a process of forming - is coming]

            the dead.... are all of us under the fallen cursed nature of Adam.
            not the dead in their graves but walking dead people thinking they are alive, but infact are the zombies - the walking dead....SHALL HEAR,
            ''today IF u hear MY Voice''
            and LIVE.
            LIVE in the exact same life-source as Messiah.

            this verse is from John 5 v 25.
            the name JOHN - God is gracious.
            bible numerics for No 5 - grace...
            2 graces are mentioned ... so this is A WORK OF GRACE.
            bible numerics for No 25 [5 x 5] - forgiveness of sins.

            now.. let us consider this fact.
            IF i am forgiven, i am no longer quilty of a crime... i have been freed from my crime and found NOT GUILTY.
            is this right?
            IF i am no longer found quilty of the crime of Adam, why, should i physcially die, for a crime i have been forgiven over and a life i have fully repented from?
            think of this another way...
            I was NOT there, to make my choice, Adam made my choice for me... i have inherited his bad and faulty choices.

            I CHOOSE now, not to have adam's choice for my life.
            I CHOOSE now, for My Saviour's choices over my life.

            My Saviour WHO SAVES ME, from the bad choices of Adam, has forgiven me for my deceptions and sins and now TODAY, trains me to LIVE IN HIS TRUTH.
            If i am in training to live IN His Truth, don't you think He would train me to LIVE IN HIS LIFE FORCE AND POWER TOO.

            how CAN A FORGIVEN person still have to pay for their crime.


            even in the natural realm, screams of ''INJUSTICE'' would echo around the world over this.

            A forgiven person WALKS FREE, and no longer has to pay for their crime.
            ''the wages of sin is death''

            over and over the Holy Spirit shall bring forth divine reasonings to us.
            The difficult part is to rid our minds from carnal religious explanations.